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(txt)   1  jan02 Maureen Shader (50k) [AUDITORY] PhD student scholarship<<--_009_37004D21C8044B4DBCC473DD78290BF277E5D
(txt)   2  jan06 Blake Butler   (18k) [AUDITORY] Two new PDF positions @ Western University Canada<<--000000000000958d
(txt)   3  jan07 Ian Wiggins    (17k) [AUDITORY] PhD studentships in Precision Imaging available at the University of 
(txt)   4  jan07 Antonia Zaferio(49k) [AUDITORY] 2nd Call: Movement and Computing (MOCO'20) Call for Papers, Posters, 
(txt)   5  jan07 Tal-Chen Rabino(14k) [AUDITORY] Short questionnaire on musical performance<<This is a multi-part mess
(txt)   6  jan07 Natela Shanidze(12k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunity at Smith-Kettlewell, San Francisc
(txt)   7  jan07 Wohlgemuth, Mel(16k) [AUDITORY] Job announcement for the University of Arizona<<--_000_BY5PR19MB3633B
(txt)   8  jan08 Tifanie Boucha(115k) [AUDITORY] 2-years post-Doc position in audio and UX in VR games at CNAM-CEDRIC,
(txt)   9  jan08 Dimitra Emmanou(19k) [AUDITORY] Senior Researcher opening - Microsoft Research - Full time position i
(txt)  10  jan09 Michele Geronaz(19k) [AUDITORY] [IEEE VR SIVE 2020] IEEE 5th VR Workshop on Sonic Interactions in Vir
(txt)  11  jan09 Jason Friedman (10k) [AUDITORY] PhD position at Tel Aviv University - Enhancing motor learning for pl
(txt)  12  jan09 Alfonso Balandr(14k) [AUDITORY] JND values for tactile and audio amplitude signal decrease<<--0000000
(txt)  13  jan09 Massimo Grassi  (9k) Re: [AUDITORY] JND values for tactile and audio amplitude signal decrease<<Dear 
(txt)  14  jan09 DeLiang Wang   (12k) [AUDITORY] Deep CASA code for speaker separation<<As mentioned in my lecture at 
(txt)  15  jan09 Harris, Kelly  (19k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral fellowships at the Medical University of South Carolina<
(txt)  16  jan09 Bob Carlyon    (60k) Re: [AUDITORY] JND values for tactile and audio amplitude signal decrease<<--_00
(txt)  17  jan12 Andy Sabin      (8k) [AUDITORY] New Chord Recommendation App<<--0000000000005c86f1059bfa1821 Content-
(txt)  18  jan13 Amir-Homayoun Ja(9k) [AUDITORY] BCEM Conference - Brain Cognition Emotion and Music<<--000000000000a1
(txt)  19  jan13 Tervaniemi, Mar(21k) [AUDITORY] ICON 2020 Registrations & Abstract submissions<<--_000_HE1PR07MB3082C
(txt)  20  jan13 Graham Naylor  (18k) [AUDITORY] Reminder - PhD Studentship: Identifying objective measures of convers
(txt)  21  jan14 Samuel Mehr    (16k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: Call for applications: Harvard Music Lab Summer Internship 2020<
(txt)  22  jan14 Adam Taylor Tie(11k) [AUDITORY] Funded PhD studentship available at Birkbeck, University of London<<-
(txt)  23  jan15 Luca Turchet   (36k) [AUDITORY] CFP: 1st International Workshop on the Internet of Sounds<<--00000000
(txt)  24  jan15 Brinkmann, Fabia(8k) [AUDITORY] PhD Position at TU Berlin - Generative Acoustics<<Dear List, we have 
(txt)  25  jan15 Werner Goebl   (10k) [AUDITORY] PhD and postdoc position on music ensemble research at mdw in Vienna<
(txt)  26  jan15 =?UTF-8?Q?Kathar(9k) [AUDITORY] Call: Audio Mostly Sep 15-17 Graz 2020 submit paper/workshop/music co
(txt)  27  jan16 Pulkki Ville    (8k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc / PhD Position at Aalto University  --  Sound quality in VR a
(txt)  28  jan16 Bastian Epp    (12k) [AUDITORY] Mechanics of Hearing Workshop 2020 (MOH2020) - registration open!<<De
