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(txt)   1  jan04 Timothy C. Justu(4k) Physics of Chilly Magnus Chord Organs<<Dear list - Could someone please explain 
(txt)   2  jan05 Jont Allen      (6k) Re: Physics of Chilly Magnus Chord Organs<<The frequency depends on the acoustic
(txt)   3  jan05 James W. Beaucha(4k) Re: Physics of Chilly Magnus Chord Organs<<Expanding on Jont's explanation, the 
(txt)   4  jan11 Sheila Williams (4k) digital recording media<<Dear list, I would be most grateful for advice from any
(txt)   5  jan11 Robert Eiichi Ir(4k) Re: digital recording media<< I can offer some information regarding consumer le
(txt)   6  jan11 Ken Grant       (2k) change in email address<<Greetings all! My new email address is grant@tidalwave.
(txt)   7  jan12 Antonio S. Pena (4k) Re: digital recording media<<--------------5EEE3102EB3F41957FD3C2AD Content-Type
(txt)   8  jan12 Kevin L. Baker  (3k) Re: digital recording media<<At 1:10 pm -0600 11/1/99, Sheila Williams wrote: >D
(txt)   9  jan12 Bernhard Laback (4k) Fletcher-Munson Tables<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. -----------
(txt)  10  jan12 Steven M. Boker (5k) Re: digital recording media<<At 1:10 pm -0600 11/1/99, Sheila Williams wrote: >D
(txt)  11  jan12 James W. Beaucha(3k) Re: digital recording media<<By coincidence a discussion on a similar topic is o
(txt)  12  jan13 Densil Cabrera  (3k) Re: Fletcher-Munson Tables Fletcher-Munson Tables<<> I forward a message by Herb
(txt)  13  jan12 Jont Allen      (6k) [Fwd: Fletcher-Munson Tables]<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ----
(txt)  14  jan13 Bob Carlyon     (3k) DICK DUDA'S DICHOTIC DEMOS<<some time ago, in a response to queries about the av
(txt)  15  jan13 CRISTINA BUSK NI(5k) Digital Recording Media<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_Ne
(txt)  16  jan13 Sheila Williams (4k) Re: Digital Recording Media<<Hi Cristina, (and anyone else on the list not famil
(txt)  17  jan13 Steven M. Boker (3k) Re: Digital Recording Media<<Here's a pointer into a number of DAT related resou
(txt)  18  jan18 Aniruddh Patel  (3k) auditory delays<<Dear Auditory list, Does anyone happen to know a reference whic
(txt)  19  jan19 Annemarie Seithe(4k) Auditory delays<<Aniruddh Patel wrote: > > Dear Auditory list, > > Does anyone h
(txt)  20  jan19 Bill Budd       (5k) Re: Auditory delays<<While the neurophysiological basis of evoked auditory and m
(txt)  21  jan19 Malcolm Slaney  (8k) Auditory Toolbox for Matlab<<I'm very happy to announce that version 2.0 of the 
(txt)  22  jan20 David L. Woods  (8k) Latency of activation of auditory cortex<<Your question on the latency of initia
(txt)  23  jan20 chalikia magdale(2k) laryngectomy<<Dear group, I am wondering if anyone has done any speech perceptio
(txt)  24  jan21 Morten Lydolf   (3k) Searching a report by J. L. Hall<<Dear List I searching a references to a intern
(txt)  25  jan21 Christel de Brui(3k) mini-disk or DAT?<<Dear list, I'm about to start a series of experiments on voic
(txt)  26  jan21 Sheila Williams (5k) Re: mini-disk or DAT?<<Dear list, I would like to thank everyone for the informa
(txt)  27  jan21 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Mini-Disk or DAT?<<Dear Christel, The main difference between Mini-Disk and DAT 
(txt)  28  jan22 john erdreich   (2k) Zwicker Loudness<<Before I go off re-inventing the wheel --- Does anyone have a 
(txt)  29  jan22 john erdreich   (2k) Zwicker Loudness<<Thanks to all respondents. You all saved me from what I suspec
(txt)  30  jan25 Richard Parncutt(8k) salience of pitch-time patterns<<For your interest here are the two main replies
(txt)  31  jan24 john           (27k) Zwicker Loudness<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------94F
(txt)  32  jan26 Neil Todd       (2k) loud sounds<<Dear List I am currently embarking on a small survey of Manchester 
(txt)  33  jan26 Ken Grant       (3k) Compression Simulation<<Dear Colleagues, We are embarking on several projects th
(txt)  34  jan27 Hodgson Philip-E(3k) Race car sound levels<<> The question about Manchester dance clubs (sounds like 
(txt)  35  jan27 Erick Gallun    (3k) Re: loud sounds<<Neil, I have a webpage reference (
(txt)  36  jan29 Richard Parncutt(6k) Art meets science: Call for contributions<<Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections. 
