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(txt)   1  jan02 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) Collected rhythm responses<<Dear Auditory List, Thanks to all who replied to the
(txt)   2  jan05 PETER B.L. Meije(2k) The vOICe Learning Edition<< January 5, 1998 Dear List, For those interested in 
(txt)   3  jan08 Kate Stevens    (5k) Research Professorship in Auditory Cognition (Macarthur Auditory<<- Please Distr
(txt)   4  jan09 Soeren Bech     (1k) loudness as a function of angle of incidence<< Dear List members I am searching 
(txt)   5  jan11 Steve Greenberg (5k) NATO ASI on Computational Hearing<<An updated announcement ..... (see deadlines 
(txt)   6  jan15 Mari Jones      (4k) Vibrotactile<<>Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:34:10 -0500 >From: Howard Connelly <hog
(txt)   7  jan16 john erdreich   (5k) Re: Vibrotactile<<Mari Jones wrote: > > >Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:34:10 -0500 >
(txt)   8  jan17 Niall Griffith  (4k) Limerick Workshop<<Please pass this on to anyone who you thing might be interest
(txt)   9  jan17 MITCHELL Sommers(1k) .adf file conversions<<Dear list, Does anyone know of programs (preferably freew
(txt)  10  jan17 Tom Carrell     (2k) Re: .adf file conversions<<At 10:47 AM 1/17/98 +0000, you wrote: >Does anyone kn
(txt)  11  jan19 Dan Ellis       (2k) Stuart Rosen: Re: .adf file conversions<<Dear List - Stuart Rosen sent the enclo
(txt)  12  jan22 Steve Greenberg (7k) Johns Hopkins Speech Recognition Workshop<<The Center for Language and Speech Pr
(txt)  13  jan27 Kate Stevens    (3k) It's About Time: Music as a Cognitive Skill: Symposium Papers<<Dear AUDITORY lis
(txt)  14  jan29 Niall Griffith  (3k) Phd. studentships: Connectionist Models of Musical Processes<<Please post this t
(txt)  15  feb04 Alexander Galemb(1k) Pitch of a complex tone<<Dear Listers, It is classical that the pitch of a perio
(txt)  16  feb04 Dr L S Smith (St(2k) Re: Pitch of a complex tone<<Dear Alexander: There are occasions when the phase 
(txt)  17  feb04 Bill Schottstaed(1k) Re: Pitch of a complex tone<<I think John Pierce has written a couple papers on 
(txt)  18  feb04 Malcolm Slaney  (6k) Re: Pitch of a complex tone<<At 6:28 AM -0800 2/4/98, Alexander Galembo wrote: >
(txt)  19  feb04 Peter Cariani   (7k) Re: Pitch of a complex tone<<Alexander Galembo wrote: > It is classical that the
(txt)  20  feb05 R. Parncutt    (10k) effect of phase on pitch<<Pondering the evolutionary origins of the ear's "phase
(txt)  21  feb05 PETER B.L. Meije(3k) Re: effect of phase on pitch<< February 5, 1998 Richard Parncutt wrote a very in
(txt)  22  feb05 Bert Schouten   (2k) Re: effect of phase on pitch<<Perceptual effects of phase on pitch or timbre cou
(txt)  23  feb05 LASZLO Toth     (3k) Re: effect of phase on pitch<<>From tothl Thu Feb 5 16:50:04 +0100 1998 remote f
(txt)  24  feb05 Steven M. Boker (3k) Re: effect of phase on pitch<<Bert Schouten <Bert.Schouten@LET.RUU.NL> writes: >
(txt)  25  feb05 Peter Cariani  (17k) Re: effect of phase on pitch<<R. Parncutt wrote: > Pondering the evolutionary or
(txt)  26  feb05 Michael Kubovy  (3k) Re: effect of phase on pitch<<Please note the following sorely neglected article
(txt)  27  feb06 SOREN Bech      (3k) references on loudness as a function of angle<<Dear List members Please find bel
(txt)  28  feb06 Al Bregman      (5k) correlation of vision and audition (fwd)<<Dear Colleagues, A doctoral student in
(txt)  29  feb09 Dan Ellis       (4k) Scott Lipscomb: Re: correlation of vision and audition<<Dear List - Scott Lipsco
(txt)  30  feb09 Robert Zatorre  (2k) cross-modal interactions<<For some interesting behavioral as well as neurophysio
(txt)  31  feb09 Alexander Galem(10k) Phases/pitch<<Dear List - I have got couple of messages asking to post the respo
(txt)  32  feb11 Al Bregman     (36k) Re: correlation of vision and audition<<Dear Colleagues, Thanks to those of you 
(txt)  33  feb12 PETER B.L. Meije(6k) Re: correlation of vision and audition<< February 12, 1998 Annabel Cohen wrote t
(txt)  34  feb12 Alexander Galemb(2k) <<Dear List, I would appreciate anybody to direct me to the publications decribi
(txt)  35  feb12 Scott Lipscomb  (7k) audio-visual correlation<<List members: I have been reading with interest the se
(txt)  36  feb13 TODD@FS4.PSY.MAN(4k) Re: audio-visual correlation<<Dear List I have also been reading with great inte
(txt)  37  feb13 MITCHELL Sommers(2k) Postdoctoral Position<<The Department of Psychology at Washington University has
(txt)  38  feb17 Punita Singh    (2k) Brightness affecting pitch<<I have run into this phenomenon several times -- whe
(txt)  39  feb18 Punita Singh    (2k) Re: Brightness affecting pitch<<OOOOPS! I wanted to pitch in, but my lack of bri
(txt)  40  feb19 Barbara Muller  (3k) strange effect in auditory localization<<Dear List, I might first introduce myse
(txt)  41  feb23 Richard M Warren(3k) Matching Visual and Auditory Cues in Films<<Greetings: I've been out-of-town, so
(txt)  42  feb23 Al Bregman      (1k) Re: Matching Visual and Auditory Cues in Films<<Hi, Dick, Thanks for the fascina
(txt)  43  feb24 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Illusions<<I was interested to read Richard Warren's recent account of speech pe
(txt)  44  feb24 Richard M Warren(1k) Book query<<Hi, Al Thanks for asking -- I'm really not all that shy. The title o
(txt)  45  feb25 NIGEL FRAYNE    (1k) help<<Sincere apologies for the mundanity: can I suspend mail from this list? wh
(txt)  46  feb25 Bruce N. Walker (2k) Wake-up levels for auditory warning?<<Does anyone know how loud a sound needs to
(txt)  47  feb26 Stephen McAdams (2k) Re: Wake-up levels for auditory warning?<<>Does anyone know how loud a sound nee
(txt)  48  feb26 Daniel Levitin  (2k) Re: Wake-up levels for auditory warning?<<I would add to Steve McAdams' cogent r
(txt)  49  feb26 Richard M Warren(2k) Examples of illusions increasing intelligibility<<Stuart Rosen wrote that: >in m
(txt)  50  feb26 Sheila Williams (2k) Re: Wake-up levels for auditory warning?<<In addition to Stephen McAdams reply a
(txt)  51  feb26 john erdreich   (2k) Interpretation of published earphone frequency response<<This is a question that
(txt)  52  feb27 R. Parncutt     (2k) Tomatis<<Does anyone know of any "proper" research that addresses Alfred Tomatis
(txt)  53  mar03 Steve Slade     (2k) Positions<<Hi one and all For those who may be interested (or who have students 
(txt)  54  mar03 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) News<<Dear List, If your local newspaper is like the Lansing State Journal, it w
(txt)  55  mar04 Nancy Vaughan   (1k) B&K<<Does anyone have a phone number or email address for a B& K distributor in 
(txt)  56  mar05 Nancy Vaughan   (1k) B&K<<Thanks for all the helpful hints in reaching B&K. Since so many of you have
(txt)  57  mar11 Al Bregman      (5k) Re: your mail<<Dear Alexander, Let me reply to your query about anomalies in pit
(txt)  58  mar12 Roy Patterson   (2k) Changes<< CHANGE OF POSTAL ADDRESS AND EDITING DUTIES Please note that Roy Patte
(txt)  59  mar12 Preben von der L(6k) Conference in Musical Imagery-99. Call for papers<<CALL FOR PAPERS CMI-99 CONFER
(txt)  60  mar15 Dan Ellis       (6k) Caroline Palmer: music cognition<<Dear List - Caroline Palmer of Ohio State Univ
(txt)  61  mar16 Athanassios Prot(3k) Speech signal SPL & S/N<<Forwarded message: From protopap Wed Mar 11 17:05:19 19
(txt)  62  mar17 Garcia De La Fue(1k) Bibliography on background music effects<<I wonder if someone could guide me int
(txt)  63  mar16 EH              (2k) Re: Bibliography on background music effects<<Garcia De La Fuente wrote: > > I w
(txt)  64  mar17 Torben Poulsen  (2k) Re: Speech signal SPL & S/N<<Re. Speech levels: In a paper by Carl Ludvigsen you
(txt)  65  mar17 mountain        (2k) Re: Bibliography on background music effects<< I'd recommend as a starting point
(txt)  66  mar17 gary r. kidd    (2k) Re: Bibliography on background music effects<<For a thoughtful discussion of "el
(txt)  67  mar17 Scott Lipscomb  (2k) Re: Bibliography on background music effects<<Though not precisely what you are 
(txt)  68  mar18 Mike Brookes    (2k) Re: Speech signal SPL & S/N<<Athanassios Protopapas wrote: > I am looking for ad
(txt)  69  mar18 Athanassios Pro(14k) Re: Speech signal SPL & S/N --- Responses<<Dear colleagues: I would like to than
(txt)  70  mar19 Punita Singh    (1k) Development of auditory system<<Dear List, I need info on auditory function deve
(txt)  71  mar21 Alexander Galem(63k) PHASES/PITCH/BRIGHTNESS discussion<< Dear List, =20 My queries related to the in
(txt)  72  mar21 Alain de Cheveig(2k) Re: PHASES/PITCH/BRIGHTNESS discussion<<Here's a reference to a pitch shift (not
(txt)  73  mar22 Alexander Galemb(2k) Late reply to the message by R. Parncutt.<<Richard, Returning to your thought: .
