[AUDITORY] Deep CASA code for speaker separation (DeLiang Wang )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Deep CASA code for speaker separation
From:    DeLiang Wang  <dwang@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 9 Jan 2020 11:31:50 -0500

As mentioned in my lecture at ASRU'19, the source code for the deep CASA algorithm, a state-of-the-art speaker separation method, is available below: https://github.com/yuzhou-git/deep-casa Cheers, DeLiang -- ------------------------------------------------------------ DeLiang Wang, Professor Co-Editor-in-Chief, Neural Networks Department of Computer Science and Engineering The Ohio State University 2015 Neil Ave. Columbus, OH 43210-1277, U.S.A. Phone: 614-292-6827 (OFFICE); 614-292-7402 (LAB) http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~dwang "Happiness = Reality - Expectation"

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