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(txt)   1  jan02 Carlo Drioli   (17k) [AUDITORY] Forum Acusticum 2023, Special Session "Beyond speech: analysis of par
(txt)   2  jan03 Filip Roenne   (86k) [AUDITORY] Team Lead position open at ORCA Europe - WS Audiology's Swedish resea
(txt)   3  jan03 Tobias Goehring(15k) [AUDITORY] Research Assistant position at University of Cambridge<<--00000000000
(txt)   4  jan03 Jemma Jones    (17k) [AUDITORY] Aural Diversity Toolkit - Request for participants<<Dear members of t
(txt)   5  jan04 Joseph Sollini (30k) [AUDITORY] Nottingham Hearing Seminar Series: Robert Froemke - Neuromodulation a
(txt)   6  jan05 cogmhear       (22k) [AUDITORY] 2023 IEEE ICASSP Satellite Workshop: Advances in Multi-modal Hearing 
(txt)   7  jan06 David Reby     (11k) [AUDITORY] Admissions for the 23/24 International Master of Bioacoustics (Mobi) 
(txt)   8  jan06 Jon Barker     (16k) [AUDITORY] 7th CHiME Speech Separation and Recognition Challenge (CHiME-7) and W
(txt)   9  jan06 Andy Sabin      (9k) [AUDITORY] HearAdvisor Lab<<--0000000000008575b005f19b4c1f Content-Type: text/pl
(txt)  10  jan06 Tollin, Daniel (23k) [AUDITORY] Faculty position - Department of Physiology, University of Colorado S
(txt)  11  jan08 Stefania Serafi(24k) [AUDITORY] Digital Audio Effects (DAFx) in Copenhagen, September 4th to 7th 2023
(txt)  12  jan09 perfe          (13k) [AUDITORY] PhD position part of Doctoral Network funded by Horizon Europe (HORIZ
(txt)  13  jan09 Nicolas Misdari(21k) [AUDITORY] Announcement for a special session on "Sound Design for Electric Vehi
(txt)  14  jan09 Hyland Bruno, J(13k) [AUDITORY] CfP: Forum Acusticum 2023, Bird bio-acoustics session<<--000000000000
(txt)  15  jan10 Huseyin Hacihab(24k) [AUDITORY] Special Session on 6DoF Audio at i3DA 2023, September 5-7, Bologna<<-
(txt)  16  jan10 R. Zatorre, Dr.(21k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position for fMRI research on musical expertise Frankfurt/Mon
(txt)  17  jan10 Vogler, Nathan (45k) [AUDITORY] Seminar Announcement - January 17 - E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Res
(txt)  18  jan10 Strickland, Eli(20k) [AUDITORY] T32 Post Doc position at Purdue University<<--_000_CH2PR22MB20078BE94
(txt)  19  jan10 Julia Nicole Zi(27k) [AUDITORY] Requesting participants for a music performance study<<--_000_SJ0PR02
(txt)  20  jan10 pierre guiraud (73k) [AUDITORY] SPEAR challenge: release of Evaluation set<<--00000000000048b01a05f1e
(txt)  21  jan11 Thompson, Marc (51k) [AUDITORY] Call for students: Master=?utf-8?Q?=E2=80=99s_Degree_Programme_in_Mus
(txt)  22  jan11 Tim Ziemer     (18k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2023: Sonic-Tilt Competition<<--Apple-Mail=_FAF51C54-6BFA-45F4-A
(txt)  23  jan11 Joseph Sollini (30k) [AUDITORY] Nottingham Hearing Sciences Seminar: Robert Froemke TOMORROW<<--_000_
(txt)  24  jan11 Rachael Jack  (455k) [AUDITORY] [JOBS] Two permanent faculty posts @UGlasgow (Social Interaction Rese
(txt)  25  jan11 Josh Atkins    (13k) [AUDITORY] Open Audio Algorithm / ML R&D Positions at Apple<<--000000000000f6af3
(txt)  26  jan12 Schlittenlacher(18k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in Speech & Hearing at UCL<<--_000_HE1PR0102MB3052A719AA
(txt)  27  jan13 Maria Witek    (19k) [AUDITORY] Groove Workshop 25-27 Jan 2023<<--_000_CWLP265MB681391B9CBEB4ADF95407
(txt)  28  jan13 Sahar Moghimi  (13k) [AUDITORY] Two 3-year post-doc and two PhD positions in neurodevelopment and rhy
(txt)  29  jan13 Sahar Moghimi  (32k) [AUDITORY] Two 3-year post-doc and two PhD positions in neurodevelopment and rhy
(txt)  30  jan13 Elif Ozcan Vie(135k) [AUDITORY] CfP: Forum Acusticum 2023 > Sound Quality and Design > Sound for care
(txt)  31  jan13 Ana Tajadura   (41k) [AUDITORY] A fully-funded PhD position in HCI at i_mBODY lab, Universidad Carlos
(txt)  32  jan14 R. Zatorre, Dr(215k) [AUDITORY] Phase flip detection<<--_005_YQBPR0101MB49977368F8CEBBF2949D224681C39
(txt)  33  jan15 Skyler Jenning(222k) Re: [AUDITORY] Phase flip detection<<--_005_D5603E666E0A436B9A85A9AD9516F88Fhscu
(txt)  34  jan15 Wasmann, Jan-W(386k) [AUDITORY] Computational Audiology - New Year's Update<<--_004_AM9PR09MB52036D72
(txt)  35  jan15 Bob Carlyon   (204k) Re: [AUDITORY] Phase flip detection<<--_005_e1b5335504aa4774bf0c3ed19aa9fbcdmrcc
(txt)  36  jan16 Janina Fels    (23k) [AUDITORY] AUDICTIVE Conference in Aachen: June 20-22, 2023: Registration open<<
(txt)  37  jan16 Patrick Ainswor(27k) [AUDITORY] Please help with my research experiment<<--_000_AM6PR07MB3975F89765BC
(txt)  38  jan16 Richard F. Lyo(202k) Re: [AUDITORY] Phase flip detection<<--000000000000725e2805f25c760a Content-Type
(txt)  39  jan16 John Culling   (14k) [AUDITORY] PhD. on pinna cues<<Dear all, Tom Freeman and I are advertising a Ph.
