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(txt)   1  jan03 Al Bregman      (3k) psychoacoustics (fwd)<<Dear Auditory list members: This message came to me from 
(txt)   3 -jan14 David Rosenthal(23k) From Feb '96 Scientific American<<------- Forwarded Message Repl
(txt)   4  jan16 Kevin Baker     (2k) Information & references on 'House' music<<Dear List, could anyone point me to s
(txt)   5  jan16 David Rosenthal(23k) From Feb '96 Scientific American<<Interesting article forwarded 
(txt)   6  jan16 Peter Barszczews(3k) Re: Information & references on 'House' music<<Kevin wrote: | How can we explain
(txt)   7  jan18 Dan Ellis      (14k) David Noelle: Cog Sci 96:  Final Call For Papers<<Dear LIST - I was sent this an
(txt)   8  jan18 Joe Pompei      (1k) REQ: INFO on HIGH SR MEASUREMENT equipment<<(A copy of this message has also bee
(txt)   9  jan21 Jim Stevenson   (1k) Re: Information & references on 'House' music<<The more hearing loss from the to
(txt)  10  jan22 John Middlebrook(2k) Post-Doctoral Position<<AUDITORY CORTEX POST-DOCTORAL POSITION KRESGE HEARING RE
(txt)  11  jan24 Dr. Ke Chen     (2k) wanted help.<<Hello, I want to get some standard speech database and only know a
(txt)  12  jan24 mmalcolm crawfor(3k) Re: wanted help.<<Hi Ke, > I want to get some standard speech database and only 
(txt)  13  jan24 Dan Ellis       (4k) Hermann Wagner: Position for a neurobiologist<<Dear List - I received the enclos
(txt)  14  jan25 Bob Carlyon     (6k) hd414 "classic" headphones<<Just before christmas I circulated the results of so
(txt)  15  jan27 Dan Ellis       (7k) Norma Welch: ICMPC 96<<Dear List - Norma Welch <> sent me t
(txt)  16  jan30 Ludger Solbach  (2k) IJCAI95-casa paper revised<<Dear colleague, the revised version of our paper "Th
(txt)  17  feb02 Albert Llanas   (5k) auditory-problem<<I have a profesor in the Conservatory of music in Barcelona (S
(txt)  18  feb02 Albert Llanas   (5k) auditory-problem<<I have a profesor in the Conservatory of music in Barcelona (S
(txt)  19  feb02 Yves Guiard     (1k) <<unsub auditory ************************************************ New profession
(txt)  20  feb05 Linda A. Seltzer(3k) Re: auditory-problem<<I am a musician and engineer and not a physician, so pleas
(txt)  21  feb06 Marc Leman      (2k) Job for young researcher<<Job Announcement IPEM (Institute for Psychoacustics an
(txt)  22  feb07 Andrew Simpson  (1k) Noise<<Does anyone know of any samples of different types of noise (e.g. speech-
(txt)  23  feb12 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Re: PC Sound Cards<<> > Can anyone recommend a good PC sound card which will all
(txt)  24  feb15 deb             (2k) Teaching Studentship<<University of Essex Department of Psychology Teaching Stud
(txt)  25  feb16 Andrew Simpson  (3k) NOISE Responses summary<<A week or so ago I posted the following query: Does any
(txt)  26  feb16 Kramer          (5k) ICAD announcement; New Venue<< REVISED CALL FOR PAPERS NOTE CHANGE IN VENUE! ICA
(txt)  27  feb16 Al Bregman      (6k) CD available<<Dear Auditory list members, I have finally shipped copies of my CD
(txt)  28  feb18 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) another cd<<Another CD A compact disc by Diana Deutsch has also just become avai
(txt)  29  feb19 deb             (3k) Teaching Studentship *Amended Advert*<<University of Essex Department of Psychol
(txt)  30  feb22 Jim Stevenson   (1k) Re: NOISE Responses summary<<If you know of code to model noise please email or 
(txt)  31  feb22 Al Bregman      (2k) Bregman CD<<Dear list members, I want to use up a little cyberspace and bother y
(txt)  32  feb28 mjp@SUN.ENGG.LE.(1k) Paging Larry A. Westerman...<<Hello, I'm trying to contact a Larry A. Westerman.
