Precision and non-orthogonality in sonification (Kramer )

Subject: Precision and non-orthogonality in sonification
From:    Kramer  <kramer(at)LISTEN.COM>
Date:    Sat, 8 Nov 1997 09:11:16 -0800

Ken Fields wrote: > How about something like a granular display, >when the query is being processed, status could be monitored by >grain density, freq and size. Otherwise they watch a spinning globe >or something that doesn't give much feedback on the status of their >search. Ken, you might want to check out Stuart Smith et al's 1994 ICAD paper on using granular synthesis for sonification. The perceptual testing they did indicated a lot of interaction between parameters. However, if you're looking for broad navigation aids rather than precise indicators, this may not be too disruptive. I think this tradeoff between precision of representation and non-orthogonality of auditory variables is going to be an important issue for all of us. It is also an issue that points up the distinctions and inter-relationships between psychometrics and task-oriented design. Greg Gregory Kramer Clarity/Santa Fe Institute 310 NW Brynwood Lane Portland, OR 97229 503-292-8550 Fax: 503-292-4982 kramer(at)

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