(txt)  40  jan16 Nick Lesica     (9k) [AUDITORY] PhD studentships at UCL Ear Institute<<The UCL Ear Institute has curr
(txt)  41  jan16 Sandra Pauletto(18k) [AUDITORY] Two fully-funded PhD positions in sonic interaction design and sound 
(txt)  42  jan16 Julia Nicole Zi(26k) [AUDITORY] Looking for participants for a paid online music study<<--_000_SJ0PR0
(txt)  43  jan16 jonathan digby  (9k) Re: [AUDITORY] Phase flip detection<<my MSc dissertation addressed audibility of
(txt)  44  jan17 Maria Witek    (25k) [AUDITORY] RPPW19 - Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop - Call for Papers<
(txt)  45  jan17 Gregory Cogan  (18k) [AUDITORY] Clinical Research Specialist/Research Technician Position: Intracrani
(txt)  46  jan17 Jon Barker     (16k) [AUDITORY] [Jobs] Postdoc position - Machine Learning for Hearing Aid Signal Pro
(txt)  47  jan17 Andrew Levitsky(10k) [AUDITORY] Chirps with Cochlear Delay<<--0000000000004e549505f27d3bcd Content-Ty
(txt)  48  jan18 David Jackson M(55k) Re: [AUDITORY] Chirps with Cochlear Delay<<--_004_7C28972806BA4D5B808AFA408CEF31
(txt)  49  jan18 Volker Hohmann (14k) [AUDITORY] Winter School =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=9CHearing_Acoustics=E2=80=9D_13.03.=E2
(txt)  50  jan18 thibaut carpent(14k) [AUDITORY] Special Session on Tools, Technologies, and Formats at I3DA 2023 (Bol
(txt)  51  jan18 Vavatzanidis, N(21k) [AUDITORY] two open doctoral positions in our neurocognition lab at TU Dresden, 
(txt)  52  jan18 Will Sedley    (15k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral researcher in auditory predictive coding in normal funct
(txt)  53  jan19 =?utf-8?B?5rSl5b(9k) Re: [AUDITORY] ICMPC17 (International Conference on Music Perception and Cogniti
(txt)  54  jan18 Marc Schoenwies(20k) Re: [AUDITORY] Chirps with Cochlear Delay<<--Apple-Mail=_D4A4385A-2C39-4B27-94B8
(txt)  55  jan19 Yonghee KIM  (1056k) [AUDITORY] 10th ISTD (International Symposium on Temporal Design), Seoul, South 
(txt)  56  jan19 Anne Keitel (St(29k) [AUDITORY] Permanent Lecturer (Assistant Professor) Position in Dundee, Scotland
(txt)  57  jan19 Tom Freeman    (18k) [AUDITORY] RA position at School of Psychology, Cardiff Uni<<--_000_CWXP265MB584
(txt)  58  jan19 Tim Griffiths  (18k) [AUDITORY] Two year postdoc in auditory cognition please forward<<--_000_LO6P302
(txt)  59  jan20 Christopher W D(29k) [AUDITORY] Two year PostDoctoral position (Sydney, Australia, The MARCS Institut
(txt)  60  jan20 Barrett, Liam  (17k) [AUDITORY] Advise on coupling pre-amp to insert earphones<<--_000_AM5PR0102MB262
(txt)  61  jan20 Rod Selfridge (109k) [AUDITORY] Audio Mostly Conference 2023 Call for contributions<<--_000_DB9P189MB
(txt)  62  jan20 Tim Griffiths  (28k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral researcher in auditory predictive coding in normal funct
(txt)  63  jan20 SUPRITHA SHETTY (9k) [AUDITORY] Access to speech + laryngograph dataset if any available<<--000000000
(txt)  64  jan21 Picinali, Loren(22k) Re: [AUDITORY] Advise on coupling pre-amp to insert earphones<<--_000_LO2P265MB1
(txt)  65  jan23 Tomas Matthews(661k) [AUDITORY] recruiting CI users for online groove study<<--_004_AM6PR01MB4993AF8C
(txt)  66  jan23 Emery Schubert (17k) [AUDITORY] Recruiting participants for online study, rating emotion in short mus
(txt)  67  jan24 Piazza, Elise  (23k) [AUDITORY] Invitation to apply for fully-funded summer undergraduate research pr
(txt)  68  jan23 Chen, Ruoyi    (23k) [AUDITORY] Advice on auditory enrichment set up for mice<<--_000_SN4PR04MB838416
(txt)  69  jan24 Marcelo Caetano(19k) [AUDITORY] 2nd CfP : Timbre 2023 Conference - 10-12 July, Thessaloniki, Greece<<
(txt)  70  jan24 Stephen McAdam(662k) [AUDITORY] ACTOR Timbre and Orchestration Summer School - Tutors confirmed<<--_0
(txt)  71  jan24 Bell, Bryan    (18k) [AUDITORY] Invitation to Participate - Listening to Musical Flow<<--_000_46a9705
(txt)  72  jan24 Philipp Aichin(677k) [AUDITORY] Deadline approaching - Jan 31st ! CfP - Forum Acusticum 2023 - Sessio
(txt)  73  jan25 Bell, Bryan   (280k) [AUDITORY] Update - Invitation to Participate - Listening to Musical Flow<<--_00
(txt)  74  jan25 Roberto Bresin (38k) [AUDITORY] LAST CfP: SMC 2023 -- June 12-17, 2023, Stockholm, Sweden -- Calls fo
(txt)  75  jan26 Bill Davies    (31k) [AUDITORY] Multiple 5-year post-doc fellowships available at University of Salfo
(txt)  76  jan26 Laurel Trainor (78k) [AUDITORY] Sandra Trehub<<--Apple-Mail=_3CF429F0-132A-4BF1-9889-4BB9FA932C82 Con
(txt)  77  jan27 Carney, Laurel (23k) [AUDITORY] Sharing Neurophysiological Data<<--_000_PH0PR07MB8702E6D9C4285623DFF1
(txt)  78  jan27 Stephen McAdams(45k) [AUDITORY] ACTOR Timbre and Orchestration Summer School, Thessaloniki<<--_000_14
(txt)  79  jan27 Isabelle Peretz(81k) Re: [AUDITORY] Sandra Trehub<<--Apple-Mail=_88D9FF58-869C-4A02-93B1-99DA6921ACCA
(txt)  80  jan28 Christopher Kis(21k) [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--Apple-Mail=_BB7325B8
(txt)  81  jan29 Vincent Lostanl(14k) [AUDITORY] Call for PhD in AI for Cyber-Human Musicianship<<--Apple-Mail=_B8C386
(txt)  82  jan29 Les Bernstein (223k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--------------5Rhz
(txt)  83  jan30 Richard F. Lyon(40k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--000000000000c9ef
(txt)  84  jan30 Beerends, J.G. (60k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--_004_1d072a3cb4b
