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clarification on a comment I made

I have gotten several comments on a statement I made, and I would like
to clarify my statement. I said

Jont Allen <jba@RESEARCH.ATT.COM> wrote:
> >Roger Watt <r.j.watt@STIR.AC.UK> wrote:
> >In vision, there is exquisite spatial precision as well as resolution
> >but much less precision in the time domain, despite reasonable temporal
> >resolution.
> I find this point interesting because this is also true in the auditory
> system. The frequency JND is very small, but the acuity of temporal events
> is suprisingly bad.

What I had in mind, and I didnt make it clear, was two signals to
the same ear, that form independent streams. One person sent me
email (Kevin Austin) with an excellent example, of a scratch in
a record. He said, and I agree, that in such a situation it is
very hard to pin down exactly where the scratch is relative to the
musical score of music playing in the background.

Even it this point doesn't stand up to exerimental scrutiny, I wanted to
clarify at least what I had in mind.

Hope this helps soften the breeze,