(txt)  33  feb29 John H. Grose, P(1k) headphone survey<<Am I correct in remembering that someone on this list recently
(txt)  34  mar01 Gregory J. Sande(4k) SHARC Timbre Database<< Announcing the SHARC TIMBRE DATABASE and invitation to j
(txt)  35  mar03 John Lazzaro   (11k) NIPS*96 Call for Papers/Workshops<< CALL FOR PAPERS Neural Information Processin
(txt)  36  mar11 Diana Deutsch   (2k) <<Following Bill Hartmann's posting, a number of people have suggested that I po
(txt)  37  mar11 Al Bregman      (3k) Payment for CDs<<Dear colleagues, We have had trouble processing some orders for
(txt)  38  mar25 William Yost    (1k) From Bill Yost<<For those of you who are ASA members, I would appreciate your vo
(txt)  39  mar25 Marc Leman      (2k) JIC96 - Second and Last Call for Papers<<JIC96 - BRUGGE SECOND AND LAST CALL FOR
(txt)  40  mar29 Dan Ellis       (2k) "Mary Ann Ziegler": central auditory processing disorders<<Dear LIST - I was sen
(txt)  41  mar30 Rhodri Cusack   (2k) (Fwd)<<Dear Auditory List subscriber, A research fellowship that was originally 
(txt)  42  apr02 Joe Pompei      (1k) looking for high-freq in-ear mics<< I'm looking for some in-ear mics that can me
(txt)  43  apr02 John Neuhoff    (3k) Lab Equipment Suggestions<<Hi, I am currently finishing up my Ph.D. in experimen
(txt)  44  apr03 Al Bregman      (2k) Re: Lab Equipment Suggestions<<Dear Larry, I beg to differ with you on this one.
(txt)  45  apr03 Larry Feth      (1k) Re: Lab Equipment Suggestions<<At 8:13 PM 4/2/96, John Neuhoff wrote: >Hi, I gue
(txt)  46  apr03 John Lazzaro    (2k) Re: Lab Equipment Suggestions<<> I guess this is my week to be really crabby, bu
(txt)  47  apr03 Al Bregman      (2k) Address error<<I apologize for an error I made in the address of my lab in my an
(txt)  48  apr03 Rob Dickinson   (2k) Re: Lab Equipment Suggestions<< lf> ... a KING SIZE waste of Bandwidth. jl> Tota
(txt)  49  apr04 Christian Kaernb(2k) Bandwidth paradox (was: Lab Equipment Suggestions)<<I just discovered a "list ef
(txt)  50  apr04 Guy Brown       (2k) Research studentship in computational auditory scene analysis<<RESEARCH STUDENTS
(txt)  51  apr04 Edward Burns    (1k) lab equipment/bibliographies/"exciting" research<<Not surprisingly, I agree with
(txt)  52  apr05 Judith Brown    (2k) lab equipment/bibliographies/"exciting" research<<| Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 15:52:
(txt)  53  apr09 Nancy Vaughan   (1k) filter coefficients for speech shaped noise<<Does anyone have a premade list of 
(txt)  54  apr11 Dr L S Smith (St(2k) Info on spiral ganglion sought<<Dear all: I am looking for information on the ne
(txt)  55  apr11 Bill Woods      (1k) Terminology<<Dear List members, A colleague has inquired as to the existence of 
(txt)  56  apr11 Bill Woods      (4k) Term II: Uniformly exciting<<Dear Colleagues, Well, the 6-hour time difference h
(txt)  57  apr11 Steve Slade     (3k) Spatial Psychoacoustic Interests<<Hi there everyone.... I' m currently in the th
(txt)  58  apr11 Bill Woods      (2k) Further terms<<Dear List, Jont Allen has also brought to my attention that Harve
(txt)  59  apr12 Bob Stuart      (2k) Uniformly-Exciting Noise<<To list members. I would like to add to this thread. P
(txt)  60  apr12 Bill Woods      (1k) Terminal terminology<<Dear List members, Well, if anything, the chain of respons