(txt)  37  feb02 msommers@ARTSCI.(2k) McGurk effect sites<<Does anyone know of web sites that have demonstrations of e
(txt)  38  feb02 Al Bregman      (2k) Current address of Andrew Lea<<Dear Colleagues, Does anyone know the current ema
(txt)  39  feb03 Chris Darwin    (3k) Re: McGurk effect sites<<>Subject: McGurk effect sites
(txt)  40  feb03 Martin Hansen   (3k) prevalence of hearing loss<<Dear List, I am looking for references describing th
(txt)  41  feb02 John Neuhoff    (3k) Re: McGurk effect sites<<Mitch, See the pages of Larry Rosenblum or Dominic Mass
(txt)  42  feb11 Brent Hugh      (5k) AUDIENCE: Developing Audiences for Classical Music--New Email List<<Announcing A
(txt)  43  feb15 Bernhard Laback (4k) Headphone amplifier with computer control<<This is a multi-part message in MIME 
(txt)  44  feb15 Niall Griffith (19k) Language Vision and Music<<Dear Colleague, Here is the call for papers for CSNLP
(txt)  45  feb17 Kramer          (3k) Change of Address<<Dear Colleagues: Please note a permanent change of email addr
(txt)  46  feb18 Manuel S. Malmi(10k) <<>Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 10:59:52 +0100 >To: >From: msm@
(txt)  48  feb18 Dr. Frank Klassn(7k) Final CFP: Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA99)<<Call For Papers (CASA
(txt)  49  feb19 Annemarie Seithe(3k) Additive sound synthesis<<Dear members of the Auditory List, does anyone of you 
(txt)  50  feb19 RealTime        (4k) Re: Additive sound synthesis<<Didn't there used to be a program called SoftSynth
(txt)  51  feb19 Steven M. Boker (3k) Re: Additive sound synthesis<<chris mandra writes: >Didn't there used to be a pr
(txt)  52  feb19 Alexandre Enkerl(4k) Re: Additive sound synthesis<<About Csound: Well, it does involve something simi
(txt)  53  feb19 Alexandre Enkerl(2k) Re: Additive sound synthesis<<BTW... Another solution. David Zicarelli's MSP is 
(txt)  54  feb20 Peter Meijer    (4k) Re: Additive sound synthesis<<> does anyone of you know commercial software or s
(txt)  55  feb20 Alexandre Enkerl(2k) Re: Additive sound synthesis<<Peter Meijer, interesting Java work. > Note about 
(txt)  56  feb20 frank klassner  (8k) CASA99: Submission Deadline Extension<<Hello, By popular demand we have extended
(txt)  57  feb21 Ludger Solbach  (3k) Dissertation on Audio Signal Analysis<<Hello, everyone! I would like to announce
(txt)  58  feb21 Erick Gallun    (3k) Re: additive sound synthesis<<>> does anyone of you know commercial software or 
(txt)  59  feb22 vciocca@HKUSUA.H(3k) Re: Additive sound synthesis<<... >does anyone of you know commercial software o
(txt)  60  feb22 Dr. Frank Klassn(8k) DEADLINE EXTENSION: CASA 99<<Hello, By popular demand we have extended the submi
(txt)  61  feb22 Didier A Depireu(4k) Using Etymotic Research equipment for Physiology<< We do physiological recording
(txt)  62  feb23 Annemarie Seithe(3k) Thanks to all respondents<<Dear members of the Auditory List, thank you very muc
(txt)  63  feb23 Steen Ostergaard(3k) CD and grammophone recordings of music<<Dear list=2E I would be grateful to rece
(txt)  64  feb23 Bob Masta       (4k) Daqarta v1.14 with DT2821 driver, Y2Kure<<Last summer, participants of this list
(txt)  65  feb23 Jont Allen      (5k) Re: Using Etymotic Research equipment for Physiology<<Didier A Depireux wrote: >
(txt)  66  feb23 B Suresh Krishna(2k) <<Hi Is there any published literature on differences (or the lack thereof) in t
(txt)  67  feb24 Dr L S Smith (St(4k) 1 year research fellowship: Stirling Hearing Systems<<Department of Computing Sc
(txt)  68  feb24 Neil Todd       (8k) loud sounds again<<Dear List Thanks for all replies to my request, for your inte
(txt)  69  feb24 Nancy Vaughan   (3k) Speech corpus for research<<Does anyone know where we can obtain speech samples 
(txt)  70  feb25 Densil Cabrera  (3k) software corrections<<Dear list, some significant corrections have been made to 
(txt)  71  feb25 Franck Ramus    (4k) Re: Speech corpus for research<<Here are three sites that provide a great variet
(txt)  72  feb25 Richard M Warren(3k) Re: perceptual equivalence of polarity inverted waveforms<<On 23 Feb 1999, B. Su
(txt)  73  feb26 B Suresh Krishna(3k) inverted polarity waveforms<<I received a number of very helpful responses to my
(txt)  74  feb27 Richard Parncutt(3k) Lectureship in Music Psychology<<KEELE UNIVERSITY, ENGLAND ACADEMIC POSTS IN PSY
(txt)  75  feb27 Neil Todd       (3k) Thresholds for sonotactile sensation<<Dear List I have another question. The psy
(txt)  76  mar03 Graham Naylor   (2k) Effect of mic. position in ear canal<<Quite a few studies have looked at the tra
(txt)  77  mar03 Christian Kaernb(3k) transfer functions for small concert rooms<<I am looking for freely available tr
(txt)  78  mar03 Jont Allen      (4k) Re: transfer functions for small concert rooms<<Christian Kaernbach wrote: > > I
(txt)  79  mar04 David Temperley (3k) Stream segregation<<I'm looking around for computational models of musical strea
(txt)  80  mar04 Eric Scheirer   (3k) Re: Stream segregation<<David Temperley wrote: >I'm looking around for computati
(txt)  81  mar04 Scott Lipscomb  (4k) impulse responses<<Chris (and other List Members): There is a terrific plug-in f
