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(txt)   1  jan01 Victoria Grace (11k) [AUDITORY] Job Opportunities at Muvik Labs<<--0000000000000d049e057e6e801e Conte
(txt)   2  jan02 ryan stables   (28k) [ISMIR-Community] DAFx-19 Call for Papers<< --Apple-Mail=_6C12ACC7-3552-4F5A-98F
(txt)   3  jan02 ryan stables   (23k) [AUDITORY] DAFx-19 Call for Papers<<--Apple-Mail=_6C12ACC7-3552-4F5A-98FC-3BE3C1
(txt)   4  jan02 Gabrielle Hele(924k) [AUDITORY] Job position available at Eriksholm Research Centre in Denmark<<--_00
(txt)   5  jan03 Patricia Bestel(21k) [AUDITORY] PhD studentship - auditory training effects<<--_000_DB6PR0502MB2950ED
(txt)   6  jan03 Benjamin Zendel(13k) [AUDITORY] Masters position in speech/music perception at Memorial University<<-
(txt)   7  jan04 Manuela Nowotn(633k) [AUDITORY] PhD position - human speech evolution<<This message is in MIME format
(txt)   8  jan04 Brian FG Katz  (19k) [AUDITORY] CFP to EAA Spatial Audio Signal Processing symposium<<This is a multi
(txt)   9  jan07 Nilesh Madhu (U(18k) [AUDITORY] Open PhD position in audio and speech enhancement<<--_000_258ED385820
(txt)  10  jan08 Neeraj Sharma  (13k) [AUDITORY] WiSSAP 2019: Winter School on Speech and Audio Processing<<--00000000
(txt)  11  jan08 SCHON Daniele (164k) [AUDITORY] SAVE the Date: The Predictive Brain Conference 26-27 September 2019, 
(txt)  12  jan08 Samuel Mehr    (23k) [AUDITORY] Call for applications: Harvard Music Lab Summer Internship 2019<<--00
(txt)  13  jan09 Isabel Barbanch(16k) [AUDITORY] 2nd CFP SMC 2019 - 16th Sound & Music Computing Conference, Malaga, S
(txt)  14  jan09 kali woodruff  (15k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in Dev Neurosci - Waxman lab at Northwestern Univ<<-
(txt)  15  jan10 Eduardo Fonseca(11k) [AUDITORY] Release of FSDnoisy18k: a dataset to investigate label noise in sound
(txt)  16  jan11 Arweiler, Iris (19k) [AUDITORY] Job opportunity Audiological Research Engineer<<--_000_AM0PR09MB26902
(txt)  17  jan11 Sourish Chaudhu(12k) [AUDITORY] AVA Active Speaker dataset now available<<--00000000000008f2fa057f37b
(txt)  18  jan13 Lutfi, Robert (110k) [AUDITORY] Symposium to honor David M. Green<<--_004_BL0PR08MB46287DCA93F98DDA47
(txt)  19  jan14 Federico Avanzin(8k) [AUDITORY] MMRP Workshop program online<<[Apologies for cross-postings] [Please 
(txt)  20  jan14 Wolf, Karen Insa(9k) [AUDITORY] Job opportunity, scientific associate - neurotechnology<<Dear List, t
(txt)  21  jan14 Thomas Lunner ((29k) [AUDITORY] Reminder: Postdoctoral Research Fellow / Eriksholm Research Centre, O
(txt)  22  jan15 Solvi Ystad    (23k) [AUDITORY] CMMR 2019, October 14-18 2019, Marseille, France -- Call for Contribu
(txt)  23  jan16 Daniele Giacobe(21k) [AUDITORY] Speech + Audio Research Internship @ Sonos, Santa Barbara, CA<<--0000
(txt)  24  jan17 Stephen Lomber (88k) [AUDITORY] International Hearing Loss Conference - Join Us in Niagara-on-the-Lak
(txt)  25  jan17 Moritz W=?UTF-8?(8k) [AUDITORY] Automatic speech recognition in Presentation (Neurobehavioral Systems
(txt)  26  jan18 Philipp Aichin(155k) [AUDITORY] MAVEBA 2019 - First announcement<<This is a multi-part message in MIM
(txt)  27  jan18 Mark Cartwright(15k) [AUDITORY] REMINDER: Research openings at NYU=?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=99s_?=Music and Au
(txt)  28  jan19 Dimitra Emmanou(19k) [AUDITORY] Microsoft Research - Summer 2019 Internship program in Audio and Acou
(txt)  29  jan19 Tao Zhang      (48k) [AUDITORY] Senior Machine Learning Engineer Position Available<<--_008_CY4PR1101
(txt)  30  jan19 Tao Zhang     (103k) [AUDITORY] 2019 Summer Research Internship Positions Available<<--_004_CY4PR1101
(txt)  31  jan20 Tobias Overath (13k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position available in the O-Lab at Duke University<<--Apple-M
(txt)  32  jan21 Tervaniemi, Mar(45k) [AUDITORY] 5th Learning and Plasticity Meeting/April in Lapland/2nd call<<--_000
(txt)  34  jan21 Tom Freeman    (20k) [AUDITORY] Post-doctoral position in audiovisual psychophysics: Looking and list
(txt)  35  jan21 Schoof, Tim    (21k) [AUDITORY] Frequency Following Response Workshop 13-14 June 2019 London, UK<<--_
(txt)  36  jan21 =?UTF-8?Q?DURAN(18k) [AUDITORY] ONE WEEK LEFT - 2019 CALL for TENDER of the FONDATION POUR l'AUDITION
(txt)  37  jan21 Tanvi Thakkar (383k) [AUDITORY] Women's Roundtable Discussion at 2019 ARO Midwinter Meeting in Baltim
(txt)  38  jan22 Prof. Manohar B(18k) [AUDITORY] Research Associate University of Cambridge Professor Manohar Bance<<-
(txt)  39  jan22 Mathieu Barthet(25k) [AUDITORY] 2nd IEEE FRUCT International Workshop on Semantic Audio and the Inter
(txt)  40  jan22 Frederico Perei(10k) [AUDITORY] Independent of direction equalization<<--000000000000083b86058010e71e
(txt)  41  jan23 Andrea Halpern (53k) [AUDITORY] Finding a Voice Conference<<This is a multi-part message in MIME form
(txt)  42  jan23 Josefa Vial     (9k) Re: [AUDITORY] HELP<<--0000000000004f3e340580207f94 Content-Type: text/plain; ch
(txt)  43  jan23 Morwaread Farbo(10k) [AUDITORY] Society for Music Perception and Cognition submission deadline remind
(txt)  44  jan24 Samuel Mehr    (12k) [AUDITORY] new citizen science platform<<--000000000000684c6a0580298951 Content-
(txt)  45  jan23 Mark Schecter  (10k) Re: [AUDITORY] HELP<<--Apple-Mail-0E1C4F21-27BB-45FA-B6CE-72C9C969ABE6 Content-T
(txt)  46  jan24 Bas Van Dijk   (27k) Re: [AUDITORY] HELP<<--_000_AM6PR06MB5909EB7ED33674453D908B86BF9A0AM6PR06MB5909e
(txt)  47  jan25 Dan Stowell    (25k) [AUDITORY] Announcing VIHAR workshop, 29-30 August, London<<--_000_8b0b9d4e675ac
(txt)  48  jan25 Debi Vickers    (5k) Auditory List membership<<Hi Dan I would like to join the Auditory list again pl
(txt)  49  jan28 Rebecca Millman(27k) [AUDITORY] Lecturer / Senior Lecturer (Audiology/Hearing Sciences), University o
(txt)  50  jan29 Christopher Kis(16k) [AUDITORY] The Four Year Anniversary of!<<--Apple-Mail=_5A8006
(txt)  51  jan28 Debi Vickers    (8k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: Two post-doc positions at the University of Cambridge<<Dear Audi
(txt)  52  jan30 Partanen, Eino (20k) [AUDITORY] Enrolment open to Helsinki Summer School in Cognition, Communication,
(txt)  53  jan30 Isabel Barbanch(13k) [AUDITORY] Call for Sponsorship. Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC2019)<
(txt)  54  jan30 Paul Vickers   (19k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2019 CfP<<KEFwb2xvZ2llcyBmb3IgY3Jvc3MtcG9zdGluZ3MpDQpJQ0FEIDIwMT
(txt)  55  jan30 Tarun Pruthi   (11k) [AUDITORY] Summer Internships & Fulltime positions in Audio at Amazon Lab126<<--
(txt)  56  jan31 Thomas Lunner ((60k) [AUDITORY] Update: CHSCOM2019, submit your abstract before 15 February<<--_004_V
(txt)  57  feb01 Harma, Aki     (50k) [AUDITORY] PhD positions on technologies for conversational interfaces in health
(txt)  58  feb02 Tarun Pruthi   (12k) Re: [AUDITORY] Summer Internships & Fulltime positions in Audio at Amazon Lab126
(txt)  59  feb03 Valeriy Shafiro(12k) [AUDITORY] How we talk to machines that listen<<--000000000000b784d40581008ade C
(txt)  60  feb03 Malcolm Slaney (19k) [AUDITORY] Auditory Science at the Telluride Neuromorphic Engineering Cognition 
(txt)  61  feb04 Sarah Verhulst (21k) [AUDITORY] PhD vacancy:  Hearing Loss Detection and Monitoring Technology<<--_00
(txt)  62  feb04 Isabel Barbanch(12k) [AUDITORY] SMC 2019 Full Paper deadline extension<<This is a multi-part message 
(txt)  63  feb04 Leon van Noorde(15k) Re: [AUDITORY] How we talk to machines that listen<<--Apple-Mail=_D076719C-76D0-
(txt)  64  feb04 Sarah Hargus Fe(51k) Re: [AUDITORY] How we talk to machines that listen<<--_004_EA397826B50628499AA87
(txt)  65  feb05 Tobias Neher   (11k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc position in hearing aid research (University of Southern Den
(txt)  66  feb05 Athanasios Lyka(12k) [AUDITORY] Survey on The Language of Rhythm and the Rhythm of Language<<--Apple-
(txt)  67  feb05 Leo Litvak     (10k) [AUDITORY] Prinicipal Scientist Position at Advanced Bionics<<--000000000000b277
(txt)  68  feb05 Phil Green     (16k) Re: [AUDITORY] How we talk to machines that listen<<This is a multi-part message
(txt)  69  feb06 Athanasios Lyka(17k) Re: [AUDITORY] Survey on The Language of Rhythm and the Rhythm of Language<<--Ap
(txt)  70  feb06 Patricia Bestel(22k) [AUDITORY] PhD position on auditory training effects on brain<<--_000_4208B101B5
(txt)  71  feb06 Brian FG Katz  (19k) [AUDITORY] Submission site now open : EAA Spatial Audio Signal Processing sympos
(txt)  72  feb06 Torsten Dau    (39k) [AUDITORY] ISAAR 2019, August 21-23, 2019, Denmark<<--_005_a9babeb092064139b20d8
(txt)  73  feb07 Verhoef, J.P. (112k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in Linguistics for Research Consortium 'Language in 
(txt)  74  feb07 Hauke Egermann (17k) [AUDITORY] Assistant Professor (Lecturer) position (open-contract) at University
(txt)  75  feb07 Gualtiero Volpe(15k) [AUDITORY] PhD and PostDoc positions in automated analysis and prediction of non
(txt)  76  feb07 Philipp Aiching(42k) [AUDITORY] Call for papers - Interspeech 2019 @ Graz, Austria - Special session 
(txt)  77  feb07 Bernstein, Josh(19k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_large-scale_psychoacoustics_=96
(txt)  78  feb08 Bernstein, Josh(11k) [AUDITORY] Call for summer research interns - Walter Reed-Bethesda, Audiology & 
(txt)  79  feb07 Sumner, Christi(27k) [AUDITORY] PhD Studentships at Nottingham Trent University.<<--_000_LO2P265MB166
(txt)  80  feb07 Jonathan Z. Sim(12k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral fellowship in Neuroplasticity and Auditory Aging at the 
(txt)  81  feb08 Stephen Lomber (88k) [AUDITORY] International Hearing Loss Conference - Join Us in Niagara-on-the-Lak
