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(txt)   1  jan04 Caroline M Palme(2k) performance+constraints<<Dear Colleagues, We are investigating characteristics o
(txt)   2  jan04 Gary R. Kidd    (3k) environmental sounds<<Dear Colleagues, Below is a brief summary of sources of re
(txt)   3  jan10 James W. Beaucha(4k) ASA Meeting<<>From the Acoustical Society of America Call for Papers, December 1
(txt)   4  jan17 Dan Ellis       (2k) Bill Treurniet: probe microphones<<Here's a message I was sent for the list. -- 
(txt)   5  jan20 Dan Ellis       (6k) Wieslaw Woszczyk: Job announcements<<Dear List - I was sent the following job an
(txt)   6  jan20 James W. Beaucha(3k) AES Meeting in Japan<<Here are calls for papers for two upcoming AES meetings: =
(txt)   7  jan22 Hiroshi G Okuno (7k) [2nd CFP] IJCAI-95 Workshop on CASA<<Dear member of AUDITORY mailing list, This 
(txt)   8  jan27 Bill Treurniet  (6k) probe microphones<<Thanks to all who responded to my request for information abo
(txt)   9  feb06 John Lazzaro    (9k) << Here's the call for papers for NIPS 95, and the call for proposals for the po
(txt)  10  feb20 James W. Beaucha(4k) Digital Audio Workshop<< ***CALL FOR PAPERS*** IEEE Signal Processing Society 19
(txt)  11  feb21 Dan Ellis       (4k) Announcement of Connection Science issue on Music and Creativity<<Dear List - Ni
(txt)  13  mar05 HARTMANN@MSUPA.P(1k) manhunt<<To Auditory, Kengo Ohgushi and Kazuko should be in the US at this time.
(txt)  14  mar06 Lonce LaMar Wyse(3k) Call for Papers<<August Audites, The organizers of this conference are particula
(txt)  15  mar07 Lonce LaMar Wyse(3k) correction<<Dear List Members, An auscultation of the responses to my earlier po
(txt)  16  mar10 Caroline M Palme(2k) call for papers<< March 9, 1995 Dear Colleagues, I have been asked to write an a
(txt)  17  mar13 Malcolm Slaney  (9k) Mario Ruggero<<I wasn't sure how widely this should be publicized (the family ha
(txt)  18  mar15 Kevin Baker     (1k) John Locke (fwd)<<HELP Could anyone supply me with John L. Locke's email address
(txt)  19  mar16 dkbeosbe@IBMMAIL(1k) <<UMSG:FROM: SBE --DKBEOJ10 TO: INTERNET--IBMMAIL 16/03/95 12:47:58 Sec: U -----
(txt)  20  mar16 William Yost    (2k) Mario Ruggero<<I visited Mario in the hospital and I am glad to report that he i
(txt)  21  mar17 Teresa Cygnarowi(1k) Re: - no subject (01HO70PZ8W328ZFK7H) -<<The book I have is somewhat dated, from
(txt)  22  mar17 Thierry Rocheboi(2k) Auditory model sound resynthesis<<I am working on a way to synthesis musical sou
(txt)  23  mar17 William Yost    (1k) Fundamentals of Hearing<<Thanks for the review of the book. It is now in its thi
(txt)  24  mar17 Thierry Rocheboi(2k) Re: Toshio Irino's Auditory model sound resynthesis<<>Also, I've heard that Quat
(txt)  25  mar17 Richard Lyon    (3k) Re: psychophysics books<<More on good books The Yost book is quite good, as you'
(txt)  26  mar18 Dick Duda       (2k) Software for Solving the Wave Equation<<Dear Auditory List readers, For the purp
(txt)  27  mar20 Kevin Baker     (3k) Re: your mail<<One book we use for 1st year Psychology is: Sensation and Percept
(txt)  28  mar20 Thierry Rocheboi(2k) Ref for Toshio Irino's Auditory model sound resynthesis<<Here is the ref for Iri
(txt)  29  mar20 Thierry Rocheboi(1k) Damped sine waves analysis<<>Please let everyone know if you find a superior met
(txt)  30  mar20 Malcolm Slaney  (2k) Re: Auditory model sound resynthesis<<At 4:02 PM 3/17/95, Thierry Rochebois wrot
(txt)  31  mar21 Kien Seng, Wong (1k) Cochlear Nucleus Stellate Cells<< I am currently trying to model a single cochle
