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Re: Creative Sound Blaster sound card


It is my understanding that these card cannot be used with Linux. If so, that rules it out for me. This means that it is not sufficiently "open" to be generally useful. If your some kid wanting to record your guitar sounds, then this is great. But if you have a professional application (as I do), windows (e.g., 8)
is not an option.

Furthermore, I was reading the comments on the website. This person said you need to buy a special USB PCI card to talk to the RME USB hardware. This is also not a good sign. How about using it with your
laptop, or even an iPhone or android.

Again, not usable (for me).

Are there any hand-held battery operated open platforms that can measure the impulse response of a room, or the frequency response of your stereo? That is what I'm looking for. Personally I dont need
64 channels, I need two capture channels, or at most 4.



On 08/22/2014 02:42 AM, Lorenzo Picinali wrote:
Dear Xidong,
you should be able to use the RME ASIO drivers in Matlab...you should find a complete list of RME drivers at this link:


You can also have a look at this old forum post:


I am nevertheless not completely sure you can control the parameters of the interface from Matlab...I've always done it through the RME control software. Maybe though you can do it through MIDI, or again using one of their SDK...
I hope it helps

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