(txt)  82  feb08 Javier Santos G(78k) [AUDITORY] SAVE THE DATE! XVI AEDA Conference. May, 10-11th 2019, Madrid, Spain<
(txt)  83  feb08 Jochem Rieger   (8k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc position neuropysiology of hearing impairment and machine le
(txt)  84  feb11 Thomas Lunner ((53k) [AUDITORY] CHSCOM2019, submit your abstract before 15 February<<--_004_VI1PR0401
(txt)  85  feb11 Will Sedley    (12k) [AUDITORY] PhD opportunity: EEG evoked potentials as a key to understanding and 
(txt)  86  feb12 Isabel Barbancho(9k) [AUDITORY] SMC 2019 MUSIC SUBMISSION deadline extension<<Dear all, Due to numero
(txt)  87  feb12 Sofia Dahl     (43k) [AUDITORY] 2nd CFP 6th International Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO1
(txt)  88  feb12 Geoffroy Peeter(51k) [AUDITORY] Faculty Position in machine-leartning at Telecom-ParisTech<<This is a
(txt)  89  feb14 penman.t@gmail.(42k) Re: [AUDITORY] Peer-Review Process<<--Apple-Mail-7E7DAC34-AFDE-4B0A-A9F6-689935D
(txt)  90  feb14 Dan Stowell  (2918k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: [] IBAC 2019 Call for Abstracts now open<<--_003_2
(txt)  91  feb15 Yune S. Lee    (12k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position available at the Ohio State University (SLAM lab)<<-
(txt)  92  feb15 Stephen McAdams(15k) [AUDITORY] Online experiment on perception of blending in a violin section<<--_0
(txt)  93  feb17 Kazuo UEDA     (42k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: [Isp] Fechner Day 2019: 35th Annual Meeting of the International
(txt)  94  feb17 Yune S. Lee    (12k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position available at the Ohio State University (SLAM lab)<<-
(txt)  95  feb18 Yuxuan Zhang   (12k) [AUDITORY] Research associate positions available<<--0000000000000df71d058226a4f
(txt)  96  feb18 Jakob Christens(26k) [AUDITORY] Call for applications graduate summer school =?Windows-1252?Q?=93Acou
(txt)  97  feb18 Joana Vieira   (21k) [AUDITORY] Research Grant in project in northern Portugal<<--000000000000ad0a730
(txt)  98  feb19 Brinkmann, Fab(174k) [AUDITORY] Origin of the 'Bregman picture'?<<--Apple-Mail=_6B0BB1CA-0196-456B-B9
(txt)  99  feb19 Volker Hohmann (10k) [AUDITORY] Opening PostDoc position in applied hearing aid research (3 years, fu
(txt) 100  feb19 Letizia Marcheg(18k) [AUDITORY] CFP - ITSC2019 - Special Session on "Beyond Traditional Sensing for I
(txt) 101  feb20 Patel, Aniruddh(13k) [AUDITORY] Music and evolution survey<<--_000_E06FF38A806E884E9F935E87BFE5694C01
(txt) 102  feb20 Andreas Widmann (8k) Re: [AUDITORY] Origin of the 'Bregman picture'?<<> was also pointed to Goldstein
(txt) 103  feb20 Valeriy Shafiro(32k) [AUDITORY] Summary: How we talk to machines that listen<<--0000000000007ec9dc058
(txt) 104  feb20 Tudor Popescu  (11k) [AUDITORY] Melodic Intonation Therapy data<<--000000000000e220790582552308 Conte
(txt) 105  feb20 Lena Esther Pt(617k) [AUDITORY] Call for Papers =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_?=JBDGM Volume 29: "Music in Aud
(txt) 106  feb21 Mercado, Eduard(18k) [AUDITORY] Summer Short Course: Methods for Analyzing Sound and Modeling Auditor
(txt) 107  feb21 Peter P.        (9k) [AUDITORY] [widmann@UNI-LEIPZIG.DE: Re: [AUDITORY] Origin of the 'Bregman pictur
(txt) 108  feb21 Patel, Aniruddh(11k) [AUDITORY] Syllable duration in read speech<<--_000_E06FF38A806E884E9F935E87BFE5
(txt) 109  feb21 Stuart Rosen   (20k) [AUDITORY] Job opportunity - Lecturer in Speech Science at UCL<<--_000_3b34e23a6
(txt) 110  feb21 Jonas Obleser  (16k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc opportunity (up to 4 years), Obleser lab, L=?utf-8?Q?=C3=BCbe
(txt) 111  feb21 Kelly Dickerson(14k) [AUDITORY] Lecturer position at Washburn University<<--0000000000005f46c605826c2
(txt) 112  feb21 Liu Gang       (15k) [AUDITORY] Speech research internship, Seattle, WA<<--000000000000d98d320582750a
(txt) 113  feb22 Andreas Widmann(10k) Re: [AUDITORY] [widmann@UNI-LEIPZIG.DE: Re: [AUDITORY] Origin of the 'Bregman pi
(txt) 114  feb22 Ciocca, Valter (10k) Re: [AUDITORY] Origin of the 'Bregman picture'?<<SSBkbyBub3Qga25vdyBhYm91dCB0aGU
(txt) 115  feb23 R. Zatorre, Dr.(21k) Re: [AUDITORY] [widmann@UNI-LEIPZIG.DE: Re: [AUDITORY] Origin of the 'Bregman pi
(txt) 116  feb22 Stephen Lomber (89k) [AUDITORY] International Hearing Loss Conference - Abstract Deadline Closes in O
(txt) 117  feb22 Pierre Divenyi (21k) Re: [AUDITORY] [widmann@UNI-LEIPZIG.DE: Re: [AUDITORY] Origin of the 'Bregman pi
(txt) 118  feb23 Kent Walker    (42k) Re: [AUDITORY] Summary: How we talk to machines that listen<<--_000_D89709F5147B
(txt) 119  feb23 Valeriy Shafiro(42k) Re: [AUDITORY] Summary: How we talk to machines that listen<<--00000000000057731
(txt) 120  feb24 Tobias Neher   (12k) [AUDITORY] REMINDER: Post-doc position in hearing aid research (University of So
(txt) 121  feb24 Baskent, D (kno(54k) [AUDITORY] CIAP 2019 - Abstract submission open (until 15 March 2019)<<--_000_d3
(txt) 122  feb24 Vincent Meelber(11k) [AUDITORY] CFP: Journal of Sonic Studies - Soundscapes of Latin America<<JSS Cal
(txt) 123  feb24 Richard F. Lyon(44k) Re: [AUDITORY] Summary: How we talk to machines that listen<<--0000000000006d7a5
(txt) 124  feb24 Andrea Valle   (26k) Re: [AUDITORY] [widmann@UNI-LEIPZIG.DE: Re: [AUDITORY] Origin of the 'Bregman pi
(txt) 125  feb25 Areti Andreopou(28k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2019 - Student ThinkTank Call for Applications - Funding options
(txt) 126  feb25 Vinay Swarnalat(11k) [AUDITORY] Possibility of position opening for Associate Professorship (Audiolog
(txt) 127  feb25 Dan Stowell    (21k) [AUDITORY] Call for papers/participation: VIHAR Workshop on Vocal Interactivity 
(txt) 128  feb27 Gavin Kearney  (19k) [AUDITORY] AES Immersive and Interactive Audio Conference - Early Bird Deadline 
(txt) 129  feb27 Peter Lennox   (62k) Re: [AUDITORY] Summary: How we talk to machines that listen<<--_000_CWLP265MB128
(txt) 130  feb27 Norbert Kopco  (47k) [AUDITORY] Kosice Neuroscience Workshop, 3 - 5 June, 2019<<This is a multi-part 
(txt) 131  feb27 Brinkmann, Fab(377k) [AUDITORY] Recap: Origin of the 'Bregman picture'?<<--Apple-Mail=_460A9288-1EDD-
(txt) 132  feb27 Zafar Rafii    (16k) [AUDITORY] Senior Audio Research Engineer @Gracenote<<--0000000000007653ac0582e7
(txt) 133  feb27 Tina Penman    (41k) Re: [AUDITORY] Peer-Review Process<<--0000000000007a8f9d0582ec0fc0 Content-Type:
(txt) 134  feb27 Bastian Epp    (15k) [AUDITORY] Full geometry of ear canal for student project<<Dear List, I just got
(txt) 135  mar05 Brian FG Katz  (19k) [AUDITORY] [Deadline approaching] EAA Spatial Audio Signal Processing symposium<
(txt) 136  mar05 Torsten Dau    (41k) [AUDITORY] ISAAR 2019 abstract submission and registration open now<<--_004_df5f
(txt) 137  mar05 =?utf-8?Q?Bj=C3(22k) [AUDITORY] INTERSPEECH 2019 ComParE<<--Apple-Mail=_30D28C15-DB8F-4EB4-9A5E-8FA67
(txt) 138  mar05 VALIQUET Patric(18k) [AUDITORY] CFP: Recursions - Music and Cybernetics in Historical Perspective<<Um
(txt) 139  mar05 Enrique Linaza(285k) [AUDITORY] New open position in Oticon Medical Iberia<<--Apple-Mail-9C261F98-181
(txt) 140  mar06 Jeremy Marozeau(22k) [AUDITORY] What are we doing for the planet?<<--_000_0005e8605fdd4c52b3f6a1afff6
(txt) 141  mar07 Levity         (20k) Re: [AUDITORY] What are we doing for the planet?<<--000000000000c524c8058383126b
(txt) 142  mar08 Emma Gibson    (19k) [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<--_000_DB6PR05MB33529F1649449C40A7B2
(txt) 143  mar10 Bjoern Schuller(16k) [AUDITORY] INTERSPEECH 2019 ComParE: Paper available<<--_000_8D72DE025583478D986
(txt) 144  mar10 Sam Mathias     (9k) [AUDITORY] diotic (or binaural) audiometry<<Dear List, Is anyone aware of studie
(txt) 145  mar11 John Neuhoff   (18k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<--_000_BN8PR06MB608274ADC1800D27
(txt) 146  mar11 Timothy Roberts(18k) [AUDITORY] Help needed for large scale subjective testing of time-scaled audio<<
(txt) 147  mar11 Paul Vickers   (16k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2019 Papers Deadline Extension<<KEFwb2xvZ2llcyBmb3IgY3Jvc3MtcG9z
(txt) 148  mar11 Peter Lennox   (32k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<--_000_CWXP265MB12870C5D75D7DBA2
(txt) 149  mar11 Bernstein,Lesli(17k) Re: [AUDITORY] diotic (or binaural) audiometry<<--_004_af72b3048d2d4b7eb10723346
(txt) 150  mar11 Schoof, Tim    (22k) [AUDITORY] FFR Workshop - abstract deadline 1 April<<--_000_DB7PR01MB4089DCB9855
(txt) 151  mar11 Patel, Aniruddh(13k) [AUDITORY] ERP studies of melodic expectation<<--_000_E06FF38A806E884E9F935E87BF
(txt) 152  mar12 Axel Roebel    (12k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<Hello On 11/03/19 13:01, Peter L
(txt) 153  mar12 Jonathan Berger(14k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<--=_a2e648f52a90eba5988560044193
(txt) 154  mar12 Justin London  (20k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<--Apple-Mail=_A8C88E3B-9D1F-43B5
(txt) 155  mar12 Stephen Lomber (29k) [AUDITORY] International Hearing Loss Conference - Call for Late Breaking Abstra
(txt) 156  mar12 Sam Mathias    (10k) Re: [AUDITORY] diotic (or binaural) audiometry<<Dear list, Thanks to those who r
(txt) 157  mar12 Richard F. Lyon (9k) [AUDITORY] My book at half off<<--000000000000b0d0240583ebc307 Content-Type: tex
(txt) 158  mar13 Samuel Mehr    (17k) [AUDITORY] Full-time Research Assistant position at Harvard University<<--000000
(txt) 159  mar12 Sriram Boothali(20k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in Madison, Wisconsin<<--000000000000679efe0583e8491
(txt) 160  mar13 Alcina Cortez  (12k) Re: [AUDITORY] My book at half off<<--Apple-Mail-1276222A-6E97-4D3B-AFE5-7689292
(txt) 161  mar13 Jan Rennies     (9k) [AUDITORY] New PhD position in binaural speech perception<<Dear list, As part of
