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'Mind as Motion' annct & web page

Dear LIST -

I was sent then enclosed book announcement by Bob Port of Indiana University
<port@indiana.edu>, for forwarding to the list.


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                Book announcement ::: Available now.


        edited by Robert Port and Tim van Gelder
                Bradford Books/MIT Press.

>From the dust jacket:

        `Mind as Motion is the first comprehensive presentation of the
dynamical approach to cognition. It contains a representative sampling of
original current research on topics such as perception, motor control,
speech and language, decision making, and development. Included are
chapters by pioneers of the approach, as well as others applying the tools
of dynamics to a wide range of new problems.  Throughout, particular
attention is paid to the philosophical foundations of this radical new
research program.
        Mind as Motion provides a conceptual and historical overview of the
dynamical approach, a tutorial introduction to dynamics for cognitive
scientists, and a glossary covering the most frequently used terms. Each
chapter includes an introduction by the editors, outlining its main ideas
and placing it in context, and a guide to further reading.'

           668 pages, 139 illustrations
           ISBN 0-262-16150-8
           $60.00 US

For further information including the full text of the preface and a sample
chapter introduction, see the web page at MIT Press:



   Chapter Titles and Authors

1.Tim van Gelder & Robert Port.
        Introduction: Its About Time: An Overview of the Dynamical
                Approach to Cognition.
2. Alec Norton.
         Dynamics: A Tutorial Introduction for Cognitive Scientists.
3. Esther Thelen.
        Time Scale Dynamics and the Development of an Embodied
4. Jerome Busemeyer & James Townsend
        Dynamic Representation of Decision Making
5. Randall Beer
        Computational and Dynamical Languages for Autonomous Agents
6. Elliot Saltzman
        Dynamics and Coordinate Systems in Skilled Sensorimotor
7. Catherine Browman & Louis Goldstein
        Dynamics and Articulatory Phonology
8. Jeffrey Elman
        Language as a Dynamical System
9. Jean Petitot
        Morphodynamics and Attractor Syntax
10. Jordan Pollack
        The Induction of Dynamical Recognizers
11. Paul van Geert
        Growth Dynamics in Development
12. Robert Port, Fred Cummins & Devin McAuley
        Naive Time, Temporal Patterns and Human Audition
13. Michael Turvey & Claudia Carello
         Some Dynamical Themes in Perception and Action
14. Geoffrey Bingham
        Dynamics and the Problem of Event Recognition
15. Stephen Grossberg
        Neural Dynamics of Motion Perception, Recognition
                Learning, and Spatial Attention
16. Mary Ann Metzger
        Multiprocess Models Applied to Cognitive and Behavioral Dynamics
17. Steven Reidbord & Dana Redington
        The Dynamics of Mind and Body During Clinical Interviews:
                Current Trends, Potential, and Future Directions
18. Marco Giunti
        Dynamical Models of Cognition
19. Glossary of Terminology in Dynamics

At MIT Press, orders can be made by email at:
For general information re MIT Press, see:

The editors welcome enquiries, discussion, critical feedback, etc.

Robert Port                     Tim van Gelder
Department of Linguistics       Department of Philosophy
Indiana University              University of Melbourne
Bloomington IN 47405            Parkville 3052 VIC
USA                             AUSTRALIA
port@indiana.edu                tgelder@ariel.unimelb.edu.au

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