(txt)  32  mar22 Stefan Muenkner (2k) <<Dear list members, I was asked for some references on books (preferably textbo
(txt)  33  mar23 Toshio Irino    (2k) Re: Ref for Toshio Irino's Auditory model sound resynthesis<<Dr. Thierry Rochebo
(txt)  34  mar25 Argiris A. Kran(20k) Re: your mail<<> I was asked for some references on books (preferably textbooks 
(txt)  35  mar26 Glenis Long     (2k) Two senior positions in Audiology at Purdue<<TWO SENIOR PROFESSORS in AUDIOLOGY:
(txt)  36  mar28 deb             (1k) S&P Texts<<Dear List, If we are going to begin recommending S&P texts which are 
(txt)  37  mar29 Bob Stuart      (2k) High frequency sensitivity<<Dear All We are currently involved in a debate about
(txt)  38  mar29 Kevin Baker     (2k) Re: High frequency sensitivity<<Why is it well accepted that a sampling rate of 
(txt)  39  mar29 Greg Sandell    (2k) Re: High frequency sensitivity<<> Does anyone know any studies that point to fre
(txt)  40  mar29 Stefan Muenkner (4k) List of References: Neurophysiology and music<<Hello all, after my request a lot
(txt)  41  mar29 Dick Duda       (2k) Re: High frequency sensitivity<<> Does anyone know any studies that point to fre
(txt)  42  mar29 Albert Bregman  (2k) High-frequency hearing<<Dear list, I would imagine that if the sound is delivere
(txt)  43  mar30 Bob Stuart      (2k) High Frequency Hearing - 2<<Dear All I have had quite a number of responses to m
(txt)  44  mar30 dkbeosbe@IBMMAIL(2k) <<UMSG:FROM: SBE --DKBEOJ10 TO: INTERNET--IBMMAIL 30/03/95 11:39:39 Sec: U -----
(txt)  45  mar30 ballas@AIC.NRL.N(1k) Re: High-frequency hearing<<I'll keep this short-- We know that difference tones
(txt)  46  mar31 Richard Fahey   (1k) Speech shadowing, delayed feedback<<I am looking for references to speech shadow
(txt)  47  apr02 James Wright Mcg(1k) AL BREGMAN WINS ROUSSEAU AWARD<<The Academie canadienne francaise pour l'avancem
(txt)  48  apr03 Chen Ke         (2k) Enquiry about the work on computational auditory model.<<Hi, My research interes
(txt)  49  apr03 Richard Lyon    (3k) Re: Enquiry about the work on computational auditory model.<<>To my best knowled
(txt)  50  apr03 Al Bregman      (1k) Re: AL BREGMAN WINS ROUSSEAU AWARD<<Jim, I want to offer my thanks to all our co
(txt)  51  apr05 Jont Allen      (1k) acoustic drivers<<Can anyone tell me what the best acoustic driver would be for 
(txt)  52  apr05 Jont Allen      (1k) driver<<I should have added, that what I need is a loudspeaker that can drive ab
(txt)  53  apr06 CJD@EPVAX.SUSSEX(1k) Brian Moore<<Auditory list members might like to share the good news that Cambri
(txt)  54  apr10 Stefan Muenkner (8k) List of References: Neurophysiology and music (II)<<Hello all, after I posted th
(txt)  55  apr10 William Yost    (1k) ASA Elections<<For those of you who are members of the Acoustical Society of Ame
(txt)  56  apr11 Chen Ke        (23k) Summary of responses to my previous enquriy.<<Hello, I have already posted an en
(txt)  57  apr12 Bob Carlyon     (1k) Bev Wright<<I've just read that Bev Wright is to recieve this year's R. Bruce Li
(txt)  58  apr12 HARTMANN@MSUPA.P(7k) an announcement from kamada<<From: SMTP%""
(txt)  59  apr12 Dan Ellis       (3k) Postdoc positions at U. Toronto<<Dear List - I was sent the enclosed announcemen
(txt)  60  apr19 Andreas.Hellmann(1k) minimal audible change of SPL-increase<<Dear colleagues, I am searching for meas
(txt)  61  apr19 Andreas.Hellmann(1k) RT to offset of auditory stimuli<<Dear colleagues, does anyone know about the "n
