Re: Group power (Paul von Hippel )

Subject: Re: Group power
From:    Paul von Hippel  <pvh(at)CCRMA.STANFORD.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 25 Nov 1997 10:59:57 -0800

The wished-for bibliographic resources are, to a large degree, already available. As you know, there are large on-line research databases (INSPEC, PSYCHINFO) that are indexed by keyword, among other things. To sort and format information from these databases, many of you probably use the programs EndLink and EndNote, available commercially from Niles Associates ( EndLink can download selected on-line references and convert them to a canonical format, stored in a file on your personal or network computer. EndNote can convert references from this file to textual citations and references. The citations and references can be automatically formatted to conform to APA style, Author-Date style, the Chicago Manual of Style, or other standards. EndNote is compatible with Framemaker and Microsoft Word, among other programs. From experience, I can say that its integration with Microsoft Word is almost seamless.

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