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(txt)   1  jan02 Dan Ellis       (2k) Pre-echo audibility?<<Dear List - I was sent the following inquiry by Soren Laug
(txt)   2  jan06 Bill Budd       (4k) Re: Pre-echo audibility AND backward masking<<Dear Soren Thanks for your respons
(txt)   3  jan06 Eric W. Healy   (2k) Pre-echo<<>Dear Collegues, > >Can anybody help me with information on the audibi
(txt)   4  jan07 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Signals & Systems for Speech & Hearing<<Signals and Systems for Speech and Heari
(txt)   5  jan08 Lonce LaMar Wyse(4k) ACM: Audio and Multimedia (2nd call for papers)<<===============================
(txt)   6  jan08 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing<< Signals and Systems for Speech and 
(txt)   7  jan09 B.C.J. Moore    (2k) Fourth Edition<<Dear Colleagues, You may (or may not) be interested to hear that
(txt)   8  jan10 B.C.J. Moore    (2k) Fourth edition<<Dear Colleagues, Several people have asked me to outline the dif
(txt)   9  jan15 John Lazzaro    (4k) New silicon audition papers online ...<< Two new papers on silicon audition avai
(txt)  10  jan19 Warren Brodsky  (2k) <<Dear Auditory List Members There is an MA student in the department investigat
(txt)  11  jan20 Jont Allen      (1k) AAA web site<<In case you havent looked, check out
(txt)  12  jan30 TONY Watkins    (1k) <<Can anyone tell me why the 'Lombard reflex' is so called? Tony Watkins        
(txt)  13  jan30 Robert E. Remez (2k) Lombard sign<<Dear Tony: The Lombard reflex, also known as the Lombard sign, is 
(txt)  14  feb06 Ying-Fen Wang   (2k) machine for pitch and timbral analysis (fwd)<<Dear list, I am not sure if this i
(txt)  15  feb06 Ying-Fen Wang   (2k) S-tools and other machines (fwd)<<---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: 
(txt)  16  feb05 john erdreich   (1k) sagittal plane localization<<I have been unsuccessful identifying any references
(txt)  17  feb06 Rahul Sarpeshkar(1k) <<Can anyone point me to a set of definitive experiments (psychophysical or phys
(txt)  18  feb06 Peter Marvit    (4k) Post-Doc available, University of Pennsylvania<<[[ Please note contact informati
(txt)  19  feb12 khalee@UWYO.EDU (2k) complex sound generation<<Regards to everyone, I am looking for a method of prov
(txt)  20  feb14 August Schick   (2k) (Fwd)<<Forwarded message: From: Self <FB5_B/SCHICK> To: 
(txt)  21  feb20 DAVIDE Rocchess(13k) Workshops in Italy<<*-----------------------------------------------------------
(txt)  22  feb20 SLU@ERIKSHOLM.OT(2k) Beckman Institute?<<Dear List, I have been given a copy of a 'popular' paper ent
(txt)  23  feb20 Frank Klassner  (5k) Dissertation: Data Reprocessing in Signal Understanding Systems<<All the i's are
(txt)  24  feb20 Frank Klassner  (2k) CORRECTION: address of dissertation by klassner<<Well, it looks as though in my 
(txt)  25  feb24 Gregory J. Sande(4k) timbre normalization by pitch<<Here's my question: can anyone direct me to exper
(txt)  26  feb24 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Re: timbre normalization by pitch<<A clarification on my last posting: > Here's 
(txt)  27  feb26 =?iso-8859-1?Q?B(3k) otoacoustic emission vs BSER vs ECoch vs Psychoacoustic evaluation<<I'm an audio
(txt)  28  feb26 Kien Seng, Wong (2k) Gammatone Filterbank Response Area<<Hi, I am currently building a detailed model
(txt)  29  feb27 Richard F. Lyon (3k) Re: Gammatone Filterbank Response Area<<At 5:31 AM -0800 2/26/97, Kien Seng, Won
(txt)  30  feb28 Rahul Sarpeshkar(2k) Traveling Waves vs. Bandpass Filters<<Can anyone point me to some good work that
(txt)  31  mar03 Jont Allen      (1k) cochlear amplifiers<<For those who may care, I have posted a talk I gave at ARO 
(txt)  32  mar06 Andrew Vermiglio(1k) Auditory demonstrations<<Dear List, I am looking for auditory demonstrations on 
(txt)  33  mar06 Dan Ellis       (4k) Re: Auditory demonstrations<<There are three 'auditory demonstration' CDs that I
(txt)  34  mar07 Enrique A. Lopez(2k) PC-cards for Spectrum Analysis<<Dear all, Does anyone know about PC-cards (accom
(txt)  35  mar07 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: PC-cards for Spectrum Analysis<<Enrique A. Lopez Poveda wrote: > > Dear all,
(txt)  36  mar07 Biao Tian PhD   (2k) Re: PC-cards for Spectrum Analysis<<>Dear all, > >Does anyone know about PC-card
(txt)  37  mar07 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Re: PC-cards for Spectrum Analysis<<> > Does anyone know about PC-cards (accompa
(txt)  38  mar11 Dan Ellis       (2k) Auditory demonstration CDs<<In follow-up to my earlier posting... I've created a
(txt)  39  mar12 Lars Bramsl?w   (3k) Re: PC-cards for Spectrum Analysis<<I am not sure whether this is outside of you
(txt)  40  mar12 P.Groenen@KNO.A(10k) 6th CPLA Conference, The Netherlands: Call for Papers<<*************************
(txt)  41  mar13 B.C.J. Moore    (3k) Discount<<Dear Colleagues, For a limited time only, Academic Press have agreed t