(txt)  62  apr19 Peter Marvit    (2k) Scientific graphing software?<<Perhaps an odd question to a collection of audito
(txt)  63  apr19 Peter Marvit    (2k) Re: Scientific graphing software?<<Thanks to Greg Sandell for his clarifying que
(txt)  64  apr19 Kathy Barsz     (1k) RT to offsets<<I don't have this information, but there is a paper reporting RT'
(txt)  65  apr19 Khalid          (2k) Sound Quality metrics for ABS auto products<<Dear auditory list members I have r
(txt)  66  apr19 Pierre Divenyi  (1k) Re:  RT to offset of auditory stimuli<<From: marva4! (Pierre
(txt)  67  apr19 Andreas Weigend (2k) auditory experiment on the internet<<Dear auditory listmembers, if you have acce
(txt)  68  apr20 Khalid          (3k) Re: Sound Quality metrics for ABS auto products<<Dear Jim First thanks for your 
(txt)  69  may01 Jont Allen      (1k) counting JNDs<<In 1928 Riesz published a formula for counting JNDs Delta I(I). T
(txt)  70  may08 Al Bregman      (2k) Postdoc position<<Dear list members, I have just about scraped together enough m
(txt)  71  may10 Francky goes to (2k) AEC - Acoustic Echo Control<<Hi everyone, I'd like to find a mailing list in the
(txt)  72  may17 Martin Cooke    (4k) STUDENTSHIP IN AUDITORY SCENE ANALYSIS AND ROBUST ASR<<*************************
(txt)  73  may17 Martin Cooke    (2k) Short term research fellowships at Sheffield<<University of Sheffield, UK Depart
(txt)  74  may18 William Yost    (2k) House Budget and Behavioral Sciences<<The House Budget Bill calls for the essent
(txt)  75  may19 William Yost   (14k) Re: Faseb Alert on Hatfield amendment to restore NIH funding<<Received: from als
(txt)  76  may22 Greg Sandell    (7k) SHARC Timbre Database<<(My apologies if you receive this more than once due to m
(txt)  77  may30 Francky goes to (4k) Besides HRTF<<Forwarded message: & From caron Tue May 30 12:52:28 1995 & Subject
(txt)  78  may30 MGREENE@UMIAMI.I(4k) job search<<To whom it may concern: I am a graduate student at the University of
(txt)  79  jun06 Jont Allen      (2k) job opening<<From: Jan van Santen <> To: jba@mirasol.r
(txt)  80  jun08 Dan Ellis       (0k) <<this is a test msg to auditory archive                                        
(txt)  81  jun07 Al Bregman      (2k) Job opening<<Cornell Dept of Psychology has a tenure-track opening in cognitive 
(txt)  82  jun12 Jan Chomyszyn   (2k) <<Dear list members, I am looking for any references reporting research on the f
(txt)  83  jun21 Kai Crispien    (2k) Audio-CD writer software<<Hello everybody, we are looking for a software to writ
(txt)  84  jun22 mjp@SUN.ENGG.LE.(2k) University Lectureship Available<<LECTURESHIP IN BIOENGINEERING The University o
(txt)  85  jun23 Paul Russell    (2k) Synthesiser/PowerSynthesiser 0.86<<Dear Synthesiser/PowerSynthesiser User, The l
(txt)  86  jun23 Paul Russell    (2k) Synthesiser/PowerSynthesiser 0.86 - ABSTRACT<<Apologies - I forgot to include in
(txt)  87  jun28 Bernhard Feiten(10k) SDII-PlugIn<<"Eternal Machine I" EM I (
(txt)  88  jul05 Andrea Kennel   (1k) Text-to-speech<<Hi, I am looking for a piece of software which speaks a given te
(txt)  89  jul06 Dick Pastore    (1k) Request for Administrative e-mail address<< Please again post the address for ad
(txt)  90  jul06 Dan Ellis      (20k) AUDITORY Admin (was Request for Administrative e-mail address)<<Dear AUDITORY li
(txt)  91  jul09 Dan Ellis       (6k) The 9th Annual Institute for Music & Healing<<Dear LIST - I received the followi
(txt)  92  jul30 Avery Wang      (2k) Avery Wang's sound separation thesis available by ftp<<Hello, I've finally gotte