(txt)  29  jan16 Sarah Verhulst (27k) [AUDITORY] 13th ICBEN Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem, June 15-18 2
(txt)  30  jan17 Prof. Dr. Esthe(18k) [AUDITORY] job opening<<--_000_bbfe2903977442e9a4dd4358ff9e5bbdunioldenburgde_ C
(txt)  31  jan18 arnaud norena  (25k) [AUDITORY] Job position on auditory electrophysiology<<--00000000000066d719059c6
(txt)  32  jan18 Diana Kayser  (212k) [AUDITORY] CfP SYSMUS20 - International Conference of Students of Systematic Mus
(txt)  33  jan19 Patel, Aniruddh(12k) [AUDITORY] Cortical sources of the auditory steady state response<<--_000_E06FF3
(txt)  34  jan19 Bjoern Schuller(11k) [AUDITORY] Interspeech 2020 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge (ComParE)<<R
(txt)  35  jan20 LAVANDIER Math(304k) [AUDITORY] CeLyA Summer School 2020: =?Windows-1252?Q?=93Hearing_in_noise=94?=<<
(txt)  36  jan20 Charalampos Sai(16k) [AUDITORY] SMC 2020 - 2nd CfP - submissions now open<<--0000000000009610e8059c95
(txt)  37  jan20 Debi Vickers    (8k) [AUDITORY] Save the Date - 3rd International Symposium on Music & Cochlear Impla
(txt)  38  jan21 Puria, Sunil  (104k) [AUDITORY] Assistant Professor opening at EPL, MEE - Auditory Neuroscience/Neuro
(txt)  39  jan20 Bomjun Kwon    (13k) [AUDITORY] Book =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=9C100_stories_of_sound_in_100_words_each=E2=80=
(txt)  40  jan20 Tania Rinaldi B(15k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in systems neuroscience<<--_000_9741CE7A24EE4B21B985
(txt)  41  jan21 Bomjun Kwon  (1144k) [AUDITORY] Samples of "100 stories of sound"<<--=_83cfdf3cc90080846b50ed7bd47e0d
(txt)  42  jan21 Nawal El Boghda(23k) Re: [AUDITORY] Book =?Windows-1252?Q?=93100_stories_of_sound_in_100_words_each=9
(txt)  43  jan21 =?utf-8?Q?=E6=B(13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Cortical sources of the auditory steady state response<<<html xml
(txt)  44  jan21 John Culling   (14k) [AUDITORY] PhD on bone-anchored hearing aids<<--_000_DB7PR02MB4156F2295F4939B3B6
(txt)  45  jan21 =?UTF-8?Q?DURAN(17k) [AUDITORY] LAST DAYS - 2020 CALL for TENDER of the FONDATION POUR L'AUDITION<<--
(txt)  46  jan21 Jacques Pesnot (21k) Re: [AUDITORY] Cortical sources of the auditory steady state response<<--_000_PR
(txt)  47  jan22 Malina Szychows(17k) Re: [AUDITORY] Cortical sources of the auditory steady state response<<--0000000
(txt)  48  jan23 R. Zatorre, Dr.(28k) Re: [AUDITORY] Cortical sources of the auditory steady state response<<--_000_QB
(txt)  49  jan23 Simon Doclo     (9k) [AUDITORY] Research Associate "Individualized signal processing for hearing devi
(txt)  50  jan23 Jan Schnupp    (34k) [AUDITORY] Funded Postdoc & PhD position available to research binaural hearing 
(txt)  51  jan23 Eric Thompson  (17k) [AUDITORY] Job Opportunity at the Air Force Research Lab<<------=_Part_18504813_
(txt)  52  jan24 Joana Vieira  (584k) [AUDITORY] [Univ. Minho Portugal] Hiring of 1 doctorate under the legal regime o
(txt)  53  jan24 Vincent Meelber(67k) [AUDITORY] CFP: Journal of Sonic Studies - Call for Papers: Sound at Home<<--App
(txt)  54  jan24 Eduardo Fonseca(18k) [AUDITORY] Releasing the test set of FSDKaggle2019 dataset (used in DCASE 2019 T
(txt)  55  jan24 James Michael H(11k) [AUDITORY] Seeking Senior Scientist(s) for Eriksholm Research Center<<Dear Audit
(txt)  56  jan26 Lori Holt     (258k) [AUDITORY] Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship - Carnegie Mellon University<<-