(txt)  42  mar13 Bill Budd       (4k) Re: Discount<<Dear Brian I'm still not tempted this second time around. But you 
(txt)  43  mar13 Josef P. Rausche(2k) Postdoc Position in Auditory Neurophysiology<<Postdoctoral Position available im
(txt)  44  mar13 Galembo Alexandr(1k) <<I am looking for headphones for experimenting with tones of extreme pitches. I
(txt)  45  mar14 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) URL<<The Michigan State Acoustics/Psychoacoustics URL is
(txt)  46  mar15 Bill Budd       (2k) Re: responding in email<<Well yes, I think I see what you mean. On Fri, 14 Mar 1
(txt)  47  mar14 M. S. Malmierca (3k) Announcemnet on Professor Osen Award<<Dear All, The University of Salamanca (Spa
(txt)  48  mar17 Enrique A. Lopez(5k) Re: PC-cards for Spectrum Analysis<<Dear all, Some weeks ago I sent a enquiry to
(txt)  49  mar18 Regis Rossi Alve(3k) An effect I've been working on<<Dear listters, I am working with wavelet multire
(txt)  50  mar18 Julius O. Smith (4k) Re: An effect I've been working on<<If I understand your experiment correctly, y
(txt)  51  mar18 Gregory J. Sande(3k) Re: An effect I've been working on<<I'd like to ask Mr. Faria to clarify a few d
(txt)  52  mar19 Ludger Solbach  (3k) Re: An effect I've been working on<<Regis Rossi Alves Faria <regis@LSI.USP.BR> w
(txt)  53  mar19 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: An effect I've been working on<<Ludger Solbach wrote: > > Regis Rossi Alves 
(txt)  54  mar19 R.Rossi.A.Faria (6k) wavelet effect: clarifying<<I'd like to apologize for the gargage and bad format
(txt)  55  mar20 R.Rossi.A.Faria (4k) Re: An effect I've been working on<<Ludger Solbach wrote: > > The wavelet approa
(txt)  56  mar20 Julius O. Smith (2k) Re: An effect I've been working on<< > > > The wavelet approach has several adva
(txt)  57  mar20 Jont Allen      (2k) Re: An effect I've been working on<<Julius O. Smith III wrote: > > > > > The wav
(txt)  58  mar21 Bob Carlyon     (2k) postdoctoral position available<<A position is available for a post-doctoral sci
(txt)  59  mar21 Linda A. Seltzer(2k) Wavelet discussion<<> > Another advantage > > of wavelet filtering is its proper
(txt)  60  mar21 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: Wavelet discussion<<Linda A. Seltzer wrote: > > > > Another advantage > > > 
(txt)  61  mar21 Linda A. Seltzer(1k) Wavelet discussion<<Please note that my request for bibliographic citations or I
(txt)  62  mar21 Ludger Solbach  (2k) Re: Wavelet discussion<<Jont Allen <jba@RESEARCH.ATT.COM> wrote: > There is a li
(txt)  63  mar21 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) pickups<<Colleagues, I would be grateful for information on pickups to electrify
(txt)  64  mar24 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(3k) Re: Wavelet discussion<<>From tothl Mon Mar 24 12:52:04 +0100 1997 remote from i
(txt)  65  mar24 Richard F. Lyon (3k) Re: Wavelet discussion<<Jont Allen <jba@RESEARCH.ATT.COM> wrote: > There is a li
(txt)  66  mar25 ZUREK@FOZZIE.MIT(2k) Research Associate Position<< RESEARCH ASSOCIATE Sensimetrics Corporation is see
(txt)  67  mar26 Eric Scheirer   (2k) Reference request: rhythm/tempo perception in non-human animals<<Greetings to al
(txt)  68  mar26 Ludger Solbach  (3k) Re: Wavelet discussion<<"Richard F. Lyon" <DickLyon@ACM.ORG> wrote: > The main r
(txt)  69  mar26 Al Bregman      (2k) Information on Learning disabilities (fwd)<<The message shown below came to me t
(txt)  70  mar26 Bruce N. Walker (2k) Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<Greetings! I'm looking for referenc
(txt)  71  mar27 Dan Ellis       (1k) Rob Hukin: Klatt parameters<<Dear List - I was sent the following inquiry by Rob
(txt)  72  mar27 Stephen McAdams (2k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<>From Bruce Walker: >So I gues 
(txt)  73  mar27 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<> > Ask a young violinist to pl
(txt)  74  mar27 Rebecca Mercuri (1k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<I've noticed the same with guit
(txt)  75  mar27 Bruce N. Walker (2k) mappings - will post summary<<Thanks for the many excellent responses to my ques
(txt)  76  mar29 Al Bregman      (2k) Re: mappings<<Dear Bruce: When people are asked to judge the vertical position o
(txt)  77  mar30 B Suresh Krishna(2k) CMR: query<<Hello a. I was looking for a recent summary (review/book) with compr
(txt)  78  mar31 Charles S. Watso(2k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<In our tonal-pattern discrimina
(txt)  79  apr02 Andrew Bell     (2k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<Stephen McAdams makes an excell
(txt)  80  apr01 Sean Ferguson   (3k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<The first pitch-generating syst
(txt)  81  apr01 David Chervenak (2k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<>Maybe there is a relationship 
(txt)  82  apr01 Sean Ferguson   (3k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<On Thu, 27 Mar 1997 Gregory J. 
