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[AUDITORY] Biases in career evolution

With the aim of providing at least a clearer forum for this discussion, let us at least provide a relevant message header.

I would then only like to add/point out that which scientific questions and peer-review journal publications are international by nature and affect us all equally, questions of gender/racial/religious/economic/nationality/genetic/age/etc. biases *and how they are being addressed* is highly cultural and regional around the world, even specific to different institutions. As such, generalizations and observations of the presence of issues, or lack thereof, are going to be equally regional in nature. 

I would therefore only recommend that if there are any further discussions on this topic here, in this international forum, that such caveats are considered when both presenting and defending arguements. 

Brian FG Katz
Equipe LAM : Lutheries Acoustique Musique
Sorbonne Université, CNRS, Institut ∂'Alembert