(txt)  57  jan27 Dr. Manfred Mau(20k) [AUDITORY] doctoral fellowships (starting stipends) at the CRC Hearing acoustics
(txt)  58  jan27 Feng, Mengli (2(13k) [AUDITORY] converting masking thresholds to masker levels of speech sounds<<--_0
(txt)  59  jan28 Gaston Hilkhuyse(8k) [AUDITORY] paper request<<--0000000000006740e3059d308664 Content-Type: text/plai
(txt)  60  jan28 Jason Cramer   (11k) [AUDITORY] Announcing OpenL3 v0.3.0: now supporting audio AND image embeddings (
(txt)  61  jan28 James Michael H(11k) [AUDITORY] Seeking Senior Scientist(s) for Eriksholm Research Center<<Dear Audit
(txt)  62  jan28 John Culling   (14k) [AUDITORY] post-doctoral research position<<--_000_DB7PR02MB4156E544ED2F8BCC60AC
(txt)  63  jan29 Luigi Cuturi   (21k) [AUDITORY] Sensory Deprivation Special Issue - last call - deadline 13 feb. 2020
(txt)  64  jan29 Feng, Mengli (2(19k) Re: [AUDITORY] converting masking thresholds to masker levels of speech sounds<<
(txt)  65  jan29 Frederico Perei(13k) Re: [AUDITORY] converting masking thresholds to masker levels of speech sounds<<
(txt)  66  jan29 Sears, David   (16k) [AUDITORY] reference sound for loudness-matching stimuli<<--_000_SN6PR06MB42704F
(txt)  67  jan29 Christopher Kis(20k) [AUDITORY] The Five Year Anniversary of!<<--Apple-Mail=_9972A1
(txt)  68  jan29 Frederico Perei(18k) Re: [AUDITORY] converting masking thresholds to masker levels of speech sounds<<
(txt)  69  jan30 Rosanne Abraham(29k) [AUDITORY] CLL Workshop: "Language in Children with HL", abstract deadline 15th 
(txt)  70  jan30 Samuel Mehr    (12k) [AUDITORY] music study piloting for kids<<--0000000000008b16db059d4e81c4 Content
(txt)  71  jan29 Elise A. Piazza(20k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position available in auditory/music perception and communica
(txt)  72  jan29 Ivan Camponogar(14k) [AUDITORY] Call for submissions for the special issue on "Reaching and Grasping 
(txt)  73  jan29 Joseph A. Sisne(19k) [AUDITORY] Course on Marine Animal Bioacoustics<<--00000000000069283d059d549b43 
(txt)  74  jan29 James Johnston (20k) Re: [AUDITORY] converting masking thresholds to masker levels of speech sounds<<
(txt)  75  jan30 Thibaud Necciar(30k) Re: [AUDITORY] converting masking thresholds to masker levels of speech sounds<<
(txt)  76  jan30 Vaden, Kenneth (17k) [AUDITORY] Research Coordinator Position, MUSC Hearing Research Program<<--_000_
(txt)  77  jan31 Beerends, J.G. (38k) Re: [AUDITORY] converting masking thresholds to masker levels of speech sounds<<
(txt)  78  jan31 Patel, Aniruddh(38k) [AUDITORY] Summary  - Cortical sources of auditory steady state response<<--_000
(txt)  79  jan31 Timo Gerkmann  (15k) [AUDITORY] PhD position "AI-based Speech Enhancement for Hearing Devices", Unive
(txt)  80  jan31 Lange, Elke B. (19k) [AUDITORY] Music & Eye-Tracking - Call for Papers<<--_000_F8694FCEF4F548679E77D2
(txt)  81  jan31 Myounghoon Jeon(24k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc Position(s) at the Mind Music Machine Lab, Virginia Tech<<--0
(txt)  82  jan31 Malcolm Slaney (33k) [AUDITORY] Call for Applications for 2020 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engin
(txt)  83  jan31 Daniele Giacobe(12k) [AUDITORY] Speech Research Internship - Summer 2020 @ Sonos, Santa Barbara, CA<<
(txt)  84  feb01 Suzanne Purdy  (13k) [AUDITORY] Looking for a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Audiology, Christchurch, Ne
(txt)  85  feb02 David Jackson M(80k) [AUDITORY] ISO 7029:2017<<--_011_CA59DB8587704AA99653FD1106D71840humkudk_ Conten
