[AUDITORY] Aural Diversity Toolkit - Request for participants (Jemma Jones )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Aural Diversity Toolkit - Request for participants
From:    Jemma Jones  <Jemma.Jones@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 3 Jan 2023 16:35:44 +0000

Dear members of the Auditory List = We are conducting a research study to develop a toolkit to improve how desi= gners can make spaces/environments more suitable for an aurally diverse pop= ulation. = We have been working with Andrew Hugill of the Aural Diversity Network to c= reate a questionnaire which we are inviting you complete: https://forms.off= ice.com/e/AUUatgBJXK For more information about the Aural Diversity Network see: https://auraldi= versity.org/network.html = The questionnaire is intended to help gain an understanding of experiences = of people with additional hearing requirements to inform the creation of an= Aural Diversity Toolkit. This toolkit is planned to be a joint publication= produced by Arup and the Aural Diversity Network and will become publicly = accessible. = It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. = The questionnaire will be available to complete until the end of Thursday 1= 2th January 2023. = Please see following Privacy Policy which explains how we will be managing = the data collected in the questionnaire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9ennemi= 5162oxt/Arup-AuralDiversityPrivacyPolicy.pdf?dl=3D0 = Please feel free to forward this email onto others if you know of anyone wh= o might want to participate. = Kind regards = Jemma Jones (and the Aural Diversity team at Arup: Russell Smith, Chris Wat= kins, Adam Thomas, Mei-Yee Man Oram & Grace Lampkin) She/her/hers Consultant | Acoustics MEng MIET MIOA =A0 Arup The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street Liverpool, LS3 9QJ United Kingdom d=A0=A0+44 113 301 5865 arup.com ____________________________________________________________ Electronic mail messages entering and leaving Arup business systems are sca= nned for viruses and acceptability of content.

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