(txt)  85  jan30 Alain de Chevei(15k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<It sounds like a j
(txt)  86  jan30 Alexander Raake(15k) [AUDITORY] Job offer Technology and Research Officer - Ilmenau Interactive Immer
(txt)  87  jan30 Giovanni Di Lib(16k) [AUDITORY] Interspeech - Special session on Speech Neuroscience<<--000000000000a
(txt)  88  jan30 jonathan digby (10k) [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<'Quality assessments i
(txt)  89  jan30 David McAlpine (56k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--_004_SYBPR01MB70
(txt)  90  jan31 David Meredith (44k) [AUDITORY] Call for Papers: HCI International 2023 Workshop on Interactive Techn
(txt)  91  jan31 Tollin, Daniel(120k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--_004_CY4PR0501MB
(txt)  92  jan31 Patrick Ainswor(27k) [AUDITORY] Please help with my final listening experiment<<--_000_AM6PR07MB39755
(txt)  93  jan31 Claire Pelofi  (30k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: [CLaME] POST DOC POSITION OPEN - application deadline Feb 5<<--A
(txt)  94  jan31 Pierre Divenyi (17k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<To amplify (sorry 
(txt)  95  feb01 Warren Bakay  (683k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--Apple-Mail=_C38C
(txt)  96  feb01 LAVANDIER Mathi(28k) [AUDITORY] 2nd call: Summer School =?Windows-1252?Q?=93Hearing_in_noise=94=2C_?=
(txt)  97  feb01 Les Bernstein  (36k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--------------YmZf
(txt)  98  feb01 Les Bernstein  (36k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--------------x03b
(txt)  99  feb01 Les Bernstein  (65k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--------------oeFc
(txt) 100  feb01 Jaimy Anne Hann(16k) [AUDITORY] British Accent Multi Talker Babble<<--_000_YT1PR01MB4566F58F181748296
(txt) 101  feb01 Ravi Umadi   (1869k) Re: [AUDITORY] Eight Years of the Website!<<--0000000000004e84
(txt) 102  feb02 Marian Weger   (11k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2023 | 2nd Call for Contributions | 26 June - 01 July | Norrk=?U
(txt) 103  feb02 Kayser, Christo(15k) [AUDITORY] 3-year PhD position in auditory and multisensory cognition, Bielefeld
(txt) 104  feb02 Patrick Susini (23k) [AUDITORY] Special session on "Sound quality and design" during Forum Acusticum 
(txt) 105  feb02 Stoph Long     (19k) [AUDITORY] Cochlear Implant Auditory Research Position in Denver, USA<<--0000000
(txt) 106  feb03 Picinali, Loren(31k) [AUDITORY] Basic Auditory Science 2023 meeting<<--_000_LO2P265MB11349DF97EDCE5E6
(txt) 107  feb03 Emery Schubert (19k) [AUDITORY] Deadline Extension - Frontiers Article Collection on "Preservation an
(txt) 108  feb03 Janina Fels    (26k) [AUDITORY] 2nd CALL FOR PAPERS: AUDICTIVE Conference, Aachen - 20 June - 22 June
(txt) 109  feb03 Sam Mathias     (9k) [AUDITORY] threshold equalizing noise<<--46465c3e7577415090a8f2ae5de089b9 Conten
(txt) 110  feb05 Etienne Gaudrai(12k) Re: [AUDITORY] threshold equalizing noise<<--00000000000044700005f3f13ce1 Conten
(txt) 111  feb06 Sebastian Pusch(51k) [AUDITORY] Sound level meter for earphone/headphone measurements<<--------------
(txt) 112  feb07 Etienne Gaudrai(13k) Re: [AUDITORY] threshold equalizing noise<<--0000000000008d656c05f419e97a Conten
(txt) 113  feb07 Sam Mathias    (15k) Re: [AUDITORY] Sound level meter for earphone/headphone measurements<<--09fed49d
(txt) 114  feb07 Fred Dick      (66k) Re: [AUDITORY] AUDITORY Digest - 5 Feb 2023 to 7 Feb 2023 - Special issue (#2023
(txt) 115  feb07 Torsten Dau    (45k) [AUDITORY] Three open PhD positions at Technical University of Denmark (Hearing 
(txt) 116  feb08 Joseph Sollini (34k) [AUDITORY] REMINDER (TOMORROW): Nottingham Hearing Sciences Seminar: Dr Matthew 
(txt) 117  feb08 Philipp Aichin(679k) [AUDITORY] Final Call Feb 15th ! CfP - Forum Acusticum 2023 - Session: Psychoaco
(txt) 118  feb09 Linden, Jennife(21k) [AUDITORY] Two postdoctoral positions related to hearing research at University 
(txt) 119  feb10 Kazuo UEDA     (11k) [AUDITORY] Invitation to Fechner Day 2023<<(Apologies for cross-posting. Please 
(txt) 120  feb10 Jamilla Balint (21k) [AUDITORY] Abstract deadline extension: AUDICTIVE Conference, Aachen - 20 June -
(txt) 121  feb10 Etienne Parizet(10k) [AUDITORY] Open PhD position in Lyon (France)<<dear list, We have an open PhD po
(txt) 122  feb10 Stephen McAdams(79k) [AUDITORY] ACTOR Timbre and Orchestration Summer School<<--_000_26AD583AF7A14702
(txt) 123  feb11 Marcelo Caetano(18k) [AUDITORY] Timbre 2023: Deadline Extension & Post-Proceedings Special Collection
(txt) 124  feb11 Grace Wilson   (18k) [AUDITORY] Seeking Participants for Auditory Study!<<--00000000000083b4e205f473c
(txt) 125  feb14 Hyland Bruno, J(16k) [AUDITORY] Last call: Forum Acusticum 2023, Bird bio-acoustics session<<--000000
(txt) 126  feb14 CSP Adam Micki(311k) [AUDITORY] Kind invitation to participate in the CSP2023 conference<<This is a m
(txt) 127  feb14 Joseph Sollini (27k) [AUDITORY] Nottingham Hearing Sciences Seminar: Michael Richter: Friday 17th of 
(txt) 128  feb15 Pulkki Ville   (15k) [AUDITORY] Tenure-track position at Aalto University, Finland<<--_000_E5DEAA7618
(txt) 129  feb15 Victoria Duda (154k) [AUDITORY] Recommendations on sound field speakers and soundcard<<--_005_YT1PR01
(txt) 130  feb15 Tanvi Thakkar (769k) [AUDITORY] Participant in important research on Gender Biases in CSD<<--_004_DS7
