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(txt)   1  jan04 Albert Bregman, (6k) Internat. Conf. on Pattern Recogn.<<January 4, 1993 Dear AUDITORY List Members, 
(txt)   2  feb23 Martin Cooke    (3k) lectureship in cognitive science<<To Dan: thanks, and all the best for the audit
(txt)   3  feb24 Albert Bregman, (1k) Request for information<<Dear Colleagues, I am still involved in research on the
(txt)   4  feb25 David K. Melling(3k) Request for information<<The papers I know of study an [Amplitude] Modulation Tr
(txt)   5  feb28 Peter Marvit    (3k) Psychophysical measurement technique - PEST?<<Having successfully used the up/do
(txt)   6  mar01 spf@HOQAA.ATT.CO(3k) Re: Psychophysical measurement technique - PEST?<<Peter, I've generally used a m
(txt)   7 -mar03 Fishbach Alon   (1k) Re: Sound Examples for Guy Brown's thesis available by ftp<<> > Dr Guy Brown of 
(txt)   8  mar08 parncutt@SOUND.M(2k) roughness/dissonance model<<Does anyone know of a computer implementation of rou
(txt)   9  mar09 Michael J. Pont (1k) Auditory Evoked Potentials<<I've previously done some work modelling parts of th
(txt)  10  mar09 Steve Mcadams   (1k) Re:  roughness/dissonance model<<Various researchers in Zwicker and Fastl's lab 
(txt)  11  mar09 Martin Cooke    (7k) call for participation in ASRS'93 session on aud. reps.<<Colleagues, Appended to
(txt)  12  mar09 Stuart Rosen    (3k) Auditory nerve correlates to rise time plus grouping in implants<<--------------
(txt)  13  mar09 David Huron - Co(3k) RE: dissonance/roughness calculations<<Subject: RE: dissonance/roughness calcula
(txt)  14  mar09 REPP%HEIIPO5.BIT(1k) <<For: Greg Sandell Re; Principal components analysis Dear Greg: For application
(txt)  15  mar10 Parmly          (1k) PostDoc Position<<POST-DOCTORAL POSITION in the Hearing Sciences at the Parmly H
(txt)  16  mar10 PS45000         (2k) ASA-update<<Dear Auditory List Members, - I have received some queries about sch
(txt)  17  mar11 BOBC@EPVAX.SUSSE(3k) new book<<I would like to use this list to announce the publication of a book wh
(txt)  18  mar12 BOBC@EPVAX.SUSSE(1k) price of book<<Following my plug for "Processing of Complex Sounds by the Audito
(txt)  19  mar15 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Principal components analysis<<------------------------------------------------ 
(txt)  20  mar18 Marc Leman ++32 (3k) Ear Models and Music Research<< Call for papers : Special issue on Ear Models an
(txt)  21  mar30 pc1kb (Kevin L. (2k) Evolution of the auditory system<<Hello everybody, I'm doing a little (!) bit of
(txt)  22  mar30 Ervin R. Hafter (1k) Re:  Evolution of the auditory system<<i cannot cite the names, but i know that 
(txt)  23  mar30 Kip Keller      (1k) <<re. Evolution of the Auditory System: There was a very nice conference organiz
(txt)  24  mar30 parncutt@SOUND.M(2k) C programs available<<Thankyou to those who responded to my recent enquiry conce
(txt)  25  mar31 PS45000         (1k) Audio technology<<Hi, I'm looking for some illustrative examples of the impact o
(txt)  26  mar31 Fernando Schlind(4k) World Congress on Biomedical Engineering - call for papers<<---------- X-Sun-Dat
(txt)  27  mar31 Elizabeth Wenzel(1k) Re:  Audio technology<<our work on virtual acoustic displays, 3d sound, or what-
(txt)  28  mar31 Dan Ellis       (3k) [William Walker: announcement on Auditory List?]<<Dear list, I was sent this ann
(txt)  29  apr01 Albert Bregman, (2k) Post-Doc available?<<Dear Colleagues, The following request came from Brian Robe
(txt)  30  apr06 pc1kb (Kevin L. (4k) Evolution of the Auditory System<<I've had a few requests to post the replies I 
