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(txt)   1  jan05 Stu Smith       (7k) ICAD second call<< CALL FOR PAPERS ICAD '94 International Conference on Auditory
(txt)   2  jan05 bregman@CCRMA.ST(2k) ICPR<<---------- Dear AUDITORY list members: I have been telling people to send 
(txt)   3  jan06 m.s. royal      (1k) echoic memory - recent research<<Dear All, I'm in the process of building a bibl
(txt)   4  jan08 Avery Wang      (1k) Re: echoic memory - recent research<<Here is an article I thought was interestin
(txt)   5  jan12 Alain de Cheveig(2k) multiple dues for multiple papers?<<I'm being asked to pay twice the dues at a c
(txt)   6  jan12 Peter Marvit    (4k) Fwd: Eidetic and Entoptic<<Dear Auditory folks. I saw an intriguing query on ano
(txt)   7  jan17 Alain de Cheveig(2k) reporting significance levels: F or no F?<<I'm in the process of writing a paper
(txt)   8  jan19 Alain de Cheveig(3k) F or no F: a summary<<Thanks to all those that responded! I've condensed the res
(txt)   9  jan27 Dr. John A. Spi(13k) Position in Cognitive Science<<Return-Path: owner-auditory@VM1.MCGILL.CA Receive
(txt)  10  jan26 bregman@CCRMA.ST(2k) <<---------- Dear list members. This request was sent to me by Brian Roberts. If
(txt)  11  jan27 Eliot Handelman (1k) Information<<Hello, Does this address represent a mailing list? If so please sen
(txt)  12  jan27 David Wessel    (1k) Lejaren Hiller has died<<Computer music pioneer Lajaren Hiller passed away yeste
(txt)  13  jan27 Eliot Handelman (1k) biophysics of infrasound<<Greetings, I'm trying to locate research on the biophy
(txt)  14  jan27 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re: Lejaren Hiller has died<<I met Jerry Hiller in 1974, having read his pioneer
(txt)  15  jan28 parncutt@SOUND.M(2k) Re: JASA<<Dear auditory members, I am planning to the ASA requesting that they g
(txt)  16  jan28 Eliot Handelman (3k) More on DoD sound<<Hello once again, My request for information about DoD infras
(txt)  17  feb04 parncutt@SOUND.M(7k) JASA<<> I am planning to write to the ASA requesting that they give > members th
(txt)  18  feb04 Tilak Ratnanathe(1k) is there a LaTeX macro for JASA ?<<On the off chance that one or two subscribers
(txt)  19  feb08 Dan Ellis       (3k) [ JASA style file ]<<Dear Auditory List - As you (probably) k
(txt)  20  feb11 Lyon@APPLE.COM  (7k) ARO highlights<<The recent Midwinter Research Meeting of the Association for Res
(txt)  21  feb13 Tom Veatch     (13k) Auditory User Interface<< Auditory User Interface Preface: In this unfortunately
(txt)  22  feb14 Jont Allen      (1k) <<Auditory mailing list: The use of the term "Cochlear Amplifier" is a classical
(txt)  23  feb14 Dick_Lyon@HYPERM(2k) Re: cochlear amplifier<<> Auditory mailing list: > The use of the term "Cochlear
(txt)  24  feb15 Edward M. Burns (5k) ARO highlights<<I'd have to say the shrimp at the 46th St Beachbar and the BT pa
(txt)  25  feb17 Dirk Moelants   (4k) Colloquium New Music Research: Call for Papers<< Call for Papers International C
(txt)  26  feb18 Alain de Cheveig(1k) DAC filter characteristics of the NeXT<<Does anyone know the characteristics of 
(txt)  27  feb18 Greg Sandell    (1k) Re: DAC filter characteristics of the NeXT<<There was a detailed discussion of t
(txt)  28  feb18 Henkjan Honing, (1k) Re: DAC filter characteristics of the NeXT<<>There was a detailed discussion of 
(txt)  29  feb18 Bernice Laden   (1k) Psychology of Music<<If your institution offers a class on the psychology of mus