(txt) 162  mar12 Francesco Rea  (30k) [AUDITORY] [jobs] Postdoctoral position in - The role of Social Signals in human
(txt) 163  mar13 =?UTF-8?B?UGF3Z(13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<--000000000000ea30390583f68f0d C
(txt) 164  mar13 Timo Gerkmann  (19k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral and PhD positions in Audio-Visual Signal Processing<<Thi
(txt) 165  mar13 Alcina Cortez  (18k) Re: [AUDITORY] My book at half off<<--Apple-Mail-BC9110EB-10C1-4D07-B5B0-CE9D22E
(txt) 166  mar13 Frederic Font C(15k) [machinelistening] Funded PhD position at the MTG on Automatic Sound Recognition
(txt) 167  mar13 Ian Cross      (17k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<This is a multi-part message in 
(txt) 168  mar13 Isabel Barbanch(13k) [AUDITORY] IMPORTANT UPDATES ABOUT SMC 2019 AND SMC 2019 SUMMER SCHOOL. 16th Sou
(txt) 169  mar13 Huron, David   (26k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<--_000_CY4PR01MB2216EE5E463673C4
(txt) 170  mar13 Sharath chandra(16k) Re: [AUDITORY] My book at half off<<--000000000000466a6f0583f563f2 Content-Type:
(txt) 171  mar13 Frederic Font C(11k) [AUDITORY] Funded PhD position at the MTG on Automatic Sound Recognition<<--0000
(txt) 172  mar14 Jakob Christens(15k) [AUDITORY] pitch-height mapping<<--_000_2e4357770ff74bed939a3f2d89782289biologys
(txt) 173  mar14 Patricia Bestel(20k) [AUDITORY] Generate IRNs in Matlab?<<--_000_DB6PR0502MB2950F4B951CF7CCDC79EE493C
(txt) 174  mar14 Richard F. Lyon(12k) Re: [AUDITORY] My book at half off<<--000000000000a05a1805840f18e8 Content-Type:
(txt) 175  mar14 Alcina Cortez  (14k) Re: [AUDITORY] My book at half off<<--Apple-Mail-24F6090B-5129-4078-A01F-5B10E11
(txt) 176  mar14 =?utf-8?Q?Juli=(11k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<Dear all, Sorry for being a bit 
(txt) 177  mar15 Deutsch, Diana (17k) [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing and glissando illusion<<--_000_4FC07C
(txt) 178  mar15 Karl Lerud     (22k) Re: [AUDITORY] Generate IRNs in Matlab?<<This is a multi-part message in MIME fo
(txt) 179  mar15 Karl Lerud     (19k) Re: [AUDITORY] Generate IRNs in Matlab?<<This is a multi-part message in MIME fo
(txt) 180  mar15 Massimo Grassi (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Research in Auditory Processing<<Dear all, An unsorted lists of i
(txt) 181  mar15 S=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=(10k) [AUDITORY] CMMR 2019, Marseille, France, 14-18 October 2019 -- 2nd Call for Cont
(txt) 182  mar15 Richard F. Lyon(15k) Re: [AUDITORY] My book at half off<<--0000000000009226b205842dc937 Content-Type:
(txt) 183  mar16 Dr. Nizami     (16k) [AUDITORY] Why there is a replicability crisis (in biology, at least)<<------=_P
(txt) 184  mar17 Patel, Aniruddh(27k) [AUDITORY] Results of music and evolution survey<<--_000_E06FF38A806E884E9F935E8
(txt) 185  mar18 Samuel Mehr    (16k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: Visiting Grad Student position at Harvard University<<--00000000
(txt) 186  mar17 Jacoby, Nori   (17k) [AUDITORY] Multiple positions available in the =?Windows-1252?Q?=93Computational
(txt) 187  mar18 Ryan Stables   (32k) [ISMIR-Community] DAFx-19 Deadline Extension<< --Apple-Mail=_FB7895DB-6949-43E6-
(txt) 188  mar18 Bob Masta       (9k) Re: [AUDITORY] Why there is a replicability crisis (in biology, at least)<<Hey, 
(txt) 189  mar18 Mathieu Barthet(30k) [AUDITORY] PhD studentships in Artificial Intelligence and Music (AIM) at Queen 
(txt) 190  mar18 Prof. dr Henkja(15k) [AUDITORY] Master Class on 'Musicality and Genomics'<<--Apple-Mail=_722F7FE5-A37
(txt) 191  mar18 Ryan Stables   (27k) [AUDITORY] DAFx-19 Deadline Extension<<--Apple-Mail=_FB7895DB-6949-43E6-9BDB-1F3
(txt) 192  mar18 PIerre DIVENYI (10k) [AUDITORY] African professor makes history, performs world's 1st 3D  middle-ear 
(txt) 193  mar18 Baskent, D (kno(19k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral researcher position at Speech Perception Lab/Audiology g
(txt) 194  mar18 MNSEditorial   (14k) [AUDITORY] Call for submissions: Music & Science<<Q2FsbCBmb3Igc3VibWlzc2lvbnM6IE
(txt) 195  mar19 Colette McKAY  (10k) [AUDITORY] Two new senior positions available in my lab at the Bionics Institute
(txt) 196  mar20 Van Dun, Bram  (73k) [AUDITORY] 2019 International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group =?Windows-1
(txt) 197  mar20 Hartmut Meister(16k) [AUDITORY] open position "audiovisual speech perception in cochlear implant reci
(txt) 198  mar20 Jan Stupacher  (11k) [AUDITORY] Social interaction with music survey<<<html><head></head><body><div s
(txt) 199  mar21 Tao Zhang      (54k) [AUDITORY] Senior Machine Learning Engineer Position Available<<--_009_BN6PR1101
(txt) 200  mar21 Delfin Ed       (9k) [AUDITORY] Headphone handbook<<--0000000000009c13250584968db8 Content-Type: text
(txt) 201  mar21 Frederick Gallu(14k) Re: [AUDITORY] Headphone handbook<<--000000000000d52aee05849a9d7b Content-Type: 
(txt) 202  mar21 Jeremy Marozeau(43k) Re: [AUDITORY] What are we doing for the planet?<<--_000_b058f0a4eee147778907db0
(txt) 203  mar21 Patel, Aniruddh(17k) [AUDITORY] List of ERP studies of melodic expectation<<--_000_E06FF38A806E884E9F
(txt) 204  mar22 =?utf-8?Q?Bj=C3(23k) [AUDITORY] Interspeech 2019 in Graz/Austria<<--Apple-Mail=_2625ECDD-F34B-4390-B3
(txt) 205  mar21 =?UTF-8?Q?R=c3=a(9k) [AUDITORY] Post-doctoral position for 12 months at IRCAM: music content analysis
(txt) 206  mar22 Timothy Roberts(19k) [AUDITORY] [Academic study] Subjective evaluation of Time-Scaled Audio (~10 minu
(txt) 207  mar22 Kelly Jakubowsk(15k) [AUDITORY] Music & Lifetime Memories Conference<<--0000000000006f84890584aaacf6 
(txt) 208  mar22 Mark Plumbley  (14k) [AUDITORY] WASPAA 2019: Call for Papers<<-- Apologies for cross-listing -- -- Pl
(txt) 209  mar22 Graham Rousell (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Headphone handbook<<--_000_64e586a5931e41c788f447e42fd2d320optico
(txt) 210  mar22 Mark Kahrs     (11k) Re: [AUDITORY] Headphone handbook<<--000000000000799ded0584afbf36 Content-Type: 
(txt) 211  mar22 Pedro Duarte Pe(16k) Re: [AUDITORY] Headphone handbook<<--5c94b223_7793ca54_21a0 Content-Type: text/p
(txt) 212  mar22 Justin Salamon (34k) [AUDITORY] DCASE 2019 Workshop in NYC: Call for Papers<<--_000_BYAPR02MB58302088
(txt) 213  mar23 Frank Russo    (54k) [AUDITORY] Call for Papers: Cognitive based music informatics research (CogMIR)<
(txt) 214  mar24 Inkyu An       (17k) [AUDITORY] CfP ICRA 2019 Workshop on Sound Source Localization and Its Applicati
(txt) 215  mar25 Thomas Brand   (10k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in binaural speech perception (2nd call)<<This is a mult
(txt) 216  mar25 Letizia Marcheg(19k) [AUDITORY] CFP - ITSC2019 - Special Session on "Beyond Traditional Sensing for I
(txt) 217  mar25 Andy Sabin     (11k) [AUDITORY] Hearing Assistance Openings at Bose<<--00000000000095c8b70584f23838 C
(txt) 218  mar27 SungYoung Kim  (47k) update my email address for auditorylist<<--_004_6B20CEC2FFA44234A224D0366118282
(txt) 219  mar27 Ryan Stables   (20k) [ISMIR-Community] DAFx-19 inclusivity grants<< --Apple-Mail=_879F0222-9C6D-42FF-
(txt) 220  mar27 Patel, Aniruddh(19k) [AUDITORY] Updated List of ERP studies of melodic expectation<<--_000_E06FF38A80
(txt) 221  mar27 Ryan Stables   (14k) [AUDITORY] DAFx-19 inclusivity grants<<--Apple-Mail=_879F0222-9C6D-42FF-B997-BAF
(txt) 222  mar27 Kohlrausch, A.G(15k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in audio-visual synchrony perception at TU Eindhoven<<--
(txt) 223  mar27 Gerard Roma    (37k) [AUDITORY] Web Audio Conference 2019 - 1st Call for Submissions<<--000000000000c
(txt) 224  mar27 Ashkan Fakhrtab(27k) [AUDITORY] VU 3 - Open Call! Symposium on experimental, electronic and improvise
(txt) 225  mar27 Ashis Pati     (14k) [AUDITORY] Listening Study<<--0000000000009819010585172d4e Content-Type: text/pl
(txt) 226  mar28 Volker Hohmann (11k) [AUDITORY] PhD position at Oldenburg University, Ewert lab<<Dear list, I'm sendi
(txt) 227  mar28 Federico Simonet(9k) [AUDITORY] Tolerance time interval for piano performance recognition<<Dear list,
(txt) 228  mar29 Isabel Barbanch(13k) [AUDITORY] SMC 2019 DEMO SUBMISSION deadline extension<<This is a multi-part mes
(txt) 229  mar29 Huron, David   (25k) Re: [AUDITORY] Tolerance time interval for piano performance recognition<<--_000
(txt) 230  mar29 Isabel Barbanch(16k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: SMC 2019 DEMO SUBMISSION deadline extension<<This is a multi-par
(txt) 231  mar30 Justin London  (25k) Re: [AUDITORY] Tolerance time interval for piano performance recognition<<--Appl
(txt) 232  mar29 Pierre Divenyi (22k) Re: [AUDITORY] Tolerance time interval for piano performance recognition<<This i
(txt) 233  mar30 Anastasia Sares(26k) Re: [AUDITORY] Tolerance time interval for piano performance recognition<<--_000
(txt) 234  mar31 OKAZAKI Satoshi(10k) Re: [AUDITORY] Tolerance time interval for piano performance recognition<<Hi Fed
(txt) 235  apr02 =?UTF-8?Q?DURAN(17k) [AUDITORY] FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES from the FONDATION POUR l'AUDITION<<--000000000
(txt) 236  apr02 Stephen Lomber (36k) [AUDITORY] International Hearing Loss Conference Important Deadlines Approaching
(txt) 237  apr02 Paul Vickers   (14k) [AUDITORY] CfP: ICAD 2019 Concert, Installations, and Demos<<SUNBRCAyMDE5IOKAlCB
(txt) 238  apr02 Samuel Mehr    (16k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: Storytelling May 2nd Science-Music theme<<--000000000000cd367805
(txt) 239  apr04 Patel, Aniruddh(20k) [AUDITORY] 2nd update to list of ERP studies of melodic expectation<<--_000_E06F
(txt) 240  apr04 Timo Gerkmann  (15k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in Phase-Aware Speech Enhancement at Universit=?UTF-8?Q?