(txt)  93  aug03 Dan Ellis      (18k) "Hard problems in computational auditory scene analysis"<<Dear AUDITORY list (an
(txt)  94  aug03 Terry Olesen    (2k) heart response to music<<I again ask all you music researchers a questions that 
(txt)  95  aug04 Neil Todd      (17k) letter to ASA workshop people<<Dear ASA workshop people Over the last few years 
(txt)  96  aug04 Gregory J. Sande(7k) Perfect Pitch en masse at public sporting events<<Dear Auditory readers, A recen
(txt)  97  aug04 Al Bregman      (2k) Re: heart response to music<<On Thu, 3 Aug 1995, Terry Olesen wrote: > What phys
(txt)  98  aug04 Bernice Laden   (2k) Re: heart response to music<<Actually, it looks like a question more appropriate
(txt)  99  aug04 Dan Ellis       (2k) More on basketball<<Dear LIST - I received this con
(txt) 100  aug05 Eliot Handelman (2k) Biophysics of sound (was: Re: heart response to mu~s Biophysics<<>> What physiol
(txt) 101  aug05 Bill Schottstaed(1k) Re: Biophysics of sound production<<Latest issue of JAMA has an article on blood
(txt) 102  aug05 James Wright Mcg(2k) heart response to music<<Terry Olesen writes: > > I again ask all you music rese
(txt) 103  aug07 Daniel Levitin  (2k) Basketball pitch<<Charles Watson asked why the crowds would converge on such spe
(txt) 104  aug07 charles s. watso(3k) Re: More on basketball (fwd)<<Interesting statistic
(txt) 105  aug08 Kevin Baker     (3k) Airball<<One can't argue with statistics - but you can use them in different way
(txt) 106  aug08 Steve Mcadams   (1k) Re: Basketball pitch<<Dan Levitin's response does not answer Chuck Watson's ques
(txt) 107  aug08 Daniel Levitin  (3k) Why D and not F?  Why 5-foot-8 and not 5-foot-10?<<>Dan Levitin's response does 
(txt) 108  aug08 Steven M. Boker (2k) Re: Basketball pitch<<There are several problems being discussed here. First the
(txt) 109  aug08 charles s. watso(3k) Re: Why D and not F? Why 5-foot-8 and not 5-foot-10?<<I guess I was not clear at
(txt) 110  aug08 RJ ZATORRE      (6k) masked speech responses<<Dear Auditory List members Many of you wrote to me rega
(txt) 111  aug08 Ervin R. Hafter (1k) <<Would someone please send me Al Bregman's email address. Thanks.              
(txt) 112  aug09 Rebecca Mercuri (2k) Re: Pitch Memory<<Regarding the pitch memory process, t know if anyone mentioned
(txt) 113  aug09 Rebecca Mercuri (2k) Biophysics of sound production<<On the subject of biophysics of sound production
(txt) 114  aug09 Don Hill        (2k) Re: Pitch Memory<<Rebecca, You wrote: >Regarding the pitch memory process... (sn
(txt) 115  aug10 Edward M. Burns (1k) Why D and not F?<<Why are you people people going on and on about this when Dave
(txt) 116  aug11 Peter Marvit    (3k) Re: Pitch Memory<<Don Hill wrote: > A personal anecdote: One of the ditty's requ
(txt) 117  aug11 Terry Olesen    (1k) Re: Biophysics of sound production<<Yes I'll look into horn-blowing, but brass n
(txt) 118  aug11 Terry Olesen    (2k) Re: Biophysics of sound (was: Re: heart response to mu~s<<Yes, Eliot, I'd like t
(txt) 119  aug14 Bernhard Laback (2k) Music-processing in hearing-aids<<I am working on the problem of music-perceptio
(txt) 120  aug14 brian meredith g(2k) Re: Biophysics of sound (was: Re: heart response to mu~s<<Sadly, the Dead's musi
(txt) 121  aug14 brian meredith g(2k) Speech Recognition on the Mac?<<From: Tom Busey Psychology Dept. Indiana Univers
(txt) 122  aug17 Bill Schottstaed(1k) Re: natural non-speech sound corpus?<<Perhaps you can use sound effects recordin