(txt)  82  mar04 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: Stream segregation<<Try the model by Sue McCabe (Plymouth, GB): Sue McCabe <
(txt)  83  mar04 Greg L. Reid    (3k) Microphone suggestions ...<<Hi all, I have been working with an auditory group a
(txt)  84  mar04 Brian Gygi      (2k) More loud sounds<<This being the US, of course there's a lawsuit involved:      
(txt)  85  0                 (2k) <<NEW HAVEN, Conn. (Reuters) - A Princeton University music professor claims his
(txt)  86  mar05 KEVIN AUSTIN    (3k) Ear plugs and abrassion<<Regarding a number of threads on loud sounds and ear pl
(txt)  87  mar06 Daniel J. Leviti(7k) Announcement of a new book on Psychoacoustics<<Dear Colleagues, First, I apologi
(txt)  88  mar08 Massimo Grassi  (2k) Perceived duration of attack and decay<<Dear list, I look for some papers where 
(txt)  89  mar09 Massimo Grassi  (3k) Re: Perceived duration of attack and decay<<Dear Jen, What I mean with attack tr
(txt)  90  mar10 KEVIN AUSTIN    (4k) On envelopes<<Massimo wrote: >Subject: Re: Perceived duration of attack and deca
(txt)  91  mar11 Motzl           (3k) Data trasfer from Aurical<<Dear list members, in our department we use the Madso
(txt)  92  mar12 Jesteadt, Walt  (4k) Position available<< I suggested to Lynne Marshall that the Auditory List might 
(txt)  93  mar13 KEVIN AUSTIN    (3k) FWD :: Sound and Visualization<<FWD: Sorry for doubles Best Kevin kaustin@vax2.c
(txt)  94  mar16 Aniruddh Patel  (2k) mammalian aud. ctx.<<Dear colleagues, Can anyone recommend an up-to-date referen
(txt)  95  mar18 Jont Allen      (3k) Weber and Fechner<<Dear List, Does anybody know of a good summary (historical an
(txt)  96  mar18 Gordon          (2k) Binaural transfer<<Dear list I was wondering if any of you knew of research rega
(txt)  97  mar22 Rene van Egmond (8k) SMPC99 Conference, reminder<<Reminder: SMPC99 August 14-17, 1999 Northwestern Un
(txt)  98  mar23 Barbara Muller  (3k) sine wave speech<<Dear list, Has anyone done (or knows of someone who does or di
(txt)  99  mar23 Peter Marvit    (3k) Re: sine wave speech<<While I cannot help the original requester, I was captured
(txt) 100  mar23 Hodgson Philip-E(4k) Re: sine wave speech<<Try the Haskins web site at
(txt) 101  mar23 Nancy Vaughan   (2k) Synthesizer software<<Can anyone recommend speech synthesis software that's acou
(txt) 102  mar24 Aniruddh Patel  (4k) mammalian aud. ctx. summary<<Dear colleagues, Here is a list of responses to my 
(txt) 103  mar25 Laura A. Drake  (3k) CASA - test stimuli ?<<Hello, Does anyone know if there is a standard set of tes
(txt) 104  mar26 Dave Van Valkenb(3k) Sound Booths<<Dear List, I would be greatly in the debt of anyone who could prov
(txt) 105  mar30 Aniruddh Patel  (2k) auditory attention and ERP/MEG<<Dear auditory list, Can anyone point me to a rec
(txt) 106  mar30 Khaleel R Abdul (2k) insects walking sounds<<Hello All, Are there any sources of spectrograms of inse
(txt) 107  mar31 Niall Griffith  (4k) NN & Music Book<<Book Announcement.... MUSICAL NETWORKS: PARALLEL DISTRIBUTED PE
(txt) 108  apr01 Aniruddh Patel  (2k) ototoxicity<<Now for something completely different... Is anyone out there famil
(txt) 109  apr02 Dave Van Valkenb(5k) Sound Booths<<Hello everyone, I'd like to thank the people who responded to my r
(txt) 110  apr02 Mary V Andrianop(5k) [Sound Booths]<<Many thanks to those who provided this information below. Our in
(txt) 111  apr06 L-L Balkwill    (3k) tempo and complexity tools<<Hi all, I am surveying the literature to find out wh
(txt) 112  apr07 Neil Todd       (3k) Re: tempo and complexity tools<<Dear Laura You may like to have a look at Todd, 
(txt) 113  apr07 Niall Griffith  (3k) other music<<I wonder if people can help me locate collections of non-western mu
(txt) 114  apr07 balkwill@YORKU.C(2k) tempo & complexity tools<<Thanks to everyone who responded to my query re: tools
(txt) 115  apr09 Dan Ellis       (9k) Stevan Harnad: CogPrints: Archive of Articles in Psychology...<<Dear List - I wa
(txt) 116  apr09 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re: Stevan Harnad: CogPrints: Archive of Articles in Psychology...<<How beautifu
(txt) 117  apr10 pallier         (6k) Re: Stevan Harnad: CogPrints: Archive of Articles in Psychology...<<Pierre Diven
(txt) 118  apr12 Dan Ellis       (7k) Pierre Divenyi: Fwd: Re: Stevan Harnad: CogPrints: Archive ...<<Dear List - I'm 
(txt) 119  apr15 Martin Hansen   (3k) saturation of TDH 49 headphones<<Dear list, does anyone of you have data on the 
(txt) 120  apr14 Christian Spevak(3k) Recognition of musical events with neural nets<<Dear List, I'm looking for liter
(txt) 121  apr16 Brian C.J. Moore(2k) <<Dear Colleagues, Does anyone know of any data on the detection of increments i
(txt) 122  apr16 chalikia magdale(3k) speech analysis<<Dear List, I am looking for some PC-based software that would p
(txt) 123  apr16 Pierre Divenyi  (4k) Re: speech analysis<<Just a couple of weeks ago I saw a very handi little softwa
(txt) 124  apr12 pallier         (4k) Re: speech analysis<<Chalikia magdalene wrote: >I am looking for some PC-based s
(txt) 125  apr17 Laura A. Drake  (2k) Auditory Scene Analysis cues<<Dear All, I would like to learn what's known about
(txt) 126  apr19 Dan Ellis       (3k) Hannes Muesch: Articulation Index software<<Dear List - I enclose a query from H
