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[AUDITORY] Sound level meter for earphone/headphone measurements

Dear all,

I am looking for buying advice on a budget-friendly sound meter system (< 1,000 EUR) to measure both headphone and insert earphone levels at our MRI facility.

We already have access to a B&K sound level meter + artificial ear that can be borrowed from another department whenever high precision readings are needed. Now, we want to add another device to be kept at the MRI center for “quick and easy” sound level checks.

When searching for suitable devices, I came across the “MiniDSP EARS Headphone Measuring System”. In principle, it should have the needed functionality, but the few available user reviews seem rather mixed.

I would appreciate any input and suggestions on what to buy.

Thanks a lot!


Dr. Sebastian Puschmann
Biological Psychology Lab
Department of Psychology
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg 
26111 Oldenburg