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New Book

Dear List Members,

Since it seems to be acceptable to advertise books on this list, I
thought I would put in a plug for a new work of my own.  Details are
given below:

Title: Perceptual Consequences of Cochlear Damage
Author: Brian C. J. Moore
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: November, 1995
ISBN: 0 19 852330 0
Pages: 232
Price (in the UK) 45 pounds.

The book is mainly concerned with changes in hearing produced by
cochlear hearing loss.

Topics covered include: The physiology and function of the normal and
damaged cochlea; absolute thresholds and frequency selectivity;
loudness perception and intensity resolution; temporal resolution and
temporal integration; pitch perception and frequency discrimination;
sound localization and binaural hearing; speech perception; limitations
and potentials of hearing aids.

It makes an ideal Christmas present.

Brian Moore