(txt) 241  apr04 Braxton Boren  (38k) [AUDITORY] CFP: AES 147th Convention, October 2019 in NYC<<--000000000000ccfeb10
(txt) 242  apr04 Tom Francart   (12k) [AUDITORY] AESoP - Symposium on auditory EEG/MEG signal processing: save the dat
(txt) 243  apr04 Arenberg, Julie(51k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral Fellowship Available at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harva
(txt) 244  apr04 Joel Snyder    (14k) [AUDITORY] EEG many labs replication<<--Apple-Mail=_82BA0652-957C-45C1-8B2E-4FB8
(txt) 245  apr05 Timothy Roberts(12k) [AUDITORY] Participants needed for subjective testing of time-scaled audio files
(txt) 246  apr05 Lutfi, Robert (132k) [AUDITORY] FW: Contemporary hearing science inspired by David M. Green (July 25 
(txt) 247  apr06 Seeber, Bernhar(12k) [AUDITORY] Post-doctoral Research Scientist or PhD candidate in Cochlear Implant
(txt) 248  apr08 Vincent Meelber(66k) [AUDITORY] CFP: Journal of Sonic Studies - Sound Studies, Soundscapes, and Sound
(txt) 249  apr10 Peter P.       (11k) Re: [AUDITORY] Recap: Origin of the 'Bregman picture'?<<Dear Fabian, thank you f
(txt) 250  apr10 Apostolides, Pi(23k) [AUDITORY] Post-Doc position available in cellular/systems auditory neuroscience
(txt) 251  apr10 Bardy, Fabrice (76k) [AUDITORY] IERASG 2019 abstract submission and registration<<--_004_52eac8dfc0dd
(txt) 252  apr11 Christopher Dav(25k) [AUDITORY] AVSP 2019 CfP<<--_000_SYBPR01MB3849B59F3ED876A7B7760103CE2F0SYBPR01MB
(txt) 253  apr11 Joana Vieira    (9k) [AUDITORY] [Survey for health professionals] Auditory Alarms in Operating and Re
(txt) 254  apr11 Prof. B.C.J. Moo(8k) [AUDITORY] Position opening for Associate Professorship (Audiology)<<Dear List M
(txt) 255  apr11 Alex Hofmann   (14k) [AUDITORY] 15 fully-funded PhD positions on Acoustics in Virtual Reality<<--Appl
(txt) 256  apr11 Smith, Nicholas(16k) [AUDITORY] Help finding old localization reference<<--_000_69562C0CDDCE4F2C9CC1D
(txt) 257  apr12 Picinali, Loren(20k) Re: [AUDITORY] Help finding old localization reference<<--_000_AM6PR06MB57777F5D
(txt) 258  apr12 Jeremy Marozeau(17k) [AUDITORY] New fully funded PhD on the topic of =?Windows-1252?Q?=93tactile_stim
(txt) 259  apr12 Tom Freeman    (26k) Re: [AUDITORY] Help finding old localization reference<<--_000_AM0PR0202MB355670
(txt) 260  apr12 Paul Vickers   (14k) [AUDITORY] CfP: ICAD 2019 Algorave!<<SUNBRCAyMDE5IOKAlCBDYWxsIGZvciBTdWJtaXNzaW9
(txt) 261  apr12 Lina Reiss     (19k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral fellowship in Auditory Perception with CIs and HAs<<--_0
(txt) 262  apr12 William Yost   (24k) Re: [AUDITORY] Help finding old localization reference<<--_000_MWHPR06MB2992F61E
(txt) 263  apr12 Xinzhao Liu     (8k) [AUDITORY] Fitting software development engineer<<--000000000000817fb405865986bb
(txt) 264  apr13 Owen Brimijoin (27k) Re: [AUDITORY] Help finding old localization reference<<--_000_DM6PR15MB31006230
(txt) 265  apr14 Liu Xinzhao     (9k) [AUDITORY] Fitting software development engineer<<--Apple-Mail=_B0EF1500-D56B-4D
(txt) 266  apr15 Philip Joris (4882k) [AUDITORY] BIE course<<--_004_4db712508ab0419aa376e2f5770a264cICTSSEXMBX25lunaku
(txt) 267  apr15 Prof. B.C.J. Moo(8k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: UK Acoustics Network<<Dear All, I am forwarding this message on 
(txt) 268  apr15 Owen Brimijoin (28k) Re: [AUDITORY] Help finding old localization reference<<--_000_DM6PR15MB31001DA3
(txt) 269  apr15 Yune S. Lee    (12k) [AUDITORY] Full time RA position at Ohio State's SLAM lab<<--000000000000895a5d0
(txt) 270  apr16 Elaine Saunders(11k) [AUDITORY] new course<<--000000000000e781f905869b28f1 Content-Type: text/plain; 
(txt) 271  apr15 Esra Mungan    (13k) [AUDITORY] how to reach a multi-lab team to look whether our melody STM data rep
(txt) 272  apr16 Bastian Epp    (13k) [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<Dear list, This morning I read
(txt) 273  apr15 Politis Archont(27k) [AUDITORY] Call for papers: IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing 2019<<--_000_10164
(txt) 274  apr16 Manuel Segovia (10k) [AUDITORY] Open Position at Oticon Medical<<Dear list members, Oticon Medical ha
(txt) 275  apr16 Torsten Dau    (37k) [AUDITORY] Reminder: ISAAR abstract submission deadline: May 1<<--_004_bcc09e441
(txt) 276  apr16 Sofia Dahl      (9k) [AUDITORY] survey on music listening and emotions<<--000000000000facdd20586a559d
(txt) 277  apr16 Dan Stowell    (59k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: Approaching deadline VIHAR 2019 - workshop on Vocal Interactivit
(txt) 278  apr16 William Yost   (17k) Re: [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<SSBhZ3JlZSB3aXRoIHlvdXIgdm
(txt) 279  apr16 Frank Russo    (15k) [AUDITORY] CogMIR Deadline Extended<<--Apple-Mail=_EA0EF455-8F60-4EFA-9F87-E963E
(txt) 280  apr16 Richard F. Lyon(26k) Re: [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<--000000000000324f0c0586af
(txt) 281  apr17 Volker Hohmann (18k) Re: [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<Dear Dick and all, just wa
(txt) 282  apr17 Mark Plumbley  (14k) [AUDITORY] Reminder: WASPAA 2019: Call for Papers (Submit by April 18, update by
(txt) 283  apr17 Bernstein,Lesli(33k) Re: [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<--_004_dd3a3e6a80c444aa8c6
(txt) 284  apr18 Volker Hohmann (19k) Re: [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<Dear Les and all, this is 
(txt) 285  apr18 Nicholas Jillin(24k) [AUDITORY] WIMP 2019: Call for Papers<<--_000_AM4PR02MB31373B901D3936D8F2CFF5289
(txt) 286  apr18 Nicolas Grimaul(14k) [AUDITORY] A real-time hearing-loss simulator.<<--------------B5C134F834C4FA06ED
(txt) 287  apr18 Kim, Minje     (11k) [AUDITORY] [CfP] Midwest Music and Audio Day 2019<<--_000_4757A05E2C554A9BA8434A
(txt) 288  apr18 Bernstein,Lesli(41k) Re: [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<--_004_258fa0684e7d43d0926
(txt) 289  apr18 Bomjun Kwon    (15k) [AUDITORY] Try AUXLAB!<<I=E2=80=99d like to introduce AUXLAB to you all. AUXLAB 
(txt) 290  apr21 penman.t@gmail.(16k) [AUDITORY] Recommendations for microphone<<--Apple-Mail-3A64B458-1086-46FE-9B78-
(txt) 291  apr22 Marcelo Caetano (8k) [AUDITORY] Organization of Hands-on Workshop @ CMMR 2019 [Expression of interest
(txt) 292  apr23 Solvi Ystad     (8k) [AUDITORY] Extended deadline, call for contributions, CMMR2019<<--Apple-Mail=_97
(txt) 293  apr23 Luca Turchet   (13k) [AUDITORY] PhD opportunities at University of Trento<<--0000000000006e129b058731
(txt) 294  apr23 Thomas Lunner (316k) [AUDITORY] 5th International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communi
(txt) 295  apr23 Karli Nave     (11k) [AUDITORY] EEG replication project<<--000000000000cb2da2058739a5c4 Content-Type:
(txt) 296  apr24 Sofia Dahl     (10k) [AUDITORY] survey on music listening and emotions<<--000000000000ce05a2058744b6e
(txt) 297  apr24 Schoof, Tim    (18k) [AUDITORY] Registration for the FFR Workshop is now open<<--_000_AM6PR01MB581361
(txt) 298  apr25 Picinali, Loren(15k) [AUDITORY] SAFE project - audio recordings<<--_000_PR1PR06MB5788F8AE140EAC56632E
(txt) 299  apr25 =?UTF-8?B?TWF0dG(9k) [AUDITORY] Call for Bids to Host ICAD in 2020<<--0000000000005ab29905875814bd Co
(txt) 300  apr26 SCHON Daniele (162k) [AUDITORY] The Predictive Brain Conference 26-27 September 2019, Marseille<<--_0
(txt) 301  apr29 Myounghoon Jeon(32k) [AUDITORY] [Extended Deadline] Call for Paper of SI: Auditory Displays and Audit
(txt) 302  apr30 Kohlrausch, A.G(14k) [AUDITORY] open PhD position at Mueller BBM in Planegg, Germany<<--_000_866C72AC
(txt) 303  apr30 Dykstra, Andrew(11k) [AUDITORY] earphones for simultaneous EEG-fMRI experiments<<--_000_d445e84a922ac
(txt) 304  apr30 Torsten Dau    (20k) [AUDITORY] Subject: ISAAR 2019 Deadline extension to 15. May<<--_000_8ce152c2e8d
(txt) 305  apr30 Skyler Jennings(25k) [AUDITORY] University of Utah tenure-track faculty position in audiology<<--_000
(txt) 306  may01 Vinay Swarnalath(8k) [AUDITORY] Full article request<<--0000000000000fd2780587ca0b95 Content-Type: te
(txt) 307  apr30 Gualtiero Volpe(21k) [AUDITORY] [ACII 2019]: Call for Doctoral Consortium Participation<<This is a mu
(txt) 308  may01 Volker Hohmann (10k) [AUDITORY] PhD position at Oldenburg University, Ewert lab<<Dear list, I'm sendi
(txt) 309  may03 Dipjyoti Paul (344k) [AUDITORY] Speech Processing Courses in Crete 2019 [SPCC19]<<--00000000000092385
(txt) 310  may06 Gerard Roma    (37k) [AUDITORY] Web Audio Conference 2019 - 2nd Call for Submissions & Keynotes<<--00
(txt) 311  may06 Zahorik,Pavel  (23k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral Fellowship =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_?=University of Louisvil
(txt) 312  may06 Justin London  (11k) [AUDITORY] Core Audio Issues with Mac T2 Processor(?)<<--Apple-Mail=_D5BF0C8B-FF
(txt) 313  may07 Baskent, D (kno(15k) [AUDITORY] A new postdoc position at UMCG, The Netherlands, "Neuroimaging of GAB
(txt) 314  may08 Paul Vickers   (14k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2019 Early Bird Deadline!<<QSBxdWljayByZW1pbmRlciB0aGF0IHRoZSByZ
(txt) 315  may09 Kelly Jakubowsk(14k) [AUDITORY] CfP Reminder: Music & Lifetime Memories (deadline May 15)<<--00000000
(txt) 316  may09 Stephan Werner (31k) [AUDITORY] Call for 5th ICSA in Ilmenau, Germany<<This is a multi-part message i
(txt) 317  may09 Paul Vickers   (14k) [AUDITORY] ICAD 2019 *Extension* to Early Bird<<VGhlIHJlZ2lzdHJhdGlvbiBkZWFkbGlu
(txt) 318  may09 Margret Engel(1746k) [AUDITORY] BSA 2019 - call for abstracts postponement May 12th and newsletter su
(txt) 319  may09 Nicholas Jillin(46k) [AUDITORY] WIMP 2019 2nd Call for Papers<<--_000_944A29B0A7484FFE99C9106F19D4203
(txt) 320  may09 Shore, Susan   (51k) [AUDITORY] Post doctoral fellow Kresge Hearing Research Institute<<This is a mul
(txt) 321  may10 Adam Taylor Tie(11k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc research position available at Birkbeck, University of London
(txt) 322  may10 Shore, Susan   (12k) [AUDITORY] Research Audiologist, Kresge Hearing Research Institute, University o
(txt) 323  may10 Bernstein, Josh(22k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral Research Associate position =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_Auditor
(txt) 324  may11 Jason Cramer   (17k) [AUDITORY] Announcing OpenL3, a competitive and open deep audio embedding!<<--00
(txt) 325  may13 Kai            (12k) [AUDITORY] Announcing =?utf-8?Q?=E2=80=9CTimbre=3A_Acoustics=2C_Perception=2C_an
(txt) 326  may13 Eddins, David (413k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc Opportunity in Auditory & Speech Sciences<<--_007_BN7PR08MB39
(txt) 327  may14 Srikanta Mishra(15k) [AUDITORY] Research assistant professor position announcement<<UmVzZWFyY2ggQXNza
(txt) 328  may14 AESOP          (20k) [AUDITORY] AESoP 2019 - Symposium on auditory EEG/MEG signal processing: registr
(txt) 329  may14 sf             (19k) [AUDITORY] Open PostDoc position  - University of Zurich, Switzerland<<This is a
(txt) 330  may15 Ryan Stables   (21k) [ISMIR-Community] DAFx2019 inclusivity grants: 2nd call for applications<< --App
(txt) 331  may16 Andrea Halpern (12k) [AUDITORY] BAIS now on-line<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------
(txt) 332  may16 Kathryn H Areha(25k) [AUDITORY] post-doctoral position at University of Colorado Boulder<<--_000_CY1P
(txt) 333  may17 Md Sahidullah  (22k) [AUDITORY] Call for Papers: Special issue on Advances in Automatic Speaker Verif
(txt) 334  may17 David Maidment (19k) [AUDITORY] Fully funded PhD studentship at Loughborough University UK - Improvin
(txt) 335  may17 Reinhard Kopiez (9k) [AUDITORY] Another group of tests for Ear Training Skills and Sound Imagery<<--A
(txt) 336  may17 Leyzac, Kara (K(30k) [AUDITORY] Part-time Research Audiologist- Cochlear Implants<<--_000_D94A616ABDE
(txt) 337  may20 Naomi Harte    (18k) [AUDITORY] 2 PhD positions in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland<<--_000_DB7PR02MB3
(txt) 338  may20 Yale Cohen     (15k) [AUDITORY] post-doctoral position in auditory object perception<<> This message 
(txt) 339  may20 Mounya Elhilali(51k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc opening at Johns Hopkins University<<--_000_D5D46CE230CF49CB8
