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Vacant Neurophysiology position (fwd)

Dear List -

Trevor Shackleton sent me the enclosed announcement for forwarding to
the list.  Note the different contact email in the message.


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Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 11:39:02 bst
From: Trevor Shackleton <trevor@ihr.mrc.ac.uk>
Subject: Vacant Neurophysiology position (fwd)


The Neurophysiology Section of the Institute of Hearing Research has a
vacant position for a post-doctoral scientist to work on the neural
coding of complex sounds.  The project involves neurophysiological and
neuroanatomical studies of the auditory nervous system.  A particular
interest of the Section is the role of brainstem nuclei in the
processing and transmission of acoustic information.

The Section has excellent facilities for all aspects of this project;
links with the speech and psychophysics section of the Institute
provide further expertise and facilities.  Experience in one or more
of the following areas would be an advantage: acoustics, binaural
processing, electrophysiology, auditory physiology or neuroanatomy.

The position is an immediately available short-term appointment for up
to 3 years at a salary in the range GBP 17127 to GBP 20443.
Applicants should possess, or expect soon to possess a PhD.

For further details contact Dr. A.R. Palmer at the above address or by
email alan@ihr.mrc.ac.uk

Closing date for applications is 30 June 1997.

The MRC is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

MRC Institute of Hearing Research   Telephone:   UK: 0115 922 3431
University Park                       International: +(44) 115 922 3431
Nottingham                          Fax: UK:  0115 951 8503
U.K.                                  International: +(44) 115 951 8503

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