(txt) 127  apr20 Laura A. Drake  (2k) Auditory Scene Analysis<<Dear All, First, thanks to those who answered my inquir
(txt) 128  0                 (1k) << BAD MSG: Chris Darwin and me, in the book 'Hearing' by BCJ Moore (academic, 9
(txt) 129  apr21 David Temperley (3k) MusicCog/99<< * * * * * MUSICCOG/99 * * * * * Ohio State University, May 14-16 T
(txt) 130  apr21 Pierre Divenyi  (4k) Postdoctoral position opening<< Postdoctoral Opportunity in Basic and Clinical P
(txt) 131  apr26 Richard Parncutt(6k) art meets science<<Reminder: as previously announced on these lists (sorry for a
(txt) 132  apr26 Al Bregman      (5k) language at Cambridge (fwd)<<---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Mon, 
(txt) 133  apr27 Annemarie Seithe(3k) Software for spectral analysis on Mac<<Dear members of the 'Auditory List', whic
(txt) 134  apr27 James W. Beaucha(3k) Re: Software for spectral analysis on Mac<<Annemaire Seither-Preisler wrote: >wh
(txt) 135  apr27 Alexandre Enkerl(4k) Re: Software for spectral analysis on Mac<<Hello to all! My name is Alex Enkerli
(txt) 136  apr28 Alain de Cheveig(3k) new address<<Please note my new address: Alain de Cheveigne' IRCAM/CNRS 1 place 
(txt) 137  apr29 A.Watkins       (4k) lectureships in psychology<<We would be happy to consider people with Auditory r
(txt) 138  may03 Jont Allen      (2k) SciCentral: Gateway to the Best Science and Engineering Online<<FUI Jont http://
(txt) 139  may04 Paul Boersma    (3k) Re: Software for spectral analysis<<Annemaire Seither-Preisler wrote: > which pr
(txt) 140  may11 Jont Allen      (3k) Zwicker and Fastl book is back<<Dear Auditory mailing list, the Zwicker and Fast
(txt) 141  may13 Al Bregman      (4k) wavelets in Sydney (fwd)<<Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 21:47:00 +1000 (EST) From: Marw
(txt) 142  may14 Stuart Rosen    (3k) Posh Sine Wave Speech<<Anybody know of a repository of sine wave sentences that 
(txt) 143  may14 Aniruddh Patel  (2k) F0 and formant data<<To (sort of) follow up on Stuart Rosen's question, does any
(txt) 144  may18 Stuart Rosen    (3k) London research posiion available<<If I have sent this once before, my apologies
(txt) 145  may21 Al Bregman      (4k) Review article<<Dear Colleagues, I will begin shortly to write an article on the
(txt) 146  may23 Bob Masta       (3k) Daqarta 1.15 attenuator drivers<<Participants of this list who use Daqarta share
(txt) 147  may27 Robert J. Zatorr(3k) pitch discrimination<<Dear List A reviewer of a recent paper of ours has written
(txt) 148  may27 Jesteadt, Walt  (5k) Re: pitch discrimination<<Dear Robert, There were some models and very limited d
(txt) 149  may28 Chuck Watson Ph.(7k) Re: AUDITORY Digest - 23 May 1999 to 27 May 1999 (#1999-74)<<I would bet that "1
(txt) 150  may28 Sandra E. Trehub(4k) Re: AUDITORY Digest - 23 May 1999 to 27 May 1999 (#1999-74)<<Robert: Shepard (JA
(txt) 151  may30 Hiroshi Gitchang(5k) Calls for Participation: CASA'99, Aug.1 Stockholm<< CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION ====
(txt) 152  may31 Steve Slade     (3k) Re: AUDITORY Digest - 23 May 1999 to 27 May 1999 (#1999-74)<<> I have heard vari
(txt) 153  jun02 Robert J. Zatorr(9k) summary of responses re: pitch discrimination<<Dear List Many thanks for your he
(txt) 154  jun03 KEVIN AUSTIN    (4k) Up-down pitch perception<<Thank you for the summary of responses. Most interesti
(txt) 155  jun03 Athanassios Prot(5k) Re: pitch discrimination (fwd)<<Dear List, I would agree that 10-30% is very hig
(txt) 156  jun03 Chuck Watson Ph.(4k) Re: pitch discrimination (fwd)<<To: Athanassios Protopapas <protopap@PANTEION.GR
(txt) 157  jun04 KEVIN AUSTIN    (2k) Discrimination and direction<<Sorry, I'm (easily) confused by numbers. It seems 
(txt) 158  jun04 Alexandra Hetter(4k) Re: Up-down pitch perception<<Kevin Austin wrote: >Thank you for the summary of 
(txt) 159  jun04 Sheila Williams (3k) Re: Up-down pitch perception<<Hi, sorry for the somewhat belated response to Rob
(txt) 160  jun04 Christian Kaernb(3k) MEG headphones<<Does anyone use (or know someone who uses) non feromagnetic (pie
(txt) 161  jun04 Jont Allen      (4k) Re: MEG headphones<<Christian Kaernbach wrote: > > Does anyone use (or know some
(txt) 162  jun05 Chuck Watson Ph(11k) Re: AUDITORY Digest - 3 Jun 1999 to 4 Jun 1999 (#1999-80)<<In response to Kevin 
(txt) 163  jun06 Athanassios Prot(6k) Re: pitch discrimination<<I would certainly not doubt the number of subjects or 
(txt) 164  jun07 Christian Kaernb(5k) MEG headphones<<Dear List, I got some responses on my query concerning piezo hea
(txt) 165  jun07 KEVIN AUSTIN    (4k) Discrimination / Identification / Reproduction<<Many thanks to all for providing
(txt) 166  jun07 Bob Carlyon     (4k) COCHLEAR IMPLANT AND PSYCHOACOUSTIC RESEARCH IN CAMBRIDGE<<Dear all, Please brin
(txt) 167  jun07 Chuck Watson Ph(10k) Re: AUDITORY Digest - 5 Jun 1999 to 6 Jun 1999 (#1999-82)<<Athanassios et al. A 
(txt) 168  jun07 Stuart Rosen    (5k) Lectureship (= Assistant Prof) available<<Conventional (but heartfelt!) apologie
(txt) 169  jun09 Athanassios Prot(4k) Re: pitch discrimination<<Dear Dr. Watson and List, Someone please kick me if I'
(txt) 170  jun08 Punita Singh    (4k) Upside down -- Pitch perception<<Dear List, Robert Zatorre's original query re: 
