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Re: a mail for help about a paper [AUDITORY]

Hi Dick,

Great of you to supply all this information!  As you know, I'm not in this area of research, but I can see how your generous reply could be very useful to someone who was.

All the best,

Albert S. Bregman, Emeritus Professor
Psychology Department, McGill University
Office phone: (514) three-nine-eight-6103,

On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 9:22 PM, Richard F. Lyon <dicklyon@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Inspired by interest in this Johannesma paper and by my really poor old scan, I sought out an actual original copy of the informal proceedings of that IPO meeting "Hearing Theory 1972".  It's got a lot of good stuff in it, which I can now make more readable scans of (the original is from poor typewritten pages to start with, so it's still not great).

Many of you may know that the requested paper is the one widely cited as the origin of the formula for a gammatone.  I still don't see much clue for how Johannesma came up with it.  Perhaps he was familiar enough with Laplace transform theory that such a form seemed natural to him?  Does anyone know his background?

Here's what he says, with a bit of reconstructed LaTeX style thrown in for the equation:

The waveform could be well approximated through 
  $$ R(\tau) \approx c \left(\frac{\tau - \alpha}{\beta}\right)^{\gamma - 1}
       e^{-\frac{\tau - \alpha}{\beta}} \sin(\omega_0 \tau + \phi) $$        (17)
The form of $R(\tau)$ is not in an obvious way related with the type of neuron 
characterised by the PSTH on CF tone-bursts (Pfeiffer, 1966). The quality 
of $R(\tau)$ seems clearly related with the amount of phase-lock in tone-burst 
response and with cell-type (compare Lavine, 1971). $R(\tau)$ forms the average 
value of the PRSE. ...

with these refs:

Pfeiffer, R.R. (1966): Classification of response patterns of spike 
discharges for units in the cochlear nucleus: tone burst stimulation, 
Exp. Brain Res. 1, 220-235. 

Lavine, R.A. (1971): Phase-locking in response of single neurons in 
cochlear nuclear complex of the cat to low-frequency tonal stimuli, 
J. Neurophysiol. 34, 467-483. 

here's the TOC:

5 F.A. Bilsen
Pitch of Dichotically Delayed Noise
9 G. van den Brink
The Influence of Fatigue upon the Pitch of Pure
Tones and Complex Sounds
16 H. Duifhuis
Peripheral Aspects of Non-Simultaneous Masking
27 E.F. Evans
Does Frequency Sharpening Occur in the Cochlea?
35 H. Fastl
Temporal Effects in Masking
42 L.M. Grobben
Pitch and Power Spectra of Short Tone Pulses
SO T. Houtgast
Psychophysical Experiments on Grating Acuity
58 P.I.M. Johannesma
The Pre-Response Stimulus Ensemble of Neurons in
the Cochlear Nucleus
70 H.R. de Jongh
About Coding in the VIIIth Nerve
78 L.J.J. Lamore
Perception of Octave Complexes
90 A.R. Moller
Coding of AM and FM Sounds in Cochlear Nucleus
96 B.C.J. Moore
Audibility of Partials in a Complex Tone, in Relation
to the Pitch of the Complex as a Whole

105 A Rakowski
Direct Comparison of Absolute and Relative Pitch
109 M. Rodenburg
Intensity Discrimination of Noise Bands as a
Function of Bandwidth and Duration
115 B. Scharf
Frequency Selectivity and Sound Localization
123 M.R. Schroeder
An Integrable Model for the Basilar Membrane
135 C.R. Steele
Analysis of Fluid-Elastic Interaction in Cochlea
142 E. Terhardt
Frequency and Time Resolution of the Ear in Pitch
Perception of Complex Tones
154 I.e. Whitfield
The Relation .of the Medial Geniculate Body to
the Tonotopic Organization of the Auditory Pathway
161 F.L. Wightman
Pitch as Auditory Pattern Recognition
172 J.P. Wilson and J.R. Johnstone
Capacitive Probe Measures of Basilar Membrane
182 E. Zwicker
Investigation of the Inner Ear of the Domestic
Pig and the Squirrel Monkey with Special Regard to
the Hydromechanics of the Cochlear Duct
186 J.L. Goldstein
Evidence from Aural Combination Tones and Musical
Tones against Classical Periodicity Theory
209 List of Participants

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 12:09 AM, Richard F. Lyon <dicklyon@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I am sending a copy.


On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 6:10 PM, windok02 <windok02@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello everyone, I am a researcher in speech analysis, and I have tried to search for a paper but can not find it on the Web:

"P I M Johannesma, The pre-response stimulus esemble of neurons in the cochlear nucleus"
 (In Symposium on Hearing Theory, 1972)

Therefore, I write for help to see whether anyone has a file of the paper. 
Thanks in advance!

X. D. Zhuang
Ph. D., WSEAS Research Dept., Athens, GREECE