(txt) 340  may20 Jihad Ibrahim  (20k) Re: [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<--_000_BL0PR05MB52828C7D66
(txt) 341  may21 Thomas Brand    (7k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in binaural speech perception and listening effort<<Dear
(txt) 342  may21 Beerends, J.G. (26k) Re: [AUDITORY] Gammatone filter bank in MATLABr2019a<<--_000_e441bfc9267842d6b40
(txt) 343  may21 Renee Timmers  (15k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in Sheffield, UK: A musical biofeedback loop to facilita
(txt) 344  may21 Dr. Malte Woestm(8k) [AUDITORY] Open PhD Position - Auditory Cognition - University of Luebeck<<FYI D
(txt) 345  may22 Michel Hoen    (16k) [AUDITORY] PhD Opportunity at Universit=?iso-8859-1?Q?=E9_C=F4te_?=d'Azur in Nic
(txt) 346  may22 Steven Aiken   (32k) [AUDITORY] upcoming webinar<<--_000_31B1D59F91C648BD8448F4CB8B8503EDdalca_ Conte
(txt) 347  may23 John Lathrop   (31k) [AUDITORY] A Request For Proposal: To build a music visualization demo for a pat
(txt) 348  may23 Dr. Nizami      (9k) [AUDITORY] A wacky paper request<<------=_Part_4182574_115754918.1558643200853 C
(txt) 349  may25 Dr. Nizami      (9k) [AUDITORY] Paper received!<<------=_Part_4807604_348506155.1558811750310 Content
(txt) 350  may25 Brian FG Katz  (16k) [AUDITORY] Earyl registration is now open for the EAA Spatial Audio Signal Proce
(txt) 351  may26 Brian FG Katz   (8k) [AUDITORY] (correction) Early registration is now open for the EAA Spatial Audio
(txt) 352  may26 Cohen, Yale    (21k) [AUDITORY] post-doctoral position in auditory object perception at U. Pennsylvan
(txt) 353  may27 Marcelo Caetano(12k) Re: [AUDITORY] [ISMIR-Community] Go-to platforms and frameworks to create listen
(txt) 354  may28 Timothy Roberts(14k) Re: [AUDITORY] AUDITORY Digest - 26 May 2019 to 27 May 2019 (#2019-148)<<--_000_
(txt) 355  may28 bhiksha raj     (8k) [AUDITORY] Reconstructing faces from voices<<Dear All Thought you might be inter
(txt) 356  may28 Schoof, Tim    (16k) [AUDITORY] FFR workshop: registration deadline approaching<<--_000_AM6PR01MB5813
(txt) 357  may29 PIerre DIVENYI (10k) Re: [AUDITORY] Reconstructing faces from voices<<Holy cow, Raj! Will be followin
(txt) 358  may29 Kamil Adiloglu (13k) [AUDITORY] External class compliant sound cards<<--000000000000d82a2d058a03d57a 
(txt) 359  may29 =?iso-8859-1?Q?(24k) [AUDITORY] A question about calibration of very high frequencies<<--_005_D91464E
(txt) 360  may30 Roberto Barumer(16k) Re: [AUDITORY] External class compliant sound cards<<This is a multi-part messag
(txt) 361  may30 Peter P.       (11k) Re: [AUDITORY] External class compliant sound cards<<Hi Kamil, you might want to
(txt) 362  may30 Bernstein,Lesli(29k) Re: [AUDITORY] A question about calibration of very high frequencies<<--_006_1ff
(txt) 363  may30 Theo Veenker   (10k) Re: [AUDITORY] External class compliant sound cards<<On 29/05/19 11:59, Kamil Ad
(txt) 364  may30 Picinali, Loren(21k) [AUDITORY] Looking for a Research Associate in Virtual Reality and Auralisation<
(txt) 365  may31 Etienne Gaudrai(21k) Re: [AUDITORY] A question about calibration of very high frequencies<<--00000000
(txt) 366  may31 Bernstein,Lesli(25k) Re: [AUDITORY] A question about calibration of very high frequencies<<--_004_044
(txt) 367  jun03 Yuko Arthurs   (16k) [AUDITORY] Call for Papers: SEMPRE Autumn Conference<<--000000000000343e38058a67
(txt) 368  jun03 C. Cao         (15k) [AUDITORY] online auditory/music experiment on the effect of repeated sounds<<--
(txt) 369  jun04 Brian FG Katz   (8k) [AUDITORY] PhD funding opportunity : Digital reconstruction of the organ and the
(txt) 370  jun04 Brian FG Katz   (8k) [AUDITORY] SASP Schedule on-line and Early Bird registration still open<<Dear re
(txt) 371  jun04 Jennings, Todd (10k) [AUDITORY] Replacement for Hammerfall DSP 9632 sound card<<Dear list,=0A= =0A= M
(txt) 372  jun04 Carles Enric Es(21k) [AUDITORY] Open positions at the Brainlab - University of Barcelona ((2 PhD, 1 l
(txt) 374  jun05 Ward R Drennan (18k) Re: [AUDITORY] Replacement for Hammerfall DSP 9632 sound card<<--_000_MWHPR0801M
(txt) 375  jun05 Derek Houston  (28k) [AUDITORY] Open position at Ohio State University: Clinical Research Coordinator
(txt) 376  jun06 Samuel Mehr    (11k) [AUDITORY] The Music Lab goes live<<--000000000000a79b16058aa0d617 Content-Type:
(txt) 377  jun06 Stefan Strahl  (12k) Re: [AUDITORY] Replacement for Hammerfall DSP 9632 sound card<<--0000000000007dc
(txt) 378  jun06 =?iso-8859-1?Q?(19k) [AUDITORY] The Joy of Hearing - Hearing Industry Research Consortium (IRC) annou
(txt) 379  jun06 Bob Masta       (9k) Re: [AUDITORY] Replacement for Hammerfall DSP 9632 sound card<<I have tested the
(txt) 380  jun06 Stephan Werner (11k) [AUDITORY] ICSA Deadlines and Workshops<<This is a multi-part message in MIME fo
(txt) 381  jun06 Mickael Deroche(20k) [AUDITORY] Graduate & post-doc opening at Brain, Beats & Bionics lab in Canada (
(txt) 382  jun06 Tollin, Daniel (13k) [AUDITORY] Mass of mouse stapes<<--_000_DM6PR05MB543532D910204C6E33FCB98E81170DM
(txt) 383  jun06 =?UTF-8?Q?Musta(11k) Re: [AUDITORY] Replacement for Hammerfall DSP 9632 sound card<<--00000000000034c
(txt) 384  jun07 Md Sahidullah  (18k) [AUDITORY] New Speech Corpus for Speaker Verification Anti-Spoofing Research<<--
(txt) 385  jun07 Jakob Christens(20k) [AUDITORY] SV: Mass of mouse stapes<<--_000_9c66813766964b13b5ea4a9d54b31719biol
(txt) 386  jun07 Niels Henrik Po(44k) [AUDITORY] Open Position as Industrial Post Doc at Eriksholm Research Centre and
(txt) 387  jun08 Gerard Roma    (37k) [AUDITORY] Web Audio Conference 2019 - 3rd Call for Submissions & Pre-submission
(txt) 388  jun09 Simon Doclo     (9k) [AUDITORY] Two postdoctoral research positions at Dept. of Medical Physics and A
(txt) 389  jun10 Picinali, Lore(208k) [AUDITORY] Bumblebee Buzz acoustics PhD advert<<--_005_PR1PR06MB5788064C79A0C676
(txt) 390  jun11 Arnold, Laure  (50k) [AUDITORY] Open position at Advanced Bionics European Research Center<<--_009_VI
(txt) 391  jun11 Maher, Rob     (26k) Re: [AUDITORY] Bumblebee Buzz acoustics PhD advert<<--_000_BYAPR02MB5269E0E4C31C
(txt) 392  jun12 C. Cao         (22k) Re: [AUDITORY] online auditory/music experiment on the effect of repeated sounds
(txt) 393  jun12 bhiksha raj     (9k) Re: [AUDITORY] Reconstructing faces from voices<<Just a follow up. Yandong has h
(txt) 394  jun13 Shore, Susan   (50k) [AUDITORY] Research Audiologist position at University of Michigan<<This is a mu
(txt) 395  jun14 Timo Gerkmann  (16k) [AUDITORY] PhD Student or Post Doc "Crossmodal Processing of Audio-Visual Signal
(txt) 396  jun14 Jennings, Todd (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Replacement for Hammerfall DSP 9632 sound card<<--_000_BN8PR03MB4
(txt) 397  jun14 Jennings, Todd (14k) Re: [AUDITORY] Replacement for Hammerfall DSP 9632 sound card<<--_000_BN8PR03MB4
(txt) 398  jun15 Gerard Roma    (42k) [AUDITORY] Web Audio Conference 2019 - Deadline Extended<<--0000000000000f6cc405
(txt) 399  jun17 Nicholas Jillin(46k) [AUDITORY] WIMP 2019 Submission Extension<<--_000_96438692A29841B4A61AD94A36757D
(txt) 400  jun17 Stephen Lomber (47k) [AUDITORY] Poster and Podium Submissions now open for Canadian Academy of Audiol
(txt) 401  jun18 Bruno L. Giord(475k) [AUDITORY] PhD Position: Perceptual and Cerebral Mechanisms of Voice Processing 
(txt) 402  jun18 Huron, David   (17k) [AUDITORY] Instrument Timbre Experiment  - Participants needed<<--_000_CY4PR01MB
(txt) 403  jun18 Justin Salamon (36k) [AUDITORY] DCASE 2019 workshop in NYC: 3rd and final call for papers<<--_000_MW2
(txt) 404  jun18 Benjamin Munson(13k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral research position in audiovisual speech perception<<--00
(txt) 405  jun19 Donal Sinex     (9k) [AUDITORY] Visiting Lecturer in Hearing Science<<--000000000000d597e5058bb080f9 
(txt) 406  jun21 Volker Hohmann (10k) [AUDITORY] Special hands-on session on Open Source Audio Processing Tools for He
(txt) 407  jun21 =?iso-8859-1?Q?(12k) [AUDITORY] Save the date: Tinnitus Research Initiative conference 2020 in Vancou
(txt) 408  jun21 Shore, Susan   (51k) [AUDITORY] Research audiology post doctoral fellowship available at University o
(txt) 409  jun22 Hendrik Purwins(12k) [AUDITORY] Special Issue Machine Learning for Audio Published in IEEE JSTSP<<Thi
(txt) 410  jun24 Brent Edwards  (14k) [AUDITORY] Hearing Scientist Position at the National Acoustic Laboratories<<--A
(txt) 411  jun24 Vinay Swarnalath(8k) [AUDITORY] Online Questionnaire options<<--000000000000fba015058c1141d0 Content-
(txt) 412  jun25 Prof. Manohar Ba(9k) [AUDITORY] Reseach Assistant University of Cambridge Opening for Complex 3D prin
(txt) 413  jun25 Lena Esther Pt(619k) [AUDITORY] REMINDER: Call for Papers =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_?=JBDGM Volume 29: "Mu
(txt) 414  jun25 John Lathrop   (12k) [AUDITORY] Final posting of revised Request For Proposal to build a music visual
(txt) 415  jun25 Lutfi, Robert (130k) [AUDITORY] FW: Contemporary hearing science inspired by David M. Green (July 25 
(txt) 416  jun26 David Baguley  (58k) [AUDITORY] Associate Professor in Hearing Sciences vacancy at University of Nott
(txt) 417  jun26 D Sen           (6k) [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<Are folks aware of wo
(txt) 418  jun27 Ole Adrian Hegg(10k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--00000000000016e
(txt) 419  jun27 Hendrik Kayser (11k) [AUDITORY] openMHA 4.10.0 released<<Dear Colleagues, we're happy to announce thi
(txt) 420  jun28 Hartmut Meister(16k) [AUDITORY] open position "Audiovisual Speech Perception in Cochlear Implant Reci
(txt) 421  jun28 Rafael Ramirez (17k) [AUDITORY] Deadline Extension: 12th International Workshop on Machine Learning a
(txt) 422  jun27 PIerre DIVENYI (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--Apple-Mail-A832
(txt) 423  jun28 Niels Henrik P(308k) [AUDITORY] Inviation to join EVOTION Hackathon August 19-20, 2019<<--_008_AM0PR0
(txt) 424  jun28 D Sen          (13k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--Apple-Mail=_11A
(txt) 425  jun28 Angela Roderick(12k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--0000000000000f2
(txt) 426  jun30 Sarah Hargus Fe(50k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--_004_eb1884de40
(txt) 428  jul01 Howell, Peter  (49k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--_004_DB7PR01MB5
(txt) 429  jul01 Graham Rousell (24k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--_000_33455b71e4
(txt) 430  jul01 Justin Salamon (38k) [AUDITORY] DCASE 2019 workshop in NYC: Updated deadline!<<--_000_MW2PR02MB375694
(txt) 431  jul01 James Johnston (40k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--00000000000015b
(txt) 432  jul01 Chait, Maria   (29k) [AUDITORY] Two weeks to the Basic Auditory Science 2019 abstract submission dead
(txt) 433  jul02 Deutsch, Diana (43k) [AUDITORY] New book "Musical Illusions and Phantom Words"<<--_000_BF63980278D040
(txt) 434  jul01 =?UTF-8?Q?L=c3=a(8k) [AUDITORY] pdf request / speech envelope spectrum<<Dear List, I am having real t
(txt) 435  jul01 Dhurandar Singh(14k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<--0000000000007c2
(txt) 436  jul02 Mun Park       (13k) [AUDITORY] Faculty positions in Bangkok, Thailand<<--000000000000e2b68d058cacef6
(txt) 437  jul02 Feeney, Patrick(16k) [AUDITORY] Hearing Aid Scientist  NCRAR<<--_000_DM5PR09MB2283F42E8FFE895BE7AC9C7
(txt) 438  jul02 Sabine Meunier (92k) [AUDITORY] post-doc position : verbal description and perception of wind instrum
(txt) 439  jul03 Brian FG Katz   (9k) [AUDITORY] PhD full-funded 3yr position on Experimental Virtual Archaeological-A
(txt) 440  jul03 Justin London  (15k) [AUDITORY] Request for IRB Software Information<<--Apple-Mail=_13B72229-D462-4D9
(txt) 441  jul03 Patel, Aniruddh(14k) [AUDITORY] Job in quantitative/computational psychology<<--_000_E06FF38A806E884E
(txt) 442  jul04 Bastian Epp    (11k) [AUDITORY] Mechanics of Hearing Workshop 2020 - website launched!<<Dear List! It
(txt) 443  jul04 Caroline Palmer (6k) [AUDITORY] stimuli for auditory Stroop test<<Hello, We are seeking stimuli for a
(txt) 444  jul05 Thomas Lunner ((16k) [AUDITORY] Professor in Cognitive Hearing Science - Link=?iso-8859-1?Q?=F6ping_?