(txt) 131  feb16 Howell, Peter  (16k) [AUDITORY] Most comfortable level<<--_000_DB9PR01MB74336728758633DAC94F78B7D7A09
(txt) 132  feb16 Nicola Di Stefa(18k) [AUDITORY] Audiovisual associations - online protocol<<--Apple-Mail=_D1366C89-BE
(txt) 133  feb16 =?utf-8?Q?Krzys(35k) Re: [AUDITORY] Recommendations on sound field speakers and soundcard<<--Apple-Ma
(txt) 134  feb16 Richard F. Lyon(37k) Re: [AUDITORY] Recommendations on sound field speakers and soundcard<<--00000000
(txt) 135  feb16 Neeraj Sharma  (10k) [AUDITORY] request for resources on acoustic analysis of raindrops<<--0000000000
(txt) 136  feb16 Picinali, Loren(21k) Re: [AUDITORY] request for resources on acoustic analysis of raindrops<<--_000_L
(txt) 137  feb16 Neeraj Sharma  (17k) Re: [AUDITORY] request for resources on acoustic analysis of raindrops<<--000000
(txt) 138  feb16 Vogler, Nathan (37k) [AUDITORY] Seminar Announcement - February 21 - E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Re
(txt) 139  feb17 Olivier Collign(25k) [AUDITORY] IMRF 2023 - Brussels- Symposia deadline extension<<--0000000000002c34
(txt) 140  feb17 Enzo De Sena   (34k) [AUDITORY] Lecturer in Audio Engineering (Research and Teaching)<<--_000_le8aadd
(txt) 141  feb17 Joseph Sollini (32k) [AUDITORY] Nottingham Hearing Sciences Seminar: Pascal Belin<<--_000_VI1PR06MB49
(txt) 142  feb20 Nicolas Misdari(23k) [AUDITORY] Special session on "Sound Design for Electric Vehicles" at Internoise
(txt) 143  feb20 Gavin Kearney  (11k) [AUDITORY] CfP: 2023 AES Int. Conf. on Spatial and Immersive Audio, 23-25 Aug 20
(txt) 144  feb20 Vogler, Nathan (43k) [AUDITORY] Seminar Announcement - February 21 - E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Re
(txt) 145  feb21 White, Kai Zair(17k) [AUDITORY] Survey: Auditory Accessibility at Live Music Events<<--_000_BN7PR07MB
(txt) 146  feb22 Joseph Sollini (39k) [AUDITORY] REMINDER: Nottingham Hearing Sciences Seminar: Pascal Belin (23/2/202
(txt) 147  feb23 Sonic Taste   (199k) [AUDITORY] CFP - Sensory interactions in digital and virtual realities: new fron
(txt) 148  feb24    (8k) [AUDITORY] unsubscribe<<--_=_swift_1677233415_e6bb6b2bb8b33c11f6f9d193ed6a3c62_=
(txt) 149  feb24 Tim Ziemer     (12k) [AUDITORY] [ICAD 2023 | Extended Deadline]<<--Apple-Mail=_C2253D35-951D-46DF-858
(txt) 150  feb24 Yoon, Yang-Soo (31k) [AUDITORY] AAA Grant opportunities<<--_004_DM5PR06MB244254097EB4A8CFBAAC1630ACA8
(txt) 151  feb24 Adrian Kempf   (12k) [AUDITORY] GAPS2 Call for Papers / Creativity in music and the arts<<--000000000
(txt) 152  feb26 Lori Holt      (17k) [AUDITORY] SCAN 2023 | Save the Dates<<--00000000000057337705f5a5c976 Content-Ty
(txt) 153  feb27 LAVANDIER Mathi(28k) [AUDITORY] 3 days left: Summer School =?Windows-1252?Q?=93Hearing_in_noise=94=2C
(txt) 154  feb27 Torsten Dau    (38k) [AUDITORY] ISAAR 2023 abstract submission open now<<--_004_3ae4b269f16a4d0d82d08
(txt) 155  feb27 Yue Qiao       (14k) [AUDITORY] Post Doc and Technical Staff positions available at Princeton 3D3A La
(txt) 156  feb28 Qinglin        (14k) [AUDITORY] Tenured/Tenure-Track Positions in Acoustics at SCUT<<--0000000000009b
(txt) 157  feb28 Maria Geffen   (19k) [AUDITORY] Please register for Auditory SPLASH at Penn on April 2<<--Apple-Mail=
(txt) 158  feb28 Maria Witek    (35k) [AUDITORY] RPPW19 - Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop - Deadline extende
(txt) 159  mar01 Massimo Grassi  (9k) [AUDITORY] Headphones for pc room: traditional cable or USB?<<--000000000000ca55
(txt) 160  mar02 Reichenbach, To(20k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in Neurotechnology at the Friedrich-Alexander-University
(txt) 161  mar02 Toros Senan    (10k) [AUDITORY] Sounds annotated with Roughness values (ECMA - 418 - 2, 2020)<<--0000
(txt) 162  mar03 Laurie Heller  (23k) [AUDITORY] Synthesis Challenge at DCASE2023<<--Apple-Mail=_3A7F4F47-891D-43F3-8E
(txt) 163  mar03 Joel Snyder    (17k) [AUDITORY] Post-doctoral positions in EEG research<<--Apple-Mail=_4C5F166D-6CE0-
(txt) 164  mar05 Lauren Calandru(14k) [AUDITORY] 4-year funded PhD studentship - Speech perception, multilingual/multi
(txt) 165  mar05 Trevor Cox     (38k) [AUDITORY] Signal processing challenge launch: improving music for listeners wit
(txt) 166  mar07 Roberto Bresin (28k) [AUDITORY] Eight postdoc fellows in technologies for digital transformation at K
(txt) 167  mar07 Vogler, Nathan (29k) [AUDITORY] Seminar Announcement - March 14 - E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Resea
(txt) 168  mar08 Alejandro Osses(13k) [AUDITORY] Question about level conversions<<--0000000000001acdfd05f661f94d Cont
(txt) 169  mar09 Richard F. Lyon(16k) Re: [AUDITORY] Question about level conversions<<--0000000000006ad62305f67356f8 
(txt) 170  mar09 Niels Henrik Po(21k) [AUDITORY] Hearing Industry Research Consortium (IRC) announces its 2023 request
(txt) 171  mar09 Bob Masta      (11k) Re: [AUDITORY] Question about level conversions<<Not on the topic you are asking
(txt) 172  mar09 Sarah Hargus Fe(47k) [AUDITORY] audiology academic faculty position at Gallaudet<<--_004_PH7PR11MB679
(txt) 173  mar09 Bernstein, Josh(23k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc opportunity at Walter Reed<<--_000_SN5P111MB14366EDCF92674AA
(txt) 174  mar10 Frederico Perei(12k) [AUDITORY] packages for beam steering design<<--000000000000b2b9f505f68b47c3 Con