(txt)  83  apr01 David Chervenak (1k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<>that the English horn is highe
(txt)  84  apr01 Sean Ferguson   (3k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, David Cherv
(txt)  85  apr01 Fred Cummins    (2k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<One point not yet mentioned: we
(txt)  86  apr01 brian meredith g(2k) Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs<<On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Fred Cummin
(txt)  87  apr03 jonathan feldman(3k) SMPC Call for Abstracts: Deadline extended to April 16<< 2nd Call for Abstracts 
(txt)  88  apr07 Stuart Rosen    (2k) Regerence to work by B Blesser<<Does anyone know of a follow-up paper to: Blesse
(txt)  89  apr07 Dan Ellis       (7k) Ron Cole: Speech Systems and Speech Tools from OGI-CSLU<<Dear List - Ron Cole of
(txt)  90  apr10 Stuart Rosen    (1k) Reference to work by Barry Blesser<<I have (with the help of Jont Allen) managed
(txt)  91  apr18 Brian Karlsen   (3k) email of J. M. Kates?<<Hi, I'm trying to find the email of Mr. James M. Kates of
(txt)  92  apr18 meijer@NATLAB.RE(1k) Re: email of J. M. Kates?<< April 18, 1996 Brian Karlsen wrote > I'm trying to f
(txt)  93  apr19 Galembo Alexandr(2k) J. Robert Lee<<Hi, Please, who knows how to contact J. Robert Lee, the assignor 
(txt)  94  apr23 James W. Beaucha(2k) an auditory illusion<<A physics student at our university just queried me about 
(txt)  95  apr23 Rebecca Mercuri (2k) Re: an auditory illusion<<I don't know about the garbled noise illusion, but the
(txt)  96  apr25 Bill Thompson   (1k) Choral singing<<There seems to be a greater tendency for unaccompanied choirs to
(txt)  97  apr28 R. Parncutt     (2k) Choral singing<<> There seems to be a greater tendency for unaccompanied choirs 
(txt)  98  apr28 James Wright Mcg(2k) Choral Singing<<Bill, Re. your recent note re. choral intonation: I'm am a chora
(txt)  99  apr28 Sean Ferguson   (3k) Re: Choral singing<< I think this might also have to do with the difference betw
(txt) 100  apr28 Doug las H. Keef(2k) Choral Singing<<The choral ensemble performs either with, or without, instrument
(txt) 101  apr28 Richard M Warren(3k) An Auditory Illusion<<I have a comment and a question concerning the "high-low i
(txt) 102  apr29 Jana Schiffel   (1k) metallic sound<<Does anybody know which spectral characteristics produce the tim
(txt) 103  apr29 R. Parncutt     (2k) Re: Choral singing<<> > Whereas, for example, the fifths on the piano have all b
(txt) 104  apr29 Stuart Rosen    (3k) An auditory illusion<<>>I am looking for a recording of an acoustic >>illusion w
(txt) 105  apr29 Diana Deutsch   (5k) 'high-low' illusion<<I have some comments on Dick Warren's comment on the 'high-
(txt) 106  apr29 Diana Deutsch   (6k) <<I have some comments on Dick Warren's comment on the 'high-low' illusion. Firs
(txt) 107  apr29 Al Bregman      (4k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<On Mon, 28 Apr 1997, Richard M Warren wrote: > The que
(txt) 108  apr30 Al Bregman     (15k) advice on postdoc (fwd)<<Dear list members, I just received this query from Dr. 
(txt) 109  apr30 Jont Allen      (2k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Al Bregman wrote: > > I think, then, that your experim
(txt) 110  apr30 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Dear Jont, I can't quite tell from your example whethe
(txt) 111  may02 Hebert Sylvie   (2k) Help needed for French translation<<Dear List, Someone I know is looking for pro
(txt) 112  may02 Richard M Warren(3k) Diana Deutsch's April 29 Comments Concerning Illusory Changes in<<I am sorry tha
(txt) 113  may02 Richard M Warren(2k) Al Bregman's Comments on April 29 Concerning Dichotic Verbal<<Dear Al: I agree w
(txt) 114  may05 Galembo Alexandr(1k) <<Dear Auditory List, Please disregard my last message posted to the auditory li
(txt) 115  may12 Piet G. Vos     (1k) Question<<Can anyone tell me whether software is available for allowing a Turbo 
(txt) 116  may15 Niall Griffith  (2k) musical concepts and audition<<I was interested to read the posting by Steve McA
(txt) 117  may15 Niall Griffith  (2k) data set<<I am looking for a dataset of vowels used to illustrate the Jacobs,Jor
(txt) 118  may15 Walt Jesteadt   (2k) Position available<< Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate Position in Psycho
(txt) 119  may15 Al Bregman      (4k) Re: call for proposals?<<Dear David, I think it is quite appropriate. I am forwa
(txt) 120  may16 Al Bregman      (5k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<May 16, 1997 Dear Dick and List I have another comment
(txt) 121  may16 Richard M Warren(1k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Dear Al & List -- While I have not fully digested all 
(txt) 122  may16 Pierre Divenyi  (4k) RE/ an auditory illusion<<Al, Your proof that Dick's auditory illusion constitut
(txt) 123  may18 Christian Kaernb(2k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Dear Al, > But consider the following two cases: > 1. 