(txt) 171  jun10 Brian C.J. Moore(3k) <<I am pleased to announce that Defeating Deafness (a UK charity) has agreed to 
(txt) 172  jun14 Neil Todd       (3k) discrimination of loud low frequencies<<Dear List Can anyone tell me if there is
(txt) 173  jun17 Henrik Mxller   (3k) Job announcement<<Dear colleagues We are about to increase our staff of research
(txt) 174  jun17 James W. Beaucha(2k) need mic preamp<<Hello, We are in the market for a portable stereo microphone pr
(txt) 175  jun21 Eric Mousset    (4k) Representation of auditory information at the cerebellar level?<<Dear List, I'm 
(txt) 176  jun21 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Re: Representation of auditory information at the cerebellar<<Eric, Another feat
(txt) 177  jun21 Argiris A. Krani(4k) Cepstrum computation<<Dear all, I have a really simple question about the comput
(txt) 178  jun21 Richard F. Lyon (3k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<At 09:59 AM 6/21/99 , Argiris A. Kranidiotis wrote: >T
(txt) 179  jun21 Argiris A. Krani(3k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<Incredible. I couldn't imagine that the "quick & dirty
(txt) 180  jun21 Jont Allen      (4k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<"Argiris A. Kranidiotis" wrote: > > Incredible. I coul
(txt) 181  jun21 Richard F. Lyon (4k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<Argaris and Jont opined: >> Incredible. I couldn't ima
(txt) 182  jun21 W. M. Hartmann  (4k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ---------
(txt) 183  jun22 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(3k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<>From tothl Tue Jun 22 10:13:05 +0200 1999 remote from
(txt) 184  jun22 Bernhard Laback (3k) Acoustic Coupler for Headphone Calibration<<Dear List ! I have two questions con
(txt) 185  jun22 Alain de Cheveig(4k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<>Yes, ridiculous indeed. A mathematician would definit
(txt) 186  jun22 Neil Todd       (6k) Re: Representation of auditory information at the cerebellar le<<Dear Eric There
(txt) 187  jun22 Eric Scheirer   (5k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<Alain de Cheveigne wrote: >Question: is there anything
(txt) 188  0                 (1k) << BAD MSG: AUDITORY list, after all), the question seems rather moot. Surely o 
(txt) 189  jun23 Paul Boersma    (3k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<Laszlo Toth wrote: > if(||FFT(x)||==0) { y=-BigNumber}
(txt) 190  jun22 Jont Allen      (4k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<Dear List, Just to complicate matters a little. If you
(txt) 191  jun23 VIOLLON Stephani(3k) Information<<I have conducted an experiment where there was a dependent variable
(txt) 192  jun23 Alain de Cheveig(4k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<Hi Eric, Thanks for your follow-up. The point I tried 
(txt) 193  jun23 Kevin L. Baker  (5k) Re: Information<<At 10:51 am +0200 23/6/99, VIOLLON Stephanie wrote: >I have con
(txt) 194  jun23 Paul Boersma    (3k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<Jont Allen wrote: > If you use the matlab/ieee fft, as
(txt) 195  jun23 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(4k) Re: Cepstrum computation<<>From tothl Wed Jun 23 16:29:32 +0200 1999 remote from
(txt) 196  jun23 Paul Boersma    (5k) Re: Pascal per Hertz<<On Jun 23, Laszlo Toth wrote: > This Praat fft must be mag
(txt) 197  jun23 Chris Plack     (3k) Definition of masking<<I was wondering.... "Masking" is defined by the ASA as bo
(txt) 198  jun23 Astrid Heyer    (3k) Development of capacity to parse complex sonority<<Dear List, does anybody know 
(txt) 199  jun23 tothl@INF.U-SZEG(4k) Re: Pascal per Hertz<<>From tothl Wed Jun 23 19:46:39 +0200 1999 remote from inf
(txt) 200  jun23 Richard Pastore (4k) Position Opening in Colleague's Laboratory<<I am forwarding the following for Cy
(txt) 201  jun23 Paul Boersma    (3k) Re: cepstrum: computing epsilon<<On Jun 23, 7:46pm, Laszlo Toth wrote: > FFT (or
(txt) 202  jun24 Niall Griffith (42k) CSNLP-8 Galway Ireland August<<Please excuse multiple receipts. Please forward t
(txt) 203  jun24 Antonio S. Pena (9k) about physics and mathematics...<<--------------28A7DFE5701F47FE2717839C Content
(txt) 204  jun24 Richard J. Fabbr(5k) Re: Information<<Stephanie, Given what I am about to offer, your Subject title "
(txt) 205  jun25 DeLiang Wang    (4k) Tech report on speech segregation<<The following technical report is available v
(txt) 206  jun27 Bruce Walker    (4k) Natural vs. Artificial speech<<Forwarded on behalf of a colleague. --BW ________
(txt) 207  jun29 James W. Beaucha(3k) new Armadillo release<<The latest release of Armadillo, a freeware spectral anal
(txt) 208  jun30 Tim Cox         (2k) spectral analysis freeware<<Dear List, It is great to see freeware such as Armad
(txt) 209  jun30 Eric Delory     (3k) Spectral analysis freeware<<Hi, Certainly a good real-time spectrographic analys
(txt) 210  jun30 Werner A. Deutsc(4k) Re: Spectral analysis freeware<<Dear list, just to complete the list of PC-Win s
(txt) 211  jun30 Paul Boersma    (3k) Re: spectral analysis freeware<<Tim Cox wrote: > It is great to see freeware suc