(txt)  74  mar23 David Huron - Co(5k) Music Cognition Workshop<<PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
(txt)  75  mar23 Al Bregman     (15k) Notice of availability<<Dear Colleagues, Over the past few weeks, I have had som
(txt)  76  mar24 R. Parncutt     (7k) Tomatis<<Dear colleagues, For your interest, here is what I found out in respons
(txt)  80  mar24 Stephen McAdams (2k) Re: Tomatis<<>>From Edward M. Burns, > >It is yet more evi
(txt)  81  mar24 Jim Ballas      (2k) Re: Tomatis<<I assumed that this statement was made in jest. >It is yet more evi
(txt)  82  mar25 Alain de Cheveig(2k) Re: Tomatis<<>It is yet more evidence for my theory that, in France, the >real s
(txt)  83  mar25 R. Parncutt     (2k) Tomatis<<Dear colleagues, Please! I was just trying to be helpful! All of the re
(txt)  84  mar25 Jim Stevenson Ph(1k) Re: matching speech synth?<<I have heard several rumors of research on speech sy
(txt)  85  mar25 Stephen McAdams (3k) [Fwd: Well said!]<<Return-Path: <> Received: from
(txt)  86  mar25 Charles S. Watso(4k) Re: Tomatis<<I'm afraid I have to agree with Steve on this one. We all harbor su
(txt)  87  mar25 Stuart Rosen    (1k) French endeavours<<As long as we don't have to start talking about French pop mu
(txt)  88  mar25 Neil Todd       (1k) Re: French endeavours<<....or talking Blairise!                                 
(txt)  89  mar25 Eric Mousset    (2k) Re: French endeavours<<Stuart Rosen wrote: > As long as we don't have to start t
(txt)  90  mar25 grant           (2k) Measuring Loudness Growth Functions<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format
(txt)  91  mar26 R. Parncutt     (4k) Development of auditory system<<In reply to Punita Singh's enquiry: > I need inf
(txt)  92  mar26 Sue Johnson     (2k) speech/music characteristics<<Hi! I'm working in speech recognition, and am tryi
(txt)  93  mar26 Neil Todd       (4k) Re: speech/music characteristics<<Sue, One fundamental difference between some k
(txt)  94  mar26 Eric Scheirer   (4k) Re: speech/music characteristics<<Sue Johnson wrote: > > Hi! > I'm working in sp
(txt)  95  mar27 Steve Slade     (1k) Re: speech/music characteristics<<>If anyone has any ideas, or knows of any publ
(txt)  96  mar28 Mickey Mouse    (1k) Auditory time to contact<< I am doing some research auditory time to contact jud
(txt)  97  mar28 Eliot Handelman (2k) Haunting Melody<<I've been working for a few years at a theory of the "haunting 
(txt)  98  mar29 Lonce LaMar Wyse(2k) Re: Auditory time to contact<< > I am doing some research auditory time to conta
(txt)  99  mar29 Lonce LaMar Wyse(2k) Re: speech/music characteristics<< > I'm working in speech recognition, and am t
(txt) 100  mar28 David Huron - Co(6k) Music Cognition Workshop<<ANNOUNCEMENT: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
(txt) 101  mar29 Sue Johnson     (2k) speech/music - thanks<<Thanks to all those who replied to me about the issue of 
(txt) 102  mar29 Robert Port     (3k) speech and music<<My students and I are working on the tendency of speech to be 
(txt) 103  mar29 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: speech/music - thanks<<On Sun, 29 Mar 1998, Sue Johnson wrote: > Has anyone 
(txt) 104  mar30 John Neuhoff    (3k) Re: Auditory time to contact<<Mike, Larry Rosenblum has some interesting work on
(txt) 105  mar30 Dan Ellis       (5k) Re: speech/music<<Sue/List - I can't say I know a good answer to the speech/musi
(txt) 106  0                 (2k) << BAD MSG: system operates by maintaining a collection of 'world-model' hypothe
(txt) 107  mar30 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: speech/music - thanks<<At 08:53 PM 3/29/98 +0100, Sue Johnson wrote: >Thanks
(txt) 108  mar31 Sue Johnson     (3k) Re: speech/music<<Dan/List > Houtgast & Steeneken). Rather, I think a lot of our
(txt) 109  mar31 BRUNO H. Repp   (3k) speech/music<<Sue Johnson wrote: >I'm sure you must be able to detect the presen
(txt) 110  mar31 Bob Carlyon     (2k) APU R.I.P.<<As of tomorrow (1st April) the MRC Applied Psychology Unit will be r
(txt) 111  mar31 Malcolm Slaney  (3k) Re: speech/music<<At 1:17 AM -0800 3/31/98, Sue Johnson wrote: >I think there mu
(txt) 112  mar31 Mark DeWitt     (2k) Re: speech/music<<Sue Johnson writes: >I'm sure you must be able to detect the p
(txt) 113  mar31 Neil Todd       (6k) Re: speech/music<<Hi Bruno/Malcolm/Sue/List Repp wrote: >Sue Johnson wrote: > >>
(txt) 114  mar31 RealTime        (4k) Re: a layman's reply speech/music<<Okay. Now I'm just a humble composer who's do
(txt) 115  mar31 RealTime        (2k) Re: a layman's reply speech/music<<Shouldn't the distiguishing of song from inst
(txt) 116  mar31 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: speech/music<<Malcolm Slaney wrote: > > At 1:17 AM -0800 3/31/98, Sue Johnso
(txt) 117  apr01 Jim Gardner     (1k) subscription instructions?<<Sorry to butt in folks - a friend of mine wants to j
(txt) 118  apr01 Neil Todd       (5k) Re: speech/music<<Jont Allen wrote: >How do you know? I would expect they are co
(txt) 119  apr01 Keith R. Kluende(4k) phonemes<<Neil Todd's thoughtful contribution was informative. I only add a brie
(txt) 120  apr01 BRUNO H. Repp   (3k) Speech and bottom-up processes<<Although the discussion is beginning to veer awa
(txt) 121  apr01 Pierre Divenyi  (6k) Re: speech/music<<At 10:22 AM 4/1/98 +0000, Neil Todd wrote: >For references on 
(txt) 122  apr01 Neil Todd       (7k) Re: phonemes<<Keith R. Kluender wrote: > >Neil Todd's thoughtful contribution wa
(txt) 123  apr01 Richard Pastore (4k) Speech and Music<<Given the broad range of discussion on speech and music, I wil
(txt) 124  apr01 Neil Todd       (3k) Re: speech/music<<Pierre Divenyi wrote: > >Well, reading Neil's note could make 
(txt) 125  apr01 Al Bregman      (2k) Re: Speech and bottom-up processes<<Bruno, Regarding your experiments about the 
(txt) 126  apr01 grant           (6k) Re: Speech and bottom-up processes<<BRUNO H. Repp wrote: > Repp, B. H., Frost, R
(txt) 127  apr01 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: speech/music<<At 08:21 PM 4/1/98 +0000, Neil Todd wrote: > >If you read the 
(txt) 128  apr02 Hiroshi Riquimar(2k) Noise effect on rapacious avians<<Dear List, I have been looking for literatures
(txt) 129  apr02 Franck Ramus    (2k) consonant/vowel characterization<<Dear list, I'm looking for any information and
(txt) 130  apr02 BRUNO H. Repp   (6k) Auditory-visual comodulation<<Ken Grant wrote: >With all due respect for Bruno, 
(txt) 131  apr02 Dan Ellis       (5k) Brian Karlsen: Re: speech/music<<Dear List - I'm forwarding this message on beha
(txt) 132  apr02 Dan Ellis       (2k) APERIODIC ADMIN REMINDER<<Dear List - Amidst our current flurry of activity, her
(txt) 133  apr02 Robert E. Remez (4k) the digital Foley artist<<TO: Multiple recipients of list AUDITORY The nonstatio
(txt) 134  apr03 LASZLO Toth     (3k) Re: consonant/vowel characterization<<>From tothl Fri Apr 3 10:05:39 +0200 1998 
(txt) 135  apr03 grant           (5k) Re: Auditory-visual comodulation<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. -
(txt) 136  apr03 Harry Erwin     (2k) Test of Mail Relay<<With apologies, My university, like many ISPs and universiti
(txt) 137  apr03 Dan Ellis       (4k) Re: speech/music -> speech/singing<<Bruno offers three low-level features to dis
(txt) 138  apr05 Ying-Fen Wang   (2k) Re: speech/music -> speech/singing<<Regarding the recent thread on speech/music/
(txt) 139  apr07 John Hershey    (1k) Re: speech/music<<>On the issue of the McGurk effect. There are three principal 
(txt) 140  apr08 grant          (10k) Cross-modality comodulation and the release from masking<<This is a multi-part m
(txt) 141  apr08 John Hershey    (2k) Re: speech/music<<thanks. From: Neil Todd <> >> >On the i
(txt) 142  apr09 David Huron - Co(2k) Vibrato<<I have a graduate student who wants to carry out some experimental work
(txt) 143  apr09 Neil Todd       (3k) Re: Vibrato<<David You might try Eric Prame at KTH in Stockholm. I'm not sure ab
(txt) 144  apr09 James W. Beaucha(3k) Re: Vibrato<<David, Here are some references on the acoustic analysis of vibrato
(txt) 145  apr09 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Re: Vibrato<<David, > (speed, depth, onset-delay, etc.) Our preliminary literatu
(txt) 146  apr09 Richard M Warren(2k) Vibrato<<Since questions have been raised concerning vibrato, I would like to ca
(txt) 147  apr09 John Neuhoff    (3k) Re: Vibrato<<At 04:58 PM 4/9/98, Richard M Warren wrote: >...wonder if anyone kn
(txt) 148  apr10 Laurent Demany  (3k) Re: vibrato<<Richard Warren wrote: >Since questions have been raised concerning 
