Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust (Brian FG Katz )

Subject: Re: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust
From:    Brian FG Katz  <brian.katz@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 23 May 2023 09:05:45 +0200

Personally, no. As arXiv typically hosts so-called pre-prints, a free = "archive" as it were, to allow free access to journal publications, = making it different than a "publication" site. However, the fact that = many authors seem to put documents on arXiv *before* their papers are = accepted, and that these papers can even then be rejected while the = arXiv document remains, means that arXiv is an unreliable reference for = citations of published works. ArXiv is not accepted in some journals as = a peer-reviewed reference for that very reason.=20 -- Brian FG Katz, Research Director, CNRS Groupe Lutheries - Acoustique =E2=80=93 Musique Sorbonne Universit=C3=A9, CNRS, UMR 7190, Institut Jean Le Rond = =E2=88=82'Alembert=20 -----Original Message----- From: AUDITORY - Research in Auditory Perception = <AUDITORY@xxxxxxxx> On Behalf Of Matt Flax Sent: mardi 23 mai 2023 00:46 To: AUDITORY@xxxxxxxx Subject: [AUDITORY] arXiv web of trust Is anyone publishing on arXiv at the moment ? It seems that to publish = there they rely on a web of trust. There is an Audio and Speech section of arXiv which would suit our = community. thanks Matt

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