(txt) 124  may19 Al Bregman      (4k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Dear Christian, I am well aware of the correlation the
(txt) 125  may20 Christian Kaernb(3k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Dear Al, It woul be really better to ask people of the
(txt) 126  may20 DeLiang Wang    (7k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Dear Auditory list, Al writes: > Since one table is re
(txt) 127  may20 Al Bregman      (2k) Temporary binding of descriptions in perception<<Thanks to everyone who replied 
(txt) 128  may20 Neil Todd       (6k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Dear List The "oscillatory framework" is by no means u
(txt) 129  may20 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: Temporary binding of descriptions in perception<<Dear Dick, Al, Christian an
(txt) 130  may21 Alain de Cheveig(2k) Segregation (was: an auditory illusion)<<... >I proposed at the 1995 Mohonk meet
(txt) 131  may21 Neil Todd       (5k) Re: Temporary binding of descriptions in perception<<Dear Al, Alain, Pierre Ther
(txt) 132  may21 Neil Todd       (2k) Re: Temporary binding of description<<Dear Edward I am sorry that you feel that 
(txt) 133  may22 Al Bregman      (8k) Re: An Auditory Illusion<<Here is a message sent to me to be forwarded to the li
(txt) 134  may22 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re: Segregation (re: auditory illusion)<<Dear Alain, The notion of segregation w
(txt) 135  may23 Neil Todd      (11k) 40 Hz RIP<<On May 23rd (May 19th) Peter Cariani wrote:- > Once we admit the poss
(txt) 136  may23 Edward Burns    (1k) test<<ignore this message (and anything else which is clearly ignorable)        
(txt) 137  may23 Al Bregman      (5k) What is ASA and who cares?<<Dear List, I'd like to reply to recent postings by P
(txt) 138  may23 Richard M Warren(6k) Verbal Transformations<<Dear List: I've read with interest the various models an
(txt) 139  may23 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re: ASA is what it is and the CA$A engineers do care<<Dear List: Well, I think A
(txt) 140  may24 Larry Feth      (1k) No Fear<<Reluctantly, I must agree with the opinion expressed so eloquently by E
(txt) 141  may25 Neil Todd       (3k) personal comments<<Dear Edward and Larry There are many outstanding problems in 
(txt) 142  may25 DeLiang Wang    (6k) Re: 40 Hz RIP<<Hi Neal, > This is also the basis of the difference I have had wi
(txt) 143  may26 Alain de Cheveig(4k) Binding through synchrony (was: An Auditory Illusion)<<At 4:37 PM 97.5.22 -0400,
(txt) 144  may26 Neil Todd      (10k) Re: 40 Hz RIP<<Hi DeLiang > I wish you understood the oscillatory framework befo
(txt) 145  may26 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Re: Alain's note on vowel periods and subtraction<<Alain's delay-subtraction mod
(txt) 146  may27 Alain de Cheveig(3k) Re: Alain's note on vowel periods and subtraction<<At 10:56 AM 97.5.26 +0000, Pi
(txt) 148  may27 Robert Zatorre  (2k) child's play<<Dear List Not to change the topic from all the exchanges about osc
(txt) 149  may27 RealTime        (3k) Re: child's play<<Aren't score following programs just pattern recognition syste
(txt) 150  may27 DeLiang Wang    (3k) Re: 40 Hz RIP<<Neil, > It doesn't matter what kind of fancy oscillators you have
(txt) 151  may27 Neil Todd       (6k) Re: 40 Hz RIP<<Dear DeLiang > I meant how many experimentalists have looked for 
(txt) 152  may27 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: oscillatory and unfriendly behavior<<Hey guys, especially Neil, The Auditory
(txt) 153  may27 Al Bregman      (2k) How we should debate.<<Dear Colleagues, I would not like to see any rules impose
(txt) 154  may28 DeLiang Wang    (5k) Re: 40 Hz RIP<<Neil, > > The vision community is a better place to voice your co
(txt) 155  may28 Roger Watt      (3k) Vision<<Maybe I could help tidy things up a bit here as someone whose main resea
(txt) 156  may29 Neil Todd       (5k) Re: Vision<<Dear Roger > Maybe I could help tidy things up a bit here as someone
(txt) 157  may29 Jont Allen      (2k) comparison of vision and auditory system<<>Roger Watt <r.j.watt@STIR.AC.UK> wrot
(txt) 158  may29 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Auditory time acuity<<Jont's statement about temporal acuity decreasing at "deep