(txt)  86  feb02 Francesco Tordi(16k) [AUDITORY] reminder -  CFP: "International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interact
(txt)  88  feb03 Benjamin Cauchi(12k) [AUDITORY] CfP: CHAIN 2020, Connected Hearing and Artificial Intelligence<<Dear 
(txt)  89  feb03 =?utf-8?Q?Jens_(15k) [AUDITORY] Call for participation to upcoming Research Topic on Neural Tracking:
(txt)  90  feb04 Bjoern Schuller(25k) [AUDITORY] Interspeech 2020 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge (ComParE) - 
(txt)  91  feb06 Stephen McAdams(68k) [ISMIR-Community] Postdoctoral Fellow position opening: Analysis,<<--_000_261B36
(txt)  92  feb06 Prof. dr Henkjan(7k) [AUDITORY] PhD positions in Amsterdam<<The Institute for Logic, Language and Com
(txt)  93  feb06 Patrick Reisinge(9k) [AUDITORY] Salzburg Mind/Brain Annual meeting (July 16 & 17, 2020) - Registratio
(txt)  94  feb07 Myounghoon Jeon(20k) [AUDITORY] Call for Bids to Host ICAD in 2021 and 2022<<--000000000000a7f257059d
(txt)  95  feb07 =?UTF-8?Q?Bj=C3=(8k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in auditory cognitive neuroscience<<Dear List, We ar
(txt)  96  feb07 Andrzej Wicher (11k) [AUDITORY] Conference on Sound Perception (CSP), 4-6 September 2020, Poznan, Pol
(txt)  97  feb07 Julia Hyland B(271k) [AUDITORY] CfP - Songs and Signs: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cultural Tra
(txt)  98  feb08 =?UTF-8?Q?Bj=C3=(8k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in auditory cognitive neuroscience<<Dear List, My ap
(txt)  99  feb10 Amanda Lauer (7678k) [AUDITORY] Neurobiology of Hearing in Salamanca, Spain<<--_006_0e982e25ab944284a
(txt) 100  feb10 Samuel Mehr    (14k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: Postdoc position at Harvard Music Lab<<--0000000000009388bf059e3
(txt) 101  feb11 Md Sahidullah  (18k) [AUDITORY] First VoicePrivacy Challenge at Interspeech 2020<<--000000000000aa462
(txt) 102  feb11 Myounghoon Jeon(37k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2020: 2nd Call for Papers<<--00000000000096bcfa059e4f2c00 Conten
(txt) 103  feb11 Frank Russo    (22k) [AUDITORY] Job: Research Engineer<<--Apple-Mail=_6DB4D04F-9701-4316-BC21-1EB78A8
(txt) 104  feb11 Nicole Wetzel  (12k) [AUDITORY] Save the date - 7th International Conference on Auditory Cortex<<--Ap
(txt) 105  feb11 Dr. Stephanie R(34k) [AUDITORY] PostDoc position in Auditory Neuroimaging<<--_004_d6ac8ac0b96f43d7bbe
(txt) 106  feb12 Letizia Marcheg(17k) [AUDITORY] CFP Special Session on "Beyond Traditional Sensing for Intelligent Tr
(txt) 107  feb14 =?iso-8859-1?Q?(33k) [AUDITORY] Comm4Child EU Project and ESR position at Oticon Medical<<--_000_AM0P
(txt) 108  feb18 Ruth Y. Litovsk(12k) [AUDITORY] Auditory System - Gordon Research Seminar and Gordon Research Confere
(txt) 109  feb19 Stuart Rosen   (13k) [AUDITORY] New permanent lecturer post in Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Science at 
(txt) 110  feb19 Samuel Mehr    (16k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: Research Assistant position at Harvard Music Lab<<--000000000000
(txt) 111  feb19 Carlo Drioli   (14k) [AUDITORY] CFP Special Session on Voice Quality Characterization for Clinical As
(txt) 112  feb20 Asterios Zachar(22k) [AUDITORY] Timbre 2020 - 2nd CfP - submissions now open<<--Apple-Mail=_E13F210F-
(txt) 113  feb20 Stuart Rosen   (18k) [AUDITORY] Exciting opportunity for a PhD CASE studentship as part of the UCL-Bi