(txt)  30  feb18 Stu Smith       (4k) ICAD '94 Update<< U P D A T E - - - - - - ICAD '94 International Conference on A
(txt)  31  feb18 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re: How much precision needed?<<marva4!ucdavis!VM1.MCGILL.CA!AUDITORY Subject: R
(txt)  32  feb21 Rene Quesnel    (4k) Relative strength of vowel formants<<Hello, Can anyone tell me where I could fin
(txt)  33  feb25 James Beauchamp (3k) Re: pitch tracking<<Charles Tassoni writes: >Can anybody tell me how good the la
(txt)  34  feb25 David Huron - Co(2k) Pitch-tracking<<Regarding pitch-tracking. Andy Moorer's very fine dissertation (
(txt)  35  feb28 Yuda Albeck     (1k) <<We plan an experiment in owl behavior. We will deliver dichotic and diotic sou
(txt)  36  mar01 Dan Ellis       (1k) AUDITORY admin : postings are now distributed to sender<<List members - Up until
(txt)  37  mar01 lipscomb@UTDALLA(2k) Re: pitch tracking<< I am extremely interested in the issue of pitch tracking ad
(txt)  38  mar09 Guy Brown       (2k) KEMAR microphones<<Dear all, We have just taken delivery of a KEMAR manikin, and
(txt)  39  mar09 John Lazzaro    (7k) <<Hi! Just a note to encourage auditory research submissions to NIPS this year -
(txt)  40  mar09 REPP%ROD%YALEVMS(1k) << I am currently conducting a study on the perception and production of legato 
(txt)  41  mar09 earbear@AOL.COM (1k) seeking listerver information<<Hello, I'm trying to get information about differ
(txt)  42  mar13 John Lazzaro    (2k) Bibliography for Silicon Auditory Models<< I gave a tutorial at NIPS last year o
(txt)  43  mar14 Yoshitaka Nakaji(3k) Reply to Bruno Repp<<Dear Bruno, My former colleagues at Osaka University, Seiic
(txt)  44  mar15 Yoshitaka Nakaji(4k) Is time-shrinking a new illusion ?<<Dear Colleagues, I learned that some of my c
(txt)  45  mar15 Alex Igoudin    (5k) STANFORD UNIVERSITY CCRMA SUMMER WORKSHOPS 1994<<********* STANFORD UNIVERSITY C
(txt)  46  mar20 bregman@CCRMA.ST(2k) Your research<<---------- Hi, Yoshi. I think that the problems you are having (r
(txt)  47  mar21 Ronald M. Aarts (2k) lipsync<<Dear Multiple recipients of list AUDITORY, Please can you give me some 
(txt)  48  mar21 Alain de Cheveig(2k) Re: Your research<<In a recent message to the list, Al Bregman (bregman@CCRMA.ST
(txt)  49  mar21 Jont Allen      (1k) hearing meetng<<at 9:30? Jont                                                   
(txt)  50  mar22 Jont Allen      (1k) hearing meeting<<Please ignore the message about 9:30AM. I am sorry, the message
(txt)  51  mar27 James Beauchamp (1k) microvariations<<Does anyone know of any research on the microvariations that oc
(txt)  52  mar29 Dan Ellis       (2k) [Sheila Williams: job request]<<Dear AUDITORY list - I have been sent the follow
(txt)  53  mar30 August Schick   (1k) 6th Oldenburg Symposium on Psychological Acoustics<<Dear colleague! Some days ag
(txt)  54  apr01 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: Your research<<Dear Al, I am truly sorry that I could not find time for the 
(txt)  55  apr01 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) Re: Your research<<Alain, Je suis arrive et installe (plus-au-mois). Dejeuner un
(txt)  56  apr01 Eliot Handelman (1k) Re: Your research<<Perhaps could private conversations not be distributed to all
(txt)  57  apr01 lipscomb@UTDALLA(1k) Unsubscribe<<Please remove my name from the auditory list. I am moving to anothe
(txt)  58  apr02 Judith Brown    (1k) Re: microvariations<<| | Does anyone know of any research on the microvariations