(txt) 159  may29 Charles S. Watso(4k) Re: comparison of vision and auditory system<<Jont, Years ago Hirsh and Sherrick
(txt) 160  may30 Ludger Solbach  (2k) Re: comparison of vision and auditory system<<Jont Allen <jba@RESEARCH.ATT.COM> 
(txt) 161  may30 Dan Ellis       (3k) Vacant Neurophysiology position (fwd)<<Dear List - Trevor Shackleton sent me the
(txt) 162  may30 Richard Lyon    (2k) Re: comparison of vision and auditory system<<>Jont Allen <jba@RESEARCH.ATT.COM>
(txt) 163  may30 Jont Allen      (2k) clarification on a comment I made<<I have gotten several comments on a statement
(txt) 164  may30 Charles S. Watso(3k) Re: comparison of vision and auditory system<<Richard, right! And, as Lloyd Jeff
(txt) 165  may30 Peter Cariani   (4k) Control of jitter<<Charles S. Watson wrote: > And, > as Lloyd Jeffress used to p
(txt) 166  jun02 Harry Erwin     (3k) Re: comparison of vision and auditory system<<On Fri, 30 May 1997, Charles S. Wa
(txt) 167  jun03 Charles S. Watso(2k) Levels of nervous system at which temporal details are extracted.<<Note, Peter C
(txt) 168  jun03 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: clarification on a comment I made<<Dear Jont, The inability of a listener to
(txt) 169  jun03 Peter Cariani   (7k) Re: Control of jitter<<Charles S. Watson wrote: > I certainly do not disagree in
(txt) 170  jun03 Dan Ellis       (2k) Larry Feth: Non-technical introductory acoustics courses<<Dear List - Larry Feth
(txt) 171  jun03 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: / Jont, Al, Peter<<In my last note, I responded to Jont and raised issues si
(txt) 172  jun04 Neil Todd       (3k) time and space<<Dear Pierre, Peter, Al, Charles, etc. and List If I may reiterat
(txt) 173  jun05 Fatima Husain   (2k) Creating Band-passed noise stimuli<<Hi All, This is the first time I am addressi
(txt) 174  jun05 R. Parncutt     (2k) prenatal development of auditory system<<Can someone direct me to recent work on
(txt) 175  jun06 Yoshitaka Nakaji(3k) Band noise<<Dear Dr. Husain, I often employ a very primitive technique to genera
(txt) 176  jun06 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Time and space<<Dear Neil, Indeed, it would be nice if the state-of-the-brain we
(txt) 177  jun09 Neil Todd      (11k) Re: Time and space<<Dear Pierre On Fri Jun 6 20:39 BST 1997 Pierre Divenyi wrote
(txt) 178  jun09 Peter Cariani   (8k) Re: Time and space<<Neil Todd wrote: > Dear Peter > On Thu Jun 5 22:42 BST 1997 
(txt) 179  jun10 Alain de Cheveig(3k) Re: Time and space<<On Mon, 9 Jun 1997 15:00:33 +0100 Niel Todd wrote: >"The nex
(txt) 180  jun10 Neil Todd       (9k) Re: Time and Space<<Dear Peter and Alain On Tue, 10 Jun 97 02:07:26 EDT Peter Ca
(txt) 181  jun11 meijer@NATLAB.RE(4k) Re: Time and Space<< June 11, 1997 Neil Todd wrote > One of the basic principles
(txt) 182  jun11 SOREN BUUS      (3k) Excitation-pattern models (reply to Peter Meijer)<<Dear Peter, You probably cons
(txt) 183  jun11 Biao Tian PhD   (3k) Re: Creating Band-passed noise stimuli<<On Thu, 5 Jun 1997 16:48:25 Fatima Husai
(txt) 184  jun11 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Time and space<<Dear Peter (Meijer): Physicists have always tended to be idealis
(txt) 185  jun12 SOREN BUUS      (2k) Nonlinearity in excitation pattern modeling<<On 11-JUN-1997 13:03:25.60 Jont All
(txt) 186  jun12 Dan Ellis       (2k) Rebecca Mercuri: AES Meeting University Park PA<<Dear List - Rebecca Mercuri sen
(txt) 187  jun13 Charles S. Watso(3k) Re: Rebecca Mercuri: AES Meeting University Park PA<<Not sure what AES is. The A
(txt) 188  jun16 meijer@NATLAB.RE(3k) The vOICe to AIM<< June 16, 1997 I'd like to thank all of you who responded, pub
(txt) 189  jun18 GERT ten Hoopen (6k) Question about band-passed noise by Fatima Husain<<Dear Colleague, I came accros
(txt) 190  jun17 =?iso-8859-1?Q?L(6k) Cochlear vs. psychoacoustic models<<Dear List, The recent discussion concerning 
(txt) 191  jun18 Matthias Latzel (2k) e-mail adress of Donald Schum<<Dear list! No search engine (which I know) is abl
(txt) 192  jun18 Beerends, J.G.  (4k) Psycho-acoustic models<<Dear List, Concerning the recent discussion on cochlear 
(txt) 193  jun18 meijer@NATLAB.RE(4k) Re: Cochlear vs. psychoacoustic models<< June 18, 1997 Dear Lars, I agree with m
(txt) 194  jun21 Jont Allen      (2k) Re: Question about band-passed noise by Fatima Husain<<GERT ten Hoopen wrote: > 
