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(txt)   1  jan02 =?iso-8859-1?Q?(43k) QoMEX 2017 announcement and call for papers<<--_004_VI1PR0301MB222373E31F8DB7008
(txt)   2  jan03 Brian C. J. Moor(7k) Special journal issue - Auditory and visual scene analysis<<<html> <body> Dear C
(txt)   3  jan03 Jason Galster  (29k) Summer Internship: Starkey Audiology Research<< --_000_EE5A4DE8571D48C8BE6F0DDDC
(txt)   4  jan04 Oberfeld-Twistel(9k) PhD position at Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz: Development of a dynamic 
(txt)   5  jan04 Md Sahidullah  (15k) ASVspoof 2017 CHALLENGE: Audio Replay Detection for Automatic Speaker Verificati
(txt)   6  jan05 Aurore Hakoun   (7k) Internship in Machine Learning applied to music composition at Aiva technologies
(txt)   7  jan05 Edmund Lalor    (9k) Postdoc and PhD opportunities - Electrophysiology of natural speech processing<<
(txt)   8  jan05 Jason Freeman  (10k) Application deadline approaching: the MS and PhD degrees in music technology at 
(txt)   9  jan06 Massimo Grassi (11k) Cognitive Science Arena (CSA): Brixen-Bressanone (IT), February 17th-18th, 2017<
(txt)  10  jan06 Ercan Altinsoy (27k) Final CfP International Spring School on Human Technology Cooperation 2017: smar
(txt)  11  jan06 Gauthier BERTHOM(8k) Continuous noise during a loudness test.<<This is a multi-part message in MIME f
(txt)  12  jan07 Laura Rossi     (8k) job opportunity - ALTRAN - acoustics - automotive<<--Apple-Mail=_911C1475-7FEF-4
(txt)  13  jan08 Esteban Maestre (9k) ISMA 2017 - 2nd Call for Papers<<[Deadline approaching...] Dear Colleagues, The 
(txt)  14  jan08 Liu Gang       (11k) speech research/machine learning internship, Alibaba@Seattle, WA<<--f403045e9c06
(txt)  15  jan09 Chait, Maria   (17k) Post-Doc position at UCL Ear Institute<<--_000_DB4PR01MB0414E770E7E67B79C7BD5323
(txt)  16  jan09 Christine PETIT(10k) Postdoctoral position in auditory neuroscience at Institut Pasteur<<--_000_D4997
(txt)  17  jan09 Sabine Meunier(459k) Re: Continuous noise during a loudness test.<<This is a multi-part message in MI
(txt)  18  jan10 Annamaria Mesar(14k) DCASE 2017 preliminary announcement<<--001a1146d1460a52550545bd7d72 Content-Type
(txt)  19  jan10 Jont Allen      (8k) Loudness matching<<Dear Gauthier, One paper you might read looks at tonal and no
(txt)  20  jan11 Yves Boubenec  (12k) International fellowships at the Department of Cognitive Science of the ENS in P
(txt)  21  jan11 Gavin Bidelman(299k) Tenure Track Position (Hearing) at the University of Memphis<< --001a11c3b2f2ef0
(txt)  22  jan11 Torppa, Ritva L(33k) Welcome to EURO-CIU symposium, 20-21 April 2017, Helsinki, Finland - topics are:
(txt)  23  jan12 Ravish Mehra   (16k) Postdoctoral research scientist at Oculus Research<<--94eb2c1cc15c8f43d90545e378
(txt)  24  jan12 Ravish Mehra   (15k) Research internships in audio at Oculus Research<<--001a11408b76b179ec0545eaad7c
(txt)  25  jan16 John Culling   (15k) Ph.D opportunity<<--_000_VI1PR02MB134142FF6CA60F6FEF7A3AAD877D0VI1PR02MB1341eurp
(txt)  26  jan16 Benjamin Zendel(10k) Funded Masters and PhD opportunity<<--f403045f15087d782705463b27d9 Content-Type:
(txt)  27  jan18 Benitez, Carlos(20k) FW: 4Talker Babble noise<<--_000_729048731B6B46A58E1BD36CF28D6F50vanderbiltedu_ 
(txt)  28  jan18 Stephen Lomber (23k) Postdoctoral Position in Auditory Cortical Plasticity<<--_000_MWHPR11MB15661ECFB
(txt)  29  jan19 Zekveld, AA    (43k) 2nd Workshop on the Application of Pupillometry in Hearing Science: Call for Reg