(txt) 149  apr10 Dan Ellis       (2k) Judith Brown: Re: Vibrato<<Dear List - I'm forwarding the enclosed message on be
(txt) 150  apr10 Valerie M. McCaw(5k) is my new e-dress<<Howdy everybody. Starting today, I have a ne
(txt) 151  apr10 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: vibrato<<Laurent Demany wrote: > > Seashore's observation has been verified 
(txt) 152  apr10 Valerie M. McCaw(1k) Unexplainable electronic mishap<<Please disregard the recent e-mail indicating m
(txt) 153  apr14 Robert J. Zatorr(2k) sight reading<<Dear colleagues, An inquiry has reached my desk, as follows: >I'm
(txt) 154  apr15 Punita Singh    (2k) mental planning for performance<<Dear List, Can anyone help me find out more abo
(txt) 155  apr20 Neil Todd       (4k) Re: mental planning for performance<<Pun ita I'm not aware of any specific singi
(txt) 156  apr22 Sid P. Bacon    (1k) possible postdoc position<<I may have a postdoc position available in my laborat
(txt) 157  apr24 Torben Poulsen  (3k) Professor position<<The position decribed below may be of interest for the AUDIT
(txt) 158  apr23 Jont Allen      (3k) An idea whose time has com: NetBib<<Dear Auditory, I would like to build a publi
(txt) 159  apr24 Charles S. Watso(4k) Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib<<Jont, Sounds like a valuable public serv
(txt) 160  apr24 Rebecca Mercuri (2k) Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib<<I have an alternate suggestion....since 
(txt) 161  apr24 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib<<At 03:32 PM 4/24/98 -0400, Rebecca Mercu
(txt) 162  apr24 Steven M. Boker (2k) Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib<<Rebecca Mercuri <mercuri@GRADIENT.CIS.UP
(txt) 163  apr24 Rebecca Mercuri (2k) Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib<<That's fine, Pierre. But I get a variety
(txt) 164  apr24 Dave Mellinger  (2k) Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib<<> Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:49:27 -0500 
(txt) 165  apr24 Jont Allen     (25k) BIBTEX format<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------B46365
(txt) 166  apr25 Dan Ellis       (2k) Re: BIBTEX format<<Jont / List - >> I have received MANY responses so far. Check
(txt) 167  apr25 Didier A. Depire(2k) Preprint archive<< Since we are talking about using electronic resources to the 
(txt) 168  apr27 Mike Brookes    (2k) Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib<<Dear list, I agree with Rebecca that the
(txt) 169  apr28 Jont Allen      (2k) reference to A.A. Mayer on masking<<Dear auditory mailing list members, I am loo
(txt) 170  apr28 Mickey Mouse    (2k) Binaural Recording<<Auditory List- My lab is preparing to buy a set of binaural 
(txt) 171  apr28 Sheila Williams (2k) SPL meters<<Hi everyone, we're thinking of replacing our SPL meter and I wondere
(txt) 172  apr29 Sheila Williams (2k) SPL meters<<Thanks for the responses so far. perhaps I should have said that we 
(txt) 173  apr29 Punita Singh    (4k) mental planning for hitting the right note<<Dear List, -- surprisingly little in
(txt) 174  apr29 Arty Samuel     (2k) lyrics<<List members, A graduate student in our program asked me the question be
(txt) 175  apr29 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: lyrics<<Arty Samuel wrote: > > List members, > > A graduate student in our p
(txt) 176  may02 Ying-fen Wang   (7k) job announcement<<The following job announcement may be of interest to scholars 
(txt) 177  may02 Mary V Andrianop(2k) tone matching<<Julie, I seem to recall seeing an inquiry similar to yours below 
(txt) 178  may02 Mary V Andrianop(3k) Tomatis method<<I have heard of the Tomatis method. I also sat on a thesis commi
(txt) 179  may04 MITCHELL Sommers(1k) information transmission analysis<<Would anyone have information about software 
(txt) 180  may05 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Re: information transmission analysis<<We have a complete set of routines to do 
(txt) 181  may06 Fantini D       (3k) Re: audio lab url<<Enclosed is information about study opportunities which may b
(txt) 182  may06 Daniel J. Tollin(2k) Help: using mics as earphones<<Theoretically, I know it is possible to drive a m
(txt) 183  may06 LAURA-LEE Balkwi(1k) Re: tapping device<<Dear list, I have designed an experiment which requires some
(txt) 184  may06 LAURA-LEE Balkwi(1k) Re: tapping device<<re: tapping device Someone suggested using a MIDI keyboard s
(txt) 185  may06 RealTime        (2k) Re: tapping device<<Why don't you get a piezo trigger and something like the rol
(txt) 186  may06 Patrick Flanagan(2k) Re: tapping device<<I know that my Laptop(Dell) touchpad keeps track of tap dura
(txt) 187  may06 Daniel J. Leviti(3k) Re: Help: using mics as earphones<<Daniel - It is possible to use a microphone a
(txt) 188  may06 Bruce N. Walker (3k) Re: tapping device<<> I have designed an experiment which requires some sort of 
(txt) 189  may06 LAURA-LEE Balkwi(1k) Re: tapping device responses<<Thanks to everyone who responded for my request fo
(txt) 190  may07 Steve Slade     (2k) Re: tapping device<<>Why don't you get a piezo trigger and something like the ro
(txt) 191  may07 Bob Masta       (2k) Re: Using mics as earphones<<Condenser mics have a long history of use as sound 
(txt) 192  may07 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) mics to speakers<<To list, A dynamic microphone (coil and magnet) can be used as
(txt) 193  may07 Christophe Palli(4k) looking for a transformation to "extract" prosody from speech<<Message en plusie
(txt) 194  may07 Dan Mapes-Riorda(3k) Re: Help: using mics as earphones<<Daniel, Yes, in theory reciprocal acoustical 
(txt) 195  may07 Sid P. Bacon    (2k) Research ListServ<<I would like to draw your attention to a Research ListServ, s
(txt) 196  may08 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Temporary Lectureship<<---------------------------------------------------------
(txt) 197  may08 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Fw: ASHA Research Listserv: Beware!<<Please note that the ASHA listserv is *not*
(txt) 198  may08 Sid P. Bacon    (1k) ASHA list serve<<I apologize for the confusion regarding the "ASHA member only" 
(txt) 199  may12 Stuart Rosen    (3k) UCL studentship<<EPSRC RESEARCH STUDENTSHIP: SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PROCESSING. DEP
(txt) 200  may14 Gerry McKiernan (4k) The Next WAVe(sm): Auditory Browsing in Web and non-Web Databases<< _The Next WA
(txt) 201  may19 Hermann Wagner  (2k) <<Postdoctoral Position in Neurobiology. A postdoctoral position (BAT IIa) is im
(txt) 202  may20 Christian Kaernb(1k) dB SPL to dBA<<Dear List, Is there any internet source where I could get a trans
(txt) 203  may20 Torben Poulsen  (2k) Re: dB SPL to dBA<<On dB SPL to dBA Here are the numbers for A, C and D-filter F
(txt) 204  may20 Torben Poulsen  (1k) Re: dB SPL to dBA<<A reference in relation to dBA
(txt) 205  may20 Patrick Susini  (2k) Re: dB SPL to dBA<<An approximation can be obtained for dBA as follow function [
(txt) 206  may20 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re: dB SPL to dBA<<At 04:56 PM 5/20/98 +0200, Patrick Susini wrote: >An approxim
(txt) 207  may21 rmaarts@NATLAB.R(5k) dB SPL to dBA (fwd)<<Dear list, in one of my two articles on loudness comparison
(txt) 208  may23 Dan Ellis       (5k) ** New host machine for AUDITORY list **<<Dear List - The McGill University netw
(txt) 209  may27 Gerry McKiernan (3k) Life is But A Stream: Streaming Audio for Auditory Browsing<< Life is a But a St
(txt) 210  may28 Niall Griffith  (3k) Connectionist Bibliography for Music<<An extensive bibliography of connectionist
(txt) 211  may28 Malcolm Slaney  (3k) Correlogram Web Server<<We've put a correlogram server on the web and we think i
(txt) 212  may28 W. Bradley Fain (3k) spoken digit database<<I am looking for a couple of American accent spoken digit
(txt) 213  may28 Stuart Rosen    (3k) Seashore tests of musical ability<<Does anyone know of the availability and deta
(txt) 214  may28 Ke CHEN         (3k) Re: spoken digit database<<On Thu, 28 May 1998, W. Bradley Fain wrote: > I am lo
(txt) 215  may28 RealTime        (3k) Re: spoken digit database<<Why not try bell atlantic... chris mandra On Thu, 28 
(txt) 216  may28 John Hershey    (3k) Re: spoken digit database<<Javier Movellan has an audio-visual database of the f
(txt) 217  may28 Dan Ellis       (3k) Daniel Fain: Re: spoken digit database<<Dear List - I'm forwarding the enclosed 
(txt) 218  jun01 Phil Harris     (4k) Re: Seashore tests of musical ability<<Stuart You might find Paul R. Lehman's "T
