[AUDITORY] ICAD 2023 | 2nd Call for Contributions | 26 June - 01 July | Norrk=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=B6ping=2C_?=Sweden (Marian Weger )

Subject: [AUDITORY] ICAD 2023 | 2nd Call for Contributions | 26 June - 01 July | Norrk=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=B6ping=2C_?=Sweden
From:    Marian Weger  <mail@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 2 Feb 2023 10:32:07 +0100

(Apologies for cross-postings, please distribute widely) ICAD 2023 2nd Call for Submission of Papers, Extended Abstracts,=20 Workshops/Tutorials, and Music/Installations 28th International Conference on Auditory Display Norrk=C3=B6ping, Sweden 26 June =E2=80=93 01 July 2023 https://icad2023.icad.org THEME: =E2=80=9CSONIFICATION FOR THE MASSES=E2=80=9D After decades of research dedicated to sonification in terms of audio=20 signal processing, aesthetics, art and design, perception, awareness and=20 human factors, accessibility, auditory augmentation and mixed reality,=20 auditory displays have reached a state with tools and principles that=20 work. It is about time for the breakthrough of sonification in terms of=20 implementation in mass media and consumer markets: Sonification for the=20 masses! The ICAD 2023 committee is seeking full papers, abstracts,=20 concert pieces, demos, installations, workshops, and tutorials from=20 across the full spectrum of auditory display research and practice. This=20 year, we are particularly interested in use cases from everyday life,=20 implementations in mass media, sonification evaluation by wider=20 populations, concepts of sonification in education, learnability and=20 pleasantness of sonifications, and other ways to tackle the theme of=20 sonification for the general public. How informative, aesthetic,=20 universally applicable or specified do sonifications need to be in order=20 to be beneficial for users outside the audio community? During the=20 student think tank, students and young researchers get the chance to=20 exchange ideas and learn from established members of the auditory=20 display community. As a satellite event, we are organizing the=20 Sonic-Tilt competition, where researchers, students and artists submit=20 their own sound design for Tiltification, a bullseye spirit level=20 available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. SUBMIT HERE: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=3Dicad2023 SUBMISSION DEADLINES: Full Papers (6 to 8 pages) - March 1, 2023 Extended Abstracts (2 to 4 pages) - March 15 Workshops / Tutorials / Demos - March 15 Live Performances / Installations - March 15 Doctoral Consortium / Think Tank - March 15 For details on topics of interest, proposal format, submission=20 instructions, and additional conference information, please visit https://icad2023.icad.org/cfp/ COMMITTEES: Papers: Tim Ziemer and Marian Weger =E2=80=93 papers@xxxxxxxx Extended Abstracts: Jonas L=C3=B6wgren and Michael Nees =E2=80=93=20 abstracts@xxxxxxxx Music: Michael Iber =E2=80=93 music@xxxxxxxx Workshops & Tutorials: Emma Frid =E2=80=93 workshops@xxxxxxxx Installations & Demos: Jordan Wirfs-Brock =E2=80=93 installations@xxxxxxxx= 3.icad.org Student Think Tank: Sara Lenzi =E2=80=93 thinktank@xxxxxxxx Sonic-Tilt Competition: Tim Ziemer =E2=80=93 sonictilt@xxxxxxxx Accessibility & Webmaster: Katie Wolf =E2=80=93 accessibility@xxxxxxxx= ad.org About ICAD: First held in 1992, ICAD is a highly interdisciplinary conference with=20 relevance to researchers, practitioners, artists, and graduate students=20 working with sound to convey and explore information. The conference is=20 unique in its specific focus on auditory displays and the range of=20 interdisciplinary issues related to their use. Like its predecessors,=20 ICAD 2023 will be a single-track conference, open to all, with no=20 membership or affiliation requirements. Niklas R=C3=B6nnberg Chair of ICAD 2023 chair@xxxxxxxx

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