(txt) 212  jun30 Martin Cooke    (3k) Re: spectral analysis freeware<<Paul Boersma wrote: > > Tim Cox wrote: > > > It 
(txt) 213  jun30 Bob Masta       (3k) Spectral Analysis Shareware<<You might want to check out Daqarta for waveform or
(txt) 214  jul01 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: Definition of masking<<Chris, How about this? "A sound is said to be masked 
(txt) 215  jul02 Chris Plack     (4k) Re: Definition of masking<<Hello Al, >How about this? > > "A sound is said to be
(txt) 216  jul02 Richard J. Fabbr(3k) Re: Definition of masking<<Chris, >The problem then is that to call something "m
(txt) 217  jul02 Jont Allen      (6k) Re: Definition of masking<<"Richard J. Fabbri" wrote: > > Chris, > > >The proble
(txt) 218  jul05 Chris Plack     (5k) Re: Definition of masking<<Response to Rich and Jont. Richard J. Fabbri wrote: >
(txt) 219  jul05 Bob Carlyon     (2k) <<that's enough masking definitions -ed. Dr. Bob Carlyon MRC Cognition and Brain
(txt) 220  jul05 Roy Patterson   (3k) "What is Masking?"  Spike Tanner  1964<<List members interested in what masking 
(txt) 221  jul06 Punita Singh    (4k) Masking for the asking and then some-antics !<<Hey there List, So "masking" in t
(txt) 222  jul06 Amandine Penel  (3k) effect of loudness on perceived duration<<Dear Members of the Auditory List, Doe
(txt) 223  jul06 Roy Patterson   (3k) 'What is masking?' Tanner, JASA v30 919-981, 1958<<Spike Tanner's article 'What 
(txt) 224  jul06 Ward Drennan    (3k) Re: Masking for the asking and then some-antics !  (Inging)<<If I recall my lang
(txt) 225  jul07 Richard Parncutt(4k) Re: effect of loudness on perceived duration<<In reply to Amandine Penel: >Does 
(txt) 226  jul07 Richard J. Fabbr(3k) Re: effect of loudness on perceived duration<<Richard, >1. Is there a general un
(txt) 227  jul07 Massimo Grassi  (3k) Perceived duration of attack and decay<<For those interested, these are the two 
(txt) 228  jul08 Neil Todd       (5k) Re: effect of loudness on perceived duration<<From: Self <TODD> To: LISTSERV@LIS
(txt) 229  jul09 KEVIN AUSTIN    (4k) Soft/loud grouping patterns<<Thank you for this thread. Sorry if my comments are
(txt) 230  jul10 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: Soft/loud grouping patterns<<Dear Kevin and List, > > >>According to Handel,
(txt) 231  jul10 Al Bregman      (3k) post-doc at Belfast (fwd)<<---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Fionn M
(txt) 232  jul14 Neil Todd       (4k) Re: Soft/loud grouping patterns<<Dear Al and List > >> >> >>According to Handel,
(txt) 233  jul29 Marc Leman      (3k) Plomp&Levelt vs. Zwicker&Fastl?<<Looking at the data on sensory dissonance (Plom
(txt) 234  jul29 David Huron - Co(7k) Re: critical bands and dissonance<<Regarding Marc Leman and Bill Sethares questi
(txt) 235  jul30 Marc Leman      (3k) Re: critical bands and dissonance<<To David Huron: David, your mini-story does n
(txt) 236  aug01 W. M. Hartmann  (7k) Roughness<<This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------2FE2A0328A
(txt) 237  aug02 KEVIN AUSTIN    (3k) Re: AUDITORY Digest - 30 Jul 1999 to 1 Aug 1999 (#1999-108)<<The thread continue
(txt) 238  aug11 Al Bregman      (3k) Time resolution (fwd)<<Dear colleagues, Alex Galembo, a Russian colleage sent me
(txt) 239  aug11 Aniruddh Patel  (3k) speech-timing database<<Dear List, I just put a speech database on the web which
(txt) 240  aug18 Jont Allen      (3k) Frank Cooper passed away<<I just learned (via a Univ of Ill alum newsletter) tha
(txt) 241  aug19 David A. Eddins (3k) Sound booths...<<Dear List: I am shopping for double-wall sound treated booths a
(txt) 242  aug20 Malcolm Slaney  (4k) Re: Frank Cooper passed away<<A colleague of mine wrote this description of Fran
(txt) 243  aug23 Malcolm Slaney  (6k) CFP: Neural Mechanisms of Music Processing<<Hopefully this will be interesting t
(txt) 244  aug25 Dan Ellis       (5k) Job Offer in Speech Synthesis from IKA Bochum<<Dear List - I was sent the enclos
(txt) 245  aug27 Jont Allen      (3k) Free reprint<<Dear Auditory mailing list, I have received several hundred reprin
(txt) 246  aug29 Jont Allen      (4k) 28 min video of Harvey Fletcher<<Dear List, I have just put a 28 min RealAudio f
(txt) 247  aug30 Michael Kubovy  (3k) Reprint<<Dear Jont, I would be delighted to receive a reprint of your encycloped
(txt) 248  aug30 Nancy Vaughan   (2k) Noise sound files<<Does anyone know of sources of various types of noise to eval
(txt) 249  aug31 Phil Green      (5k) R E S  E A R C H   O P P O R T U N I T I E S :  S P H E A R<<R E S E A R C H I N
(txt) 250  sep01 nicolas         (4k) PhD on Binaural loudness summation<<Dear List, It is already two years ago that 
(txt) 251  sep01 Warren Brodsky  (5k) <<Daer List, I am interested in organizing a Symposia on the role and contributi
(txt) 252  sep01 Paul von Hippel (3k) Survey of Gestalt critiques<<I'm seeking an article that surveys the various way
(txt) 253  sep01 Nancy Vaughan   (5k) Re: auditory list replies<<So far I've received four suggestions for noise files
(txt) 254  sep02 Heinrich Zimmerm(3k) Lateral Inversion in Spatial Hearing<<Lateral Inversion in Spatial Hearing I won
(txt) 255  sep02 vsummers        (3k) Research Position - Walter Reed Hospital, Wash. D.C.<<A research associate/compu