(txt) 219  jun02 Dan Ellis       (3k) ATOM BIGGS: ROCK MUSIC<<Dear List - Do any of you know of actual research releva
(txt) 220  jun02 Brian Gygi      (3k) Re: ATOM BIGGS: ROCK MUSIC<<> ------- Forwarded Message > From: "ATOM BIGGS" <fo
(txt) 221  jun02 Douglas H. Keefe(4k) Re: ATOM BIGGS: ROCK MUSIC<<You might take a look at what Plato wrote in "The Re
(txt) 222  jun02 Neil Todd       (5k) Re: ATOM BIGGS: ROCK MUSIC<<dear list It just so happens that i've recently mark
(txt) 223  jun02 Linda A. Seltzer(5k) rock music<<The first issue is to be more precise about the musical terminology 
(txt) 224  jun02 Charles S. Watso(3k) Re: ATOM BIGGS: ROCK MUSIC<<I am certainly no expert on the subject, but I seem 
(txt) 225  jun03 KEVIN AUSTIN    (2k) ROCK MUSIC<<>It's being said that the syncopated beats of >rock music create phy
(txt) 226  jun03 Leigh Smith     (5k) Re: rock music<<The tendency to play ahead of the beat in jazz usually confines 
(txt) 227  jun03 repp@LENNY.HASKI(3k) rock music<<One important factor that has not yet been mentioned in this semi-se
(txt) 228  jun03 Eliot Handelman (3k) Music & arousal<<> Dan Ellis: > > Dr. Al Bregman said you might be able to help 
(txt) 229  jun03 James Wright Mcg(5k) Re: Greeks, Ethos and Rock Music<<In response to postings re. Rock Music, Morali
(txt) 230  jun03 Charles S. Watso(3k) Re: ROCK MUSIC<<Pierre wrote to say he agreed with my comment about the many for
(txt) 231  jun03 Edward W. Large (2k) Re: rock music<<Hi Bruno, I enjoyed your response to the list! Ed McGill is runn
(txt) 232  jun03 Douglas H. Keefe(7k) Re: Greeks, Ethos and Rock Music<<My invocation of Plato was for two reasons: [1
(txt) 233  jun03 Linda A. Seltzer(3k) rock music<<I wish to disagree with the person who said that only drummers play 
(txt) 234  jun03 Eliot Handelman (4k) Re: Greeks, Ethos and Rock Music<<Douglas H. Keefe wrote: > Plato framed questio
(txt) 235  jun09 Jont Allen     (16k) bp, a Perl Bibliography Package<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --
(txt) 236  jun12 Julius O. Smith (3k) Re: Critical bands<<Does anyone know the experimental standard deviation of a cr
(txt) 237  jun16 Roy Patterson   (5k) Correlations, but ...<<Chuck Watson wrote - "I would be curious to know ... whet
(txt) 238  jun17 Bob Carlyon     (6k) headphones<<Some time ago a posted a query to the list about possible replacemen
(txt) 239  jun23 Dan Ellis       (9k) International Foundation for Music Research / CogPrints<<Dear List - Enclosed ar
(txt) 240  jun24 Zacharov Nick N(11k) Call for papers - AES 16th International<<Our apologies if you received duplicat
(txt) 241  jun26 Robert J. Zatorr(3k) delay-and-add noise<<Dear colleagues, Am I correct in my understanding that the 
(txt) 242  jun29 Torben Poulsen  (9k) Positions available<<At The Technical University of Denmark (DTU): Associate/ass
(txt) 243  jun29 Dirk Meister    (3k) Hearing loss simulation ?<<I'm working on a noise-reduction system for hearing a
(txt) 244  jul06 meijer@NATLAB.RE(3k) Profile analysis: David Green?<< July 6, 1998 Dear All, Could someone tell me if
(txt) 245  jul06 meijer@NATLAB.RE(3k) Re: Profile analysis: David Green?<< July 6, 1998 Thanks to those who helped me 
(txt) 246  jul07 Linda A. Seltzer(3k) Sound of tube amplifiers<<Recently I found myself in an "argument" with someone 
(txt) 247  jul07 Ewan A. Macphers(3k) Re: Sound of tube amplifiers<<Linda Seltzer wrote: > Recently I found myself in 
(txt) 248  jul08 =?iso-8859-1?Q?S(3k) Re: Sound of tube amplifiers<<Dear Linda, Although I am not an expert on this to
(txt) 249  0                 (3k) << BAD MSG: somewhat different. Guitar players are rarely seeking for a "true" r
(txt) 250  jul08 Bob Carlyon     (3k) sennheiser hd250 linear 2 headphones: additional info<<There is a further point 
(txt) 251  jul08 DeLiang Wang    (4k) Tech report on speech segregation<<The following technical report is available v
(txt) 252  jul09 =?iso-8859-1?Q?B(4k) Re: Sound of tube amplifiers<<Dear Linda + list, One likely physical explanation
(txt) 253  jul09 msommers@ARTSCI.(3k) Klatt synthesis<<We are looking to synthesize some CV continua using the Klatt s
(txt) 254  jul10 meijer@NATLAB.RE(3k) Profile analysis and intra-CB beats<< July 10, 1998 Dear All,                   
(txt) 255  0                 (3k) << BAD MSG: whom I've not yet been in touch), it seems that profile nalysis has 
(txt) 256  0                 (1k) << BAD MSG: is 64) seems like a reasonable compromise, but from the erspective o
(txt) 257  jul16 =?iso-8859-1?Q?S(3k) Digital compression<<Dear List members, I have been looking for literature on st
(txt) 258  jul17 Zacharov Nick NR(7k) Call for papers - AES 16th International<<Our apologies if you received duplicat
(txt) 259  jul21 Christian Kaernb(3k) dB HL to dB SPL<<Dear Listers, could someone point me to an internet source of a
(txt) 260  jul21 James W. Beaucha(3k) Iowa Musical Instrument Samples (fwd)<<From: Larry Fritts <lawrence-fritts@uiowa
(txt) 261  jul24 Christophe Palli(4k) looking for stimuli to build a www demo of categorical speech<<Dear list, I have
(txt) 262  jul24 Pierre Divenyi  (4k) Tucker and Davis AP2 board<<Dear Tucker and Davis Customer Members of the List, 
(txt) 263  jul26 Tom Maglione    (2k) Post retry again repeated.<<Return-Path: owner-auditory@LISTS.MCGILL.CA Received
(txt) 264  0                 (0k) << BAD MSG: tried to get out several times. Sorry about the lateness/timeliness 
(txt) 265  jul07 Tom Maglione    (2k) Re:  Sound of tube amplifiers<<This is a pretty old argument, vacuum tube vs. so
(txt) 266  jul28 Ranil Sonnadara (3k) Midi rendering programmes<<Does anybody know a decent PC Dos based MIDI renderin
(txt) 267  jul28 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(3k) Re: Midi rendering programmes<<>From tothl Tue Jul 28 18:00:16 +0200 1998 remote
(txt) 268  jul29 William A. Ahroo(4k) Job Posting<<Research Scientist Anticipated Opening: Through the Research Founda
(txt) 269  jul29 Pascal BELIN    (3k) time and frequency spacing in direction of pitch change judgement<<hi list, is a
(txt) 270  jul30 McAnally, Ken   (4k) speech synthesis<<Dear List, I wondow if any one could point me in the direction
(txt) 271  aug03 Sue McCabe      (4k) Research studentship advert<<Centre for Neural and Adaptive Systems School of Co
(txt) 272  aug05 Luke Windsor    (8k) Postdoctoral Researchers in Music Cognition<<Dear All, The following job announc
(txt) 273  aug05 Tom Maglione    (3k) IEEE Spectrum vacuum tubes.<<After a brief discussion some weeks ago, I was surp
(txt) 274  aug05 John K. Bates   (3k) Inverted phase at each ear<<Dear List, An acquaintance of mine has done an exper
(txt) 275  aug06 Fred Wightman   (3k) Upside down noise<<Dear List: I would like to make a plea to list posters to thi
(txt) 276  aug06 Rebecca Mercuri (3k) Re: Inverted phase at each ear<<This is not unique and has been written up in th
(txt) 277  aug06 Pierre Divenyi  (4k) Re: Upside down noise<<Personally, I don't find John Bates's question "noisy." A
(txt) 278  aug06 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: Upside down noise<<Re: > I would like to make a plea to list posters to thin
(txt) 279  aug06 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: Upside down noise<<On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Pierre Divenyi wrote: > > I have a di
(txt) 280  aug06 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Tucker and Davis AP2<<To all those valiant list members who have responded to ou
(txt) 281  aug06 Charles S. Watso(5k) Re: Upside down noise<<Even a monaural person like moi can come up with an answe
(txt) 282  aug06 Eric Mousset    (5k) Re: Upside down noise<<Dear Pierre, Dear List, Pierre Divenyi wrote: > I have a 
(txt) 283  aug07 Dan Ellis       (4k) Postdoc opening at Plattsburgh<<Dear List - I'm posting the enclosed announcemen
(txt) 284  aug11 Dan Ellis       (4k) Roy Patterson: email change<<Dear List - I'm forwarding the enclosed email addre
(txt) 285  aug11 Roy Patterson   (3k) email addresses again<<Correction regarding the email addresses of members of th
(txt) 286  aug11 Ron Benson      (7k) Speech Recognition Scientist needed in San Francisco.<<This is a multi-part mess
(txt) 287  aug12 Bob Carlyon     (3k) even more email addresses<<Following Roy's announcement of the change of email a
(txt) 288  aug12 joachim.ostwald@(4k) job opening in Tuebingen, Germany<<Dear members of the auditory list, the follow
(txt) 289  aug14 Zacharov Nick NR(7k) EXTENDED call for papers - AES 16th Inte<<**************************************
(txt) 290  aug14 Dan Ellis       (4k) Postdoc announcement<<Dear List - Here's another announcement concerning a postd