(txt)  59  apr04 LUTFI@WAISMAN.WI(1k) microvariations<<Pinto & Titze (1990, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 87, 1278-1289) provide
(txt)  60  apr04 Greg Sandell    (1k) Re: microvariations<<I believe Tom Schumacher has done a lot of work in this are
(txt)  61  apr04 Steve Mcadams   (1k) Re: microvariations<<I was recently on the jury of a very good doctoral thesis o
(txt)  62  apr06 Judith Brown    (1k) Re: microvariations<<I remembered another paper which I thought was quite good: 
(txt)  63  apr06 Bob Carlyon     (1k) change of address<<Hello everyone, This is to let you know that I have now moved
(txt)  64  apr08 Daniel Levitin  (4k) Research position in auditory/music perception<<------forwarded message --------
(txt)  65  apr13 L.P.OMard (Lowel(8k) Latest LUTEar Core Routines Library (1.5.0)<<Dear All, Please find below the REA
(txt)  66  apr13 Stu Smith       (3k) ICAD '94 Update<< U P D A T E - - - - - - ICAD '94 International Conference on A
(txt)  67  apr14 Paul von Hippel (1k) Ear training<<I am looking for data relevant to research on how people learn to 
(txt)  68  apr15 Eliot Handelman (1k) Re: Ear training<<>I am looking for data relevant to research on how people lear
(txt)  69  apr15 L.P.OMard (Lowel(8k) Auditory Modelling Software from Loughborough (LUTEar 1.5.0)<<Dear All, First of
(txt)  70  apr15 Scott D. Lipscom(1k) ReSubscribe<<My sincere apologies for all those on the list, but I am attempting
(txt)  71  apr15 Dan Ellis      (51k) World-Wide Web server with ASA meeting program<<A few months ago I solicited sug
(txt)  72  apr15 Malcolm Slaney  (6k) Cochlear and Auditory Models in Matlab<<I'm pleased to announce a new Auditory T
(txt)  73  apr16 Edward M. Burns (2k) Re: How much precision needed?<<>I suspect that you could recognize a piece of m
(txt)  74  apr18 Hamid Sheikhzade(1k) OLD Journals wanted<<Hi, I'm a Ph.D graduate from U of Waterloo. I need some old
(txt)  75  apr19 Angela Darling  (1k) PC Windows Wave files<<Return-Path: owner-auditory@VM1.MCGILL.CA Received: by me
(txt)  76  apr19 Stevie Sackin   (1k) Windows 3.1 "wave" files to SFS<< Hi! I'm trying to convert PC Windows 3.1 "Wave
(txt)  77  apr19 Malcolm Crawford(3k) Re: PC Windows Wave files<<> I'm trying to convert PC Windows 3.1 "Wave" files t
(txt)  78  apr22 Angela Darling  (1k) loudness summation of complex tones<<Does anybody know of any recent work/refere
(txt)  79  apr22 Roger Watt      (2k) An Internet experiment:<<If you have a basic knowledge of harmonisation and can 
(txt)  80  apr23 Richard Parncutt(2k) Re: Ear training<<>I am looking for data relevant to research on how people lear
(txt)  81  apr25 Olive D. Higdon (1k) auditory perception<<Could you send some information on this topic and/or direct
(txt)  82  apr26 Marc Leman      (2k) Auditory Models in Music Research<< JOURNAL OF NEW MUSIC RESEARCH 1st issue is p
(txt)  83  apr26 mari Riess Jones(1k) schools?<<I sometimes have undergraduates ask me about two year programs in soun
(txt)  84  apr26 Lawrence L. Feth(2k) Re: schools?<<At 1:15 PM 4/26/94 -0500, mari Riess Jones wrote: >I sometimes hav
(txt)  85  apr29 Christian Kaernb(1k) Anybody have or know of a "walking down the cochlea" video?<<Dear All, I'm looki
(txt)  86  may02 Gregory Kramer  (4k) Auditory Display Volume<<Dear Colleagues, a number of people have asked for the 
(txt)  87  may02 Dan Freed       (1k) ICAD'92 ordering<<Subject: ICAD'92 ordering The phone number that Greg Kramer po
(txt)  88  may04 Terry Wiley, Com(3k) traineeships<< Doctoral Traineeships in Audiology Department of Communicative Di