(txt) 114  feb20 Charalampos Sai(14k) [AUDITORY] SMC 2020 =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=93_?=Deadline extension<<--000000000000108a
(txt) 115  feb21 Kai            (13k) [AUDITORY] 2 PhD positions in music perception and processing at the University 
(txt) 116  feb21 David Meredith (13k) [AUDITORY] Job Announcement: Assistant Professor in Media Technology, Aalborg Un
(txt) 117  feb21 Bernstein,Lesli(16k) [AUDITORY] SATASK Speech Database<<--_004_e7fbf45172a942b584cb6d08c03d76ffNSOITE
(txt) 118  feb21 Fatima Husain(1475k) [AUDITORY] Tinnitus and Brain Imaging Conference: May 18-19, 2020<<--00000000000
(txt) 119  feb21 Charlotte Amali(22k) [AUDITORY] Save the date: Methods in Cochlear Implant Research, Young Researcher
(txt) 120  feb21 Elise A. Piazza(18k) [AUDITORY] Lab manager position available in auditory/music perception and commu
(txt) 121  feb22 =?utf-8?B?Tmlrb(22k) [AUDITORY] Online evaluation of sonification of running data (part 2)<<--_000_7C
(txt) 122  feb24 Delfin Ed       (8k) [AUDITORY] American English speech database for intelligibility tests<<--0000000
(txt) 123  feb24 Frederick Gallu(12k) Re: [AUDITORY] American English speech database for intelligibility tests<<--000
(txt) 124  feb24 Frederick Gallu(14k) Re: [AUDITORY] American English speech database for intelligibility tests<<--000
(txt) 125  feb23 Bjoern Schuller(11k) [AUDITORY] Interspeech 2020 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge (ComParE): P
(txt) 126  feb25 Loui, Psyche   (23k) [AUDITORY] RA position available in Music and the Brain<<--_000_97CACCEFBC9743D2
(txt) 127  feb24 =?utf-8?B?UGFza(14k) [AUDITORY] MMSP 2020 - 1st CfP - Tampere, Finland<<RGVhciBsaXN0IG1lbWJlcnMgW0Fwb
(txt) 128  feb26 Delfin Ed      (15k) Re: [AUDITORY] American English speech database for intelligibility tests<<--000
(txt) 129  feb26 Prof. Dr. Steve(24k) [AUDITORY] PhD Position Speech Perception in Oldenburg<<--_005_c8861e84f09546bd9
(txt) 130  feb26 Myounghoon Jeon(38k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2020 Deadline for Full Papers has been extended to March 13th<<-
(txt) 131  feb25 Riy Dmitry     (10k) Re: [AUDITORY] PhD position at Tel Aviv University - Enhancing motor learning fo
(txt) 132  feb27 Narly Golestani(26k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position available - computational modeling and real-time fMR
(txt) 133  feb28 Timo Gerkmann  (16k) [AUDITORY] PhD Position "Automatically detecting emotional expressions in dynami
(txt) 134  feb28 Yves Boubenec(3492k) [AUDITORY] ENS Master's scholarship Program in Life Sciences<<This is a multi-pa
(txt) 135  feb28 Letizia Marcheg(18k) [AUDITORY] ITSC2020: DEADLINE APPROACHING! Special Session on "Beyond Traditiona
(txt) 136  feb28 Iversen, John  (19k) [AUDITORY] Invitation to the 4th International MoBI conference, June 2020 in San
(txt) 137  feb29 Stephen McAdams(69k) [ISMIR-Community] A SECOND Postdoctoral Fellow position opening:<<--_000_A71484C
(txt) 138  mar01 Anne Danielsen (13k) [AUDITORY] PhD fellowship at RITMO (University of Oslo)<<--_000_8DA885317B6245B6
(txt) 139  mar01 Narly Golestani(24k) [AUDITORY] PhD Position in Multilingualism/Psycholinguistics<<--_000_fa93e31ced3
(txt) 140  mar02 Carlo Drioli  (950k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc fellowship in Audiovisual Localization and Tracking by Mobile
(txt) 141  mar02 Thomas Koelewij(52k) [AUDITORY] PhD student position: Why does voice matter for speech communication?