(txt) 195  jun21 Dan Ellis       (2k) Re: Binary attachments<<Dear List - Jont Allen wrote: >> GERT ten Hoopen wrote: 
(txt) 196  jun21 Richard F. Lyon (1k) Re: Question about band-passed noise by Fatima Husain<<jba said: >I have a BIG p
(txt) 197  jun23 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Basic acoustics web pages?<<Hello, A colleague of mine asked me if he knew of an
(txt) 198  jun23 James W. Beaucha(1k) Re: doc attachments<<>I have a BIG problem with doc attachments. I think there s
(txt) 199  jun25 GERT ten Hoopen (2k) Apologies for binary attaching by a dinosaurus<<Dear List, I didn't realize bina
(txt) 200  jun26 Walt Jesteadt   (2k) Email problems at Boys Town<< The auditory list seems like a good way to notify 
(txt) 201  jun26 GERT ten Hoopen (2k) Second apology binary attaching<<Dear list, Yesterday I apologized for binary at
(txt) 202  jun26 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Email problems at House Ear, too?<<Walt Jesteadt wrote: > The auditory list seem
(txt) 203  jun26 Dan Freed       (2k) Re: Email problems at House Ear, too?<<Greg Sandell wrote: >It may also be the c
(txt) 204  jun30 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: Beats<<Jim, It is possible that the piano tuner suffered from an otoacoustic
(txt) 205  jun30 Charles S. Watso(5k) Re: Beats<<Al, et al. It is a reminder of the phenomena described by Dix Ward 40
(txt) 206  jun30 Charles S. Watso(1k) Re: Beats<<PS, Dix called the internally generated tones, "Idiotones" as we were
(txt) 207  jul02 SLU@ERIKSHOLM.OT(3k) Re: Beats<<--ETxdH3uZDUmYgauksfH9WAkSXAXtHoFb Content-type: text/plain; charset=
(txt) 208  jul02 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(2k) beats between tones and subjective tones<<To Auditory List Re Beats between tone
(txt) 209  jul03 SLU@ERIKSHOLM.OT(2k) Re: Beats<<Dear Kathy & List members, In reply to my posting from yesterday Kath
(txt) 210  jul03 Stefan Muenkner (2k) Re: Beats<<Maybe I am too sceptical about it, but is it possible that the beats 
(txt) 211  jul05 Dan Ellis       (2k) Kate Stevens: Australian Music & Psychology Seminar (AMPS)<<Dear List - Kate Ste
(txt) 212  jul07 Randy Diehl     (2k) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship<< Postdoctoral Research Position in Speech Perc
(txt) 213  jul07 Roy Patterson   (7k) CNBH + Jobs<<We would like to announce: 1. The establishment of a new Centre for
(txt) 214  jul07 Roy Patterson   (9k) AIMR8.2<< AIMR8.2 AUDITORY IMAGE MODEL: RELEASE 8.2 May 1997 In October 1995, we
(txt) 215  jul07 HARRY R. ERWIN  (4k) Modeling Early Auditory Processing Using GENESIS<<Also posted to newsgroup bione
(txt) 216  jul07 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) digital oscillator<<To List: I would be grateful if someone could help me find a
(txt) 217  jul10 rmaarts@NATLAB.R(2k) can (auto) acoustic emissions be stimulated by pain?<<Dear list, Can (auto) acou
(txt) 219  jul11 jba@RESEARCH.AT(12k) <<Dear List, I have added a few comments to the following edited postings by Pet
(txt) 220  jul11 jba@RESEARCH.AT(12k) <<Dear List, I have added a few comments to the following edited postings by Pet
(txt) 221  jul13 Al Bregman      (3k) Sound in multimedia applications<<Dear list members, A Canadian colleague workin
(txt) 222  jul17 jba@RESEARCH.ATT(1k) Mohonk Conference<<This is a reminder to any of you who might like to go to the 
(txt) 223  jul18 Jana Schiffel   (2k) Available positions<<Subject: Research and Teaching in Acoustics In connection w
(txt) 224  jul23 Kramer          (7k) NSF Sonification Workshop at ICAD<<<fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>This is a ca
(txt) 225  jul23 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Roommate wanted<<To those List members wishing to attend the IEEE Workshop on Ap
(txt) 226  jul24 Kramer          (6k) Retransmission: NSF Sonification workshop<<<fontfamily><param>Times</param>[This
(txt) 227  jul30 Frank Russo     (2k) duration counts<<Hello all, I'm currently looking at frequency of occurrence/dur
(txt) 228  jul31 DAVIDE Rocchess(12k) KANSEI Workshop, Genova<<KANSEI - The Technology of Emotion AIMI International W
(txt) 229  aug08 Zacharov Nick NR(2k) Zwicker loudness<<Dear list I have an interest in developing a fast/simple means
(txt) 230  aug12 Arnt =?iso-8859-(4k) Loudness and TV-sound?<<Dear list, As a humanist doing research on sound in tele