(txt) 291  aug17 Christian Kaernb(3k) digital output (SP/DIF) under DOS<<Dear List, We would very much appreciate any 
(txt) 292  aug17 James W. Beaucha(3k) spectral analysis program<<Armadillo, a program for real-time or non-real-time t
(txt) 293  aug17 Julian Vriesland(3k) Re: spectral analysis program (WARNING : file may contain a virus)<<On 8/17/98 6
(txt) 294  aug17 James W. Beaucha(3k) Re: spectral analysis program (WARNING : file may contain a virus)<<You wrote: >
(txt) 295  aug18 Bob Masta       (5k) Data acquisition system for PCs<<DAQARTA (Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysi
(txt) 296  aug18 Pascal BELIN    (2k) Vocal sounds?<<Hi List, is anybody aware of places or web sites where there is a
(txt) 297  aug18 James W. Beaucha(3k) Re: spectral analysis program (WARNING : file may contain a virus)<<Julian, On M
(txt) 298  aug19 Julian Vriesland(3k) Re: spectral analysis program (WARNING : file may contain a virus)<<On 8/18/98 1
(txt) 299  aug19 Dan Ellis       (3k) IFMR Accepting Research Pre-Proposals<<Dear List - Here's a follow-up message fr
(txt) 300  aug25 James W. Beaucha(3k) high pressure microphone<<Dear auditories, I need an accurate high pressure micr
(txt) 301  aug25 RealTime        (3k) Re: high pressure microphone<<What about the electro voice re-20? It seems quite
(txt) 302  aug26 Torben Poulsen  (3k) Re: High pressure microphone<<High pressure mic: What about Sennheiser KE4-211-9
(txt) 303  aug26 Pawel Kusmierek (4k) Why is high high?<<Dear list-members, In several Indo-European languages (e.g. E
(txt) 304  aug26 Sheila Flanagan (5k) Re: Why is high high?<<Dear Pawel, I have heard of many theories to do with this
(txt) 305  aug26 Harry Erwin     (4k) Re: Why is high high?<<At 11:10 AM 8/26/1998, Pawel Kusmierek wrote: >Dear list-
(txt) 306  aug26 Robert Bolia    (6k) Re: Why is high high?<<Pawel, I suspect that the use of the words "high" and "lo
(txt) 307  aug26 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: Why is high high?<<And why do high freqencies produce far more pain than low
(txt) 308  aug26 Brian Gygi      (3k) Re: Why is high high?<<Wasn't there quite a lengthy discussion of this very issu
(txt) 309  aug27 Patrick Flanagan(3k) Re: Why is high high?<<On sheet music , the "high" notes are at the top of the p
(txt) 310  aug26 Dan Ellis       (9k) JOHANNES ZANKER: Neuroscience graduate program<<Dear List - I was sent the enclo
(txt) 311  aug27 Daniel Salomons (5k) Re: Why is high high?<<My teacher in high school told once, that in ancient Gree
(txt) 312  aug27 Johannes Nix    (3k) Re: Why is high high?<<I made recently recordings from various elevations with w
(txt) 313  aug27 Sheila Flanagan (4k) Re: Why is high high?<<There is some interesting research into the ears frequenc
(txt) 314  aug27 Steven M. Boker (4k) Re: Why is high high?<<I'm not sure if this is relevant to vertical spatial rela
(txt) 315  aug27 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(2k) pitch<<Dear List, Here is a technical note on the description of pitch. The disc
(txt) 316  aug27 James W. Beaucha(3k) Re: Why is high high?<<We not only think of high pitches as being higher, but in
(txt) 317  aug27 Harry Erwin     (3k) Re: Why is high high?<<The human and bat literature discuss elevation estimation
(txt) 318  aug27 Charles S. Watso(4k) up and down-ness<<OK, I can't resist. The up or down-ness of various frequencies
(txt) 319  aug27 Eliot Handelman (3k) Re: Why is high high?<<James W. Beauchamp wrote: > Can you imagine a situation w
(txt) 320  aug27 Eliot Handelman (3k) Re: Why is high high?<<Jim Stevenson wrote: > > And why do high freqencies produ
(txt) 321  aug28 Andrew Vermiglio(3k) Re: Why is high high?<<Jim Stevenson wrote:> > And why do high freqencies produc
(txt) 322  aug28 Eliot Handelman (3k) Selective numbing (was: Re: Why is high high?)<<Andrew Vermiglio wrote: > Eliot,
(txt) 323  aug28 Regis Rossi A. F(4k) Re: Selective numbing<<Eliot Handelman wrote: > > Andy, during and after exposur
(txt) 324  aug28 Andrew Vermiglio(4k) Re: Selective numbing (was: Re: Why is high high?)<<Eliot Handelman wrote: Andy,
(txt) 325  aug28 Al Bregman      (5k) Re: pitch<<On Thu, 27 Aug 1998 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.EDU wrote: > The discussion to da
(txt) 326  aug28 Dan Mapes-Riorda(3k) Re: pitch<<Al Bregmen wrote: > >This issue also comes up in talking about timbre
(txt) 327  aug28 Charles S. Watso(7k) Re: pitch<<Al and Bill and list, The methathetic/prothetic way of thinking about
(txt) 328  aug29 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: pitch<<Dear Chuck and List, Is it introspection when a person says, "That to
(txt) 329  aug29 Eliot Handelman (3k) Re: Selective numbing (was: Re: Why is high high?)<<Andrew Vermiglio wrote: > > 
(txt) 330  aug29 Al Bregman      (4k) Postdoc position wanted<<A former student sent me this message. If anybody has a
(txt) 331  aug31 Stephen Barrass (5k) perceptual variables and data variables<<Al Bregman says > A dimension of > expe
(txt) 332  aug31 Alain de Cheveig(5k) Re: Selective numbing<<>Although I don't have knowledge of formal studies on thi
(txt) 333  aug31 Robert Bolia    (2k) Why is high high?<<Regarding the question of whether or not the use of the words
(txt) 334  aug31 Pawel Kusmierek (4k) Re: Why is high high?<<Date sent: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 07:18:14 -0400 Send reply to:
(txt) 335  aug31 Robert Bolia    (4k) Pawel,<<Pawel, Thanks for the interesting question (which has prompted a great d
(txt) 336  aug31 Pawel Kusmierek (5k) Re: (why is high high)<<From: Date sent: Mon, 31 Aug 98 15
(txt) 337  aug31 Michael Kubovy  (4k) Re: Why is high high?<<Dear Audionomes, Pawel Kusmierek wrote: > tell > us how a
(txt) 338  aug31 Brian Gygi      (3k) Flangers<<On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Alain de Cheveigne' wrote: > I'm not sure what is
(txt) 339  aug31 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(3k) Re: low - high<<>From tothl Mon Aug 31 17:00:10 +0200 1998 remote from inf.u-sze
(txt) 340  aug31 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(4k) Re: (why is high high)<<>From tothl Mon Aug 31 17:23:57 +0200 1998 remote from i
(txt) 341  aug31 Neil Todd       (3k) high and low, fast and slow<<Dear List Biophysical arguments for the origin of h
(txt) 342  aug31 Charles S. Watso(6k) Re: pitch<<Dear Al and List... You are certainly right that I, along with every 
(txt) 343  aug31 Edward M. Burns (3k) Re: (why is high high)<<see Burns and Sampat (1980) " A note on possible culture
(txt) 344  aug31 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: (why is high high)<<Ed, All you have to do is hit your delete key and let th
(txt) 345  aug31 Robert Bolia    (3k) Re: (why is high high)<<Regarding Ed Burns' posting: I think this is a little ha
(txt) 346  sep01 Alain de Cheveig(3k) Flangers (was: Selective numbing)<<I got two email followups that I can't resist
(txt) 347  sep01 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: (why is high high)<<There has been an incredably high volume of quoting way 
(txt) 348  sep01 Biao Tian PhD   (4k) Re: (why is high high)<<Dear Pawel and list, I was following the discussion on t
(txt) 349  sep02 Sandra E. Trehub(2k) high and low pitch<<The terms "high" and "low" are used to mark pitch in Japanes
(txt) 350  sep02 Arnt =?iso-8859-(3k) The McGurk-effect on web<<Dear list, In case anyone might be interested in 'sein
(txt) 351  sep02 Dan Levitin     (3k) Re: Flangers<<On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Brian Gygi wrote: > On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Alai
(txt) 352  sep02 msommers@ARTSCI.(2k) noise generators<<Can anyone point me to programs that can be used to add differ
(txt) 353  sep02 Francky goes to (3k) Re: noise generators<< Cool Edit 96. Look on the WEB. | Can anyone point me to p
(txt) 354  sep02 Linda A. Seltzer(3k) Re: (why is high high)<<When I studied Western classical singing I was taught to
(txt) 355  sep03 Richard M Warren(7k) pitch<<Dear List, I can't help jumping in on the discussion of pitch that develo
(txt) 356  sep04 Jont Allen      (9k) Re: pitch<<Richard, Are you saying then that the Prothetic/Metathetic distinctio
(txt) 357  sep04 Punita Singh    (5k) Sound Therapy:  Fact vs. Hear say<<Dear List Are there any decent scientific stu
(txt) 358  sep04 Richard M Warren(3k) Re: Metathetic vs. Prothetic & Sensory Scales<<Jont, You are right: I do believe
(txt) 359  sep05 B Suresh Krishna(4k) Re: (Why is high high)<<I posted the essentials of the pitch-frequency question 