(txt)  30  jan19 Pierre Divenyi (12k) Re: FW: 4Talker Babble noise<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. -----
(txt)  31  jan20 Md Sahidullah  (15k) ASVspoof 2017 CHALLENGE: Audio Replay Detection for Automatic Speaker Verificati
(txt)  32  jan20 Bosen, Adam K. (12k) ARO MWM - Request for submissions: Innovative teaching in hearing and balance us
(txt)  33  jan21 Vincent Meelber(20k) ANNOUNCEMENT: Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue now available<<--Apple-Mail=_
(txt)  34  jan22 John Woodruff   (8k) Job Opportunity - Knowles Intelligent Audio<<The Voice Processing group in Knowl
(txt)  35  jan24 Elaine Saunders(13k) Be published in Internet enabled hearing care<<--001a1142d35c445fcd0546cbf9a2 Co
(txt)  36  jan24 Andrew Milne   (16k) PhD Scholarship in music cognition and computation<<--Apple-Mail=_15CC9AC4-B806-
(txt)  37  jan24 Dorien Herreman(28k) Workshop on Deep Learning for Music - Call for abstracts/papers<<--001a114c2202f
(txt)  38  jan24 Kelly Jakubowsk(14k) Open Workshop on Interpersonal Entrainment in Music Performance<< --f403045f6e22
(txt)  39  jan24 Brotherton, Han(13k) Article Request<<--_000_DM5PR08MB2540F6C6C6CBDDB298469472A9750DM5PR08MB2540namp_
(txt)  40  jan25 Massimo Grassi  (6k) Memory, musicians and nonmusicians<<Dear all, we are working on a meta-analysis 
(txt)  41  jan25 Brotherton, Han(13k) Thank you for the article<<--_000_DM5PR08MB2540C7A8628E8B3EDB8B19B7A9740DM5PR08M
(txt)  42  jan24 Emily Beatrice J(4k) Examples of 'standing' human ethics protocols?<<Dear List, I am looking for exam
(txt)  43  jan25 Mark Ballora   (36k) REMINDER: ICAD 2017 Submission Dates Approaching<<--Apple-Mail=_FC1621A3-6932-4C
(txt)  44  jan25 Alan Kan       (19k) Re: ARO MWM - Request for submissions: Innovative teaching in hearing and balanc
(txt)  45  jan25 Pierre Divenyi (10k) Re: Memory, musicians and nonmusicians<<This is a multi-part message in MIME for
(txt)  46  jan26 Peter Lennox   (13k) Re: Memory, musicians and nonmusicians<<--_000_AM5PR0101MB2467941FC7FCDD37353250
(txt)  47  jan26 Chait, Maria   (18k) (deadline approaching) Post-Doc position at UCL Ear Institute<<--_000_DB4PR01MB0
(txt)  48  jan26 Thomas Lunner  (45k) 4th International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication, 18-
(txt)  49  jan29 Christopher Kis(16k) Two Year Anniversary of website!<< --Apple-Mail=_43A74B40-BEA9
(txt)  50  jan29 Dorien Herreman(31k) Fwd: Workshop on Deep Learning for Music - Call for abstracts/papers<<--94eb2c0b
(txt)  51  jan30 Courtois Gilles(24k) Open position in audio DSP for hearing aids at EPFL, Switzerland<<--_004_3244bd9
(txt)  52  jan30 Alexander Raake(22k) Reminder: Call for papers QoMEX 2017, extended full-paper deadline<<--Apple-Mail
(txt)  53  jan30 Ravish Mehra   (18k) (Psychoacoustics) Postdoctoral research scientist at Oculus Research<<--001a113d
(txt)  54  jan30 Tervaniemi, Mar(14k) Helsinki Summer School/Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience August 2017<<--_000_DB6PR
(txt)  55  feb01 Dario Sanfilipp(10k) Maximum temporal window for pattern recognition and the perception of redundancy
(txt)  56  feb01 Lee, Pyoung-Jik(14k) PhD poistions in Building Acoustics<<--_000_9442BB816A751441B939D456E28B4ACB6BF4
(txt)  57  feb02 Emmanuel Vincent(7k) Two R&D engineer positions on voice processing in audiovisual contents (rolling 

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