(txt) 123  aug17 Kevin Baker     (2k) natural non-speech sound corpus?<<Does any one know whether there exists a corpu
(txt) 124  aug17 dfr@MEDIA.MIT.ED(1k) Re: natural non-speech sound corpus?<<I'd recommend getting in touch with the IP
(txt) 125  aug19 Terry Olesen    (2k) Re: Biophysics of sound (was: Re: heart response to mu~s<<Well, I admit, he burn
(txt) 126  aug23 Dan Ellis       (4k) Two notices<<Dear List - I just got back from the Computational Auditory Scene A
(txt) 127  aug24 mjp@SUN.ENGG.LE.(2k) PhD Studentship in Speech and Hearing<<*** PLEASE POST *** PLEASE POST *** BTSP:
(txt) 128  aug29 Terry Olesen    (1k) Re: heart response to music<<Thanks to all of you who gave me leads on physiolog
(txt) 129  sep08 R. Parncutt     (2k) falling minor thirds<<I am forwarding the following request on behalf of Jay Rah
(txt) 130  sep08 Terry Olesen    (3k) Re: falling minor thirds<<I also would like to know of other propensities for pe
(txt) 131  sep13 Malcolm Slaney (14k) Computational Auditory Scene Analysis Workshop Summary<<Report on the Computatio
(txt) 132  sep13 Dan Ellis       (8k) Auditory/Speech Workshop<<Dear List - Steve Greenberg <
(txt) 133  sep20 mjp@SUN.ENGG.LE.(1k) Next ARO Meeting Date?<<Can anyone tell me the dates of the next two ARO meeting
(txt) 134  sep20 Mark A Pitt     (1k) DAT-PC hookup<<Has anyone interfaced a DAT player with a PC to transfer digital 
(txt) 135  sep20 Dan Freed       (2k) Re: DAT-PC hookup<<Date 9.20.95 Subject RE>DAT-PC hookup From Dan Freed To Audit
(txt) 136  sep20 Ken Ferens      (2k) Re: DAT-PC hookup<<> Has anyone interfaced a DAT player with a PC to transfer di
(txt) 137  sep20 Steven M. Boker (2k) Re: DAT-PC hookup<<At 2:39 PM 9/20/95, Mark A Pitt wrote: >Has anyone interfaced
(txt) 138  sep21 Lonce LaMar Wyse(1k) Re: DAT-PC hookup<<At 2:39 PM 9/20/95, Mark A Pitt wrote: >Has anyone interfaced
(txt) 139  sep20 Malcolm Slaney  (2k) Re: DAT-PC hookup<<At 2:39 PM 9/20/95, Mark A Pitt wrote: >Has anyone interfaced
(txt) 140  sep21 Lonce LaMar Wys(16k) source separation<<This just in from the connectionists mailing list - - lonce -
(txt) 141  sep21 Dan Fain        (3k) [ DAT to computer]<<We recently inquired about this problem 
(txt) 142  sep22 Lonce LaMar Wyse(1k) Re: DAT-PC hookup<<Hi - > does not appear to exist anymore. 
(txt) 143  sep26 Jont Allen      (2k) Re: DAT-PC hookup<<Reply-To: Cc:, jba@rese
(txt) 144  oct03 Dan Ellis       (4k) Faculty/Postdoctoral Positions in Auditory Neuroscience<<Dear LIST - I was sent 
(txt) 145  oct04 Dan Ellis       (3k) Faculty position at CCRMA<<Dear LIST - For those of you who haven't heard throug
(txt) 146  oct06 Kevin Baker     (2k) Two helps<<Dear people can anyone help me on two points? 1) I am looking for a c
(txt) 147  oct06 houtsma@PRL.PHIL(1k) Re: Two helps<<Dear Kevin, What an utter nonsense that the CD Auditory Demonstra
(txt) 148  oct06 Kevin Baker     (2k) Re: Two helps<<My apologies to everyone, and especially Adrian Houtsma for passi
(txt) 149  oct06 DeLiang Wang    (3k) Preprint available on auditory scene analysi<<The following preprint is availabl
(txt) 150  oct06 Peter Marvit    (2k) Re: Two helps<<> 2) Can anyone point me in the right direction for research done
(txt) 151  oct06 William Yost    (3k) The Future of NIH<<A day ago I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Congres
(txt) 152  oct06 William Yost    (1k) Lois Elliiott<<Lois Elliott, Professor of Cummunication Disorders at Northwester
(txt) 153  oct08 Al Bregman      (5k) Re: Two helps<<On Fri, 6 Oct 1995, Kevin Baker wrote: > 1) I am looking for a cd