(txt)  61  apr12 Elizabeth Wenzel(6k) please post<<Dear Colleagues, Please post as appropriate. Note the due date for 
(txt)  62  apr15 bert@EPX.CIS.UMN(1k) Auditory objects<<I am making a demo for my Hearing Science course on auditory o
(txt)  63  apr16 Stephen McAdams (3k) Re: Auditory objects<<bert@EPX.CIS.UMN.EDU wrote: > > I am making a demo for my 
(txt)  64  apr16 Stephen McAdams (1k) Re: Auditory objects<<Oops, I forgot some parameters. The modulation frequencies
(txt)  65  apr16 James Beauchamp (1k) Re: Auditory objects<<>The even partials give a pitch an octave higher (surprise
(txt)  66  apr16 Dan Ellis       (2k) Norma Welch: Absolute pitch investigation<<Dear List - I was sent the enclosed m
(txt)  67  apr18 deb             (2k) Teaching studentship in Psychology - Re Advertised Post<< University of Essex De
(txt)  68  apr19 Andrew B. Horne(33k) ICMC96 info and registration<<Please note: We are about to send out the music ac
(txt)  69  apr25 Kevin Baker     (2k) Synthetic speech samples<<Some of my thrid year students would like to run some 
(txt)  70  apr30 Argiris A. Krani(2k) Directional microphone<<Dear All, Is it possible to simulate the effect of a hig
(txt)  71  apr29 Les Niles       (2k) Re: Directional microphone<<> Is it possible to simulate the effect of a highly 
(txt)  72  apr30 James Beauchamp (2k) Re: Directional microphone<<Argiris Kranidiotis writes: > Is it possible to simu
(txt)  73  apr30 Joe Pompei      (1k) looking for ultrasonic source<< As some of you know, I am wanting to take high f
(txt)  74  may01 Dr L S Smith (St(5k) Summary: Info on spiral ganglion sought<<Some little time ago, I put out a reque
(txt)  75  may02 Mail-Account aud(3k) Re: looking for ultrasonic source<<Joe Pompei wrote > As some of you know, I am 
(txt)  76  may07 Kramer          (2k) ICAD Submission Address<<Dear Colleagues: The submission address for papers for 
(txt)  77  may10 August Schick   (3k) New Book<< Recent Trends in Hearing Research. Festschrift for Seiichiro Namba. E
(txt)  78  may15 Dan Ellis       (5k) Dissertation: Prediction-driven Computational Auditory Scene<<After busting thro
(txt)  79  may17 Bernhard Gaese  (2k) Studentship in Auditory Neuroscience<<RESEARCH STUDENTSHIP IN NEURAL MECHANISMS 
(txt)  80  may21 Chris Darwin    (2k) Speech & Hearing Post Doc @ Sussex<<============================================
(txt)  81  may22 Ludger Solbach  (2k) PREPRINT: Sound Onset Localization and Partial Tracking in<<- Title: Sound Onset
(txt)  82  may22 RJ ZATORRE      (1k) unsolicited abstracts etc.<<Dear List members: Do we have a policy about sending
(txt)  83  may22 Karen McComas   (2k) Re: unsolicited abstracts etc.<<As long as folks continue to indicate the conten
(txt)  84  may22 charles s. watso(2k) Re: unsolicited abstracts etc.<<I agree with you, Karen. People seem pretty up t
(txt)  85  may22 Dick Lyon       (1k) Re: unsolicited abstracts etc.<<Chuck's auditory save rate is only 1 in 4, but I
(txt)  86  may22 Al Bregman      (1k) Re: unsolicited abstracts etc.<<Hi, Robert. Short abstracts, like Solbach's, don
(txt)  87  may23 Martin Cooke    (1k) Re: unsolicited abstracts etc.<<I'd like to see more posting of abstracts. It wo
(txt)  88  may23 Ludger Solbach  (1k) Re: unsolicited abstracts etc.<<[Martin Cooke wrote:] > I'd like to see more pos