(txt) 256  sep02 CRISTINA BUSK N(12k) Re: AUDITORY Digest - 31 Aug 1999 to 1 Sep 1999 (#1999-121)<<Please tell me how 
(txt) 257  sep02 CRISTINA BUSK NI(6k) Re: AUDITORY Digest - 30 Aug 1999 to 31 Aug 1999 (#1999-120)<<Please tell me how
(txt) 258  sep02 Dan Ellis       (4k) aperiodic admin reminder<<For anyone else eager to contact the list administrato
(txt) 259  sep03 Dan Ellis       (9k) Announcement:  Auditory Display conference<<Dear List - Perry Cook of Princeton 
(txt) 260  sep03 Martin F. McKinn(3k) Re: Free reprint<<Dear Dr. Allen, Could you please send me a copy of your articl
(txt) 261  sep06 Al Bregman      (5k) Re: Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition<<Dear Michael, Thanks for yo
(txt) 262  sep07 Richard J. Fabbr(7k) Re: Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition<<Al, Michael - "The physics 
(txt) 263  sep07 Michael Casey   (4k) Research Opportunity in Audio Classification<<Dear Auditory list members, We are
(txt) 264  sep08 Richard J. Fabbr(2k) Re: Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition<<Michael, >I am still wonder
(txt) 265  sep08 Mikael.Fernstrom(3k) Re: Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition<<Rich & Michael, When clippi
(txt) 266  sep08 Richard J. Fabbr(4k) Re: Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition<<Al, If you have ever heard 
(txt) 267  sep09 Michael Norris  (4k) How many streams?<<Dear List, The gradual build and decay of auditory streaming 
(txt) 268  sep08 Al Bregman      (4k) Re: How many streams?<<Dear Michael, Your reference [3] and the Rogers & Bregman
(txt) 269  sep10 Lola L. Cuddy   (6k) Call for participation<<Call for Participation The Society for Music Perception 
(txt) 270  sep17 Warren Brodsky  (6k) <<Final Call for Papers The Contribution of Music Science to the Study of Human 
(txt) 271  sep17 Roy Patterson   (4k) Temporal Processing post doc at CNBH<<Applications are sought for a 3-year post-
(txt) 272  sep17 Roy Patterson   (5k) Partial Loudness post doctoral position<<Applications are sought for another 3-y
(txt) 273  sep17 Greg            (7k) NSF Sonification Report<< Announcement of Report on Sonification Sponsored by th
(txt) 274  sep20 Malcolm Slaney  (6k) CFP: Neural Mechanisms of Music Processing<<Final notice. We didn't put a deadli
(txt) 275  sep20 Paul von Hippel (4k) Re: Gestalt criticisms<<Three weeks ago I posted a request for review articles s
(txt) 276  sep21 John K. Bates   (8k) Re: Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition<<Dear List, Following is a n
(txt) 277  sep22 vsummers        (2k) slowing speech,music rate without alerting pitch<<Is anyone aware of software wh
(txt) 278  sep22 Noah            (3k) Re: slowing speech,music rate without alerting pitch<<At 10:42 AM -0400 9/22/99,
(txt) 279  sep22 Regis Rossi Alve(3k) Re: slowing speech,music rate without alerting pitch<<Hi, vsummers wrote: > Is a
(txt) 280  sep22 john neuhoff    (3k) Auditory Cognition<<I am putting together a comprehensive review of work that mi
(txt) 281  sep23 Kathy Melih     (3k) Sweep rates<<Dear List, I was wondering if anyone knows if/where I might be able
(txt) 282  sep25 Al Bregman      (3k) Temporary move.<<Dear Colleagues, I will be away from McGill, in Japan and Hong 
(txt) 283  sep25 Heinrich Zimmer(12k) Re: Lateral Inversion in Spatial Hearing<<This is a multi-part message in MIME f
(txt) 284  sep25 Magdalene Chalik(3k) dichotic tape<<Dear List, A colleague of mine asked for help with the following:
(txt) 285  sep27 houtsma@IPO.TUE.(5k) Lateral Inversion<<---------- X-Sun-Data-Type: text X-Sun-Data-Description: text
(txt) 286  sep30 Robert A. Lutfi (5k) Job Announcement<<<center> OPEN POSITION =96 ASSISTANT, ASSOCIATE, OR FULL PROFE
(txt) 287  oct04 Stuart Rosen    (4k) Temporary lectureship at UCL<<Sorry for the late notice. We are in quite a rush!
(txt) 288  oct05 Max Cynader     (3k) Postdoctoral position available<<Please post the following position to the list:
(txt) 289  oct05 Donald D. Greenw(9k) Plomp&Levelt vs. Zwicker&Fastl - Little evidence of conflict<<Re: Questions and 
(txt) 290  oct12 Paul von Hippel (4k) Results: Gestalt criticisms<<Some weeks ago, I posted a request for articles tha
(txt) 291  oct14 Brian Gygi      (3k) Phase effects on stereo mixes<<I am forwarding this for Gilbert Shuster, an engi
(txt) 292  oct15 Scott Lipscomb (11k) deadline extension - Technological Directions in Music Learning c<<This message 
(txt) 293  oct15 Stephen McAdams (4k) Tribute to Jean-Claude Risset<<Jean-Claude Risset, Sculptor and student of sound
(txt) 294  oct15 Wieslaw Woszczyk(4k) POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT in Music technology<<Dear Colleagues, Here is the announce
(txt) 295  oct17 Stephen McAdams (2k) Whoops!<<Of course what I meant to write was : (try to imagine any other country
(txt) 296  oct19 Bob Carlyon     (2k) jasa on microfiche<<I have a complete set of jasa on microfiche from the beginni
(txt) 297  oct19 Bob Carlyon     (2k) jasa on microfiche now snapped up<<a worthy home for my jasa microfiches has now
(txt) 298  oct21 Al Bregman      (2k) Opcode Corp.<<Dear list, I just heard a rumor that Opcode Corp. who sell and sup