(txt)  89  may04 Christian Kaernb(2k) "walking down the cochlea" video<<Hi All, I got quite a few responses to my mess
(txt)  90  may05 August Schick   (1k) e-mail enlistment<<Dear collegues, is it possible to add my e-mail address to th
(txt)  91  may10 Gregory Kramer  (1k) ICAD Paper Deadline<<The deadline for ICAD submissions was extended to May 15. S
(txt)  92  may17 Steve Mcadams   (1k) pulsation threshold<<Dear People, We are doing some experiments on auditory cont
(txt)  93  may19 Bill Gardner    (3k) KEMAR HRTF measurements<<Dear Auditory List members, We have recently completed 
(txt)  94  may20 Parmly          (1k) New Address<<William (Bill) A. Yost has a new email address, which is: WYOST@LUC
(txt)  95  may20 Jon Barker      (1k) subscription request<<Hi I'd like to subscribe to the auditory mailing list. che
(txt)  96  may23 Kevin Baker     (1k) SSW and CES Tests?<<Can anyone tell me from whom/where I can order the following
(txt)  97  may23 Kevin Baker     (1k) Re: SSW and CES Tests?<<> Can anyone tell me from whom/where I can order the fol
(txt)  98  may24 Argiris Kranidio(2k) How do I subscribe to this list PLEASE ?<< I send a message to the listserv and 
(txt)  99  may26 Argiris Kranidi(13k) Human Audio Perception : Mini-FAQ<<Dear AUDITORY members, The following was orig
(txt) 100  may27 Kevin Baker     (3k) <<This is a general question The mini-FAQ which was posted recently has just jog
(txt) 101  jun01 Pierre Divenyi  (5k) <<---------- X-Sun-Data-Type: text X-Sun-Data-Description: text X-Sun-Data-Name:
(txt) 102  jun01 Kathy Barsz     (1k) <<The following message from me is a copy of a message my department chair place
(txt) 103  jun01 Kathy Barsz     (3k) Missing Child<<From: IN%"" 31-MAY-1994 10:37:5
(txt) 104  jun02 Neal F. Viemeist(3k) <<_________________________________________________________________ Research Ass
(txt) 105  jun02 BCJM@PHOENIX.CAM(3k) Research Studentship<< Research Studentship - Hearing Research The Hearing Resea
(txt) 106  jun07 Argiris Kranidi(20k) Human Audio Perception FAQ (v.2 / June 4,1994)<<Note:This is my second attempt t
(txt) 107  jun07 RGUSKI@RUBA.RZ.R(2k) new member?<<Dear organizators of the Auditory List, I just received a mail from
(txt) 108  jun10 bregman@CCRMA.ST(3k) Speech through few channels<<---------- Dear Ed, I am sorry I took so long to ge
(txt) 109  jun10 bregman@CCRMA.ST(1k) Change of address<<---------- Dear Colleagues, As of June 15th, I will be return
(txt) 110  jun11 Dan Freed       (1k) cochlear implant simulation<<Subject: cochlear implant simulation tape I have se
(txt) 111  jun13 Michael J. Pont (2k) Re: cochlear implant simulation<<> > Subject: cochlear implant simulation tape >
(txt) 112  jun13 Lawrence L. Feth(2k) Re: cochlear implant simulation<<At 8:49 AM 6/13/94 -0300, Michael J. Pont wrote
(txt) 113  jun13 Avery Wang      (5k) ANNOUNCEMENT: voice/music separation examples available<<I would like to announc
(txt) 114  jun14 Alain de Cheveig(1k) Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: voice/music separation examples available<<>These sound files 
(txt) 115  jun15 Dan Ellis       (2k) Announcement of "Important Discovery"<<Dear List - I was sent the enclosed annou
(txt) 116  jun15 Dan Freed       (2k) whither hearing aids?<<Subject: whither hearing aids? A couple of weeks ago, I a
(txt) 117  jun16 Dwayne Paschall (1k) AUDITORY list<<Please add my address to the distribution list. Thanks very much,
(txt) 118  jun17 James Beauchamp (2k) research equipment<<This is a little off the subject, but I don't know where els
