Fw: Help with MIDI (Roland Peffer )

Subject: Fw: Help with MIDI
From:    Roland Peffer  <roland(at)TERRATEC.DE>
Date:    Fri, 5 Dec 1997 10:41:42 +0100

> > > >>Dear colleagues, >>I am trying to built an experimental lab with little (actually no) >>technical assistance, which is where I hope you may be able to help. >> >>I would like to set up an array of 8 speakers in order to do some sound >>localisation experiments. My problem is how to send sounds from my >>computer (Mac, or PC if pushed) to each one of the 8 speakers at >>predetermined times. > > >You could use the EWS 64 XL (or L) soundcard for this. Each has 2 x stereo >I/O (Analog and Digital). >You can use up to 8 cards together in a PC (the hardware driver uses only 1 >Interrupt for all), so two cards would offer you 8 physical Audio Channels >(and up to 64 logical) for Wave I/O, Wavetable Synthesis and MIDI. > >for technical information look at www.terratec.net. > >Roland Peffer > >

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