(txt) 154  oct09 B.C.J. Moore    (2k) <<Re the recent exchanges of information about demonstration CDs, I have produce
(txt) 155  oct10 R. Parncutt     (1k) audiologist population<<I've received a request for some stats on the number of 
(txt) 156  oct10 mjp@SUN.ENGG.LE.(1k) Gender differences in ear canal lengths<<I'm involved with a project simulating 
(txt) 157  oct12 Bob Carlyon     (1k) rachel clifton<<I have a vague memory of rachel clifton telling me that she woul
(txt) 158  oct13 John F. Olsen   (1k) software information wanted<<Dear auditory-listers, I am searching for some sign
(txt) 159  oct14 B.C.J. Moore    (1k) <<It may be of interest to you that Sennheiser are selling again "for a limited 
(txt) 160  oct18 Kevin Baker     (2k) Oxford Dysfluency Conference<< Oxford Dysfluency Conference 1996 Sponsored by th
(txt) 161  oct18 CZTG000         (2k) PhD fellowship<<The School of Communication Sciences & Disorders at McGill Unive
(txt) 162  nov01 kramer@LISTEN.CO(6k) Int. Conf. on Auditory Display<< CALL FOR PAPERS ICAD '96: The Third Internation
(txt) 163  nov02 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Seeking recommendations on DSP cards for PC<< [ the following is being crosspost
(txt) 164  nov02 Gregory J. Sande(2k) Anti-aliasing on low-cost audio cards, how done?<< [ Apologies for two postings 
(txt) 165  nov02 Richard F. Lyon (2k) Re: Anti-aliasing on low-cost audio cards, how done?<<At 10:50 AM 11/02/1995, Gr
(txt) 166  nov02 Gregory J. Sande(2k) PC soundcard responses...see web page<<So I lied, here's ONE MORE posting on the
(txt) 167  nov03 Rene van Egmond (2k) Reference request<<Dear colleague, We are in search for any good reference(s) on
(txt) 168  nov07 Dan Ellis       (9k) David Noelle: Cognitive Science '96<<Dear List - I was sent the encolsed announc
(txt) 169  nov13 Richard F. Lyon (1k) Zwislocki<<Does anyone have email or other contact info for JJ Zwislocki? \Dick 
(txt) 170  nov17 Thierry Rocheboi(2k) Sound Analysis Tools Discussion ?<<Hello, My name is Thierry Rochebois, I am a d
(txt) 171  nov17 Thierry Rocheboi(2k) Auditory archives<<You can access the archive of the auditory mailing list at: h
(txt) 172  nov17 Thierry Rocheboi(6k) Sound Analysis Tools<<Lonce LaMar Wyse wrote: > > Last year, I began a discussio
(txt) 173  nov17 Thierry Rocheboi(3k) Re: Sound Analysis Tools<<>Since the Fourier transform is linear, the two are eq
(txt) 174  nov17 James Beauchamp (4k) Re: Sound Analysis Tools<<On Fri Nov 17 10:11:35 1995) Thierry Rochebois wrote: 
(txt) 175  nov17 Julius O. Smith (2k) Re: Sound Analysis Tools<< > > Since the Fourier transform is linear, the two ar
(txt) 176  nov21 Lorin Wilde     (3k) Environmental Sound Recognition<<Dear Colleagues, Rich Goldhor and I have been r
(txt) 177  nov21 Thierry Rocheboi(2k) Re: Sound Analysis Tools<<Thierry Rochebois wrote: >>What I have is a frequency 
(txt) 178  nov22 Eric Tsui       (1k) unsubscribe<<ubsubscribe eric tsui                             
(txt) 179  nov21 Dan Ellis       (2k) Periodic admin reminder<<As a periodic reminder, the best address for administra
(txt) 180  nov22 Terry Olesen    (1k) Re: Periodic admin reminder<<Dan I think I speak for many of this list when I sa
(txt) 181  nov23 Al Bregman      (2k) Re: Periodic admin reminder<<Terry, You certainly speak for me. Dan has done an 
(txt) 183  nov29 Dan Ellis       (5k) 'Mind as Motion' annct & web page<<Dear LIST - I was sent then enclosed book ann
(txt) 184  nov30 B.C.J. Moore    (2k) New Book<<Dear List Members, Since it seems to be acceptable to advertise books 