(txt)  31  apr06 Jont Allen      (1k) Evolution of the auditory system<<You should look at the work of Gerald Fleische
(txt)  33  apr20 Guy Brown       (1k) KEMAR head?<<Hello, I'm trying to get hold of a Knowles Electronics manikin (KEM
(txt)  34  apr21 Guy Brown       (1k) KEMAR<<Hello, Many thanks to all those members of the list who have given me adv
(txt)  35  apr22 Bernhard Feiten (1k) Segregation with neural nets<<Hi, I'm searching for literature on algorithms of 
(txt)  36  apr22 Guy Brown       (2k) Re: Segregation with neural nets<<>Hi, >I'm searching for literature on algorith
(txt)  37  apr22 Alain de Chevei(15k) Re: Segregation with neural nets<<>Hi, >I'm searching for literature on algorith
(txt)  38  apr22 Alain de Cheveig(2k) Re: Segregation with neural nets<<>>Hi, >>I'm searching for literature on algori
(txt)  39  apr22 parncutt@SOUND.M(3k) Re: Segregation with neural nets<<>Tried somebody to use neural nets ? (Has anyb
(txt)  40  apr22 Dan Ellis       (1k) Reply-To field in AUDITORY postings<<I apologize to Alain for the change in head
(txt)  41  apr23 Matthew Simpson(13k) CALL FOR PAPERS: Psychology Graduate Students Journal (c)<< ====================
(txt)  42  apr26 Dominique Beroul(3k) Sound Segregation<<Dear collegue, Concerning the following question of Bernhard 
(txt)  43  apr28 Jens Blauert    (1k) Re: KEMAR head?<<You should consider the AACHEN HEAD instead of KEMAR. It is muc
(txt)  44  apr28 Charles Tassoni (3k) mailing list<< A friend told me about your newsgoup. She said that you can do ex
(txt)  45  may03 PS45000         (1k) Hair cells<<Dear List, - are there any recent review papers out there in academi
(txt)  46  may04 Kevin L. Baker  (2k) Regenerating Inner Hair cells<<Dear Punita, I recently heard of a research group
(txt)  47  may04 PS45000         (2k) ASA-housing<<Dear List, for those of you coming to Ottawa this month for the ASA
(txt)  48  may04 Gregory Kramer  (2k) History of Informational Sound<<Hello, Auditory. As I prepare an introduction to
(txt)  49  may04 PS45000         (1k) Re: ASA-housing<<ASA folks: The best place to stay in Ottawa is the Youth Hostel
(txt)  50  may06 PS45000         (3k) hair cell- refs.<<Dear List, thank you for the leads and references about hair c
(txt)  51  may06 Albert Bregman, (1k) Noise-band synthesis<<Dear list, Does anyone out there have an algorithm for syn
(txt)  52  may07 Kevin L. Baker  (1k) Blood sugar level affecting cochlea<<Dear List, Can anyone tell me if blood suga
(txt)  53  may07 Lawrence L. Feth(3k) Related list<<I have noted the appearance of several messages on the "Perception
(txt)  54  may09 Peter M. Todd   (5k) CFP: music/creativity issue of Connection Science<< **** PLEASE DISTRIBUTE **** 
(txt)  55  may11 Greg Sandell    (2k) streaming of melodic patterns with high level cues?<<I wonder if someone can tel
(txt)  56  may12 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re:  streaming of melodic patterns with high level cues?<<ucdavis!auditory@vm1.m
(txt)  57  may12 HARTMANN@MSUPA.P(1k) stream segregation<<To Auditory List The kind of streaming that Pierre Divenyi i
(txt)  58  may12 PS45000         (4k) Timbre-streams<<In response to Pierre Divenyi's response to Greg Sandell (releva
(txt)  59  may14 Greg Sandell    (4k) within- vs. across-stream organization<<Pierre, Bill and Punita, Thanks for your
(txt)  60  may15 Greg Sandell    (2k) Re: within- vs. across-stream organization<<While searching through some journal
(txt)  61  may16 Albert Bregman, (5k) Music Perception Conference<<Here is a notice I recently received. - Al --------
(txt)  62  may18 Kevin L. Baker  (2k) Job Wanted<<Dear colleagues, Does anyone know of any research positions vacant? 