(txt)  89  may27 Bill Treurniet  (2k) Re: unsolicited abstracts etc.<<> Dear List members: > Do we have a policy about
(txt)  90  jun11 Jont Allen      (4k) Nice linux software summary<<You might look at
(txt)  91  jun11 Robert Eiichi Ir(2k) Re: Nice linux software summary<<No flames, and thanks for the excellent summary
(txt)  92  jun11 Hugh Secker-Walk(2k) Re: Nice linux software summary<< Jont Allen <jba@RESEARCH.ATT.COM> wrote: > > I
(txt)  93  jun12 Regis Rossi Alve(2k) On Lynux sound support...<<At my lab we are used to working with SGI machines, a
(txt)  94  jun13 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Textbook revision<< Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing Stuart Rosen & Pe
(txt)  95  jun14 Stuart Rosen    (9k) Signals & Systems for Speech & Hearing (further info)<<Because a number of peopl
(txt)  96  jun15 Jont Allen     (16k) Re:  Nice linux software summary<<TO AUDITORY MAILING LIST: Here is a summary of
(txt)  97  jun20 Zacharov Nick (N(3k) FW: Head and Torso simulator (HATS)<<STANDARD METHODS FOR JUDGING THE QUALITY OF
(txt)  98  jun20 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: FW: Head and Torso simulator (HATS)<<Dear Nick, I see no reason for scorn fo
(txt)  99  jun28 Bernhard Laback (1k) Search for Instrument-CD<<Dear List ! I=B4m searching for a CD which contains ex
(txt) 100  jul04 Kevin Baker     (2k) Sound treating a room<<Dear all, This is a(nother) request for help and advice. 
(txt) 101  jul04 BRUNO H. Repp   (2k) Software for psychoacoustic experiments<<I would like to tack on a question to B
(txt) 102  jul04 Bernhard Laback (2k) Looking for noise-pulse algorithms<<Dear List members ! In order to drive my psy
(txt) 103  jul04 Bernhard Laback (2k) Software for psychoacoustical experiments ?<<Dear List ! I am going to run some 
(txt) 104  jul05 Walt Jesteadt   (3k) Peripheral nonlinearities<< I have a general question about the order of events 
(txt) 105  jul05 Christophe Palli(3k) Software for psychoacoustical experiments ?<<Hello, I have written a program to 
(txt) 106  jul10 James Beauchamp (4k) M4C and SNDAN upgrades available<<This is to announce upgrades to two software p
(txt) 107  jul16 BRUNO H. Repp   (4k) Mac sequencing and synthesis software<<I would like to thank all colleagues who 
(txt) 108  jul18 BRUNO H. Repp   (1k) Correction<<I apologize for a typo in my recent summary of Mac synthesis and seq
(txt) 110  jul27 Hiroshi G Okuno(10k) IJCAI-97<< IJCAI-97 Call for Papers, Call for Videos, Call for Panel Proposals C
(txt) 111  jul27 Dan Ellis       (3k) David L. Woods: Postdoctoral position available immediately /<<Dear List - I was
(txt) 112  aug10 Kramer          (7k) ICAD Schedule<<ICAD'96 Tentative Conference Schedule November 4-6, 1996 Co-Spons
(txt) 113  aug13 Fantini D       (3k) Teaching Studentship<<Ray Meddis, Deb Fantini, Essex University, UK. Ph.D. Resea
(txt) 114  aug13 Richard F. Lyon(13k) 3D Sound Job at Apple<<Auditory folks, We have an opening for a person with DSP 
(txt) 115  aug25 Andreas Rodler  (9k) virtureal ton 2.<<h i g h ! * this is the second call for proposals for the " v 
(txt) 116  sep09 Phil Green      (2k) CFP: ROBUST SPEECH RECOGNITION FOR UNKNOWN COMMUNICATION<<**********************
(txt) 117  sep10 Kramer          (8k) Int. Conf. on Auditory Display<< ICAD '96: The Third INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON
(txt) 119  sep16 charles s. watso(1k) ASA Meeting in Hawaii<<Friends, I hope you all don't object to those who would l
(txt) 120  sep18 Brian Karlsen   (2k) recommended headphones?<<Dear AUDITORY list members, I would like some advice on
(txt) 121  sep18 Glenis Long     (2k) Audiology faculty position at Purdue<< JOB ANNOUNCEMENT Faculty Position in Audi
(txt) 122  sep18 RealTime        (3k) Re: recommended headphones?<<I would recommend a pair of sony headphones: MDRv6 
(txt) 125  sep24 Gregory J. Sande(2k) seeking waveform editor for PC compatibles<<Can someone suggest a good waveform 
(txt) 126  sep25 Bob Carlyon     (5k) sony MDR V6 headphones<<=46ollowing Brian Karlsen's request on the list for reco
(txt) 127  sep25 RealTime        (5k) Re: sony MDR V6 headphones<<bummer. chris On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Bob Carlyon wrote
(txt) 128  sep25 Dan Ellis       (3k) Re: sony MDR V6 headphones<<Dear List - Jamie Mazer <> sent
(txt) 129  sep26 Joe Pompei      (1k) Gammatone analysis/synthesis<< Greetings, Has anyone here experimented with resy
(txt) 130  sep26 Malcolm Slaney  (2k) Re: Gammatone analysis/synthesis<<At 5:59 PM 9/26/96, Joe Pompei wrote: > Has an
(txt) 131  sep26 Richard F. Lyon (3k) Re: Gammatone analysis/synthesis<<At 3:59 PM 9/26/96, Joe Pompei wrote: > Has an
(txt) 132  sep27 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Re: seeking waveform editor for PC compatibles<<I recieved several helpful repli
(txt) 133  sep27 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(2k) headphone cross talk<< The cross talk in low impedance phones like the Sony MDR-
(txt) 134  sep26 Galembo Alexandr(2k) Resynthesis<<I have read your discussion about resynthesing audio signals and ha
(txt) 135  sep28 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) The Amphibian Ear<<Members may be interested to know that Princeton U. Press is 
(txt) 136  sep26 Dan Ellis       (9k) Announcement of two workshops in Taiwan<<Dear List - I was sent the following an
(txt) 137  sep29 Richard F. Lyon (3k) Re: Resynthesis<<At 7:29 AM 9/26/96, Galembo Alexandre wrote [with my interpreti
(txt) 138  oct01 R. Parncutt     (2k) pitch algorithms<<Dear list, I've just received a newly debugged version of the 
(txt) 140  oct02 Dan Ellis       (2k) Aperiodic admin reminder<<Dear List - Here's a reminder of some administration d
(txt) 141  oct02 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) Amphibian Ear<<Re Wever book. Princeton University Press is at 41 William St. Pr
(txt) 142  oct03 Rhodri Cusack   (1k) ASA room share wanted<<I am looking for someone to share a room with, to reduce 
(txt) 143  oct03 Rob Low         (2k) Matlab/Powell optimization<<I would be grateful to anyone able to steer me towar
(txt) 144  oct04 Guy Brown       (3k) Technical report available on neural oscillators for ASA<<A new technical report
(txt) 145  oct04 B.C.J. Moore    (1k) Research Studentship<<Unexpectly, a research studentship, to support a Ph.D. stu
(txt) 146  oct07 Dan Ellis       (3k) Post-docs available at Ohio State<<Dear List - I was sent the following announce
(txt) 147  oct07 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) Still more on the Wever book<<On the Amphibian Ear: Apparently Princeton is bein
(txt) 148  oct08 Prof. Ke Chen   (2k) info wanted.<<Dear Colleagues, In ICONIP'96, Dr. H. Nilson told us that there is