(txt) 231  aug12 Daniel Levitin  (6k) Re: Loudness and TV-sound?<<I'll try to answer this query. > Fox writes: "Anothe
(txt) 232  aug14 Richard F. Lyon (3k) Re: Loudness and TV-sound?<<>As a humanist doing research on sound in television
(txt) 233  aug19 =?iso-8859-1?Q?L(5k) Coclear vs. psychoacoustic models<<Dear Jont + List, A few belated replies to yo
(txt) 234  aug21 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) critical bandwidths<<Re: JB-LB Exchange and critical bands The distinction betwe
(txt) 235  aug21 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) event<<Dear List, The reference to the exchange should have been JBA-LB and not 
(txt) 236  aug21 Kramer          (6k) CALL FOR DEMOS at ICAD<<**** RENEWED CALL FOR DEMOS ***** RENEWED CALL FOR DEMOS
(txt) 237  aug26 Bob Carlyon     (3k) postdoctoral position available<< POSTDOCTORAL POSITION AVAILABLE A postdoctoral
(txt) 238  aug26 Astrid Heyer    (2k) Software for running experiments<<Dear List Members, I am currently searching ar
(txt) 239  aug27 R. Parncutt     (2k) Software for running experiments<<MEDS by Roger Kendall (UCLA) runs auditory exp
(txt) 240  aug27 Bill Budd       (2k) Re: Software for running experiments<<Meds can be accessed via the address below
(txt) 241  aug27 R. Parncutt     (1k) MEDS<<Whoops! That www address for MEDS was missing a level called "faculty". He
(txt) 242  aug27 Bruce N. Walker (3k) Re: Software for running experiments<<We use MEL (Micro Experimentation Laborato
(txt) 243  aug29 Hermann Wagner  (4k) <<Institut fuer Biologie I MPI fuer Verhaltensphysiologie Lehrstuhl fuer Zoologi
(txt) 245  sep05 Steve Greenberg (5k) COMPUTATIONAL HEARING - NATO Advanced Study Institute<< NATO Advanced Study Inst
(txt) 246  sep19 sha.            (2k) *VIRTUREAL TON 1.0*<<FINALLY AVAILABLE: THE * VIRTUREAL TON 1.0 * =20 ONLINE-FOR
(txt) 247  sep19 R. Parncutt     (2k) web info<<Dear Colleagues, For some interesting introductory material on sound a
(txt) 248  sep22 Scott D. Lipscom(8k) Call for Papers<<Announcing the Fifth International TECHNOLOGICAL DIRECTIONS IN 
(txt) 249  sep23 August Schick   (4k) A new book "Annoyance in noise research" (in German)<< 1Ankuendigung eines Buche
(txt) 250  sep29 Jont Allen      (1k) reference<<Help please. Does anybody have a copy of 'auditory function' handy? I
(txt) 251  sep29 Jont Allen      (1k) stop<<Thanks I have the ref. Please dont anybody else respond to my request re t
(txt) 252  oct01 Dan Ellis       (7k) Senior Researcher for Auditory Cognition Lab<<Dear List - I was sent the enclose
(txt) 253  oct02 Clifford (Kip) K(2k) modelling nVIII tuning curves<<Hello, I wonder if anyone has a standard formula 
(txt) 254  oct03 Dan Ellis      (18k) Eckard Blumschein: Perception of irregular short pulses<<Dear List - Eckard Blum
(txt) 255  oct05 Jont Allen      (4k) Re: Eckard Blumschein: Perception of irregular short pulses<<Dan Ellis wrote: > 
(txt) 256  oct07 RONALD M. Aarts (2k) Threshold of feeling due to acoustical excitation<<Vriendelijke Groeten Best Reg
(txt) 257  oct07 RONALD M. Aarts (2k) Threshold of feeling due to acoustical excitation<<Dear list, Does anybody know 
(txt) 258  oct08 Argiris A. Krani(2k) handicapped child help (fwd)<<I got this message from someone in AOL. I wasn't a
(txt) 259  oct08 Mary V Andrianop(3k) Re: handicapped child help (fwd)<<Dear Argiris Kranidiotis, The nature of your c
(txt) 260  oct08 Aimee Surprenant(3k) Job notice, Dept. Audiology & Speech Sci., Purdue Univ.<<For your jobs file: %%%
(txt) 261  oct09 Galembo Alexand(18k) <<Alexander Galembo SEEKING PROFESSIONAL JOB Dear List: I am a Russian physicist
(txt) 262  oct21 Bob Carlyon     (2k) headphones again<<Some time ago I posted a query about the sony MDR-V6 headphone
(txt) 263  oct22 Marc Leman      (7k) New Book on Music, Gestalt, and Computing<<<nofill>Dear List, I thought this inf
(txt) 264  oct22 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(1k) Fechner Day<<Good afternoon, October 22 is Fechner Day. On this day in 1850 Gust
(txt) 265  oct24 RONALD M. Aarts (2k) deterioration of auditory functions<<Dear list, Does anybody know about the dete
(txt) 266  nov03 Glenis Long     (2k) Faculty position at Purdue<< JOB ANNOUNCEMENT Faculty Position in Audiology Depa
(txt) 267  nov04 Luke Windsor    (7k) Job Opportunities in Music Cognition<<Job Opportunities in Music Cognition At th