(txt)  63  may19 PETER@TA.CHALMER(1k) subscribe<<Subscribe "AUDITORY" Peter Svensson                                  
(txt)  64  may20 Ward Tomlinson  (1k) Auditory list<<Hi, Your server tells me that AUDITORY is closed. Why? Would you 
(txt)  65  may24 BARSZ@UNO.CC.GEN(1k) <<I think it is appropriate to publicly thank Punita Singh for doing the unthink
(txt)  66  may24 WSW@BUENGA.BU.ED(4k) Feature integration and auditory scene analysis<<Dear Members, At the recent ASA
(txt)  67  may25 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) <<I would like to join the crowd thanking and congratulating Punita for her visi
(txt)  68  may25 Dan Ellis       (8k) ACM SIGGRAPH/SIGMedia workshop on 'Sound-related computation'<<Dear List - I was
(txt)  69  may25 HARTMANN@MSUPA.P(1k) The n-th request<<The thunderous applause swelling in the background is in suppo
(txt)  70  may26 Sheila Williams (2k) Rob Waltham<<I regret to inform you of the recent death of Rob Waltham. Rob had 
(txt)  71  may26 Dick Pastore    (1k) Punita's poetry puns<< Punita's efforts in organizing a large set of excellent, 
(txt)  72  may26 PS45000         (2k) ASA-feedback<<Dear List, THANK YOU ALL for your participation in the recent ASA 
(txt)  73  may26 PS45000         (3k) The poem<<AUDITORY ORGANIZATION (in verse transformed !) Tones, chords, melodies
(txt)  74  may26 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) <<Thanks for Punita's published poem. As the attendees may recall, some other ch
(txt)  75  may27 Gregory P. Krame(4k) ICAD '94<<ICAD '94: Preliminary Announcement We are pleased to announce that the
(txt)  76  jun02 Greg Sandell    (2k) Fellowship in Music Cognition<<This appeared on our department bulletin board, a
(txt)  77  jun02 Albert Bregman,(18k) Computing noise bands<<DEAR AUDITORY LIST MEMBERS: SOME TIME AGO, I ASKED THE LI
(txt)  78  jun03 Karen McComas   (1k) help<<After attempting to subscribe to the auditory list, I received notice that
(txt)  79  jun07 TJ Leone        (2k) Childhood immunization list<<Sorry about the cross-posting, but does anyone know
(txt)  80  jun09 Albert Bregman, (7k) Int. Congress of Psych.<<June 9, 1993 Dear Colleagues, The XXVIth INTERNATIONAL 
(txt)  81  jun11 Gregory Kramer  (3k) AUDITORY DISPLAY HISTORY<<Dear Colleagues: A couple of months ago I sent out a c
(txt)  82  jun13 Undetermined ori(2k) Information request<<Dear list, I need information about the way intensity slope
(txt)  83  jun22 Phil Green      (1k) Re: keele meeting<<> The BSA meeting in Keele on Sept 27-28 is taking papers, po
(txt)  84  jun22 MAD the Medium A(2k) Audio caracteristics better than visual.<<Hi there, We're looking for any kind o
(txt)  85  jun22 Malcolm Crawford(2k) Re: Audio caracteristics better than visual.<<> We're looking for any kind of wo
(txt)  86  jun22 James Carlsen   (3k) Re: Audio caracteristics better than visual.<<On Tue, 22 Jun 1993, Malcolm Crawf
(txt)  87  jun22 John F. Olsen   (1k) auditory better than visual<<There is a recent human study [Perrott et al.,1993,
(txt)  88  jun22 John F. Olsen   (1k) auditory better<<{This message resent} There is a recent human study [Perrott et
(txt)  89  jun22 Robert Port     (2k) how audition beats vision<<One major difference between the auditory and visual 
(txt)  90  jun23 John F. Olsen   (1k) auditory better<<(third try to get this posted!) There is a recent human study [
(txt)  91  jun23 John F. Olsen   (1k) delete this file<<testing my connection                                         
(txt)  92  jun23 Daniel Levitin  (1k) Looking for Pitch Detection programs<<Dear Auditory List, I am going to be doing
