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Re: perceptual audio codecs

Testing perceptual codecs with software is a bad idea.  Any code that does so is going to have to attempt a universal perceptual model, or take one of the models from MPEG or other standards, in which case the results are going to be biased.

Perceptual codecs should be tested strictly via listening tests.

SQAM, etc, are not very useful at all, and there isn't a publically available model I know of that suffices for handling BMLD.

jj (who invented a lot of that stff, fwiw)

On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 2:57 AM, JesterN Alberto Novello <jestern77@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear List,
I'm reviewing the state of the art of Perceptual Audio Codecs. For this reason I tried collecting some available MATLAB codecs for testing quality (in perceptual experiments), compression ratio and speed. I realised there is not so much code available out there and mostly quite old (probably for commercial copyright reasons). So I thought of asking here if any of you has some links to suggest about some available code (C, C++ also possible) possibly less than a decade old.
Thanks a lot
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