(txt) 360  sep10 meijer@NATLAB.RE(5k) Re: What's a compelling example of sonification?<<David Jameson wrote: > Suppose
(txt) 361  sep10 John Lazzaro    (3k) Re: What's a compelling example of sonification?<<> What would you tell them? Wh
(txt) 362  sep15 Zacharov Nick NR(7k) Gentle reminder - Abstract submissions -<<Hello This is a gentle reminder that t
(txt) 363  sep17 Dan Ellis       (3k) Barbara Muller: Question on soundproof rooms<<Dear List - I'm forwarding this re
(txt) 364  sep20 Richard J. Fabbr(3k) The central stereo image<<Dear list, Speech recognition is based on our sense of
(txt) 365  sep21 Brian C.J. Moore(4k) New book<<Dear Colleagues, At the risk of incurring the wrath of Ed Burns, I wou
(txt) 366  sep21 Aniruddh Patel  (2k) pitch shift with age<<Dear auditory list, Can anyone give me a reference to a pe
(txt) 367  sep21 Daniel J. Leviti(4k) Re: pitch shift with age<<>Dear auditory list, > >Can anyone give me a reference
(txt) 368  sep21 Pierre Divenyi  (5k) Re: pitch shift with age<<--=====================_-2055569843==_.ALT Content-Typ
(txt) 369  sep21 Jont Allen      (7k) [Fwd: pitch shift with age]<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------
(txt) 370  sep22 Elito Handelman (3k) Re: [Fwd: pitch shift with age]<<Jont Allen wrote: > Daniel J. Levitin wrote: > 
(txt) 371  sep22 Richard J. Fabbr(6k) The Central Stereo Image<<Dear List, WHY is there is a Central Stereo Image ? An
(txt) 372  sep23 repp@LENNY.HASKI(3k) Ear training for musicians<<As book review editor of MUSIC PERCEPTION, I am look
(txt) 373  sep24 Peter Cariani   (4k) Re: pitch shift with age<<Pierre Divenyi wrote: > > The fact that pitch shift oc
(txt) 374  sep25 Stuart Rosen    (5k) Progress report from Phonetics & Linguistics, UCL<<Please feel free to re-distri
(txt) 375  sep28 Tim Cox         (3k) applications<<Hello list - my first time participating in list reply so bear wit
(txt) 376  sep28 meijer@NATLAB.RE(4k) Re: applications<<Tim Cox wrote: > No one has mentioned this effect - surely the
(txt) 377  sep29 Tim Cox         (5k) Re: applications<<Thank you Peter for your comments. I have not come across any 
(txt) 378  sep28 Al Bregman      (4k) Re: applications<<Dear Tim, I think that one cause of the situation you describe
(txt) 379  sep28 Pierre Divenyi  (4k) Re: applications<<At 10:46 PM 9/28/98 +0800, Tim Cox wrote: >Hello list - my fir
(txt) 380  sep29 Tim Cox         (3k) Re: applications<<At 11:52 29/09/98 +1000, you wrote: The term localisation I re
(txt) 381  sep29 Christian Kaernb(3k) Re: applications<<My personal solution to this problem is to misplace the headph
(txt) 382  oct01 Jont Allen      (3k) comodulation release of masking (CMR)<<Dear List, Has anybody done a computer si
(txt) 383  oct01 david eddins    (3k) Re: comodulation release of masking (CMR)<<Re: Models of CMR One model that has 
(txt) 384  oct02 Neil Todd       (5k) Re: comodulation release of masking (CMR)<<Jont You may like to take a look at t
(txt) 385  oct02 par@IPO.TUE.NL  (5k) Re: comodulation release of masking (CMR)<<> > Re: Models of CMR > > One model t
(txt) 386  oct02 Neil Todd       (4k) Re: comodulation release of masking (CMR)<<Dear Steven Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 15:
(txt) 387  oct04 Jont Allen      (3k) Ariel DSP 16<<Dear List, If anybody has an ARIEL DSP 16 that they no longer want
(txt) 388  oct05 par@IPO.TUE.NL  (6k) Re: comodulation release of masking (CMR)<<Dear Neil, > >I think there is no con
(txt) 389  oct05 Neil Todd       (6k) Re: comodulation release of masking (CMR)<<Dear Steven > >> >I think there is no
(txt) 390  oct09 meijer@NATLAB.RE(3k) Granular synthesis and auditory segregation<<Dear All, Has anyone systematically
(txt) 391  oct09 James W. Beaucha(4k) identification test procedure<<Folks, A colleague of mine is using a particular 
(txt) 392  oct09 Timothy C. Justu(3k) Re: identification test procedure<<Hello - In response to James Beauchamp's mess
(txt) 393  oct09 Pierre Divenyi (10k) Re: identification test procedure<<--=====================_332608125==_.ALT Cont
(txt) 394  oct11 William L Marten(6k) Re: identification test procedure<<To Jim Beauchamp: I do that kind of experimen
(txt) 395  oct11 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: identification test procedure<<Bill Martens's insightful note suggests an ex
(txt) 396  oct12 William L Marten(4k) Re: identification test procedure<<I am happy to admit that the process underlyi
(txt) 397  oct11 M Clackler      (2k) Unsubscribe<< McGill is running a new version of LISTSERV (1.8d on Windows NT). 
(txt) 398  oct12 KEVIN AUSTIN    (5k) Discrimination / Identification<<Having no scientific training, I was caught by 
(txt) 399  oct12 Dan Tollin      (3k) <<Pierre Divenyi wrote: >I would venture pointing out that (as they have shown) 
(txt) 400  oct12 Richard Parncutt(4k) change of addressDear colleagues<< Please note my new address. (Please forgive t
(txt) 401  oct12 Al Bregman      (5k) Re: your mail<<Dear List, I don't agree that discrimination implies underlying s
(txt) 402  oct12 Charles S. Watso(7k) Re: your mail<<Al: Well, here is another way to look at it, that is mechanism in
(txt) 403  oct12 Al Bregman      (7k) Re: your mail<<Dear Stew and List, This is an example of where a shortage of nam
(txt) 404  oct12 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: your mail<<Dear Chuck, Your first sentence tells the story: "if you want to 
(txt) 405  oct12 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segregation<<Dear List, I don't know of anyb
(txt) 406  oct12 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: your mail<<I suggest that this subject line is a bad label for this list. Em
(txt) 407  oct12 Edward M. Burns (3k) your mail<<I agree! How about: AUDITORY, NOT WHEELS, REINVENTING DIALOGUE,INTERM
(txt) 408  oct13 KEVIN AUSTIN    (4k) Identity ...<<>Pierre Divenyi wrote: >>I would venture pointing out that (as the
(txt) 409  oct13 Dan Mapes-Riorda(3k) detection and identification<<Pierre Divenyi wrote: >>I would venture pointing o
(txt) 410  oct13 Charles S. Watso(4k) Re: your mail<<Al, Yes, I guess those are our version of C.P.Snow's dichotomy. A
(txt) 411  oct13 Richard J. Fabbr(3k) Re: detection and identification<<Dan, >detection showed no decrement in perform
(txt) 412  oct13 lseltzer@PHOENIX(4k) detection/identification<<I'm not a psychologist, but I would like to offer some
(txt) 413  oct13 Paul Iverson    (3k) Position available<<Advanced Research Associate: The Spoken Language Processes L
(txt) 414  oct13 Andrew L. Kaye  (3k) A piano is a piano is... [Re: detection/identification]<<lseltzer@PHOENIX.PRINCE
(txt) 415  oct14 Steve Slade     (4k) Re. A piano is a piano is...<<Dear Andrew >> It seems to me that the issue is no
(txt) 416  oct14 John K. Bates   (5k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Dear List, The topic of granul
(txt) 417  oct14 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Dear List, John K. Bates has i
(txt) 418  oct14 Didier A Depireu(4k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, Richard J
(txt) 419  oct14 lseltzer@PHOENIX(3k) A piano is a piano is...<<If one is going to challenge, from an ethnomusicologic
(txt) 420  oct14 meijer@NATLAB.RE(5k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Richard Fabbri wrote: > Does t
(txt) 421  oct14 Pierre Divenyi  (6k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<--=====================_752705
(txt) 422  oct14 Andrew L. Kaye  (5k) Re: A piano is a piano is...<<lseltzer@PHOENIX.PRINCETON.EDU wrote: > If one is 
(txt) 423  oct15 Richard J. Fabbr(7k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Peter, Thank you for pasting t
(txt) 424  oct15 Robert Bolia    (6k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Richard, I'm not sure that I s
(txt) 425  oct15 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Bob, > I'm not sure that I see
(txt) 426  oct15 Brian Gygi      (3k) MAA and stream separation<<On Thu, 15 Oct 1998, Richard J. Fabbri wrote: > ... M
(txt) 427  oct15 Julius O. Smith (5k) Re: A piano is a piano is...<< > > If one is going to challenge, from an ethnomu
(txt) 428  oct15 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Re: MAA and stream separation<<Brian, >> ... Maybe an absurd example would help 
(txt) 429  oct15 Peter Cariani  (10k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<While I agree with much of wha
(txt) 430  oct15 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Peter, >[I say "roughly reflec
(txt) 431  oct15 Peter Cariani   (4k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Richard J. Fabbri wrote: > ...