(txt)  93  jun23 Tecumseh Fitch  (4k) Auditory Superiority<<> We're looking for any kind of work on human perception t
(txt)  94  jun24 Piet G. Vos     (2k) auditory vs visual<<Bop Port's RE to M-A Decoste's Q is a substantial one: Indee
(txt)  95  jun24 Piet G. Vos     (2k) auditory vs visual superiority<<From: KUNPW3::VOS 24-JUN-1993 12:11:18.33 To: IN
(txt)  96  jun24 John F. Olsen   (2k) Re: Fitz and Kramer's audiomonitor<<Fitch and Kramer's multichannel auditory mon
(txt)  97  jun24 Malcolm Slaney  (3k) Cochlear Models<<Our group at Apple has released a couple of cochlear models tha
(txt)  98  jun25 Albert Bregman, (1k) Audio caracteristics better than visual.<<> Hi there, > > > We're looking for an
(txt)  99  jun25 Albert Bregman, (5k) ICPR-12/Signal-Processing Tutorials<<Dear list members: The following informatio
(txt) 100  jun28 PSYC0023@WAIKATO(3k) <<From: VIRTUE::PSYC0023 24-JUN-1993 16:42:23.38 To: @PSYCSTAFF.DIS CC: Subj: VI
(txt) 101  jul01 Herve CHOPLIN - (1k) <<rewiew                                                         
(txt) 103  jul12 Chuck Watson    (6k) Request for help on individual-differences review.<<Friends... One of my colleag
(txt) 104  jul15 Lowel P. O'Mard (5k) LUTEar Core Routines Library 1.0.0 - for auditory simulation<< Please find below
(txt) 105  jul19 mwitten@HERMES.(13k) COMPUTATIONAL HEALTH (LONG)<< Preliminary Announcement FIRST WORLD CONGRESS ON C
(txt) 106  jul21 Marc-Andre Deco(18k) THE EAR VS THE EYE: Summary of a survey.<<Hi there listeners, a couple of weeks 
(txt) 107  jul21 L.P.OMard (Lowel(7k) LUTEar Core Routines Library 1.0.1 - for auditory simulation<< Please find below
(txt) 108  jul22 L.P.OMard (Lowel(2k) LUTEar Core Routines Library: Corrected test programs<<Dear People, It has been 
(txt) 109  jul28 BCJM@PHOENIX.CAM(2k) Job<<ReSound Corporation has an immediate opening for an experiencedAudiologist 
(txt) 110  jul29 Daniel Levitin  (1k) Re: Sorry if this is the wrong place for a question....<<Could it be that what y
(txt) 111  jul29 Pat Fleckenstein(4k) Sorry if this is the wrong place for a question....<<I'm not a subscriber to you
(txt) 112  jul29 HARTMANN@MSUPA.P(2k) Surreal audio<<Re the note from Pat Fleckenstein on British surrealistic audio. 
(txt) 113  jul30 Kevin Baker     (2k) Re: Sorry if this is the wrong place for a question....<<Pat, could it be the di
(txt) 114  aug10 Chuck Watson    (1k) 7 +/-2<<When I'm asked about the validity of Miller's postulated limit for absol
(txt) 115  aug10 Chuck Watson    (2k) addendum to my query about 7+/-2.<<I guess I'm getting too old. I had thought th
(txt) 116  aug10 Albert Bregman, (1k) Sabbatical address<< ALBERT S. BREGMAN SABBATICAL YEAR BEGINNING AUG 15 1993 ADD
(txt) 117  aug12 Kevin Baker     (1k) SSW<<Does anyone know where I can get the 'Staggered Spondaic Word Test' from? I
(txt) 118  aug16 REPP%ROD%YALEVMS(1k) <<Dear Auditory list manager (still Al Bregman?): I keep getting AUDITORY mail f
(txt) 119  aug18 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) <<ucdavis\! I have always had good luck obtaining any (and
(txt) 120  aug18 Lawrence L. Feth(1k) Re: SSW<<>Date: Wed, 18 Aug 93 11:05:52 EDT >Errors-To: 
(txt) 121  aug23 Robert Majors   (2k) Net AD... how to stop<<subject:Net AD... how to stop date: 8/23/93 time:6:24 PM 
(txt) 122  aug23 NetAdvertiser   (2k) The Net ADvertiser<<************************************************************
(txt) 123  aug23 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re:  The Net ADvertiser<<ucdavis!auditory@VM1.MCGILL.CA ucdavis!