(txt) 445  jul05 Arnold, Laure (265k) [AUDITORY] Open position at Advanced Bionics European Research Center<<--_011_VI
(txt) 446  jul07 Michel Hoen   (168k) [AUDITORY] Junior Clinical Evidence Specialist open position at Oticon Medical C
(txt) 447  jul08 Dan Stowell    (17k) [AUDITORY] Early registration closes this Friday 12th - VIHAR 2019<<--_000_97d47
(txt) 448  jul08 Christine Ranko(18k) Re: [AUDITORY] Effect of sidetone in lowering one's own voice<<This is a multi-p
(txt) 449  jul09 Cohen, Yale    (21k) [AUDITORY] post-doc in computational and experience auditory neuroscience<<--_00
(txt) 450  jul09 =?UTF-8?Q?Chris(11k) [AUDITORY] Symposium =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=9CCurrent_approaches_in_experimental_heari
(txt) 451  jul09 Stephen Lomber (50k) [AUDITORY] Canadian Audiology Abstract Deadline Approaching (July 15th)<<--_000_
(txt) 452  jul09 Melissa Liang  (11k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: Perceived Qualities of Music<<--000000000000beff2f058d4de209 Con
(txt) 453  jul10 John Culling   (20k) [AUDITORY] Post-doctoral research position<<--_000_DB7PR02MB3996FE82A05FC71B801F
(txt) 454  jul10 AESOP          (14k) [AUDITORY] AESOP 2019: registration & deadline abstract submission<<--_000_7fbfd
(txt) 455  jul11 Lin Wang       (13k) [AUDITORY] Open PhD position in audio-visual signal processing and machien learn
(txt) 456  jul11 Chait, Maria   (29k) [AUDITORY] Submission deadline to the Basic Auditory Science 2019 meeting in Lon
(txt) 457  jul11 Mathias Dietz  (12k) [AUDITORY] PhD student position in modeling of auditory processing (Oldenburg, G
(txt) 458  jul11 Zeng, Fan-Gang (14k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc or visiting scholar position at UC Irvine<<--_000_9DA73B3F39
(txt) 459  jul12 Leo Litvak      (8k) [AUDITORY] Position: Senior Manager/Director, Hearing Performance Research<<--00
(txt) 460  jul14 Vincent Meelber(10k) [AUDITORY] CFP: Journal of Sonic studies - Sound Studies, Soundscapes, and Sound
(txt) 461  jul15 Leyzac, Kara (K(25k) [AUDITORY] <no subject><<--_000_0EAF3C9A39224847BA6A84CA5A55357Emedumichedu_ Con
(txt) 462  jul15 Leyzac, Kara (K(26k) [AUDITORY] <no subject><<--_000_DFC7737C7B9F417D8AD0BAEB98668FFEmedumichedu_ Con
(txt) 463  jul16 Gabrielle Hele(201k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc or study coordinator position at Eriksholm Research Centre, 
(txt) 464  jul16 Elaine Saunders(10k) [AUDITORY] change of address<<--0000000000002a98b0058dc94d39 Content-Type: text/
(txt) 465  jul16 Stuart Rosen   (13k) [AUDITORY] PhD studentship at UCL<<--_000_a3b08a4b729939ed6021707df142273auclacu
(txt) 466  jul17 Bernhard Englit(10k) [AUDITORY] Associate Professor in Theoretical Neuroscience<<--000000000000989328
(txt) 467  jul17 Dan Ellis       (9k) Aperiodic Admin Reminder<<--000000000000b7373b058ddec4cb Content-Type: text/plai
(txt) 468  jul17 Tom Collins    (13k) [AUDITORY] Music note prediction: Computational modeling task<<--000000000000e6c
(txt) 469  jul17 Justin Salamon (35k) [AUDITORY] DCASE 2019 workshop in NYC: 2-day deadline extension (July 18th 23:59
(txt) 470  jul18 Vincent Meelber(51k) [AUDITORY] ANNOUNCEMENT: Journal of Sonic Studies - Issue 18 online: Materials o
(txt) 471  jul18 Tom Wuehle     (24k) [AUDITORY] [IfM Zwota, Germany] looking for a new managing director / research a
(txt) 472  jul18 Comunita, Marco(16k) [AUDITORY] tympanometry paper<<--_000_B9BFCD08E18D4D7E8FDC595B2F74E693icacuk_ Co
(txt) 473  jul18 Lena Esther Pt(620k) [AUDITORY] EXTENDED DEADLINE: Call for Papers =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_?=JBDGM Volum
(txt) 474  jul22 =?Windows-1252?(26k) [AUDITORY] For posting please<<--_000_D95B60F635DA4sylviehebertumontrealca_ Cont
(txt) 475  jul24 =?UTF-8?Q?Guill(19k) [AUDITORY] Senior Research Position at French Forces Biomedical Research Institu
(txt) 476  jul25 SCHON Daniele  (18k) [AUDITORY] Post-Doc position on speech and music neurophysiology, Marseille, Fra
(txt) 477  jul25 Cox Trevor     (22k) [AUDITORY] Research Fellow Opportunity at Salford University<<--_000_DB7PR01MB51
(txt) 478  jul26 Kenneth Ian Mca(10k) [AUDITORY] phonemes to Klatt parameters<<Hello List I am trying to generate some
(txt) 479  jul28 sf             (20k) [AUDITORY] Open PostDoc position  - University of Zurich, Switzerland<<This is a
(txt) 480  jul29 =?UTF-8?Q?ENRIQ(14k) [AUDITORY] Doctoral scholarship in binaural hearing devices<<--000000000000eee9c
(txt) 481  jul29 Francesco Rea  (14k) [AUDITORY] [jobs] Post-doctoral position at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT
(txt) 482  jul30 Torsten Dau    (14k) [AUDITORY] Few remaining seats available at ISAAR 2019<<--_000_15b4fe2dfe03418fb
(txt) 483  jul30 Elle O'Brien    (8k) [AUDITORY] Building a Sonovox<<--0000000000001f931c058eebcad1 Content-Type: text
(txt) 484  jul31 Derek Holzer    (9k) Re: [AUDITORY] Building a Sonovox<<The smallest wattage of these should be more 
(txt) 485  jul31 Zlatan Ribic    (8k) [AUDITORY] AW: Re: Building a Sonovox<<<html><head><style>body { font-family: sa
(txt) 486  jul31 Richard Duckwor(15k) Re: [AUDITORY] Building a Sonovox<<--_000_DB7PR02MB477680B73E7F6DFAC201D38FD8DF0
(txt) 487  jul31 Melissa Polonen(16k) [AUDITORY] Canadian Academy of Audiology Abstract Deadline Approaching (August 1
(txt) 488  aug01 Thompson, Marc (19k) [AUDITORY] Call for Papers: Human Technology | Music, Mind, & Technology: Explor
(txt) 489  aug02 Jordi Janer    (10k) [AUDITORY] Job offer: Research Scientist on Speech Technologies (Barcelona)<<--A
(txt) 490  aug05 Timo Gerkmann  (16k) [AUDITORY] PhD position "Ego-Noise Reduction for Interactive Robots" at Universi
(txt) 491  aug05 Kevin Munro    (62k) Re: [AUDITORY] Job opportunity: manager of  Hearing Device Research Centre, Manc
(txt) 492  aug05 Nichols, Bryan (18k) [AUDITORY] post<<--_000_95C07CA48AEB4ACEAC5F0178DAF214F2psuedu_ Content-Type: te
(txt) 493  aug07 Graham Naylor  (18k) [AUDITORY] Job opportunity in multisensor integration and measurement of communi
(txt) 494  aug07 chandra sekhar  (8k) [AUDITORY] Audio wave propagation simulators<<--000000000000db0df2058f905d10 Con
(txt) 495  aug08 Vinay Swarnalath(9k) [AUDITORY] Position vacancy for Associate Professorship (Audiology) in Trondheim
(txt) 496  aug07 Richard F. Lyon(10k) Re: [AUDITORY] Audio wave propagation simulators<<--000000000000acf9e3058f9448bd
(txt) 497  aug08 Bastian Epp    (11k) [AUDITORY] PostDoc position at DTU HealthTec/Hearing systems<<Dear List! We have
(txt) 498  aug09 Timothy Roberts(15k) [AUDITORY] Participants needed for subjective testing of Time Scale Modification
(txt) 499  aug09 Prof. Dr. Steve(23k) [AUDITORY] Research position in Applied Psycho-Acoustics at the University of Ol
(txt) 500  aug09 Prof. Dr. Steve(23k) [AUDITORY] PostDoc position in Computation Auditory Scene Analysis and Processin
(txt) 502  aug12 Stefan Goetze   (9k) [AUDITORY] Positions at Fraunhofer IDMT, Oldenburg, in the area of automatic spe
(txt) 503  aug12 Gregory Cogan  (18k) [AUDITORY] Opening for Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Cogan Lab at Duke 
(txt) 504  aug14 Kate Stevens   (19k) [AUDITORY] BabyLab: 2 research positions: MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour &
(txt) 505  aug14 Sofia Dahl     (10k) [AUDITORY] survey on music listening and emotion<<--00000000000059cb4e05900fef03
(txt) 506  aug14 Luca Turchet   (17k) [AUDITORY] New call for PhD at University of Trento<<--000000000000ada09d0590159
(txt) 507  aug15 Gregory Cogan  (16k) [AUDITORY] Opening for Research Assistant in the Cogan Lab at Duke University<<-
(txt) 508  aug18 Graham Naylor  (18k) [AUDITORY] Reminder - job opportunity in multisensor integration and measurement
(txt) 509  sep02 Oberfeld-Twiste(17k) [AUDITORY] PhD position: auditory and visual perception of electric vehicles fro
(txt) 510  sep02 Roberto Bresin (21k) [AUDITORY] 2nd cfp: First Nordic SMC Conference, 19-20 November 2019, KTH Stockh
(txt) 511  sep02 Roberto Bresin (29k) [AUDITORY] Interactive Sonifictaion Workshop ISON 2019: DEADLINE EXTENSION to 15
(txt) 512  sep02 Kjetil Falkenbe(19k) [AUDITORY] Interactive Sonifictaion Workshop ISON 2019: DEADLINE EXTENSION to 15
(txt) 513  sep03 Thompson, Marc (19k) [AUDITORY] Call now open: Human Technology | Music, Mind, & Technology: Explorin
(txt) 514  sep03 Mark Cartwright(11k) [AUDITORY] DCASE 2019 early registration closes this Friday, September 6<<--0000
(txt) 515  sep06 Cohen, Yale    (22k) [AUDITORY] post-doctoral fellow in experimental and computational neuroscience<<
(txt) 516  sep06 Adrian KC Lee  (37k) [AUDITORY] Tenure-track position in Hearing Science at University of Washington<
(txt) 517  sep07 Ruth Y. Litovsk(37k) [AUDITORY] Advertising Assistant/Associate Professor in Speech Sciences at the U
(txt) 518  sep08 Tao Zhang      (26k) [AUDITORY] Machine Learning Engineer Position Available<<--_000_CY4PR11MB16238C6
(txt) 519  sep09 Strickland, Eli(22k) [AUDITORY] Assistant/Associate Professor in Audiology/Hearing Science at Purdue 
(txt) 520  sep09 Kathryn H Areha(12k) [AUDITORY] University of Colorado Boulder faculty position<<--_000_CY1PR03MB2393
(txt) 521  sep10 Lori Holt      (26k) [AUDITORY] PhD Research Opportunities in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience<<--0000
(txt) 522  sep10 Gavin Bidelman(259k) [AUDITORY] Two postdocs at U Memphis Speech-Hearing<<--_004_CAHTTMPiAn9gqaYCPMH3
(txt) 523  sep11 Sumitrajit Dhar(57k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc/Research Associate Opening at Northwestern University<<--Appl
(txt) 524  sep11 Bastian Epp    (11k) [AUDITORY] MOH 2020 - sign up for updates! And get started with your abstract...
(txt) 525  sep11 Matthew Winn   (29k) [AUDITORY] Faculty position at the University of Minnesota (Audiology / Hearing 
(txt) 526  sep11 Tomas Hromadka (17k) [AUDITORY] COSYNE 2020: Meeting announcement and Call for workshop proposals<<=3
(txt) 527  sep13 Md Sahidullah  (21k) [AUDITORY] Call for Papers: Special issue on Advances in Automatic Speaker Verif
(txt) 528  sep13 =?UTF-8?Q?J=c3=(44k) [AUDITORY] Open PhD positions at Audio Communication Leibniz University of Hanno
(txt) 529  sep15 Baskent, D (kn(333k) [AUDITORY] 2019 Guyot Prize Ceremony and Symposium, UMCG, Groningen, Netherlands
(txt) 530  sep16 Jan Rennies   (949k) [AUDITORY] Hurricane Challenge 2.0 open now<<This message is in MIME format. --=
(txt) 531  sep16 Kjetil Falkenbe(19k) [AUDITORY] ISon 2019: further extension (22 September) and elimination of regist
(txt) 532  sep16 Yale Cohen     (16k) [AUDITORY] post-doc in experimental and computational neuroscience<<> This messa
(txt) 533  sep16 Andrew Brown   (25k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position in Auditory Neuroscience at University of Washington
(txt) 534  sep16 Tarun Pruthi   (10k) [AUDITORY] Full-time position for Applied scientist in Audio at Amazon Lab 126<<
(txt) 535  sep17 Benjamin Zendel(13k) [AUDITORY] Grad student openings at Memorial University<<--000000000000f88908059
(txt) 536  sep18 Cecilia Alm    (40k) [AUDITORY] Second Workshop on Human-Centered Computational Sensing (HCCS=?utf-8?