(txt) 268  nov08 Kramer          (3k) Precision and non-orthogonality in sonification<<Ken Fields wrote: > How about s
(txt) 269  nov12 LASZLO Toth     (4k) Problem with Seneff's model<<>From tothl Wed Nov 12 15:07:01 +0100 1997 remote f
(txt) 270  nov12 Josef P. Rausch(49k) Postdoc position ad<<--============_-1332745291==_============ Content-Type: tex
(txt) 271  nov12 Richard Pastore (5k) VIRUS WARNING  -  Postdoc position ad<<Colleagues: The file attached to the orig
(txt) 272  nov12 Dan Ellis       (7k) More info on virus / Admin reminder<<A few more details on the virus in the Post
(txt) 273  nov19 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(2k) Rhythm<<Dear List, This is a question about the ability to perceive irregularity
(txt) 274  nov19 Steven M. Boker (3k) Re: Rhythm<<Hi Bill, You might take a look at Bruno Repp's work. He has reported
(txt) 275  nov19 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: Rhythm<<HARTMANN@PA.MSU.EDU wrote: > > Dear List, > > This is a question abo
(txt) 276  nov19 Rosemary Mountai(4k) Re: Rhythm<<HARTMANN@PA.MSU.EDU wrote: > > This is a question about the ability 
(txt) 277  nov19 Laurent Demany  (2k) Re: Rhythm<<Bill, > Can you distinguish between 75-25 and 67-33? Yes, easily (ac
(txt) 278  nov19 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) Boogie Bob's question<<All too many years ago, I wrote a dissertation on the top
(txt) 279  nov19 Paul von Hippel (1k) Rhythmic resolution<<Here's another reprint of th Sternberg study mentioned by J
(txt) 280  nov20 Devin McAuley   (4k) Context effects in time disrimination. (Re: Boggie Bob)<<Dear List, For the past
(txt) 281  nov20 Mark DeWitt     (6k) Re: Rhythm<<Bill Hartmann writes: >Dear List, >This is a question about the abil
(txt) 282  nov21 Ying-Fen Wang   (2k) Re: Rhythm<<Dear List, Along the line of the works cited by Mark DeWitt, the mos
(txt) 283  nov21 Edward Large    (6k) Re: Rhythm<<Dear List, > A quarter note beat could be divided into two eighth no
(txt) 284  nov22 KEVIN AUSTIN    (5k) Rhythm & Singing<<Fascinating thread on 'rhythm', or rather perception and discr
(txt) 285  nov22 Neil Todd      (11k) Re: Rhythm<<Dear Bill and List, You may be interested in a neuroanatomically and
(txt) 286  nov24 Mari Jones      (4k) Re: Rhythm<<>Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 13:52:49 >To: AUDITORY@VM1.MCGILL.CA >From: 
(txt) 287  nov24 Jont Allen      (2k) Piece of Harvey Fletcher interview<<Dear List If you would like to see a small p
(txt) 288  nov24 Punita Singh    (2k) Why Oboe -- A 440?<<Hi List --- been "listless" for a while. Good to be back onl
(txt) 289  nov25 Jont Allen      (3k) Group power<<Dear List, It seems to me that in this list, we have a unique oppor
(txt) 290  nov25 Gregory J. Sande(3k) Re: Group power<<Jont Allen writes: > Many of us need bibliographic data bases f
(txt) 291  nov25 Rosemary Mountai(3k) group power<<-- Dear List, Jont Allen's idea of a bibliographic data base seems 
(txt) 292  nov25 Piet Vos        (2k) software data bases of musical themes<<Dear list, Does anybody know about the ex
(txt) 293  nov25 Paul von Hippel (2k) Re: Group power<<The wished-for bibliographic resources are, to a large degree, 
(txt) 294  nov25 Paul von Hippel (2k) Re: software data bases of musical themes<<In answer to Piet Vos' inquiry... The
(txt) 295  nov25 Jont Allen      (3k) Re: Group power<<Paul von Hippel wrote: > > The wished-for bibliographic resourc
(txt) 296  nov25 HARTMANN@PA.MSU.(2k) oboe tone<<Re question from Punita Singh: Why use an oboe to tune the orchestra?
(txt) 297  nov26 Rene van Egmond (2k) Software data bases of musical themes<<In a previous message Paul von Hippel sta
(txt) 298  dec01 Kevin L. Baker  (2k) Help with MIDI<<Dear colleagues, I am trying to built an experimental lab with l
(txt) 299  dec05 Roland Peffer   (2k) Fw: Help with MIDI<<> > > >>Dear colleagues, >>I am trying to built an experimen
(txt) 300  dec09 Kevin L. Baker  (1k) <<Many thanks to everyone (far too many for individual replies) who replied to m
(txt) 301  dec09 Kevin L. Baker  (2k) Localisation Lab Equipment<<I've had quite a few requests for information about 
(txt) 302  dec15 Lee Mendoza     (2k) Available position<<Assistant/Associate Professor: The Department of Communicati

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