(txt) 149  oct08 Bruce N. Walker (2k) AES Conference, November<<Please pardon the non-discussion nature of this messag
(txt) 150  oct15 Bob Carlyon     (2k) sony headphones<<There was some recent discussion on the list about the sony mdr
(txt) 151  oct17 Dan Ellis       (5k) New WWW site: Demonstrations of speech-fluency aids from UCL<<Dear List - I was 
(txt) 152  oct21 Fantini D       (2k) ARO Sponsorship<<I have a request to make of anyone who is a member of ARO. I su
(txt) 153  oct21 charles s. watso(2k) Re: ARO Sponsorship<<Hey, Deb: Send me your abstract and if it is not something 
(txt) 154  oct21 charles s. watso(2k) PS.......Re: ARO Sponsorship<<I am pretty sure I do not have to attend to sponso
(txt) 155  oct25 Lonce LaMar Wyse(4k) Audio and Multimedia<<==========================================================
(txt) 156  oct25 Jim Stevenson   (1k) Re: Audio and Multimedia<<Will this journal be for sale in ascii, so that audio 
(txt) 157  oct25 Biao Tian PhD   (1k) <<Dear list, I am looking for some animal vocalization sounds (dog bark, cat meo
(txt) 158  oct26 Bill Budd       (2k) <<Dear Biao You could try
(txt) 159  oct26 Caroline M Palme(8k) PLEASE POST- new postdocs and GRAs<< ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEW POSTDOCTORAL AND GRADUA
(txt) 160  oct28 Galembo Alexandr(1k) software<<Dear List, Please advice the most comprehensive technical-commercial r
(txt) 161  oct30 meijer@NATLAB.RE(3k) Java auditory display<< October 30, 1996 Ref: first Java sonification applet / a
(txt) 162  oct30 Jim Stevenson   (2k) Re: ride to conference<<I am a sonification researcher working at Nasa Ames. I l
(txt) 163  oct30 Galembo Alexandr(1k) low pitch<<Can somebody recommend publications concerning specificity of pitch p
(txt) 164  nov01 Francky goes to (1k) fortin<< As-tu le numero de Jambon a Montreal? Ou a Bombardier? -- Francois Caro
(txt) 165  nov04 Sid P. Bacon    (1k) Walkmans<<I was recently asked by a local t.v. station to help them with a story
(txt) 166  nov05 mmalcolm crawfor(2k) Re: Walkmans<<> I was recently asked by a local t.v. station to help them with a
(txt) 167  nov04 KHALEE@UWYO.EDU (1k) SOFTWARE<<Dear Colleagues, Could anyone give information on available software w
(txt) 168  nov06 Michael Kubovy  (2k) Re sound-proofing rooms<<I am trying to retrofit several experimental rooms that
(txt) 170  nov08 Michael Kubovy  (6k) Sound-proofing rooms: responses<<I am grateful for the useful responses to my qu
(txt) 171  nov11 Dr. Ke Chen     (2k) on responses to my request.<<Hello, One month ago, I posted a request on the wor
(txt) 172  nov11 Ray DeGennaro (@(2k) Interaural Level/Time Differences.<<I'm looking for some references that (I hope
(txt) 173  nov11 Richard O. Duda (2k) Re: Interaural Level/Time Differences.<<> I'm looking for some references that (
(txt) 174  nov12 Dan Ellis       (8k) Biao Tian: Animal sounds<<Dear List - I am forwarding Biao Tian's summary of res
(txt) 175  nov12 Richard F. Lyon (4k) Re: Interaural Level/Time Differences.<<Ray DeGennaro wrote: >> I'm looking for 
(txt) 176  nov14 Louise White    (1k) Hawaii room share: female non-smoker<<are there any women who are going to the A
(txt) 177  nov19 Jim Stevenson   (1k) Re: Walkmans with AM stereo<<Please let me know asap if you ever hear of one. Th