(txt) 537  sep19 Anna Warzybok  (10k) [AUDITORY] PhD position at CvO University of Oldenburg, Germany<<--_000_349a6012
(txt) 538  sep19 Shariq Mobin    (9k) [AUDITORY] New ML Hearing Aid Startup looking for audio engineers<<--00000000000
(txt) 539  sep20 Hendrik Kayser (11k) [AUDITORY] Job offer: Software engineer in DSP for hearing aids at HoerTech<<Dea
(txt) 540  sep20 David Jackson M(20k) [AUDITORY] Toneburst and speech calibration for ABR<<--_000_DF6EF69D79404FDDAE22
(txt) 541  sep20 patricia vanzell(9k) [AUDITORY] perception of harmonic intervals<<--0000000000006d4bbc0592fe3d28 Cont
(txt) 542  sep20 Ethan Manilow   (9k) [AUDITORY] Slakh2100: new dataset with 145 hours of musical mixtures with isolat
(txt) 543  sep22 Etienne Gaudrain(7k) [AUDITORY] SPIN2020 Submissions now open!<<Dear all, We are pleased to announce 
(txt) 544  sep22 Torben Poulsen (10k) Re: [AUDITORY] Toneburst and speech calibration for ABR<<David, you may find inf
(txt) 545  sep23 Roni Granot    (12k) [AUDITORY] BMC 2019 Last week for abstracts submission!<<--0000000000009c14a7059
(txt) 546  sep24 Ian Wiggins    (19k) [AUDITORY] Research Assistant/Associate/Fellow opportunity in Nottingham<<--_000
(txt) 547  sep25 Bas Van Dijk   (22k) [AUDITORY] Call for 4 PhD students in Cochlear Implant research<<--_000_AM6PR06M
(txt) 548  sep26 Joana Vieira   (13k) [AUDITORY] 1 Doctoral position in northern Portugal<<--000000000000d7b331059371c
(txt) 549  sep26 Strickland, Eli(24k) [AUDITORY] Assistant/Associate Professor Position in Audiology/Hearing Science a
(txt) 550  sep27 Benjamin Zendel(12k) [AUDITORY] Funded Postdoctoral Fellowship<<--0000000000002ebf4d05938b06d4 Conten
(txt) 551  sep28 Simon Doclo     (9k) [AUDITORY] PhD and postdoc position at Dept. of Medical Physics and Acoustics, U
(txt) 552  sep29 Richard F. Lyon (8k) [AUDITORY] Paper sought<<--000000000000f13e130593bafcd2 Content-Type: text/plain
(txt) 553  sep30 hgo            (10k) Re: [AUDITORY] Paper sought<<--0000000000004e9f5a0593be0a11 Content-Type: text/p
(txt) 554  sep30 Mark Cartwright(11k) [AUDITORY] Today is the last day for DCASE 2019 registration<<--0000000000005ffc
(txt) 555  sep30 Baskent, D (kno(17k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc: Using humanoid robots for rehabilitation of hearing-impaired
(txt) 556  oct01 Massimo Grassi (14k) [AUDITORY] Cognitive Science Arena: Brixen-Bressanone (IT), February 7-8th, 2020
(txt) 557  oct03 Md Sahidullah  (17k) [AUDITORY] SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED: CSL Special issue on Advances in Automa
(txt) 558  oct04 =?UTF-8?Q?J=c3=(14k) [AUDITORY] EXTENDED DEADLINE: Open PhD positions at Audio Communication Leibniz 
(txt) 559  oct04 Juhan Nam      (12k) [AUDITORY] Applied Sciences Special Issue on Deep Learning for Applications in A
(txt) 560  oct07 Daniel Shanahan(18k) [AUDITORY] CFP: "Future Directions of Music Cognition" May 11-15, 2020<<--000000
(txt) 561  oct08 Linux Audio Con(14k) [AUDITORY] Linux Audio Conference 2020 : Call for scientific & artistic works<<T
(txt) 562  oct08 Pamela Elizabet(23k) [AUDITORY] postdoctoral position - Northwestern University (hearing aids/aging/p
(txt) 563  oct07 Andeol         (16k) [AUDITORY] Senior Research Position in Auditory Neuroscience/Audiology at French
(txt) 564  oct09 Dan Goodman     (9k) [AUDITORY] PhD positions in theoretical/computational auditory neuroscience at I
(txt) 565  oct10 Mounya Elhilali(14k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc opening at Johns Hopkins University<<** Postdoc opening at Jo
(txt) 566  oct11 Gavin Bidelman (27k) [AUDITORY] Asst Prof position (SLP) @ U Memphis<<--_000_CAHTTMPiMkNQwBEB79wH9T24
(txt) 567  oct11 =?iso-8859-1?Q?(19k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in applied psychoacoustics at Dept. of Medical Physics a
(txt) 568  oct14 Axel Roebel    (65k) [AUDITORY] Job offers at IRCAM - deep learning for singing voice signal processi
(txt) 569  oct14 Tejani, Viral (478k) [AUDITORY] Faculty opening in Audiology/Hearing Science at Univ of Iowa<<--_004_
(txt) 570  oct15 Robert Baumgart(21k) [AUDITORY] PhD student and post-doc openings at Austrian Academy of Sciences<<--
(txt) 571  oct15 Jens Ahrens     (9k) [AUDITORY] 2-part MOOC on "Communication Acoustics" starting next week<<RGVhciBB
(txt) 572  oct15 Yves Boubenec  (14k) [AUDITORY] Graduate fellowships at the ENS/Paris, Department of Cognitive Studie
(txt) 573  oct15 Elise A. Piazza(23k) [AUDITORY] PhD positions available in auditory/music perception and communicatio
(txt) 574  oct16 =?UTF-8?Q?J=c3=(10k) [AUDITORY] Deadline extension: Job offer: Software engineer in DSP for hearing a
(txt) 575  oct17 Tervaniemi, Mar(27k) [AUDITORY] International Conference of Cognitive Neuroscience Helsinki June 2020
(txt) 576  oct17 Timo Gerkmann  (12k) [AUDITORY] Tenure Track Professorship Assistive Health at Universit=?UTF-8?Q?=C3
(txt) 577  oct18 Eddins, David (976k) [AUDITORY] Research Opportunity in Auditory & Speech Sciences<<--_007_BN7PR08MB3
(txt) 578  oct18 John Woodruff  (10k) [AUDITORY] Audio Processing & ML Research at Apple<<--Apple-Mail=_FFF4AE03-ED66-
(txt) 579  oct18 Narly Golestani(24k) [AUDITORY] PhD & Postdoc positions =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_?=computational modeling
(txt) 580  oct21 Christoph Louv(196k) [AUDITORY] Research Scientist / PhD Student (TV-L E 13, 65 %) Position at Osnabr
(txt) 581  oct21 Michael Stone   (8k) [AUDITORY] Job opening : Hearing Device Research Centre Manager, University of M
(txt) 582  oct22 Halliday, Lorna(20k) [AUDITORY] PhD positions available in auditory perception and language at the Un
(txt) 583  oct24 Torsten Dau    (27k) [AUDITORY] PhD position available at the Technical University of Denmark<<--_004
(txt) 584  oct23 Yuko Arthurs   (20k) [AUDITORY] Programme available: SEMPRE autumn conference 'Expression, Communicat
(txt) 585  oct25 Elif Ozcan Viei(48k) [AUDITORY] Call for Abstracts: Sound Issues and Opportunities in Healthcare (Str
(txt) 586  oct25 Nicolas Grimaul(13k) [AUDITORY] Special session about Music and perception at the next Forum Acusticu
(txt) 587  oct25 Joana Vieira   (15k) [AUDITORY] Categorization of Sounds (for healthcare professionals)<<--0000000000
(txt) 588  oct26 Tomas Hromadka (16k) [AUDITORY] COSYNE 2020: Abstract submission closes soon; Registration opens<<=3D
(txt) 589  oct27 Frank Russo    (58k) [AUDITORY] Recruiting postdoctoral fellow and 2 MA/PhD students<<--Apple-Mail=_C
(txt) 590  oct28 Patel, Aniruddh(13k) [AUDITORY] Missing fundamental perception in birds<<--_000_E06FF38A806E884E9F935
(txt) 591  oct28 Etienne Gaudrain(8k) [AUDITORY] SPIN2020 Submission deadline extended to 7 Nov.<<Dear all, We are giv
(txt) 592  oct28 Nathaniel Green(38k) Re: [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral fellowship<<This is a multipart message in MIME form
(txt) 593  oct28 Victoria Bajo(5406k) [AUDITORY] International Research Conference, Berlin 16-18 March 2020<<--_006_LO
(txt) 594  oct29 Juan P Bello   (18k) [nemisig] NYU: Assistant Professor in Human-Computer Interaction and<<--00000000
(txt) 595  oct29 Zahorik,Pavel  (23k) [AUDITORY] Two Doctoral Positions Available =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_?=Auditory Perc
(txt) 596  oct30 Timo Gerkmann  (14k) [AUDITORY] Research Associate or Postdoc "Crossmodal Processing of Audio-Visual 
(txt) 597  oct31 Stefan Stenfelt(17k) [AUDITORY] Post Doc position at Link=?iso-8859-1?Q?=F6ping_?=University<<--_000_
(txt) 598  oct31 Marcelo Caetano(15k) [ISMIR-Community] Computer-Aided Orchestration<<--000000000000b194700596364718 C
(txt) 599  oct31 Frank Russo    (42k) [AUDITORY] Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience<<--A
(txt) 600  oct31 Daniele Giacobe(12k) [AUDITORY] Speech + Audio Research Internship - Summer 2020 @ Sonos, Santa Barba
(txt) 601  nov01 Kirsten Carola (12k) [AUDITORY] Open position post-doc researcher hearing aid audiology at HoerTech, 
(txt) 602  nov01 Bob Carlyon    (13k) [AUDITORY] Cochlear implant meeting, June 2020<<--_000_2949af81babc4236b3401e738
(txt) 603  nov02 Erin Hannon    (14k) [AUDITORY] Graduate student positions at UNLV<<--Apple-Mail=_9F53A3C2-6C2E-4401-
(txt) 604  nov03 Nick Zacharov  (13k) [AUDITORY] Sensory Evaluation of Sound - CRC 30% book discount<<--000000000000ef
(txt) 605  nov04 Bastian Epp    (15k) [AUDITORY] Mechanics of Hearing Workshop (MOH2020) - Call for abstracts!<<Dear L
(txt) 606  nov03 Matthias Staib (66k) [AUDITORY] Fwd: PhD + Post Doc position in Bern University<<This is a multi-part
(txt) 607  nov04 Eve Poudrier   (11k) [AUDITORY] Associate or Assistant Professor in Music Theory<<--0000000000001ea07
(txt) 608  nov05 Etienne Gaudrain(8k) [AUDITORY] Reminder: the SPIN2020 submission deadline is 7 Nov.<<Dear all, This 
(txt) 609  nov05 Apostolides, Pi(12k) [AUDITORY] Post-Doc Positions in Auditory Neurophysiology<<--_000_994c1f401ef049
(txt) 610  nov05 Kai            (10k) [AUDITORY] PhD student position in musical scene analysis (Oldenburg, Germany)<<
(txt) 611  nov05 Charalampos Sai(18k) [AUDITORY] SMC 2020: Call for Papers<<--000000000000f4a17305969ea0eb Content-Typ
(txt) 612  nov05 Puria, Sunil   (35k) [AUDITORY] Harvard graduate program in Speech and Hearing & Bioscience and Techn
(txt) 613  nov05 Jan Schnupp    (11k) [AUDITORY] Funded PhD opportunities in Auditory Neurophysiology at the City Univ
(txt) 614  nov06 Andreas Widmann(10k) [AUDITORY] PostDoc position at LIN Magdeburg, Germany<<Sent on behalf of Prof. D
(txt) 615  nov06 Volker Hohmann (10k) [AUDITORY] Reminder: Special hands-on session on Open Source Audio Processing To
(txt) 616  nov06 Naeem Komeilipo(25k) [AUDITORY] AAVAA is hiring!<<--000000000000a663470596b37400 Content-Type: text/p
(txt) 617  nov07 LAVANDIER Mathi(19k) [AUDITORY] 20 P&P strutured sessions proposed @ FA2020 next spring in France<<--
(txt) 618  nov07 Ravicz, Mike   (36k) Re: [AUDITORY] AAVAA is hiring!<<--_000_9E0EE2EB9B214C4CABA69127EE336A78meeiharv
(txt) 619  nov08 Francesco Tordi(14k) [AUDITORY] CFP: "International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design"=
(txt) 620  nov08 Thompson, Marc (19k) [AUDITORY] Call for Papers: Human Technology | Music, Mind, & Technology: Explor
(txt) 621  nov08 Lina Reiss      (9k) [AUDITORY] Postdoctoral position in binaural spectral integration/cochlear impla