(txt) 124  aug23 Elizabeth Wenzel(1k) <<I also prefer no ads via email, especially via an interest group like the audi
(txt) 125  aug23 Kip Keller      (1k) <<NO ADS... and no SOAPS... Kip Keller University of Oregon Institute of Neurosc
(txt) 126  aug23 Dan Freed       (1k) me too<<Subject: me too Add my name to the list of those who DON'T want to recei
(txt) 127  aug24 Judith Brown    (1k) The Net ADvertiser<<I think ads belong in the net news where people can suscribe
(txt) 128  aug24 Bernice Laden   (1k) Re: your mail<<Bravo Pierre! I agree -- no junk mail on the internet. --Bernice 
(txt) 129  aug24 Dick Pastore    (1k) Junk mail, me too, etc.<<Please. Enough junk mail about junk mail. The points ha
(txt) 130  aug24 Malcolm Crawford(2k) Re: Net AD... how to stop<<We can add a bit of certainty to Bob's message... The
(txt) 131  aug24 Yuda Albeck     (1k) Re: me too<<Add my name to the list of those who DON'T want to receive junk emai
(txt) 132  aug25 Dr L S Smith (St(1k) IPA in Latex?<<Does anyone out there know how to put International Phonetic Alph
(txt) 133  aug25 Greg Sandell    (2k) Re: IPA in Latex?<<> > Does anyone out there know how to put International Phone
(txt) 134  aug25 Greg Sandell    (1k) Re: IPA in Latex?<<I mentioned that emailing TechPhonetic was a possibility, but
(txt) 135  aug27 Dr L S Smith (S(10k) IPA for Latex<<Further to my posting requesting information... An implementation
(txt) 136  sep07 Al Bregman      (1k) Bregman email<<Dear AUDITORY members, For the period from now to June 1994, I wi
(txt) 137  sep08 Al Bregman      (3k) International Conference on Pattern Recognition<<Dear Auditory members, Some tim
(txt) 138  sep11 Stephen Smoliar (2k) International Conference on Pattern Recognition<<Al, I hope you are enjoying Pal
(txt) 139  sep11 Al Bregman      (2k) Forming sequential objects<<Dear List members, One of my students is interested 
(txt) 140  sep13 Steve Mcadams   (2k) Re: Forming sequential objects<<One of the important processes that gives rise t
(txt) 141  sep13 Francesco Giomi (2k) Segmentation<<I think that the problem is more similar to those founded in elect
(txt) 142  sep13 Gregory Kramer  (1k) Attentional Issues<<From: Gregory Kramer; Clarity/Santa Fe Institute re: Focal A
(txt) 143  sep13 Gregory Kramer  (3k) Auditory Display Resources<<From: Gregory Kramer Regarding: ICAD Proceedings Res
(txt) 144  sep14 Avery Wang      (2k) Re: Attentional Issues<<Hi Gregory, Stephen Hillyard has published some articles
(txt) 146  sep14 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: Segmentation<<From: Francesco Giomi <art@ifiidg.bitnet> Subject: Segmentatio
(txt) 147  sep14 Stephen Smoliar (3k) Forming sequential objects<<Stephen McAdams writes: > >One of the important proc
(txt) 148  sep15 Steve Mcadams   (3k) Re: Forming sequential objects<<In response to Smoliar : > Lerdahl and Jackendof
(txt) 149  sep15 Stephen Smoliar (3k) Segmentation<<Al Bregman (or should I say, AL BREGMAN?) writes: > AFTER ALL, NOT
(txt) 150  sep15 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re:  Segmentation<<ucdavis!!smoliar ucdavis\!auditory@VM1.MCGILL.CA Da
(txt) 151  sep15 Al Bregman      (2k) Onsets<<Message from Bill Hartmann and answer by Al Bregman: Comment on onsets: 
(txt) 152  sep15 Stephen Smoliar (5k) <<Pierre Divenyi writes: > The >Mussorgsky example of Steve Smoliar only raises 
(txt) 153  sep16 Stephen Smoliar (2k) Onsets<<Al Bregman writes: > INCIDENTALLY, I THINK THAT IT WOULD >BE BETTER TO U
(txt) 154  sep16 Stephen Smoliar (3k) <<Alain de Cheveigne' sent me the following as mail. However, I think it is an i
(txt) 155  sep16 Gregory Kramer  (2k) Timing and event segregation<<Pierre Divenyi writes: Thus, the problem to be sol
