[AUDITORY] Mechanics of Hearing Workshop 2020 (MOH2020) - registration open! (Bastian Epp )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Mechanics of Hearing Workshop 2020 (MOH2020) - registration open!
From:    Bastian Epp  <000000a94eb56441-dmarc-request@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 16 Jan 2020 11:20:28 +0100

Dear colleagues and friends! It is my pleasure to announce that registration for MOH2020 is now open! You can register here: www.moh2020.dtu.dk/registration [NOTE: Conversion rate is approx: 1 DKK -> 0.15 USD or 0.13 EUR] The rates include full accommodation, access to all lectures and poster sessions, all meals, excursion, welcome reception, conference dinner, refreshments and coffee breaks, as well as access to the communication platform, and the fee for one conference paper. There is a limited amount of shared rooms available. We have high-profile invited speakers from a broad range of relevant topics, there will be a special session for people new to the field and we will have a hands-on workshop on new technological developments and how they will help to overcome current limitations in our field. There is a limited availability for family rooms and family scholarships - if you are considering to travel with family, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks to our sponsors, we can also offer a number of attractive scholarships for students/PhD/PostDocs (on a competitive basis). Please see the information on the website for more details. We will also offer the option to participate from remote (to enable participation of people with limited travel budgets and to reduce our carbon footprint). This option will include access to the communication platform and access to a webcast of the lectures. Please contact us if you want to make us of this option. Early registration ends 31 MARCH 2020. Please check the conference website for additional information and regular updates on the program, invited speakers and practical information. Please also sign up on the mailing list to receive relevant information about the conference. This will be the last email on the AUDITORY list to avoid spamming. www.moh2020.dtu.dk We are looking forward to seeing you at MOH202 in Denmark! On behalf of the organizers BAstian (moh2020@xxxxxxxx) "...call the noblest to the audience..." (Hamlet, act 5, scene 2)

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