[AUDITORY] Question on Daniel & Weber (1997) roughness model ("Stephen McAdams, Prof." )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Question on Daniel & Weber (1997) roughness model
From:    "Stephen McAdams, Prof."  <stephen.mcadams@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 4 Mar 2020 23:19:29 +0000

Dear colleagues, I have a colleague who is trying to implement the Daniel & Weber roughness = model in code (from their 1997 Acta Acustica paper). He started to implement it, but ran into some small roadblocks, mainly invo= lving functions that depend on visual plots for their values. For example, = a_0(f) in the last paragraph of p. 116 appears to be defined only by a plot= from Zwicker and Fastl, figure 8.18 in the 3rd ed. Is there an analytic mo= del for it somewhere, or at least a table of values? Likewise for the weigh= ting functions H_i, defined graphically on p. 117, and for g(z_i) on p. 118= , defined graphically in Aures 1985, p. 277. Many thanks for your help, Stephen McAdams

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