(txt) 156  sep16 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) <<ucdavis\!auditory@VM1.MCGILL.CA In response to Gregory Kramer's 50-250-ms opti
(txt) 157  sep16 BARSZ@UNO.CC.GEN(1k) grouping sounds across time<<It occurs to me that the duration of sequential ele
(txt) 158  sep21 martin scrivener(2k) Auditory display Resources<<i Dear Mr. Kramer, Please add the following yournal 
(txt) 159  sep24 Lawrence L. Feth(1k) <<Does anyone know of the existence of either commercial or research tapes which
(txt) 160  sep28 Ralf Timmer I89 (1k) <<Hi, I read some books to learn about the perception of sound. What I found con
(txt) 161  sep28 Alain de Cheveig(4k) Representing sound spectra as sound?<<I just came across the following message i
(txt) 162  sep28 Henkjan Honing, (4k) Call for Shoes<<Dear Colleague, We think it would be a good idea to bring togeth
(txt) 163  sep28 Gregory Kramer  (5k) Attentional Issues Re-cap<<Dear Colleagues, Several weeks ago I posted to the li
(txt) 164  sep28 parncutt@SOUND.M(4k) Re: scales of pitch<<A little tutorial on pitch... "Frequency = pitch" is a conv
(txt) 165  sep28 Dr L S Smith (St(3k) two technical reports available<<The following are available from me (by mail on
(txt) 166  sep28 Gregory Kramer  (2k) Focal Listening, FIT Mistake<<Continuation of Kramer's synopsis of Attentional L
(txt) 167  sep28 PS45000         (5k) Pitching in<< Dear Ralf, Richard and other Pitchers The "tutorial on pitch" has 
(txt) 168  sep29 Greg Sandell    (3k) Re: Pitching in<<Punita Singh writes on Richard Parncutt's posting: > > ........
(txt) 169  sep29 Stu Smith       (7k) << CALL FOR PAPERS ICAD '94 International Conference on Auditory Display Santa F
(txt) 170  sep29 parncutt@SOUND.M(5k) Re: Pitching in<<Dear Greg, Thanks for your words of support. >Has anybody of re
(txt) 171  sep30 Gregory Kramer  (2k) Pitch and Sonification<<From: Gregory Kramer I am often asked, when I speak abou
(txt) 172  sep30 Judith Brown    (1k) Seeking "neutral" sound<<A friend of mine is doing a physiological experiment us
(txt) 173  oct01 Yoshitaka Nakaji(2k) Re: Seeking "neutral" sound<<Yoshitaka Nakajima, Fukuoka on Thu, 30 Sep 1993 11:
(txt) 174  oct02 Scott D. Lipscom(1k) new e-mail address<<To whom it may concern: I am presently on leave of absence f
(txt) 175  oct04 Rebecca Mercuri (2k) Re: Seeking "neutral" sound<<Sr. Jean Anthony, chair of the Music Therapy Depart
(txt) 176  oct05 Greg Sandell    (1k) Opolko & Wapnick email addresses<<Does anyone know if Frank Opolko or Joel Wapni
(txt) 177  oct06 Arthur Samuel   (1k) Re: sounds<<A grad student in our department is looking for a set of recorded en
(txt) 178  oct12 syswatkn@READING(1k) <<Does anyone know of a sound source that has the directional characteristics of
(txt) 179  oct13 Kevin Baker     (1k) Change of address<<Kevin Baker is no longer at the University of Sheffield. I am
(txt) 180  oct14 PAUL GROENEN    (1k) Searching for email-address Nina Kraus<<Hi, I have a question. I'm searching for
(txt) 181  oct17 Kurt Kosbar     (2k) Free Educational Software<<If possible, please post this announcement in your ne
(txt) 182  oct18 Kevin Baker     (1k) Psychoacoustic tests of temporal processing<<I would be grateful if anyone can h
(txt) 183  oct18 Petr Janata     (1k) neurophysiological studies of the missing fundamental?<<Hi. Does anyone know of 
(txt) 184  oct19 Alain de Chevei(12k) Re: neurophysiological studies of the missing fundamental?<<>Does anyone know of
(txt) 185  oct19 Robert E. Remez (1k) Re: neurophysiological studies of the missing fundamental?<<Dear Petr: Take a lo
(txt) 186  oct19 parncutt@SOUND.M(2k) Re: neurophysiological studies of the missing fundamental?<<> Does anyone know o
(txt) 187  oct20 Alain de Cheveig(5k) Jeffress model ( was: neurophysiology and missing fundamental)<<In my previous p