(txt) 622  nov08 Sylvie Nozarad(152k) [AUDITORY] PhD and postdoctoral positions in systems neuroscience in Brussels: n
(txt) 623  nov10 Yves Boubenec  (11k) [AUDITORY] PSL-Qlife Winter Schools =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=9CNeuronal_Networks=E2=80=9
(txt) 624  nov11 Saskia Waechter(19k) [AUDITORY] Hearing Scientist (PhD) position at Mimi Hearing Technologies in Berl
(txt) 625  nov12 Tom Francart   (13k) [AUDITORY] PhD/postdoc vacancy: EEG and audio processing for neuro-steered heari
(txt) 626  nov12 Adil Raja       (9k) [AUDITORY] Compilation of icsi-scenic-tools Fails<<--00000000000096989005972b28b
(txt) 627  nov12 Adil Raja       (9k) [AUDITORY] Questions About RastPLP and SprachCore<<--00000000000092e19805972b20b
(txt) 628  nov13 Marcelo Caetano(15k) [ISMIR-Community] Computer-Aided Orchestration (share link fixed)<<--00000000000
(txt) 629  nov13 Michael Schutz (12k) [AUDITORY] Graduate training opportunity in the MAPLE Lab<<--000000000000d58aaf0
(txt) 630  nov14 Roni Granot    (19k) [AUDITORY] Brain, Music and Cognition 2019 - Registration<<--0000000000009414ab0
(txt) 631  nov14 Joel Snyder    (21k) [AUDITORY] Tenure-track position in Neuroscience<<--Apple-Mail=_2AA5D8D5-7973-46
(txt) 632  nov15 Romain Serizel (20k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc position in machine listening/Inria Nancy -- Grand Est, Fran
(txt) 633  nov15 Srdan Kitic   (181k) [AUDITORY] Intenship offer [Orange Labs]: Convolutional neural networks for soun
(txt) 634  nov15 Christoph Louv(197k) [AUDITORY] Research Scientist / PhD Student (TV-L E 13, 65 %) Position at Osnabr
(txt) 635  nov17 Kostas Drosos  (13k) [AUDITORY] Audio captioning dataset<<--Apple-Mail-815E701C-07A9-42B7-AEC8-5D79A9
(txt) 636  nov18 Eldad Tsabary  (14k) [AUDITORY] Lecture at BRAMS this Wednesday - electroacoustic aural training<<--A
(txt) 637  nov18 Dimitrijevic, A(16k) [AUDITORY] postdoc position available in Toronto Canada =?Windows-1252?Q?=96_?=A
(txt) 638  nov19 Tobias Neher   (17k) [AUDITORY] Associate Professor in Audiology (University of Southern Denmark)<<--
(txt) 639  nov20 Ediz Sohoglu   (15k) [AUDITORY] PhD studentship in auditory cognitive neuroscience<<--_000_D7150EF72A
(txt) 640  nov21 Skoe, Erika    (22k) [AUDITORY] University of Connecticut NIH T32 predoctoral and postdoctoral traini
(txt) 641  nov22 Etienne Gaudrain(8k) [AUDITORY] Registration now open for SPIN2020<<Dear all, We are pleased to annou
(txt) 642  nov22 Mathias Dietz  (12k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position: improving binaural hearing with CIs (Oldenburg, Ger
(txt) 643  nov22 Sears, David   (37k) [AUDITORY] renewed request for sound and emotion data sets<<--_000_CY4PR06MB3495
(txt) 644  nov22 Gautham Mysore (27k) [AUDITORY] Audio research internships at Adobe Research<<--_000_FD2E2208DD184DF8
(txt) 645  nov25 Tomas Hromadka (13k) [AUDITORY] COSYNE 2020: Registration; Travel grants; Cosyne Tutorials<<=========
(txt) 646  nov25 Monson, Brian  (44k) [AUDITORY] PhD student positions at the University of Illinois<<--_004_024107C0C
(txt) 647  nov26 LAU, Chung Yin (14k) [AUDITORY] Infant-Directed Speech corpora?<<--_000_CAJTf9vDvxSTddbVcTaHkcS0RgZNz
(txt) 648  nov27 Stephan Paul   (10k) [AUDITORY] Experience with insert earphones<<--0000000000009e1a910598540188 Cont
(txt) 649  nov28 Ian Wiggins   (275k) [AUDITORY] British Cochlear Implant Group Meeting 2020 - ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEA
(txt) 650  nov29 Timo Gerkmann  (15k) [AUDITORY] PhD Student "Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement and Source Separation" a
(txt) 651  dec01 Michele Geronaz(18k) [AUDITORY] CfP - IEEE 5th VR Workshop on Sonic Interactions in Virtual Environme
(txt) 652  dec01 Sarah Hargus Fe(46k) Re: [AUDITORY] Experience with insert earphones<<--_004_dca448f486b34d01b94eea3c
(txt) 653  dec01 =?utf-8?B?Tmlrb(20k) [AUDITORY] Musical sonification and online evaluation<<--_000_F744F56F3EE141ED94
(txt) 654  dec02 Mathieu Barthet(27k) [AUDITORY] PhD studentships in Artificial Intelligence and Music (AIM) at Queen 
(txt) 655  dec02 LAVANDIER Mathi(24k) [AUDITORY] Forum Acusticum 2020 next spring in France<<--_000_9081421484c743eea6
(txt) 656  dec02 Dimitra Emmanou(19k) [AUDITORY] Summer Internship in Audio and Acoustics - Microsoft Research WA USA<
(txt) 657  dec02 Kelly Whitefor(374k) [AUDITORY] ASA Chicago Funding Opportunity for Students<<--00000000000025c6af059
(txt) 658  dec02 Gregory Cogan  (17k) [AUDITORY] Open Research Assistant Position: Speech, Language, and Cognition usi
(txt) 659  dec03 David Worrall  (27k) [AUDITORY] Deeply discounted: Sonification design: From data to intelligible sou
(txt) 660  dec03 Frederick Gallu(29k) [AUDITORY] NCRAR AuD Summer Research Experience Deadline Jan 15, 2020<<--0000000
(txt) 661  dec03 Skyler Jennings(17k) [AUDITORY] Undergraduate summer research opportunity at the University of Utah<<
(txt) 662  dec03 Gavin Bidelman (64k) [AUDITORY] PhD student openings, U Memphis CSD<<--_000_CAHTTMPjG1KRz602qTj5qG7Wj
(txt) 663  dec04 Bernhard Englit(20k) [AUDITORY] Fully-funded PostDoc position in Computational Neuroscience<<--000000
(txt) 664  dec04 Fabian Moss    (22k) [AUDITORY] CfP Empirical Musicology Review: Special Issue on Open Science in Mus
(txt) 665  dec04 Werner Goebl   (10k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc position on Music Ensemble Research<<(Apologies for cross-po
(txt) 666  dec04 =?UTF-8?Q?Antoni(7k) [AUDITORY] Removal from the list<<--0000000000003102ec0598e14f19 Content-Type: t
(txt) 667  dec05 John Culling   (13k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc position in simulation of hearing impairment<<--_000_DB7PR02
(txt) 668  dec05 Marius Pachitari(8k) Re: [AUDITORY] Removal from the list<<--00000000000018769d0598f5fbab Content-Typ
(txt) 669  dec05 Grabowski, Jane(14k) [AUDITORY] FFR Equipment Inquiry<<--_000_CY1PR04MB2331021FB3F963FD89C1FA93E75C0C
(txt) 670  dec06 Bastian Epp    (11k) [AUDITORY] MOH2020 abstract submission deadline approaching! (15 DEC 2019)<<Dear
(txt) 671  dec07 Sterling Sheffi(20k) [AUDITORY] PhD student openings, U of Florida SLHS<<--0000000000008bb00405991d34
(txt) 672  dec08 Torsten Dau    (25k) [AUDITORY] Postdoc position available within collaborative research project on h
(txt) 673  dec09 Antonia Zaferio(51k) [AUDITORY] MOCO'20 Call for Papers, Posters, Practice Works, Doctoral Consortium
(txt) 674  dec09 Jose Valenzuela(12k) [AUDITORY] PhD position in Cognitive Neuroscience<<Dear Auditory List, A 3.5-yea
(txt) 675  dec10 Caroline Palmer (8k) [AUDITORY] postdoc in autobiographical memory<<Dear colleagues, please share thi
(txt) 676  dec11 Jesper Hvass Sc(27k) [AUDITORY] Post.doc. in audiology<<--_000_751D01F215AA4F42B3C4FC392458C1239528AB
(txt) 677  dec13 Etienne Gaudrain(7k) [AUDITORY] SPIN2020: Registration deadline extension<<Dear all, We have extended
(txt) 678  dec13 =?iso-8859-1?Q?(51k) [AUDITORY] Open PostDoc position in quantification of Quality-of-Experience of S
(txt) 679  dec13 Tilak Ratnanath(93k) [AUDITORY] Brownell retirement memory book<<This is a multipart message in MIME 
(txt) 680  dec13 Lawrence Rosenb(18k) [AUDITORY] PhD Positions Available<<--Apple-Mail=_6CDD9705-318E-4CCD-A283-80828F
(txt) 681  dec16 Bastian Epp    (14k) [AUDITORY] MOH2020 - Deadline extended to 31 DEC 2019<<--------------637E0B5DF0C
(txt) 682  dec16 LAVANDIER Mathi(15k) [AUDITORY] ISH 2021: SAVE THE DATE June 20-25, 2021, France<<--_000_d216ce11631c
(txt) 683  dec18 Asterios Zachar(24k) [AUDITORY] CfP 2nd International Conference on Timbre (Timbre 2020)<<--Apple-Mai
(txt) 684  dec18 =?UTF-8?Q?DURAN(17k) [AUDITORY] LAUNCH of the 2020 CALL for TENDER of the FONDATION POUR l'AUDITION<<
(txt) 685  dec18 Timo Gerkmann  (15k) [AUDITORY] 3 Open Topic 3-year PostDoc positions at Universit=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=A4t_?
(txt) 686  dec18 Jon Barker      (9k) [AUDITORY] Announcing the CHiME-6 Speech Separation and Recognition Challenge<< 
(txt) 687  dec18 Jon Barker      (9k) [AUDITORY] CFP: 6th International Workshop on Speech Processing in Everyday Envi
(txt) 688  dec18 Gordon, Reyna L(49k) [AUDITORY] reading and rhythm: NSF-funded postdoc, PhD and staff positions<<--_0
(txt) 689  dec19 Rosanne Abraham(29k) [AUDITORY] CLL Workshop "Language in Children with HL", 14-15 May 2020 in Sydney
(txt) 690  dec19 Bastian Epp    (10k) [AUDITORY] MATLAB (or similar) software package for paired comparisons?<<Hi List
(txt) 691  dec19 Alejandro Osses(12k) Re: [AUDITORY] MATLAB (or similar) software package for paired comparisons?<<--0
(txt) 692  dec19 Roberto Barumerl(9k) Re: [AUDITORY] MATLAB (or similar) software package for paired comparisons?<<Dea
(txt) 693  dec19 =?utf-8?B?U8O4c(29k) [AUDITORY] Two PhD positions at University of Surrey in collaboration with Bang 
(txt) 694  dec19 Halliday, Lorna(22k) [AUDITORY] research associate position<<--_000_VE1PR01MB545455B2EFC2826BFDBF728A
(txt) 695  dec19 Jenny Bizley   (12k) [AUDITORY] Post-doc position investigating AV integration in auditory cortex<<--
(txt) 696  dec19 Graham Naylor  (17k) [AUDITORY] PhD Studentship: Identifying objective measures of conversation succe
(txt) 697  dec19 Anne Danielsen (13k) [AUDITORY] PhD fellowship at RITMO (University of Oslo)<<--_000_D64F1E9DD3264673
(txt) 698  dec19 Grabowski, Jane(14k) [AUDITORY] California State University, Sacramento Audiology Faculty Position<<-
(txt) 699  dec20 Arne Leijon     (8k) Re: [AUDITORY] MATLAB (or similar) software package for paired comparisons?<<Hi 
(txt) 700  dec20 Nauwelaers, Ti(700k) [AUDITORY] Open position Advanced Bionics European Research Center<<--_011_AM0PR
(txt) 701  dec21 Roberto Barumerl(8k) Re: [AUDITORY] MATLAB (or similar) software package for paired comparisons?<<Dea
(txt) 702  dec26 Nicolas Obin  (204k) [AUDITORY] Job offer at Ircam - deep learning for voice identity conversion<<--A
(txt) 703  dec28 Tomas Hromadka (14k) [AUDITORY] COSYNE 2020: Registration; Travel grants; Cosyne Tutorials<<=========
(txt) 704  dec29 Koray Tahiroglu(18k) [AUDITORY] Open Position - PROFESSOR OF MUSIC TECHNOLOGY - dl 12.01.2020<<--Appl
(txt) 705  dec30 Tanvi Thakkar (430k) [AUDITORY] Information for Attendees of ARO 2020 in San Jose<<--000000000000576a
(txt) 706  dec31 Michele Geronaz(19k) [AUDITORY] [IEEE VR SIVE 2020] IEEE 5th VR Workshop on Sonic Interactions in Vir

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