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Re: Python from Matlab

Dear Alain,

There is the Matlab command "system", which you could use to call python scripts like that: system('python MyPythonScript.py');

We use that in the Auditory Modeling Toolbox for Matlab, where we call the python implementation of the cochlear model of Sarah Verhulst et al.

As for passing parameters between Matlab and python, we have an ugly solution only: we save Matlab variables in a mat file which are then read from the python script. In order to get the results back to Matlab, we use text files. While this is not an optimal way of passing parameters (maybe the upcoming Matlab version will reduce that pain, as Stephan already mentioned), at least it works for us at the moment.

Maybe that helps you.

Best regards,

Alain de Cheveigne wrote:
Hi Marek, 

I am looking for the opposite: an easy, efficient  and reliable way to call Python from Matlab.  My programming environment nowdays is matlab and I can't easily change.  The best course that I see is to implement new code in Python and call it from matlab, and make the switch to Python when Python code reaches critical mass.  I suspect many people are in a similar position.


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