(txt) 188  oct20 Dick_Lyon@HYPERM(1k) Re: Jeffress model ( was: neurophysiology and missing fundamental)<<The Delgutte
(txt) 189  oct20 MD37000         (2k) missing fundamental<<To: P. Janata and interested colleagues, RE: Missing fundam
(txt) 190  oct20 Petr Janata    (22k) summary of missing fundamental responses<<Dear Auditory list members: Thanks for
(txt) 191  oct20 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) Re:  Jeffress model ( was: neurophysiology and missing fundamental)<<ucdavis!aud
(txt) 192  oct22 Paul von Hippel (1k) Ear-training<<I am seeking literature related to the pedagogy of ear-training. A
(txt) 193  oct26 Gregory Kramer  (1k) Auditory vrs. Visual Learning<<Dear Colleagues: Could anyone guide me to literat
(txt) 194  oct26 REPP%ROD@VENUS.C(2k) National differences in the tritone paradox<<Dear colleagues: In a 1991 paper in
(txt) 195  oct26 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) <<Re/Bruno Repp's note on national differences How about Northern British subjec
(txt) 196  oct27 Steve Mcadams   (2k) Re: Pierre Divenyi's remark on Repp<<Regarding the tritone paradox and Divenyi's
(txt) 197  oct27 Sheila Williams (1k) addendum to divenyi suggestion<<There are in fact areas of Britain (Newcastle, a
(txt) 198  oct27 Kevin Baker     (2k) Re: Auditory vrs. Visual Learning<<Greg, it must be plain that dyslexic people d
(txt) 199  oct27 REPP%ROD%YALEVMS(2k) Tritone paradox<<Reply to Pierre Divenyi and Sheila Williams: There is a misunde
(txt) 200  oct27 Gregory Kramer  (2k) Sub. & Ob. Testing-Divinyi and McAdams<<From: Gregory Kramer It seems that the D
(txt) 201  oct27 Greg Sandell    (2k) Bruno's experiment, Pierre's response<<>From Pierre's postings: > Shepard tones.
(txt) 202  oct27 BOBC@EPVAX.SUSSE(2k) JASA excess page charges<<Many of you will know that JASA has introduced a 12-pa
(txt) 203  oct27 REPP%ROD%YALEVMS(1k) <<Correction to Bob Carlyon's message: Dan Martin's zip code is 45244. --Bruno R
(txt) 204  oct27 Sheila Williams (2k) Tritone Pradox<<Renee van Bezooijen at the Department of General Linguistics and
(txt) 205  oct27 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) <<ucdavis! Re: Steve McAdams's comments on P. Divenyi's co
(txt) 206  oct27 REPP%ROD%YALEVMS(1k) <<Reply to Pierre Divenyi: Your comments seem to reflect some kind of emotional 
(txt) 207  oct27 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) <<ucdavis!auditory@VM1.MCGILL.CA Reply to Bruno Repp: > Your comments seem to re
(txt) 208  oct27 REPP%ROD%YALEVMS(2k) A can of worms<<Hm... it seems I've opened a can of worms with this tritone busi
(txt) 209  oct27 James Carlsen   (2k) Re: CURRENT EXCHANGE ON TRITONE PARADOX<<To the extent that the discussion cente
(txt) 210  oct28 REPP%ROD%YALEVMS(2k) Reply to James Carlsen<<Dear Jim: The tritone paradox is a problem of interest t
(txt) 211  oct28 Rebecca Mercuri (1k) Re: CURRENT EXCHANGE ON TRITONE PARADOX<<The Shepard's tones concept has already
(txt) 212  oct28 Lauren Massa-Loc(2k) help finding samples to demo audio hf basics<<Hello, I'm looking for samples tha
(txt) 213  oct29 Greg Sandell    (8k) csound questions answered<<Dear Auditory readers, Someone recently asked me abou
(txt) 214  oct29 David Ascher    (1k) Request for reference<<I'm looking for any and all references regarding psychoph
(txt) 215  oct29 parncutt@SOUND.M(5k) Re: Tritone paradox<<Here are some ideas on the application of the pitch algorit
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(txt) 220  nov02 parncutt@SOUND.M(9k) Re: Terhardt's theory and the tritone paradox<<Bruno Repp writes: > What is not 
(txt) 221  nov02 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) <<ucdavis\! ...and never a meaner tempest in a tinier teap
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