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[AUDITORY] The world's most non-diffuse, non-sabinian, fluttery spaces

Hi all,

Longtime listener, first-time caller...

I'm the author of an open-source software (Pachyderm Acoustic, www.orase.org). I would like to perform a study of non-sabinian spaces with extreme flutter echoes - the kind that result in reverberation times of double or more predicted Sabine reverberation time. So I'm looking for spaces or case studies to use for benchmarking purposes.

Given this can anyone suggest a space with such a condition? If there are existing impulse responses of good quality, any place in the world would be useful. If not, then preferably someplace in the northeastern United States or Eastern Canada might be ok.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Arthur van der Harten, M.Arch, M.S.
Member IOA, Chartered Acoustical Engineer
Principal Author of Pachyderm Acoustic since 2008