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Re: Creative Sound Blaster sound card

Dear Jont,
there are a few RME Linux drivers, but to my knowledge they are not for the Firewire or USB interfaces, and only for the Cardbus (usable on a laptop) or PCI-based ones. Anyway, the drivers are not written by RME and they are not supported by them...I've nevertheless seen people using the Hammerfall and Digiface RME interfaces on Linux (also laptop) without any problem.
This link might be useful:


I do not know if you can use RME on iOS, but surely you can use an iPhone or iPad to control the various parameters of the interface and the TotalMix zero latency monitoring system.

You can have a look for other cheaper options with Tascam, M-Audio and Lexicon interfaces, which generally have Linux drivers but might not be of great audio quality (e.g. might not all have balanced I/O).

For iOS or Android I'd suggest having a look at Mackie, but I'm then not sure these are supported on Linux.

I hope it helps

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