(txt) 432  oct15 Dan Ellis       (5k) Ann: RESPITE: Positions in speech recognition & scene analysis<<Dear List - I'd 
(txt) 433  oct16 Torben Poulsen  (3k) MAA<<Bob Bolia wrote... ..... Has anyone ever done any cocktail party experiment
(txt) 434  oct16 Chris Darwin    (9k) ITDs, grouping and auditory attention<<On Fri, 16 Oct 1998 11:05:01 +0200 tp@DAT
(txt) 435  oct16 John K. Bates   (5k) granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Dear List, From my previous postin
(txt) 436  oct16 Peter Cariani   (9k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<John K. Bates wrote: > What I 
(txt) 437  oct19 meijer@NATLAB.RE(6k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<I'd like to thank you all for 
(txt) 438  oct19 Richard J. Fabbr(3k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Peter, >I'd love to hear about
(txt) 439  oct19 Richard J. Fabb(10k) UNmixing Sources, i.e., The Cocktail Party Effect<<Dear List, Several LISTeners 
(txt) 440  oct19 James W. Beaucha(3k) Re: UNmixing Sources, i.e., The Cocktail Party Effect<<Richard J. Fabrri writes 
(txt) 441  oct19 Pierre Divenyi  (5k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<--=====================_339189
(txt) 442  oct19 William Treurnie(4k) Re: UNmixing Sources, i.e., The Cocktail Party Effect<<I found the description o
(txt) 443  oct19 by way of Pierre(6k) Re: Dr. Schick's (Oldenburg, Germany) vacation announcements<<--================
(txt) 444  oct19 Peter Cariani   (4k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<R. Fabbri wrote: > >I'd love t
(txt) 446  oct20 Richard J. Fabbr(5k) Re: UNmixing Sources, i.e., The Cocktail Party Effect<<Jim, >>Several LISTeners 
(txt) 447  oct20 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Pierre, >I agree with Jim Beau
(txt) 448  oct20 Pierre Divenyi  (8k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<--=====================_740400
(txt) 449  oct20 Al Bregman      (4k) Style of interchanges<<Hi all, Some recent interchanges on the list have suggest
(txt) 450  oct21 Jont Allen      (5k) [Fwd: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation]<<This is a multi-part messag
(txt) 451  oct21 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Purpose<<Dear List, Why do you exist? What is your purpose? Does that purpose en
(txt) 452  oct21 Richard J. Fabbr(5k) Basilar-Tectorial Membrane - Harmonic Analysis?<<Dear List, As stated in an earl
(txt) 453  oct21 meijer@NATLAB.R(11k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<[BTW, for clarity of discussio
(txt) 454  oct21 Richard J. Fabbr(3k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Peter, >I wrote (i.e., Peter M
(txt) 455  oct21 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: Style of interchanges<<Excellent post. May I add that quoting should be limi
(txt) 456  oct21 meijer@NATLAB.RE(4k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Rich Fabbri wrote > ... Have y
(txt) 457  oct21 Charles S. Watso(3k) Re: Style of interchanges<<Al is right on target. Sometimes the word "comity" is
(txt) 458  oct21 Richard J. Fabbr(6k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Peter, >No, I haven't tried th
(txt) 459  oct22 Jont Allen      (8k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<meijer@NATLAB.RESEARCH.PHILIPS
(txt) 460  oct22 Christian Kaernb(3k) spectrogram/sonogram aspect ratio<<Dear Listers, May be this is a silly question
(txt) 461  oct22 Grabsch Hans-Pet(4k) Re: spectrogram/sonogram aspect ratio<<Dear Christian, dear list Christian wrote
(txt) 462  oct22 James W. Beaucha(6k) Back to the piano ...<<Folks, I want to thank everyone who responded to my origi
(txt) 463  oct23 meijer@NATLAB.RE(7k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Jont Allen asked > Are two ton
(txt) 464  oct23 dr. R.M. Aarts  (3k) 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<<Dear readers, When visitors
(txt) 465  oct23 Timothy C. Justu(5k) Re: Back to the piano ...<<The essential parts of Jim Beauchamp's message are qu
(txt) 466  oct23 Jont Allen      (4k) Re: Granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<meijer@NATLAB.RESEARCH.PHILIPS
(txt) 467  oct23 Al Bregman      (4k) Re: 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<<Dear Ronald and list, M
(txt) 468  oct23 Malcolm Slaney  (3k) Re: 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<<>> When visitors enter 
(txt) 469  oct23 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Re: 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<<Malcolm, >>> When visit
(txt) 470  oct24 Alain de Cheveig(5k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Peter Cariani writes: >In the 
(txt) 471  oct25 Eliot Handelman (3k) Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions<<On the subject of anechoic chambers
(txt) 472  oct26 KEVIN AUSTIN    (5k) Perfect Pitch Problem<<I've always considered ear-training for people with perfe
(txt) 473  oct26 mountain        (6k) Cage & Anechoic Chambers<<--------------4109E69DCEA9EE454561310E Content-Type: t
(txt) 474  oct26 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: ear training programs?<<Does anyone know of computer code that will do any e
(txt) 475  oct26 Christian Kaernb(4k) Re: Cage & Anechoic Chambers<<I was told this is related to the cutoff frequency
(txt) 476  oct26 Didier A Depireu(3k) Re: Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions<<On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Eliot Hand
(txt) 477  oct26 Richard J. Fabbr(3k) Re: Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions<<Dear Didier, >... I know that w
(txt) 478  oct26 Didier A Depireu(3k) Re: Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions<<On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Richard J.
(txt) 479  oct26 Daniel J. Leviti(3k) Re: Perfect Pitch Problem<<Kevin, Your observation about color and pitch naming 
(txt) 480  oct26 Aniruddh Patel  (3k) spectrally rotated speech<<Dear Auditory List, Does anyone have a sound demo of 
(txt) 481  oct27 KEVIN AUSTIN    (4k) Ear training<<Jim asked about 'ear-training'. >Does anyone know of computer code
(txt) 482  oct27 Nancy Vaughan   (4k) Re: 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<<I wonder if this sensat
(txt) 483  oct28 Jont Allen      (5k) Re: 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<<Dear List, I have been 
(txt) 484  oct28 Jen Tufts       (4k) Re: 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<<Dear List, If Jont/Cyri
(txt) 485  oct28 Dan Tollin      (3k) 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<< Last night, Wisconsin Publ
(txt) 486  oct28 Tom Maglione    (2k) Re: Perfect pitch problem.<<Return-Path: owner-auditory@LISTS.MCGILL.CA Received
(txt) 487  oct26 Tom Maglione    (2k) Re:  Perfect Pitch Problem<<I want to throw in my two cents on this issue and pr
(txt) 488  oct28 Tom Maglione    (2k) Re: Cage & anechoic chambers.<<Return-Path: owner-auditory@LISTS.MCGILL.CA Recei
(txt) 489  oct26 Tom Maglione    (1k) Re:  Cage & Anechoic Chambers -- a few questions<<I have been in 2 or 3 anechoic
(txt) 490  oct28 Sanja Dupor     (4k) AC & static pressure feeling<<Dear list, I agree with Jont that a feeling in AC 
(txt) 491  oct28 Pierre Divenyi  (8k) Re: 'pressure at the ears' visiting an anechoic chamber<<--=====================
(txt) 492  oct29 SKoT McDonald   (3k) Re: Perfect pitch problem.<<Re the resonant teeth idea for perfect pitch detecti
(txt) 493  oct29 Sanja Dupor     (2k) Re: AC & static pressure feeling<<Andrew Bwll wrote: I would like to follow up t
(txt) 494  oct29 Robert J. Zatorr(3k) pulling teeth<<Gentlemen/ladies Let's nip this one in the bud before it takes on
(txt) 495  oct29 Alain de Cheveig(3k) limits of phase locking<<A while back there was a discussion on the limits of ph
(txt) 496  oct29 Julius O. Smith (2k) Re: pulling teeth<<I've been told that everyone should have their teeth tuned at
(txt) 497  oct29 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(2k) absolute pitch<<Dear list, Fine pitch discrimination is obviously in the teeth. 