(txt) 119  jun21 Michael Akeroyd (1k) AUDITORY list<<Please add me to the distribution list Thanks Michael Akeroyd mic
(txt) 120  jun21 Michel Scheffers(1k) new e-mail address<<Dear list-manager and all, Please change my e-mail address f
(txt) 121  jun21 CZTG000         (2k) junior faculty awards<<Junior Faculty Researcher Awards The School of Communicat
(txt) 122  jun23 L.P.OMard (Lowel(6k) Announcing the "lutear-auditory-simulation" Mailing List<<Hello People, This mes
(txt) 123  jun23 Albert Bregman, (6k) ICPR<<Dear Auditory list members, For those of you who are considering going to 
(txt) 124  jun23 Sid Bacon       (3k) Job announcement<< ANNOUNCEMENT OF VACANCY (PENDING FINAL BUDGETARY APPROVAL) AR
(txt) 125  jul06 Petr Janata     (2k) Mac/MIDI interfaces for research purposes<<Dear Auditory folk -- I am looking fo
(txt) 126  jul07 David F. Rosent(13k) Re: Mac/MIDI interfaces for research purposes<<Dear Petr, I found this through t
(txt) 127  jul07 Sid Bacon       (2k) << ************************************** *** POSSIBLE TEMPORARY POSITION *** **
(txt) 128  jul11 Jianjun Wen     (2k) sound compress<<Hi , guys This is Jiajun from Caltech . Now our lab wants to com
(txt) 129  jul11 Dan Freed       (2k) time compression<<Subject: time compression The package of Unix software from th
(txt) 130  jul11 Rory Stuart     (2k) Re: time compression<<> From: Dan Freed <dfreed@SONIC.COM> > Subject: time compr
(txt) 131  jul12 Mark A Pitt     (2k) compression<<Those interested in a copy of the phase vocoder can obtain it via a
(txt) 132  jul12 Mark DeWitt     (2k) Macintosh-based sound editing and analysis tools<<My advisor, Benjamin Brinner, 
(txt) 133  jul13 Dan Freed       (2k) Mac-based sound tools<<Subject: Mac-based sound tools Mark DeWitt asks about Mac
(txt) 134  jul13 Susan F. Volman (3k) Re: Macintosh-based sound editing and analysis tools<<At 9:09 PM 7/12/94 -0700, 
(txt) 135  jul13 Dwayne Paschall (2k) Re: Mac-based sound tools<<If you have access to Matlab 4.x, there is a nice sou
(txt) 136  jul13 Michael Smith   (1k) AM and timbre<<Hello, I'm looking for information on how amplitude modulation (A
(txt) 137  jul14 David F. Rosenth(2k) Replacing voice harmonics<<Hi, I believe that I heard somewhere that there was a
(txt) 138  jul14 Dwayne Paschall (1k) Re: Track Draw files<<I have received a number of replies regarding the files fo
(txt) 139  jul15 Barry Arons     (2k) Techniques, Perception, and Applications of Time-Compressed Speech<<In addition 
(txt) 140  jul15 Barry Arons     (2k) info on time-compressed speech, and other papers.<<The citation that I mentioned
(txt) 141  jul21 Phil Green      (2k) RA Posts at Sheffield<<University of Sheffield Department of Computer Science TW
(txt) 142  jul26 Larry Feth      (2k) Associate Editors for JASA<<The August issue of the Journal of the Acoustical So
(txt) 143  jul31 Ephraim P. Glin(22k) Advance Program - ASSETS '94<</\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
(txt) 144  aug01 Holger Prante   (2k) 'ld like to receive your news<<Hi, a friend gave me your email-adress telling me
(txt) 145  aug01 Chie Craig      (2k) mailing list<<Dear Manager, I would like to be added to the McGill auditory grou
(txt) 146  aug03 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) <<Dear Auditory People, I have a technical problem which, I am sure, several amo
(txt) 147  aug04 Albert Bregman, (2k) New paperback<<Dear List members, My book, "Auditory Scene Analysis" has just be
