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[AUDITORY] Kind invitation to participate in the CSP2023 conference

Dear List, 


It is our pleasure to inform you that  the second international Conference on Sound Perception (CSP) will be held in Poznań, Poland on 1 – 3 September 2023 in a hybrid mode. It is organized by the Department of Acoustics, a part of the Faculty of Physics at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. The Conference website: http://csp2023.com 


The keynote speakers who have already confirmed their participation in the CSP2023 are 


  • prof. Brian CJ Moore (Emeritus Professor of Auditory Perception in the University of Cambridge.),  

  • prof. Michał Klichowski (Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Center and the Learning Laboratory at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan 

  • dr. Karolina Kluk-de Kort (Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester, an expert in psychoacoustics and human auditory electrophysiology 


We know that most of you have carried out many spectacular research in the field of sound perception, therefore we will be very grateful if you participate in the CSP2023 stationary or remotely as a speaker. Moreover, we offer your students the opportunity to register and listen to all the on-line lectures and presentations without any cost. Only active participants who want to give a speech or present a poster need to pay a fee (see our website for details).  


The purpose of the conference is to meet and exchange the experience, especially with regard to the subjective evaluation of sounds, among acoustics researchers all over the world. Therefore we strongly encourage you to participate in a stationary form. This type of participation will also give you the opportunity to take a tour via our laboratories and find out more about the research potential of the Department of Acoustics. And what’s more, Poznan is a historical city with a tradition of over eight hundred years and there are many places worth visiting. But, if it is not possible for you to participate in a stationary form, we also warmly invite you to give your talk in on-line form. 



The leading topic of the conference is be sound perception, focusing on areas such as: 


  • Psychological and physiological acoustics (psychoacoustics, speech perception and processing, hearing disorders, auditory prostheses) 

  • Environmental acoustics (sound annoyance, noise reduction, soundscape) 

  • Cognitive sciences, neuropsychology 

  • Room acoustics 

  • Musical acoustics 

  • Artificial intelligence in acoustics 


The submitted conference papers will be peer-reviewed and after acceptance will be published in Web of Science listed Vibrations in Physical Systems journal, however sending a full-paper is not obligatory to show your research during CSP2023. 

Vibrations in Physical Systems (ISSN 0860-6897) is an open access journal dedicated to the distribution of reviewed publications on vibration science and engineering. 


Shall you have any questions, please contact the conference secretary: csp@xxxxxxxxxx. 


 Sincerely yours, 

Assoc. Prof. Andrzej Wicher, PhDChairman 

Assoc. Prof. Roman Gołębiewski, PhD - Vice-Chairman 

and the Organizing Committee of CSP 2023  




Best Regards,
Your CSP Team


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