(txt) 498  oct29 Tom Maglione    (2k) Re: absolute pitch<<Whoa out there list readers! I never meant to imply that tee
(txt) 499  oct29 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re: absolute pitch<<At 01:16 PM 10/29/98 -0500, HARTMANN@PA.MSU.EDU wrote: >Dear
(txt) 500  oct29 Peter Marvit    (3k) More on resonant teeth and absolute pitch<<[[ I'm sorry, but I can resist no lon
(txt) 501  oct29 Peter Cariani   (3k) Teeth, dentistry, pain, and audio analgesia (but not pitch)<<There is a differen
(txt) 502  oct29 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(2k) sensation of pressure<<Dear List, Another data point: I agree that people experi
(txt) 503  oct29 Jont Allen      (5k) Re: limits of phase locking<<I was in the lab at columbia when they did this wor
(txt) 504  oct29 Brian Gygi      (3k) Re: More on resonant teeth and absolute pitch<<OK, just to REALLY beat a dead ho
(txt) 505  oct29 Richard J. Fabbr(2k) Re: pulling teeth<<jos, Wanted: Hygienist-PianoTuner. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
(txt) 506  oct29 John K. Bates   (5k) Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation<<Dear List, On Oct. 16, respond
(txt) 507  oct29 Daniel J. Leviti(3k) Re: More on resonant teeth and absolute pitch<<> >Do canines exhibit AP? Possibl
(txt) 508  oct30 Antonio Pena Gim(4k) filling = AM receiver?<<> BTW, though over the years I have heard folk stories o
(txt) 509  oct30 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: tuning teeth<<Under N2O only at concentrations above 60% I can easily hear m
(txt) 510  oct30 Sanja Dupor     (2k) Re: filling = AM receiver?<<See: Wm.R.Bennett, Jr:"Radio frequency hearing:Elect
(txt) 511  oct30 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: filling = AM receiver?<<See Ron Siegal's excellent book Whispered Voices, Pa
(txt) 512  oct30 Richard Parncutt(4k) pitch interval distribution of speech<<Vos & Troost (1989) showed that, in melod
(txt) 513  oct30 Dan Ellis       (5k) Some administrative notes<<Some of you have commented on the sudden volume of po
(txt) 514  oct30 Robert J. Zatorr(5k) AP in wolf's clothing<<Dan Do you really think this is the same thing as AP in h
(txt) 515  oct30 Dan Ellis       (3k) Option "DIGEST" not yet available<<Dear List - Further to my previous message, t
(txt) 516  nov05 Katia Lebart    (3k) About speech and reverberation<<Dear List, I am currently in the last year of a 
(txt) 517  nov05 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(4k) voiced/unvoiced detection<<>From tothl Thu Nov 5 12:16:39 +0100 1998 remote from
(txt) 518  nov05 Alain de Cheveig(6k) voiced/unvoiced<<>In speech processing the voiced/unvoiced decision is usually c
(txt) 519  nov05 Keith D. Martin (5k) Re: voiced/unvoiced detection<<Dear Laszlo, >In this case I'd guess I should mea
(txt) 520  nov05 Dan Ellis       (3k) DIGEST option now available<<Last week I sent out a note describing the listserv
(txt) 521  nov09 Adam Taro Lindsa(5k) MPEG-7 Information<<Hi, all. I'd like to bring to your attention a technology de
(txt) 522  nov09 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: your mail<<Dear Laszlo and List, If detection and classiofication of voiced 
(txt) 523  nov09 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(4k) Re: your mail<<>From tothl Mon Nov 9 18:29:16 +0100 1998 remote from inf.u-szege
(txt) 524  nov09 Richard Pastore (6k) Laszlo Toth & the Robust Voicing Cue<<At 06:29 PM 11/9/98 MET, Laszlo Toth wrote
(txt) 525  nov10 William Yost    (6k) From Parmly Hearing Institute<<Postdoctoral and Graduate Education Opportunities
(txt) 526  nov10 Punita Singh    (3k) Perfect-ly happy to pitch in<<OK Pierre, Bill, and other listless listers, you a
(txt) 527  nov10 Pierre Divenyi  (5k) Re: voiced/unvoiced detection<<At 10:11 AM 11/5/98 -0500, Keith D. Martin wrote:
(txt) 528  nov10 Good, Michael (M(3k) Pitch/Loudness Discrimination for alerting schemes<<> Hello all, I have a quick 
(txt) 529  nov11 Patrick Flanagan(4k) Re: Pitch/Loudness Discrimination for alerting schemes<<Hi, I don't have an answ
(txt) 530  nov11 Alain de Cheveig(4k) Re: voiced/unvoiced detection<<Pierre Divenyi <pdivenyi@MARVA4.NCSC.MED.VA.GOV> 
(txt) 531  nov11 Beerends, J.G.  (7k) Re: voiced/unvoiced detection<<In comment of the discussion below the following.
(txt) 532  nov11 Bernhard Laback (6k) From Parmly Hearing Institute<<Postdoctoral and Graduate Education Opportunities
(txt) 533  nov11 Jont Allen      (6k) Re: voiced/unvoiced detection<<Alain de Cheveigne' wrote: > > For whispered spee
(txt) 534  nov13 Alain de Chevei(10k) Re: voiced/unvoiced detection<<Jont Allen <> wrote: >>To the
(txt) 535  nov13 Massimo Grassi  (4k) Echoic memory and answers reliability<<Dear list, I have a question to ask: I'm 
(txt) 536  nov13 John K. Bates   (6k) voiced/unvoiced detection<<Dear List, Pierre Divenyi's posting that cited de Boe
(txt) 537  nov13 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: Echoic memory and answers reliability<<Such judgments should include confide
(txt) 538  nov16 SKoT McDonald   (3k) Q: Shifts in perceived time with spectral changes?<<Hello, Was wondering if anyo
(txt) 539  nov16 Pierre Divenyi  (6k) Re: Q: Shifts in perceived time with spectral changes?<<--=====================_
(txt) 540  nov16 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: Q: Shifts in perceived time with spectral changes?<<Pierre Divenyi wrote: > 
(txt) 541  nov20 Good, Michael (M(4k) Auditory Display Technology<< Hello All, I am a human factors scientist with Hon
(txt) 542  nov25 Manuel S. Malmie(9k) Universal Declaration of Human Rights<<>From: "Schjelderup Olsholt" <olsholt@onl
(txt) 543  nov26 Niall Griffith  (5k) phd opportunities in media and sound<<Please pass this on to anyone who you thin
(txt) 544  nov27 Rebecca Mercuri (3k) Re: Universal Declaration of Human Rights<<Computer Email petitions are consider
(txt) 545  nov27 Preben von der L(4k) Conference on Musical Imagery (CMI-99). Reminder<<Reminder - Deadline for submis
(txt) 546  nov30 Georg Klump     (3k) NT<<Dear Colleagues, we are having problems communicating with a TDT SystemII ra
(txt) 547  dec02 Al Bregman      (4k) Re: about graduate program<<Dear Mr. Hideki Tasako, Concerning your request for 
(txt) 548  dec04 vsummers        (3k) thinkquest contest and soundery web page<<Dear List, An interesting webpage resu
(txt) 549  dec08 Bob Carlyon     (4k) URGENT: error in programme and web page<<Dear organisers, The scientific program
(txt) 550  dec08 Bob Carlyon     (3k) apology<<even though ed burns is no longer a member of the list I must apologise
(txt) 551  dec08 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: apology<<At 04:39 PM 12/8/98 +0000, Bob Carlyon wrote: >even though ed burns
(txt) 552  dec10 Zacharov Nick NR(7k) NEWS: AES 16th International conference<<***************************************
(txt) 553  dec11 Richard J. Baker(4k) holiday conundrum<<A holiday conundrum courtesy of Sennheiser The following pass
(txt) 554  dec14 Al Bregman      (4k) Position in Cognitive Psychology<<Dear Colleagues, Here is a notice for an acade
(txt) 555  dec16 John Hershey    (3k) cocktail party invitation<<I am undertaking modeling work in computational audit
(txt) 556  dec17 Rene van Egmond (5k) SMPC99 Conference<<Announcement and Call for Participation Society for Music Per
(txt) 557  dec17 Dan             (3k) Univeral Delcaration of Human Rights<<To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the U
(txt) 558  dec17 enm@CS.YORK.AC.U(2k) <<I am away from the 21st till the 29th of December, but your message has been f
(txt) 559  dec18 Richard M Warren(3k) Book<<Dear List: For those interested, my book Auditory Perception: A New Analys
(txt) 560  dec18 Jesteadt, Walt  (5k) Postdoc Positions at Boys Town<<Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions NIH Institutio
(txt) 561  dec19 Hiroshi Gitchang(8k) [CFP] 3rd IJCAI Workshop on CASA (CASA'99)<<Please distribute. -----------------
(txt) 562  dec22 Richard Parncutt(4k) salience of pitch-time patterns<<Dear cocktail party guests, As the festive seas
(txt) 563  dec22 Jont Allen      (3k) NPR news of interest<<Check out

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