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(txt)   1 -apr21 Albert Bregman, (4k) Auditory lists, Info request.<<April 21, 1992 HERE IS A MESSAGE ABOUT A DISTRIBU
(txt)   2 -may01 K.Baker         (3k) The significance of representation<<Dear Auditory List, I have been recently pon
(txt)   3 -jun05 BOBC@EPVAX.SUSSE(2k) job ad<< POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOW Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, Sus
(txt)   4  jun15 Albert Bregman, (2k) Sudden onsets; space in music.<<June 16, 1992 To members of the AUDITORY list: I
(txt)   5  jun15 Albert Bregman,(10k) Music Perception<< In response to the request about Psychology of Music courses,
(txt)   6  jun24 Albert Bregman, (7k) All you physiologists ...<<Dear Colleagues: This query is directed to those of y
(txt)   7  jun25 Michael Kubovy  (2k) Re: All you physiologists ...<<--In "All you physiologists ..." (Jun 24, 22:55) 
(txt)   8  jun30 Dick Pastore    (3k) Stimulus Onsets and Offsets<<Al: I returned from vacation to find an interesting
(txt)   9  sep20 Albert Bregman, (5k) Research proposal<< September 20, 1992 Dear AUDITORY members: I am interested in
(txt)  10  sep20 ASAMUEL@CCMAIL.S(3k) Re: Research proposal<< State University of New York at Stony Brook Stony Brook,
(txt)  11  sep20 HARTMANN%MSUPA.B(2k) <<Al, Your message of 20 Sept suggests a procedure known as 'claim staking,' whi
(txt)  12  sep20 David Huron - Co(2k) <<RE: Research Proposal. Al, How about a simpler test: Each trial would consist 
(txt)  13  sep20 levitin@DARKWING(1k) Re: Research proposal<<Only one minor comment about the experiment, involving ho
(txt)  14  sep21 (Yoshitaka Nakaj(3k) <<Dear Al and Dear colleagues, I think to debug experiments in this network is f
(txt)  15  sep21 Robert E. Remez (2k) Pre-emptiveness, speech and scene analysis<<Colleagues: Our merry band (Jennifer
(txt)  16  sep21 REPP%ROD%YALEVMS(3k) <<Dear Al: I am not so sure Al Liberman's "pre-emptiveness" hypothesis should be
(txt)  17  sep21 Albert Bregman, (2k) Huron's proposal<<Dear David Huron, and AUDITORY list, I'm sure that you'll hear
(txt)  18  sep21 Albert Bregman, (5k) Pre-emptiveness<<I want to reply to the people who have sent me comments on my p
(txt)  19  sep22 (Yoshitaka Nakaj(2k) <<Dear Al, Thanks for your quick response. My demonstration may be not an approp
(txt)  20  sep22 (Jont Allen)    (1k) Al's Experiment<<When listening to speech, one may easily assign a loudness to t
(txt)  21  sep22 Albert Bregman, (1k) Yoshi's demonstration<<Dear Yoshi I think your account of your multiple voices p
(txt)  22  sep22 Albert Bregman, (2k) Al's Experiment<<EXCELLENT QUESTION, JONT. IF THE SINUSOIDAL FORMANTS, TAKEN AS 
(txt)  23  sep22 Robert E. Remez (3k) Re:      Al's Experiment<<I am replying to this query: >>Are the three tones, at
(txt)  24  sep22 Albert Bregman, (1k) Faces, vegetables, and speech<<> o unlike the multistable percepts in the visual
(txt)  25  sep23 (Rebecca Mercuri(2k) Re:  Faces, vegetables, and speech<<There are visual analogues for most auditory
(txt)  26  sep23 (Pierre Divenyi)(1k) Re:  Al's Experiment<<Re: Jont Allen's comment. Plomp once defined speech as "a 
(txt)  27  sep23 (Pierre Divenyi)(1k) Re:  Faces, vegetables, and speech<<Re: Binaural presentation of sine wave analo
(txt)  28  sep23 Albert Bregman, (2k) Sine-wave-analog speech<<Sine-wave-analog speech bears the same relation to a re
(txt)  29  sep23 (Pierre Divenyi)(2k) <<ucdavis! Re: Jont Allen's comment. Plomp once defined sp
(txt)  30  sep23 Robert E. Remez (1k) Re:      Faces, vegetables, and speech<<Dear Al: Please explain... > There are v
(txt)  31  sep24 WSW@BUENGA.BU.ED(2k) Cocktail party effect<<Dr. Divenyi: Is there any way to find out more about your
(txt)  32  nov03 Albert Bregman, (4k) Carrell/Opie research<<November 3, 1992 Open letter to Tom Carrell and Jane Opie
(txt)  33  nov04 BOBC@EPVAX.SUSSE(2k) carrell and opie research<<I was interested to read al bregman's comments on the
(txt)  34  nov05 BOBC@EPVAX.SUSSE(3k) carrell & opie, summerfield & culling, carlyon,darwin,&russell<<Al Bregman repli
(txt)  35  nov05 Tom Carrell     (4k) comodulation and auditory object formation in sentences<<Auditory Group, I am gr
(txt)  36  nov05 Tom Carrell     (2k) Re: AM on sine-wave speech<<>From >My 
(txt)  37  nov10 Kevin Baker,    (4k) Research Ideas<<Dear AUDITORY people, We are a couple of researchers, currently 
(txt)  38  dec01 Albert Bregman, (2k) Terminology<<Re David Huron's suggestions about terminology, here are my prefere
(txt)  39  dec03 Roy Patterson   (2k) << Advertisement for two positions at the MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL APPLIED PSYCH
(txt)  40 -dec05 David Huron - Co(4k) Computational Estimation of the Number of Acoustic Streams<<Subject: Computation
(txt)  41  dec08 Dan Ellis       (4k) <<In response to David Huron's interesting description of his project in computa
(txt)  42 -dec08 Pierre Divenyi  (2k) <<Dan Ellis's message is very thought-provoking. I wish that those of us interes
(txt)  43  dec10 HARTMANN%MSUPA.B(2k) David Huron's calculations<<Here are two comments on David Huron's interesting d
(txt)  44  dec11 Albert Bregman, (2k) More terminology<<Dear colleagues, Here are a few more suggestions concerning th
(txt)  45  dec16 Albert Bregman, (2k) David Huron's model<<RE DAVID HURON'S SCENE ANALYSIS MODEL: I THINK THAT BASING 
(txt)  46  dec17 PS45000         (2k) ASA - Ottawa Update<<REMINDER: There will be two special sessions on Auditory Or
(txt)  47  dec17 Albert Bregman, (2k) Huron's model<<Forwarded message from: (Ciocca, Valter) Sub
(txt)  48  dec17 HARTMANN%MSUPA.B(3k) mistuned harmonics and duplex perception<<A recent note from Valter Ciocca says:
(txt)  49  dec18 PSYCHOACOUSTIQUE(2k) pitch and organization<<In a recent message to the list, Bill Hartmann mentioned
(txt)  50  dec19 David Huron - Co(7k) <<Several people have recently commented on the computer program I developed wit
(txt)  51  dec19 John Lazzaro    (2k) <<>David Huron writes >In my opinion, we will need to develop a similar set of b
(txt)  52 -dec24 Albert Bregman, (2k) AUDITORY list manager<< December 24, 1992 Dear list members, The AUDITORY list s

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