(txt) 142  mar02 Anastasia Sares(14k) [AUDITORY] CNC lists: 1962 paper<<--_000_F19BCBE873754EB7939FD03A9E3530CFmailcon
(txt) 143  mar03 Matthew Winn   (21k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral position in speech perception and listening effort<<--00
(txt) 144  mar02 Lori Holt      (17k) [AUDITORY] Two New Postdoctoral Positions at Carnegie Mellon University<<--00000
(txt) 145  mar03 Grabowski, Jane(16k) [AUDITORY] California State University, Sacramento - Audiology Tenure-Track Facu
(txt) 146  mar03 Robin Gransier (14k) [AUDITORY] PhD position objective fitting of cochlear implants at ExpORL - KU Le
(txt) 147  mar04 Feng, Mengli (2(19k) [AUDITORY] Two AES papers<<--_000_DFFE1529B71747DE959DDA6E2A13DE17liverhulacuk_ 
(txt) 148  mar04 Stephen McAdams(10k) [AUDITORY] Question on Daniel & Weber (1997) roughness model<<Dear colleagues, I
(txt) 149  mar05 Bas Van Dijk   (32k) Re: [AUDITORY] Two AES papers<<--_000_VI1PR06MB5200348F852ACB182F273DA0BFE20VI1P
(txt) 150  mar05 Feng, Mengli (2(21k) Re: [AUDITORY] Two AES papers<<--_000_0D2CE8D580FE46ADA68AC76261ADA40Aliverhulac
(txt) 151  mar05 Sarah Verhulst(105k) [AUDITORY] Open-Rank Professorship in Auditory Neuro-Engineering (Ghent Universi
(txt) 152  mar05 Arnold, Laure (229k) [AUDITORY] Open position at Advanced Bionics European Research Center<<--_004_PR
(txt) 153  mar05 Marcelo Caetano(26k) Re: [AUDITORY] Two AES papers<<--000000000000763fed05a01d0239 Content-Type: text
(txt) 154  mar05 Maria Neimark G(56k) [AUDITORY] Cajal Course in Computational Neuroscience 2020<<--000000000000c9617b
(txt) 155  mar06 Alejandro Osses(13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Question on Daniel & Weber (1997) roughness model<<--000000000000
(txt) 156  mar06 Annamaria Mesar(10k) [AUDITORY] DCASE 2020 Challenge is open!<<--0000000000008c988505a02e589f Content
(txt) 157  mar06 DeLiang Wang   (15k) [AUDITORY] CFP: Special Issue on Advances in Deep Learning Based Speech Processi
(txt) 158  mar07 Iversen, John  (23k) [AUDITORY] Important Update: 4th International MoBI Conference, San Diego, June 
(txt) 159  mar08 Diana Kayser   (23k) [AUDITORY] Reminder: SysMus20 Submission deadline April 1st, 2020.<<--0000000000
(txt) 160  mar08 Stuart Rosen   (12k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral Research Fellow position at the UCL Ear Institute<<<html
(txt) 161  mar09 =?utf-8?Q?S=C3=(14k) [AUDITORY] Permanent lecturer position for film music at Aix-Marseille Universit
(txt) 162  mar10 Stuart Rosen   (12k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral Research Fellow position at the UCL Ear Institute -- apo
(txt) 163  mar10 Lori Holt      (12k) [AUDITORY] Symposium for Cognitive Auditory Neuroscience (SCAN), July 30-31, 202
(txt) 164  mar12 Lindsay Warrenb(12k) [AUDITORY] [for Auditory mailing list] Future Directions of Music Cognitions Pos