(txt) 299  oct21 Judith Brown    (2k) seeking refs on sound classification using PCA<<Does anybody know of any work on
(txt) 300  oct21 Al Bregman      (2k) Apologies<<Dear list, It has been pointed out to me that my query about Opcode c
(txt) 301  oct21 Alex Westner    (3k) Re: Opcode Corp.<<Despite Al's retraction, I'd still like to comment (*very* bri
(txt) 302  oct22 Dave Van Valkenb(3k) headphone information...<<Greetings everyone, I am about to start doing some psy
(txt) 303  oct25 Harry Erwin     (2k) "Detection Threshold"<<I come from a radar/sonar background, and I'm looking for
(txt) 304  oct25 Roy Patterson   (5k) Auditory Neuroscience Job<<Post-doctoral position in auditory neuroscience 'Neur
(txt) 305  oct26 Eric Mousset    (3k) Real-time binaural analysis using Linux?<<Dear List, The department I am working
(txt) 306  oct26 Roy Patterson   (9k) Two jobs in auditory neuroscience<<The Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing in
(txt) 307  oct26 Jont Allen      (4k) Re: Real-time binaural analysis using Linux?<<Eric Mousset wrote: > > Dear List,
(txt) 308  oct26 Dan Ellis       (3k) Re: Linux binaural analysis<<Eric - Linux has pretty good soundcard support. If 
(txt) 309  oct28 Annemarie Seithe(3k) Database of sound samples of different musical instruments<<Dear members of the 
(txt) 310  oct29 Judith Brown    (3k) Re: Database of sound samples of different musical instruments<< The University 
(txt) 311  oct29 Richard Parncutt(3k) Re: Database of sound samples of different musical instruments<<>does anyone of 
(txt) 312  oct29 Scott Lipscomb (11k) Technological Directions in Music Learning<<This message is in MIME format. Sinc
(txt) 313  oct29 William Yost    (4k) from Bill Yost<<I received an email shown below, and I thought that someone on t
(txt) 314  oct30 Barbara Muller  (3k) Mills chapter in Tobias' 1972 book<<Dear List, I've been searching for weeks for
(txt) 315  nov01 Barbara Muller  (3k) Mill's' chapter<<Dear all who replied me, I got a lot of answers and proposals t
(txt) 316  nov01 Hannes Muesch   (4k) AI of Fletcher and Galt (1950)<<Dear Auditory List, I have made available a comp
(txt) 317  nov04 Ahroon, William (3k) Position available<<RESEARCH AUDIOLOGIST--THE US ARMY AEROMEDICAL RESEARCH LABOR
(txt) 318  nov04 Khaleel R Abdul (3k) multi-electrode array<<Hello! I am setting up an experiment to record single neu
(txt) 319  nov05 Christian Spevak(3k) Auditory models<<Dear list, does anybody know about a review of auditory models 
(txt) 320  nov05 Catherine Emily (5k) Re: Linux binaural analysis<<Eric Mousset <mousset@SEDAL.USYD.EDU.AU> wrote: >Th
(txt) 321  nov05 Dianne VanTasell(4k) Job announcement<<Position Announcement Research Audiologist Starkey Laboratorie
(txt) 322  nov07 Richard O. Duda (4k) Post-doctoral position in 3-D sound and spatial hearing<<Post-doctoral position 
(txt) 323  nov08 Bruce Walker    (3k) SPL meter suggestions<<List Gang, I'm about to buy a sound pressure level meter 
(txt) 324  nov09 Dan Ellis       (4k) Perry R Cook: ICAD 2000 Update and Last Call<<Dear List - Perry Cook sent me the
(txt) 325  nov10 Henrik Mxller   (2k) Anechoic room<<Dear list Can anyone recommend manufacturers of anechoic rooms (t
(txt) 326  nov11 Peter Meijer    (5k) Recent progress in profile analysis?<<Dear All, I am looking for an update on re
(txt) 327  nov12 Richard Parncutt(5k) ICMPC6 - Final call for papers<<SIXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MUSIC PERCEPTI
(txt) 328  nov16 Peter Meijer    (6k) Re: Recent progress in profile analysis?<<Dear All, Many thanks to all who respo
(txt) 329  nov17 Qiong Zhang     (2k) =?gb2312?B?u9i4tDogIEFVRElUT1JZIERpZ2VzdCAtIDEyIE5vdiAxOTk5IHRvIA==?=<<RGFybGluZ
(txt) 330  nov17 Michael Kubovy  (3k) Auditory analog of Milner & Goodale?<<Is there behavioral and neurophysiological
(txt) 331  nov17 Christian Spevak(5k) Auditory Models<<Thank you very much for all the references I received to my que
(txt) 332  nov17 Pierre Divenyi  (3k) Re:<<At 01:26 PM 11/17/99 +0800, Qiong Zhang wrote: >Darling, > >=CB=C6=BA=F5=BA
(txt) 333  nov20 Tim Cox         (2k) front to rear reversals<<Dear List, I am presently making binaural recordings an
(txt) 334  nov22 mup1dm          (4k) Re: front to rear reversals<<>Subject: front to rear reversals >Sent: 11/22/19 7
(txt) 335  nov22 John Middlebrook(4k) Re: front to rear reversals<<Tim, My experience is that there is a lot of variat
(txt) 336  nov22 Phil Green      (3k) L e c t u r e s h i p s  in  L a n g u a g e,<<*** Apologies for multiple postin
(txt) 337  nov24 Dan Ellis       (3k) FWD: Jay Moody: Ariel DSP-96 board<<Dear List - I was sent the following inquiry
(txt) 338  nov25 Kate Stevens    (4k) Announcing: Macarthur Auditory Research Centre, Sydney (MARCS)<<Dear List, A qui
(txt) 339  nov24 Michael Kubovy  (3k) Auditory analog of Milner & Goodale<<Dear Friends, I have received varied and in
(txt) 340  dec15 Aniruddh Patel  (2k) cortex and modeling<<Dear List, I'd like to compile a bibliography of research a
(txt) 341  dec16 Qiong Zhang     (4k) =?gb2312?B?u9i4tDogIEFVRElUT1JZIERpZ2VzdCAtIDEzIERlYyAxOTk5IHRvIA==?=<<Hoeny Thi
(txt) 342  dec17 Ke CHEN         (5k) Re:<<Qiong Zhang wrote: > > Hoeny > > This time you are totally lost for i wait 

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