Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs (Fred Cummins )

Subject: Re: Req: pitch-to-physical space mappings, refs
From:    Fred Cummins  <fcummins(at)CS.INDIANA.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 1 Apr 1997 03:28:28 -0500

One point not yet mentioned: we live in a world in which gravity is a permanent constraint. Low pitches are generated by large objects (read, heavy), high pitches by small objects (read, light). While the up-down description is clearly not necessary, I would be reluctant to believe it is a completely arbitrary convention, as say horse-cheval-pferd appears to be. two cents, ka-ching, --Fred -- Fred Cummins | fcummins(at) Lindley Hall 406, | (812) 855-8702 (office) Indiana University, | Bloomington, IN 47405 | ____________________________________________________________ Never give a monster the work of an eee-vill scientist...... ------------------------------------------------------------

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