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[AUDITORY] Nottingham Hearing Sciences Seminar: Michael Richter: Friday 17th of February (17/2/2023).

Hi All,

 We are delighted to announce our next speaker will Dr Michael Richter (Liverpool John Moores University) will be speaking on “Psychophysiological correlates of listening effort: Markers, outcomes, or concomitants?” at 1pm (GMT) on Friday 17th of February (17/2/2023).


Michael is an experimental psychologist examining the mechanisms underlying effort investment in goal pursuit employing behavioral and physiological measures. He is especially interested in understanding the similarities and differences between physical and mental effort.

A brief abstract for the talk can be found below:

Psychophysiological measures—like pupil diameter or heart rate variability—are frequently used to address listening effort-related questions, but the qualities that researchers attribute to effort-related physiological measures vary. Some researchers consider physiological measures markers of listening effort and consequently use changes in the physiological signal to infer changes in listening effort. Other researchers, however, consider physiological measures to be at best outcomes of listening effort and correspondingly not warranting inferences from a change in the signal to a change in listening effort. In my talk, I will review studies on cardiovascular and pupillometric responses associated with (listening) effort and summarize the current state of knowledge to answer whether physiological measures are markers, outcomes, or concomitants of listening effort.





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