(txt) 175  mar10 Erdem Yildiz   (25k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc opportunity at Christian Doppler Laboratory for Inner Ear Re
(txt) 176  mar11 Jennifer M Groh(50k) [AUDITORY] postdoc and RA positions - Duke Univ - please share<<--------------oh
(txt) 177  mar12 Jessica Monagha(25k) [AUDITORY] VCCA2023 call for abstracts<<--000000000000437e1105f6ab1856 Content-T
(txt) 178  mar11 Emily Morgan   (16k) [AUDITORY] Job at Duolingo: Learning Scientist for Music<<--00000000000034f05405
(txt) 179  apr30 Richard Cohn   (13k) [AUDITORY] CFP Interdisciplinary Approaches to Musical Time, Coimbra<<--00000000
(txt) 180  may01 Dorothea Wendt (22k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc opportunity at Technical University of Denmark & Eriksholm R
(txt) 181  may01 David Purcell  (14k) [AUDITORY] invitation to Cologne for 25th IERASG symposium<<Hello, I am writing 
(txt) 182  may01 Tollin, Daniel (63k) [AUDITORY] 8th International Congress on Bone Conduction and Related Technologie
(txt) 183  may02 Jessica Monagha(30k) [AUDITORY] VCCA2023 abstract deadline extended to 5th May<<--0000000000008988c60
(txt) 184  may02 Sandra Pauletto(19k) [AUDITORY] One fully-funded PhD position at KTH, Stockholm. Deadline: 5 may 2023
(txt) 185  may02 Rod Selfridge  (41k) [AUDITORY] Funded PhD - Sound maps to make shared city spaces safer for women an
(txt) 186  may02 Anna Warzybok-O(10k) [AUDITORY] PhD and Post-Doc positions available: University Oldenburg<<--_000_71
(txt) 187  may02 Huseyin Hacihab(17k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: openings at King's<<--645105db_109cf92e_55f0 Content-Type: text/
(txt) 188  may02 Vogler, Nathan (37k) [AUDITORY] Seminar Announcement - May 9 - E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Research
(txt) 189  may03 =?iso-8859-1?Q?(16k) [AUDITORY] Professorship for Distributed Interactive Media Applications and Tech
(txt) 190  may05 =?UTF-8?Q?Bj=C3(10k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in auditory cognitive neuroscience and fMRI<<Hi all,
(txt) 191  may06 Brian Moore    (25k) [AUDITORY] Christian F=?iso-8859-1?Q?=FCllgrabe?=<<--_000_CWLP265MB23075DFBF3C63
(txt) 192  may08 Sebastian Pusch(10k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in auditory cognitive neuroscience<<--------------z0
(txt) 193  may08 Vogler, Nathan (38k) [AUDITORY] Seminar Announcement - May 9 - E.A.R.S. (Electronic Auditory Research
(txt) 194  may10 Mathias Dietz  (12k) [AUDITORY] 2 postdocs, 1 PhD student, 1 data scientist in Oldenburg, Germany<<--
(txt) 195  may11 Etienne Parizet(15k) [AUDITORY] PhD position<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ----------
(txt) 196  may11 Meelberg, V. (V(21k) [AUDITORY] CFP: Journal of Sonic Studies - Sonic Materiality<<VGhlIGxhc3QgZGVjYW
(txt) 197  may11 Stuart Rosen   (16k) [AUDITORY] Temporary lecturer post at UCL Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Science<<<h
(txt) 198  may12 =?utf-8?B?TWFy(130k) [AUDITORY] 2023 SCIENTIFIC PRIZES of FONDATION POUR l'AUDITION<<--_008_AM9P191MB
(txt) 199  may12 Adam Weisser   (11k) [AUDITORY] Temporal Auditory Imaging Theory Update<<--82da89d7b00d48b888edb1720a
(txt) 200  may12 Maison, Stephan(25k) [AUDITORY] Post-doctoral position<<--_000_E543AA2557CE4ED59DA6EB5521659942meeiha
(txt) 201  may15 Olivier Crouzet (9k) [AUDITORY] Looking for accomodation to share at CIAP / Lake Tahoe<<Dear all, Ple
(txt) 202  may15 Luca Turchet   (30k) [AUDITORY] [CfP] 1st International Workshop on Networked Immersive Audio<<--0000
(txt) 203  may15 cogmhear       (29k) [AUDITORY] Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement Challenge (AVSEC-2)<<--_000_CWLP302MB
(txt) 204  may16 Anne Keitel (St(30k) [AUDITORY] Research Assistant & Lecturer position in Scotland<<--_000_VI1PR04MB6
(txt) 205  may16 Picinali, Loren(21k) [AUDITORY] Release of the SONICOM HRTF Dataset<<--_000_LO2P265MB1134627745ED0DC7
(txt) 206  may16 Nicolas MICHAL(880k) [AUDITORY] TR: Congr=?utf-8?Q?=C3=A8s_?=NICIS -Sounds for a better care in the I
(txt) 207  may16 =?UTF-8?Q?Ante_(23k) [AUDITORY] CFP - Audio and Acoustics of Movement<<--000000000000236c5805fbd81a34
(txt) 208  may17 SCHON Daniele  (40k) [AUDITORY] 3y Post-doc position on music and verbal coordination in Marseille<<-
(txt) 209  may17 Stefania Serafi(41k) [AUDITORY] Call for papers: VRST 2023<<--_000_EE4A88AC97BE4A399E4B34BBF49F74BAcr
(txt) 210  may18 Rod Selfridge  (45k) [AUDITORY] Deadline soon: Funded PhD- Sound maps to make shared city spaces safe
(txt) 211  may18 Alben, Noel  (5890k) [AUDITORY] Request for (paid) experiment participation! (US only)<<--_004_BN0PR0
(txt) 212  may18 Trevor Cox     (19k) [AUDITORY] Webinar and Q&A: Challenges to improving music for those with a heari
(txt) 213  may19 Gavin Bidelman (27k) [AUDITORY] Clinical Assistant Professor in Audiology-IU<<--0000000000005dcf6405f
(txt) 214  may22 Axel Ahrens    (61k) [AUDITORY] ISAAR satellite: Communication Workshop<<--_004_1a77b20e7ed94bda95995
(txt) 215  may23 Matt Flax       (9k) [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<Is anyone publishing on arXiv at the moment ? It 
(txt) 216  may23 Waldo Nogueira (20k) [AUDITORY] CIAP 2023 July 9-14, 2023<<--_000_d05cb32c26d647349209c8d9a69e26demhh
(txt) 217  may23 Brian FG Katz   (9k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<Personally, no. As arXiv typically hosts so-c
(txt) 218  may22 Marcus Pearce  (16k) [AUDITORY] IDyOM v1.7<<--------------QLTW0Rlg5I4Z9IyS6QNreR0D Content-Type: text