(txt) 148  aug05 Dan Ellis      (14k) <<PUT AUDITORY LIST PW= AUDITORY * * Research in auditory perception * * Review=
(txt) 149  aug05 Dan Ellis       (1k) APOLOGIES for erroneous post<<Sorry for that accidental posting of the entire ma
(txt) 150  aug08 Francky goes to (1k) Mono Sound Source. 44kHz<<Hi everyone, I looking for some sound files. They must
(txt) 151  aug10 RGUSKI@RUBA.RZ.R(2k) Audiovisual studies<<Dear Auditory People, I am looking for studies on bimodal (
(txt) 152  aug10 Scott D. Lipscom(3k) response to Rainer Guski<<I attempted to send the following response to the emai
(txt) 153  aug11 Alireza Darvishi(1k) Subscribe<<                                         
(txt) 154  aug11 Andrew Simpson  (2k) Any PC-based psychoacoustic tests?<<We are carrying out some research on dyslexi
(txt) 155  aug21 glinert@CS.RPI.(22k) Come To ASSETS'94 In Los Angeles!<</\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
(txt) 156  aug23 James W. Beaucha(8k) 1994 ICMC schedule<<I just received the following announcement of the 1994 Inter
(txt) 157  aug27 Jiajun Wen      (1k) CARL<<Hi , Our lab got the software CARL from to use the 
(txt) 158  aug29 wyost@WPO.IT.LUC(2k) New Journal<<Dear Colleague: We are very pleased to announce the publication of 
(txt) 159  aug30 Sid Bacon       (2k) Additional job announcement<<Asst Prof Audiology: Nine-month, tenure-track posit
(txt) 160  aug30 Keith Mashinter (3k) Auditory Dissonance: Kameoka & Kuriyagawa<<Hello, I am writing an undergraduate 
(txt) 161  aug31 Phil Green      (2k) Sheffield IoA Meeting - call for papers - SPEECH TECH,<<************************
(txt) 162  aug31 wyost@WPO.IT.LUC(1k) New Journal<<A number of people have asked for more information about Auditory N
(txt) 163  sep02 Steve Mcadams   (1k) Re: New Journal<<Open question to Bill Yost about Auditory Neuroscience. What is
(txt) 164  sep03 ars@SANTAFE.EDU (6k) ICAD94<<ICAD: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AUDITORY DISPLAY November 7-9, 1994, i
(txt) 165  sep09 Lawrence L. Mend(1k) New address<<I have a new address: Lee Mendoza, Ph.D. Dept. of Speech Pathology 
(txt) 166  sep09 Gregory Kramer  (6k) ICAD 94: Preliminary Papers List<<Dear Colleagues: Below please find the tentati
(txt) 167  sep11 Jiajun Wen      (1k) how to tie auditory attention<<Dear Auditory People, Our lab is looking an audit
(txt) 168  sep12 Douglas Keefe   (1k) request to be added to subscription list<<Please add my address to the subscript
(txt) 169  sep15 Bill Treurniet  (1k) list membership<<I am interested in becoming a recipient of discussions on the A
(txt) 170  sep15 Rory Stuart     (3k) non-speech audio and perceived duration of silence<<Sorry, I realize this questi
(txt) 171  sep18 Lew Golan       (3k) Congress on deaf education<<Announcement and call for papers: 18th International
(txt) 172  sep19 SLCSQUARED@DELPH(7k) RBS<< Dear Friend, Since you are someone who reads E-Mail, I thought you might b
(txt) 173  sep19 mmalcolm Crawfor(2k) Re: RBS<<Dear S. Conroy, Since you are someone who has blatantly advertised on a
(txt) 174  sep19 Elizabeth Wenzel(1k) Re: RBS<<Dear S. Conroy, I quite concur with Mr. Crawford; please keep your adve
(txt) 175  sep19 Albert Bregman, (2k) <<Dear Dan, I agree with Malcolm that something has to be done to discourage peo
(txt) 176  sep19 Dan Ellis       (2k) External postings to AUDITORY list<<Dear List members - John Lazarro pointed out
(txt) 177  sep19 Dan Ellis       (3k) Re: List pollution<<Al - I share your anger at the pollution of our email list. 
