[AUDITORY] MOH2020 - postponed to 2021 (Bastian Epp )

Subject: [AUDITORY] MOH2020 - postponed to 2021
From:    Bastian Epp  <000000a94eb56441-dmarc-request@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 18 Mar 2020 17:34:11 +0100

Dear colleagues, friends, MOH community, As being the organizers of the MoH 2020, we are following tightly the global developments in connection with the spread of Coronavirus Pandemic (SARS-CoV-2). The developments of the disease are rapid, reactions are drastic and uncertainties are high. Our primary premise is to not risk the health of anybody - within the community and society as a whole. The second premise is to make and keep MOH what it was and is: A process starting months before the meeting, accumulating momentum until we meet face-to-face and then slowly rumble into the processing of the proceedings. In light of recent developments, we cannot be sure that we can live up to any of these. During the last weeks, we have been in exchange with colleagues all over the world, estimating the uncertainties and the potential impacts of the various options on the table. Yesterday, after discussions with core members of our organizing committee, we decided that MOH2020 will continue - but in 2021. We will set the process in hibernation and ramp up again once everything else slowly comes back to normal. THE NEW DATES FOR "MOH2020 - in 2021" will be *JUNE 13 =E2=80=93 18, 2021 in HELSING=C3=98R, DENMARK* We hope for your understanding. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE DEADLINES? We will archive all your submissions and start a new submission process (ABSTRACTS -> REVIEW -> MANUSCRIPTS - ...) next year. The new deadlines will be announced on the website. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE COMMUNITY IN THE MEANTIME? We know that there are a lot of extra things on our desks due to the changed situation. We also know that some people nevertheless want to get in touch with each other to discuss science or MOH. We will offer to sign up for free on the communication platform that we created for MOH2020 to exchange regarding the postponed meeting or, if you want to, to get feedback on your work to improve it even further until 2021. We can consider it as our MOH preprint server where you can post your manuscript/abstract and get feedback from your colleagues... Please sign up here: https://communication.moh2020.dtu.dk/register/tyyCFzkbnr4vpkoY8 HAVE YOU ALREADY PAID THE CONFERENCE FEE? We will reimburse the full conference fee. Please contact moh2020@xxxxxxxx with the subject [REIMBURSEMENT]. =20 =20 HAVE YOU ALREADY BOOKED A FLIGHT? We will post an official letter on the website within the next few days stating the reasons for postponing. Contact us if you need something else in this connection. =20 =20 WHAT ABOUT THE SCHOLARSHIPS? We will get in touch with the funding sources and sponsors to communicate the situation. We hope that we can transfer the funds to 2021, in which case we will also keep the scholarships. We will provide information in due time. =20 HAVE WE FORGOTTEN ANYTHING? Probably. We will try hard to make this process as smooth as possible for everybody. What the implications are regarding funding - we don't know. But that is not important in light of the well-being of all of you. That is something we can solve. Please feel free to reach out, either by mail (moh2020@xxxxxxxx) or on the communication site. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2021! BAstian and Wei moh2020@xxxxxxxx --=20 Bastian Epp Associate Professor =20 Dir. +45 45 25 39 53 bepp@xxxxxxxx =C3=98rsteds Plads Building 352 2800 Kgs. Lyngby www.dtu.dk/english Mechanics of Hearing Workshop 2020 moh2020@xxxxxxxx www.moh2020.dtu.dk

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