(txt) 219  may23 Goodman, Daniel(18k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<SSB3b3VsZCBzdHJvbmdseSBlbmNvdXJhZ2UgeW91bmcgc
(txt) 220  may23 Jonathan Z Simo(17k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--Apple-Mail=_13FF7B6A-25F9-4D76-A4CC-6C0308C
(txt) 221  may23 Stephen McAdams(19k) [AUDITORY] Al Bregman<<--_000_8707315B7E36421998BB4CD77DF95EC4mcgillca_ Content-
(txt) 222  may23 Gabrielle Saund(79k) [AUDITORY] ManCAD is looking for a new leader<<--_005_CWXP265MB58784A17A154F77F8
(txt) 223  may24 Matt Flax      (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<This is great Jonathan, I'll contact you off 
(txt) 224  may24 Jan Schnupp    (16k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--0000000000001e643105fc66c1f3 Content-Type: 
(txt) 225  may23 Holmes, Emma   (30k) [AUDITORY] Funded PhD position at UCL: Deadline 8th June<<--_000_AS8PR01MB722415
(txt) 226  may23 Richard F. Lyon(12k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman<<--0000000000009c20dd05fc694714 Content-Type: text/pla
(txt) 227  may24 Massimo Grassi (21k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--0000000000000f710205fc695e05 Content-Type: 
(txt) 228  may23 Pierre Divenyi (15k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman<<--Apple-Mail-5D5F5264-CE66-4A74-9B2F-0A1092959E45 Con
(txt) 229  may23 Diana Deutsch  (54k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman<<--Apple-Mail=_3AA81B24-1F66-40B6-BEA1-2E041804F377 Co
(txt) 230  may24 Brian FG Katz  (15k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<This is a multipart message in MIME format. -
(txt) 231  may24 Alain de Chevei(14k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<Hi Jonathan, all, Here's a different perspect
(txt) 232  may24 Gunter Kreutz  (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman<<--0000000000001da45c05fc6c7d87 Content-Type: text/pla
(txt) 233  may24 Etienne Gaudrai(31k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--0000000000004f194205fc6d06f5 Content-Type: 
(txt) 234  may24 Punita Singh   (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman<<--00000000000024ae2105fc6e3cbf Content-Type: text/pla
(txt) 235  may24 Wang, Deliang  (23k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman<<--_000_BYAPR01MB3896EF6B423B996E49E85440DB419BYAPR01M
(txt) 236  may24 Les Bernstein  (41k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--------------hRqkuGtVL0N5fp9wYEo0k0D0 Conten
(txt) 237  may24 Goodman, Daniel(53k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_000_0eb7af2dc6914c06a811cd34dd04a2bbimperi
(txt) 238  may23 Pierre Divenyi (10k) [AUDITORY] Al Bregman (1936-2013)<<Dear all, Regarding Al Bregman=E2=80=99s pass
(txt) 239  may31 Piotr Majdak   (13k) [AUDITORY] Release of the AMT 1.4.0<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format
(txt) 240  may31 Les Bernstein (230k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--------------befOAsE4K0c0TgOeaBYZKuux Conten
(txt) 241  may31 Matthew Winn   (23k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--000000000000d3809505fd014f6e Content-Type: 
(txt) 242  jun01 Goodman, Danie(154k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_004_01129463b9c94435862df91a44bdd05bimperi
(txt) 243  may31 Mohammad Abuoud(16k) [AUDITORY] Inquiry: Wireless Microphone System for Speech Analysis Studies<<--_0
(txt) 244  jun01 Picinali, Loren(40k) [AUDITORY] Basic Auditory Science 2023 meeting<<--_000_LO2P265MB1134778C2E0FEF7E
(txt) 245  jun01 Matt Flax      (26k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv versus the peer machines we trust<<--0000000000008a240d05fd
(txt) 246  jun01 Les Bernstein  (39k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--------------hBwl0vFOJ6VDW5EILQ9bir4i Conten
(txt) 247  jun01 Les Bernstein (271k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--------------P4ptIvAtx0cYQgcMLev0ei4V Conten
(txt) 248  jun02 Baskent, D (kno(53k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_004_PA4PR09MB4589F1AEF27729BC38B2A77FE44EA
(txt) 249  jun02 Matthew Winn (1237k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--00000000000058ad1a05fd253b45 Content-Type: 
(txt) 250  jun02 Alexander Raake(29k) [AUDITORY] Full-time PhD / Post-Doc Opening Social XR at Audiovisual Technology 
(txt) 251  jun02 Nathaniel Zuk  (12k) [AUDITORY] PhD studentship in cognitive neuroscience at Nottingham Trent Univers
(txt) 252  jun02 Molis, Michelle(44k) Re: [AUDITORY] [EXTERNAL] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--_004_SA0PR09MB7274470995BFF9
(txt) 253  jun03 Caroline Palmer(10k) [AUDITORY] musical group synchrony (TICS til July 23)<<--=_d85f479febd90fad58fa2
(txt) 254  jun03 Yoav Arieh     (11k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral position in the neuroscience of music therapy<<--0000000
(txt) 255  jun05 Holmes, Emma   (28k) [AUDITORY] PhD and Postdoc positions at UCL<<--_000_AS8PR01MB7224CA8D6D58B95F534
(txt) 256  jun05 McMurray, Bob  (59k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_004_CH2PR04MB677
(txt) 257  jun06 Alejandro Osses(46k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--00000000000038fc2
(txt) 258  jun06 Brian FG Katz ((57k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<
(txt) 259  jun06 Helia Relano I(104k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_005_PAVP192MB208
(txt) 260  jun06 Peter Harrison(104k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_005_LO6P265MB647