(txt) 178  nov21 Christophe Palli(2k) Ref. about auditory/speech perception under noise-masking<<A colleague working w
(txt) 179  nov21 Bob Carlyon     (2k) hypersensitivity<<some time ago someone posted a query on the list concerning a 
(txt) 180  nov21 Warren Brodsky  (2k) <<I am in the planning and design stages of an investigation on inner hearing of
(txt) 181  nov21 Galembo Alexandr(2k) <<I am looking for software (better if for PC) for organizing (automatizing) pit
(txt) 182  nov21 Bob Carlyon     (2k) hypersensitivity<<some time ago someone posted a query on the list concerning a 
(txt) 183  nov21 Bob Carlyon     (2k) hypersensitivity<<some time ago someone posted a query on the list concerning a 
(txt) 184  nov21 Bob Carlyon     (2k) hypersensitivity<<some time ago someone posted a query on the list concerning a 
(txt) 185  nov21 Bob Carlyon     (2k) hypersensitivity<<some time ago someone posted a query on the list concerning a 
(txt) 186  nov25 Kramer          (4k) Next for ICAD<<Dear fellow researchers: At ICAD 96, the International Conference
(txt) 187  nov26 Jont Allen      (1k) free scientific software review<<There is a very nice summary of free software i
(txt) 188  nov27 R. Parncutt     (2k) analog sound demonstrations<<I'm thinking of having an old-fashioned analog devi
(txt) 189  nov27 James Beauchamp (4k) Re: analog sound demonstrations<<Richard Parncutt wrote: >I'm thinking of having
(txt) 190  nov27 Kramer          (2k) Re: analog sound demonstrations<<Regarding Richard Parncutt's ideas re: an analo
(txt) 191  nov27 James Beauchamp (2k) Re: analog sound demonstrations<<Gregory Kramer: >Jim Beauchamps answers seem re
(txt) 192  nov28 Kevin Baker     (2k) <<Dear all, I have a student who is interested in 'Emotion, music and film'. He 
(txt) 193  nov28 allan@hardlink.c(3k) Happy Thanksgiving<<> >Wishing you all a ....... > > > > _ , ______ > ' ) / / / 
(txt) 194  nov29 Frank Russo     (2k) Re: film-music references<<On Thursday November 29 Kevin Baker wrote: can anyone
(txt) 195  nov29 Kevin L. Baker  (1k) Thanks<<Many thanks to the many people who answered my request regarding Emotion
(txt) 196  dec03 ADANESH@MSUVX2.M(2k) HELP<<>From: UMEM::ADANESH 3-DEC-1996 11:54:21.93 >Subj: Help > > 3-DEC-1996 11:
(txt) 197  dec12 James Beauchamp (2k) Re: analog sound demonstrations<<Hi Greg, >So if the market price is ca. $300, h
(txt) 198  dec14 James Beauchamp (3k) Re: What now, tech?<<The SGI O2 has been touted as the "best" Unix platform for 
(txt) 199  dec17 Richard F. Lyon (6k) Charles Edwin Molnar<<Our friend Charlie Molnar, a pioneer in cochlear modeling 
(txt) 200  dec20 Bill Schottstaed(4k) Re: What now, tech?<<> I would like to know how fast the O2 really is. We recent
(txt) 201  dec21 R. Parncutt     (2k) timbre words<<Has anyone ever carefully/systematically asked orchestral musician
(txt) 202  dec21 Hiroshi G Okuno (6k) [CFP] IJCAI-97 Workshop on CASA<<Please distribute. ----------------------------
(txt) 203  dec21 Hiroshi G Okuno (7k) [CFP] IJCAI-97 Workshop on CASA<< $@2;@<%a!<%k$N$_$J$5$=D8 (J Computational Audi
(txt) 204  dec23 mmalcolm crawfor(2k) Pandora (R)<<William Clocksin (of Cambridge University) kindly drew my attention
(txt) 205  dec30 Richard F. Lyon (2k) Charles Edwin Molnar Memorial Service<<It's getting lonely here in the very smal

DAn Ellis <>
Dept. of Elec. Eng., Columbia