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auditory stimulus equipment for EEG recordings


I would like to follow up on a question that came up last December about the optimal sound presentation equipment for EEG recordings (http://www.auditory.org/mhonarc/2013/msg00787.html). I was wondering whether people might have additional comments/suggestions (there were only two short-ish replies at the time)? I am a relative newbie to auditory stimulus presentation in EEG, but I am about to buy a new EEG system (Brain Products) and would like to optimize the stimulus presentation setup along the way. I have been in touch with a couple people but thought it worth checking with the wider auditory community as well.

Of the four main presentation systems (loudspeakers, insert tube system, insert electrostatic system, headphones), has anyone done a proper comparison? And if so, what were the parameters tested?

In addition, I was also wondering whether anyone had any experience with the Sensimetrics S14 insert earphones (http://www.sens.com/products/model-s14/) for EEG recordings? They are originally designated for use in fMRI, but if they also worked with EEG you could get two birds with one stone (I checked with Sensimetrics and they didn’t know of any researchers/customers having used them in an EEG setup).



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