(txt) 261  jun06 Jan Schnupp    (78k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--0000000000008878a
(txt) 262  jun06 =?UTF-8?Q?Bori(107k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<This is a multi-par
(txt) 263  jun07 Matt Flax       (9k) [AUDITORY] Hair cell DC ion concentrations<<Hi there, Is anyone aware of the ori
(txt) 264  jun07 Brent Edwards  (68k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--647ff8fa_13750342
(txt) 265  jun05 Svirsky, Mari(7468k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_008_39f5dded7698499bb68ad3fff6142256nyulan
(txt) 266  jun07 Brian FG Katz (147k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<
(txt) 267  jun07 Les Bernstein (112k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--------------eXkqI
(txt) 268  jun07 Les Bernstein(7486k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--------------gBcWKsJEykJIMGZ60fceGrKH Conten
(txt) 269  jun07 Marcelo Caeta(1024k) [AUDITORY] [CfP] 12th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game
(txt) 270  jun07 Ediz Sohoglu   (23k) [AUDITORY] RA position at University of Sussex, UK<<--_000_LO6P302MB0254F3438D62
(txt) 271  jun07 Brian FG Katz ((25k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<
(txt) 272  jun07 Vahid Moradi   (11k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc position request<<--0000000000009ed77505fd88fff3 Content-Typ
(txt) 273  jun07 Alberte Baggesg(21k) [AUDITORY] Online study on perception of rhythm and groove (approx. 15 mins)<<--
(txt) 274  jun07 Enrique Soto  (487k) Re: [AUDITORY] Hair cell DC ion concentrations<<--0000000000003ef60405fd8e5ac8 C
(txt) 275  jun08 Michael Akeroyd(46k) [AUDITORY] Announcement - Medical Research Foundation Launchpad Grant in Hearing
(txt) 276  jun08 Lesicko, Alex(7505k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--_009_BL0PR04MB4961104F0366AB
(txt) 277  jun08 Bernstein,Les(7505k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--_009_cjly3sb7mhtpklee70q5hcu
(txt) 278  jun09 Les Bernstein(7515k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--------------LSDUzNQuv8Y1Hnxn
(txt) 279  jun09 Ken Grant    (7490k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--00000000000078a48105fdb7fecc
(txt) 280  jun09 Arthur van der (11k) [AUDITORY] The world's most non-diffuse, non-sabinian, fluttery spaces<<--000000
(txt) 281  jun09 Pierre Diveny(7483k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--Apple-Mail-38A99FB5-BCFA-4E62-A5D9-1DFA0993
(txt) 282  jun10 =?UTF-8?Q?L=c(7492k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. 
(txt) 283  jun10 David McAlpin(7509k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_009_ME3PR01MB7015BCCF601A7DF6C72DA944C756A
(txt) 284  jun10 Vani Rajendra(7505k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--000000000000048f2705fdc24914
(txt) 285  jun10 Brian FG Katz ((11k) [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<
(txt) 286  jun10 David McAlpine (17k) Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<SSBzdHJvbmdseSBkaXNhZ3JlZSBCcmlhbi4gV
(txt) 287  jun10 Brian FG Katz ((19k) Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<
(txt) 288  jun10 McMurray, Bob  (50k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<--_000_CH2P
(txt) 289  jun10 Douglas Scott  (62k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--0000000000002db11805fdc87a2f
(txt) 290  jun10 Lesicko, Alexan(86k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--_000_BL0PR04MB4961F9DC11B2FD
(txt) 291  jun10 Les Bernstein (104k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--------------0AaiNQCv9lFV5nr3
(txt) 292  jun10 Les Bernstein(7512k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--------------dJiljpp8k4dIvwAWCpXztUlp Conten
(txt) 293  jun10 David Purcell  (15k) [AUDITORY] IERASG abstract submission; Cologne Sept 2023<<Hello, The abstract ad
(txt) 294  jun10 Baskent, D (kno(43k) Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<--_000_PA4PR09MB45891182348B785E6703F
(txt) 295  jun10 Lesicko, Alexa(104k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--_004_BL0PR04MB4961AD265F69D3
(txt) 296  jun10 Les Bernstein (125k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--------------2UrlhN5oszlZZSQ0
(txt) 297  jun11 Baskent, D (kn(135k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--_005_PA4PR09MB45896AE68655C3
(txt) 298  jun11 Baskent, D (kno(60k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<--_000_PA4P
(txt) 299  jun11 Brian FG Katz ((56k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<
(txt) 300  jun11 Baskent, D (kno(77k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<--_000_PA4P
(txt) 301  jun11 McMurray, Bob  (69k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<--_000_CH2P
(txt) 302  jun11 Jan Schnupp    (46k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: [AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution<<--000000000
(txt) 303  jun11 Ruth Y. Litov(7527k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_009_DM6PR06MB383452ECEC953C97C3229DEBE757A
(txt) 304  jun11 Douglas Scott  (91k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--000000000000371f1305fde02c96
(txt) 305  jun12 Jan Schnupp  (7513k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--000000000000b4377905fde849bf Content-Type: 
(txt) 306  jun12 Goodman, Dani(7542k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_009_em190a0e8ec8364dfab3b03bda355ec44a49f5