(txt) 185  nov30 Bob Carlyon     (3k) job available<< THREE-YEAR POSTDOCTORAL POSITION AVAILABLE A postdoctoral positi
(txt) 186  dec01 deb            (14k) Forwarded mail<<Begin forwarded message: From: "Murphy Ciaron (NRC)" <murphy%res
(txt) 187  dec02 Bob Stuart      (1k) Perceptual Consequences of Cochlear Damage<<Hi all, Brian put in a plug for his 
(txt) 188  dec05 Robert E. Remez (2k) How do you whisper a tone language?<< Malcolm Slaney asks: > How do you whisper 
(txt) 189  dec05 Judith Brown    (1k) physiological basis of tone deafness<<A student asked me today what's the physio
(txt) 190  dec05 Daniel Levitin  (2k) Re: physiological basis of tone deafness<<Judith, Erv Hafter and I are just begi
(txt) 191  dec05 Steven M. Boker (2k) Re: physiological basis of tone deafness<<Judith, Another interesting note (excu
(txt) 192  dec05 Rebecca Mercuri (1k) Tone Deafness<<Is anyone REALLY tone deaf? For example in countries like China w
(txt) 193  dec05 Malcolm Slaney  (1k) Re: Tone Deafness<<At 4:45 PM 12/5/95, Rebecca Mercuri wrote: >Is anyone REALLY 
(txt) 194  dec05 charles s. watso(2k) Re: physiological basis of tone deafness<<That is a cultural term, not a scienti
(txt) 195  dec06 Lonce LaMar Wyse(2k) Re: Tone Deafness<<Malcolm asked: > How do you whisper a tone language? Or for t
(txt) 196  dec06 hermes@NATLAB.RE(6k) tone deafness<<As to the question of ``tone deafness'' for music, I also know of
(txt) 197  dec06 Gregory J. Sande(1k) official ASA web page<<Greetings, I was recently informed that the Acoustical So
(txt) 198  dec07 h.e. fiske      (1k) tone deafness<<In response to the recent discussion concerning tone deafness, so
(txt) 199  dec09 Steve Mcadams   (1k) Re: physiological basis of tone deafness<<>young kids who don't seem to sing on 
(txt) 200  dec11 damian keller   (1k) Re: physiological basis of tone deafness<<There are a couple here in Brazil too.
(txt) 201  dec11 damian keller   (2k) Re: official ASA web page<<It would be nice if you could provide their ftp site 
(txt) 202  dec11 Israel Nelken   (1k) ASA home page<<The ASA home page address is: -- =============
(txt) 203  dec11 Brian Karlsen   (7k) ANNOUNCEMENT: ShATR - A Corpus for Auditory Scene Analysis<< ShATR - A Corpus fo
(txt) 204  dec11 mmalcolm crawfor(1k) Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: ShATR - A Corpus for Auditory Scene Analysis<<> http://www.dcs
(txt) 205  dec12 Brian Karlsen   (5k) Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: ShATR - A Corpus for Auditory Scene Analysis<<Unfortunately, a
(txt) 206  dec12 Pamela GOAD     (1k) MUMS CDs<<If someone has the time, please let me know what online address I may 
(txt) 207  dec12 Rene Quesnel    (1k) Re: MUMS CDs<<>If someone has the time, please let me know what online address I
(txt) 208  dec18 h.e. fiske      (3k) Book Announcement<<*Selected Theories of Music Perception* by Harold E. Fiske (1
(txt) 209  dec18 h.e. fiske      (1k) Post script re *Selected Theories of Music Perception*<<The announcement should 
(txt) 210  dec22 Bob Carlyon     (3k) hd414 "classic" headphones<<Some of you may recall brian moore's message informi
(txt) 211  dec29 Al Bregman      (3k) Re: NIDCD plan<<Dear Neal, In reply to your question to the list, I can only com
(txt) 212  dec30 Harry Erwin     (2k) Re: NIDCD plan<<Harry Erwin here, responding to Al Bregman <bregman@HEBB.PSYCH.M
(txt) 213  dec14 suem@SCHOOL-OF-C(1k) PC Sound Cards<<Can anyone recommend a good PC sound card which will allow reaso

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