(txt) 178  sep20 Dan Ellis      (16k) Email addresses of members / ATR workshop summary?<<Dear List - As mentioned yes
(txt) 179  sep22 John Olsen      (1k) rise time<<Cn Can anyone suggest some important studies on the effect of rise ti
(txt) 180  sep23 Ronald M. Aarts (2k) low-low pitch<<Dear Multiple recipients of list AUDITORY, Can anyone suggest som
(txt) 181  sep24 HARTMANN@MSUPA.(14k) Summary of ATR-Kyoto Workshop<<To AUDITORY from Bill Hartmann, 23 September 1994
(txt) 182  sep29 Dan Ellis       (1k) Headphones<<[ Dear List - I am posting this on Stuart's behalf due to problems w
(txt) 183  sep29 Gregory Kramer  (8k) ICAD Schedule<<Below please find the schedule for the upcoming International Con
(txt) 184  oct14 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Position in speech science<<> > Tenure Track Position in Speech and Language Pat
(txt) 185  oct19 Bruce Norman Wal(1k) marie-eve.s<<Hi Marie-Eve, Although I'm in Texas right now, I am interested in b
(txt) 186  nov01 mmalcolm Crawfor(4k) 5 January 1994, IoA meeting, Sheffield, England<<Interest in this meeting is gro
(txt) 187  nov01 David Butler    (3k) Job Vacancy, Music (cognition)<<COLLEGE OF THE ARTS THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY PO
(txt) 188  nov02 Angela Darling  (3k) chair at UCL, England<<Chair of Experimental Phonetics or of Speech and Hearing 
(txt) 189  nov12 Dan Ellis       (1k) Technical difficulties with AUDITORY<<Dear List - There seems to be some difficu
(txt) 190  nov12 Dan Ellis       (2k) Niek Versfeld: message for auditory list<<Dear List - Here is another message th
(txt) 191  nov12 Dan Ellis       (4k) Uwe Baumann: Masking Question<<Dear List - I enclose a query that I am re-re-for
(txt) 192  nov13 James W. Beaucha(3k) upcoming meetings<<I haven't seen very many announcements of meetings lately. He
(txt) 193  nov14 Davide Rocchesso(2k) Re: upcoming meetings<<Please, add to the Jim Beauchamp's list of announcements 
(txt) 194  nov14 Lyne Thibault   (1k) test<<just testing                                                         
(txt) 195  nov14 Dan Ellis       (1k) AUDITORY@VM1.MCGILL.CA is fixed.<<Dear List - Of course, after all the noise and
(txt) 196  nov14 McGill Universit(1k) Test - Please ignore<<Please ignore this message. I am testing some routing "con
(txt) 197  nov14 Dan Freed       (2k) attention<<Subject: attention Malcolm Slaney writes: Attention helps us to focus
(txt) 198  nov14 Malcolm Slaney  (3k) Re: attention<<At 3:56 PM 11/14/94, Dan Freed wrote: >When you say that studies 
(txt) 199  nov15 Dan Ellis      (16k) <<PUT AUDITORY LIST PW= AUDITORY * * Research in auditory perception * * Review=
(txt) 200  nov15 Dan Ellis       (1k) <<quiet set auditory repro for *@*                                              
(txt) 201  nov15 charles s. watso(3k) Response to Dan Freed, inre attentional effects.<<(this got kicked back the firs
(txt) 202  nov15 Jasba Simpson   (2k) <<Controlling the directionality of sound has always been a classic problem in d
(txt) 203  nov15 Steve.McAdams@IR(8k) <<Dear Auditory members, Marie-Claire Botte, a fine hearing scientist and dear f
(txt) 204  nov16 mrjones@MAGNUS.A(2k) attention<<I agree that developments in theory and research on attending to audi
(txt) 205  nov16 LUTFI@WAISMAN.WI(1k) attention<<Another auditory attention infomercial: We have also been interested 
(txt) 206  nov21 Greg Sandell    (4k) ANNOUNCEMENT:  SHARC Timbre Database<< This is an announcement for the SHARC TIM
(txt) 207  nov21 repp@HASKINS.YAL(2k) Loudness of complex tones<<Dear colleagues: I am just completing a small experim
(txt) 208  nov21 Bob Carlyon     (1k) coming soon<<following greg sandell's announcement, please stay tuned for the Ca
(txt) 209  nov21 mmalcolm Crawfor(2k) Re: coming soon<<> following greg sandell's announcement, please stay tuned for 
(txt) 210  nov21 Jont Allen      (2k) loudness of complex tones<<There is a large literature by harvey fletcher and mu
(txt) 211  nov22 Steve Mcadams   (1k) Re: coming soon<<Hmm. I think Hearing Information Treasury is much sexier than R
(txt) 212  nov22 R. Parncutt     (3k) Re: Loudness of complex tones<<In reply to Bruno Repp's inquiry: > > > I am just
(txt) 213  nov22 Argiris A. Kran(21k) Re: Loudness of complex tones<<> > Dear colleagues: > > I am just completing a s
(txt) 214  nov22 Edward M. Burns (1k) Repp and numerous others<<I thought the idea of the BB was to address obscure or
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(txt) 216  nov22 Albert Bregman, (2k) Re: Repp and numerous others<<>I thought the idea of the BB was to address obscu
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(txt) 219  nov23 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) Re:  5, 6 January 1995, IoA meeting, Sheffield, England<<ucdavis!
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(txt) 244  dec22 Petr Janata     (3k) Bird song Re: Recorded Environmental Sounds<<On a similar note to these postings

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