(txt) 307  jun12 Douglas Scott  (93k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--00000000000055df1205fdf78198
(txt) 308  jun12 Krishnan, Ana(7539k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_009_B7446752A43F4ED184B650B7B42E2993purdue
(txt) 309  jun13 Jan Schnupp  (7518k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--000000000000fa067d05fdfec926 Content-Type: 
(txt) 310  jun13 Tim Beechey   (153k) Re: [AUDITORY] [External] Re: arXiv web of trust<<--_000_AM6PR06MB62320C9BECC5CE
(txt) 311  jun13 Tim Beechey    (38k) [AUDITORY] Nottingham Hearing Sciences Seminar Series: Christian Lorenzi<<--_000
(txt) 312  jun13 Douglas Scott(7522k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--000000000000d1e16c05fe02e6e3 Content-Type: 
(txt) 313  jun13 David Jackson M(47k) [AUDITORY] Nonspontaneous speech copora<<--_004_7332D694C2B44A209843F02D079FDD43
(txt) 314  jun13 Henrietta Irel(109k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_000_LO0P265MB3049DF5EA371A060173CCF8BF255A
(txt) 315  jun13 Baskent, D.  (7521k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--0000000000008d5b7c05fe02cb95 Content-Type: 
(txt) 316  jun14 Jennifer Lynn K(80k) Re: [AUDITORY] Nonspontaneous speech copora<<--_007_B6E66D4F541F42078CD27755157C
(txt) 317  jun14 Baskent, D.    (12k) [AUDITORY] EmoHI ver2 available -- Vocal emotion perception materials for childr
(txt) 318  jun14 Jessica Monagha(15k) [AUDITORY] VCCA2023 Registration<<--0000000000007be1fc05fe153dd6 Content-Type: t
(txt) 319  jun14 Goodman, Dani(7551k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<--_009_em50c96d87a597499ba724110aa177fd1449f5
(txt) 320  jun14 Adrian KC Lee  (20k) [AUDITORY] Sorry | Thank You | Onward<<--Apple-Mail=_D4A4068E-7B7F-4DC2-AD75-DA8
(txt) 321  jun15 moleti          (8k) [AUDITORY] Funded PhD fellowship at Roma Tor Vergata on an International Space S
(txt) 322  jun15 Alinka Greasley(59k) [AUDITORY] Cadenza Project: Participants needed for research into music listenin
(txt) 323  jun15 Samuel Mehr    (13k) [AUDITORY] Al Bregman's auditory demos<<----==_mimepart_648b0233a6b14_2001d1042a
(txt) 324  jun16 Punita Singh   (87k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman's auditory demos<<--000000000000b3230305fe3b748b Conte
(txt) 325  jun16 Isabelle Peretz(14k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman's auditory demos<<--Apple-Mail=_263A4C50-5F5E-4D87-8FC
(txt) 326  jun16 Yune S. Lee    (10k) [AUDITORY] Full time RA position at UT Dallas (SLAM Lab)<<--000000000000fecd9405
(txt) 327  jun16 Pierre Divenyi (90k) Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman's auditory demos<<--Apple-Mail-1E67B07F-4B07-43D3-9DBF
(txt) 328  jun17 Maria Geffen   (26k) Re: [AUDITORY] Sorry | Thank You | Onward<<--Apple-Mail=_99FA029F-5768-4F48-8F86
(txt) 329  jul31 Piotr Majdak   (14k) [AUDITORY] Release of the AMT 1.5.0<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format
(txt) 330  aug01 Jon Barker     (21k) [AUDITORY] CHiME 2024 Challenge - call for proposals / deadline 25th Sept<<--000
(txt) 331  aug01 =?UTF-8?Q?MAN(1567k) [AUDITORY] MMN 2024 meeting<<--000000000000840a500601e1b4ca Content-Type: multip
(txt) 332  aug02 Laurie Heller  (19k) [AUDITORY] APCAM 2023 Call for Abstracts<<--Apple-Mail=_F7E34003-E80D-4B4A-AE71-
(txt) 333  aug03 Arenberg, Julie(26k) [AUDITORY] Two postdoctoral fellowship positions at Mass Eye and Ear, Harvard Me
(txt) 334  aug03 Joel Snyder   (447k) [AUDITORY] Decline of ASA research?<<--Apple-Mail=_EAC0A3AD-100E-4A32-A48E-D4A4F
(txt) 335  aug03 Pierre Divenyi(450k) Re: [AUDITORY] Decline of ASA research?<<--Apple-Mail-DDB4E023-E336-4AEB-A5A3-89
(txt) 336  aug03 Abigail Noyce  (12k) [AUDITORY] EEG - what hardware do you use to record triggers?<<--000000000000436
(txt) 338  aug04 Aryn Kamerer   (73k) [AUDITORY] Tenure track position in Communicative Disorders<<--_004_DM4PR07MB991
(txt) 339  aug04 Abhinav Uppal  (12k) Re: [AUDITORY] EEG - what hardware do you use to record triggers?<<--00000000000
(txt) 340  aug05 Nike gnanateja (12k) Re: [AUDITORY] EEG - what hardware do you use to record triggers?<<--00000000000
(txt) 341  aug05 =?UTF-8?Q?Istv(185k) Re: [AUDITORY] Decline of ASA research?<<This is a multi-part message in MIME fo
(txt) 342  aug06 Lloyd Smith    (16k) Re: [AUDITORY] EEG - what hardware do you use to record triggers?<<--00000000000
(txt) 343  aug07 Matt Flax      (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust<<Has anyone has been following the LK-99 resea
(txt) 344  aug07 Martin Rohrmeie(11k) [AUDITORY] Job opening: PhD and postdoc positions at the Digital and Cognitive M
(txt) 345  aug07 Brian Moore    (19k) [AUDITORY] PSYCHOACOUSTICS software for Windows 11<<--_000_CWLP265MB2307B09A3FA9
(txt) 346  aug07 Kelly Jakubowsk(10k) [AUDITORY] Lecturer in Music Psychology position<<--000000000000f6d6de06025a2c04
(txt) 347  aug08 Samuel Mehr    (12k) [AUDITORY] Developmental Science Special Issue "Music in Development"<<----==_mi
(txt) 348  aug08 Ziereis, Annika(20k) [AUDITORY] PhD Position on the Analysis of Real-life Emotional Expressions (f/m/
(txt) 349  aug11 Anne Danielsen (15k) [AUDITORY] REMINDER: Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Rhythm Research (U
(txt) 350  aug11 Wolfgang Ellerm(18k) [AUDITORY] a systematic review on auditory NOISE SENSITIVITY<<This is a multi-pa

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