(txt) 165  mar13 Thomas Lunner  (25k) [AUDITORY] FRL is hiring researchers in Augmented Reality solutions<<--_000_MW2P
(txt) 166  mar16 Asterios Zachar(19k) [AUDITORY] Timbre 2020 - New abstract submission deadline due to COVID-19 disrup
(txt) 167  mar16 Nichols, Bryan (20k) [AUDITORY] Recording plugin<<--_000_99EDC95B60894489BFA48BEAD0EFAB26psuedu_ Cont
(txt) 168  mar16 Puria, Sunil   (16k) [AUDITORY] Upcoming IHCON 2020 deadlines<<--_000_8452050BA0A70C4C8D8FA073876E02B
(txt) 169  mar17 Martin Bruse   (15k) Re: [AUDITORY] Recording plugin<<--00000000000094c74605a1087c5a Content-Type: te
(txt) 170  mar17 Hamish Innes-Br(36k) [AUDITORY] Two fully-supported PhD positions in collaboration with Eriksholm Res
(txt) 171  mar17 Maaike Charlott(17k) [AUDITORY] Loudness special issue<<--_000_bac4a875693f4f49bd6691e12f1699c3dtudk_
(txt) 172  mar18 Bastian Epp    (13k) [AUDITORY] MOH2020 - postponed to 2021<<Dear colleagues, friends, MOH community,
(txt) 173  mar19 Joseph Toscano (30k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc in speech perception and language processing<<--_000_0639030D
(txt) 174  mar20 Michele Geronaz(12k) [AUDITORY] All-digital conference and free - IEEE 5th VR Workshop on Sonic Inter
(txt) 175  mar20 Bernstein, Jos(336k) [AUDITORY] Call for summer research interns - Walter Reed-Bethesda, Audiology & 
(txt) 176  mar20 Charlotte Amali(21k) [AUDITORY] Methods in Cochlear Implant Research, Young Researcher Event, June 5t
(txt) 177  mar23 Jesper Hvass Sc(28k) [AUDITORY] Post.doc in audiology<<--_000_751D01F215AA4F42B3C4FC392458C123952C5C1
(txt) 178  mar23 Helen Henshaw(4691k) [AUDITORY] Two NIHR-funded postdoc positions in translational hearing research<<
(txt) 179  mar24 Ehrstedt Stefan(16k) [AUDITORY] TENURE-TRACK POSITION IN TRANSLATIONAL NEUROIMAGING (Aalto University
(txt) 180  mar25 Piotr Majdak   (14k) [AUDITORY] Open position at the ARI/=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=96AW?=<<This is a multi-part m
(txt) 181  mar26 Grabsch Hans-Pe(14k) [AUDITORY] Automatische Antwort: Open position at the ARI/=?iso-8859-1?Q?=D6AW?=
(txt) 182  mar26 Lori Holt      (12k) [AUDITORY] SCAN 2020, July 30-31, 2020 Postponed Due to Coronavirus<<--000000000
(txt) 183  mar26 Ruth Y. Litovsk(12k) [AUDITORY] Auditory System Gordon Research Conference 2020 postponed<<IERlYXIgY2
(txt) 184  mar27 Mary Rudner    (18k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc in Cognitive Hearing Science<<--_000_AM0P191MB02583D763CA1F84
(txt) 185  mar26 Parncutt, Richa(19k) [AUDITORY] Call for Doctoral Student: =?utf-8?Q?=E2=80=9CCreative_?=Cognition in
(txt) 186  mar30 Gaston Hilkhuys(13k) [AUDITORY] looking for audio-video (AV) speech materials<<--00000000000090fa9705

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