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[AUDITORY] Basic Auditory Science 2023 meeting

Dear Colleagues,


This is to announce the Basic Auditory Science 2023 meeting (https://acoustics.ac.uk/basic-auditory-science-2023/), which will be hosted by the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London on the 21st and 22nd of September 2023. This is an event co-sponsored by the Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio and the Hearing SIGs from the UK Acoustics Network.

This meeting is potentially relevant to anyone in the UK and the world who has an interest in the science of Hearing, Acoustics and Audiology. The ethos of the meeting is to facilitate the friendly exchange of work and ideas, while providing an excellent value for money.


The plan is for a two-day meeting, with presentations grouped in a number of sessions (these will run as plenary, as we are not planning to arrange parallel sessions), and with posters always on display in a separate space.


These are the sessions we are currently planning:

  • Hearing-assistive technologies. CHAIR: Mark Fletcher (USouthampton)
  • Spatial hearing and immersive audio rendering. CHAIR: Lorenzo Picinali (Imperial)
  • The physiology of hearing (peripheral). CHAIR: Andrei Kozlov (Imperial)
  • The physiology of hearing (central). CHAIR: Kerry Walker (UOxford)
  • Psychoacoustics of normal and impaired hearing. CHAIR: Brian Moore (UCambridge)
  • Modelling and measuring hearing and hearing-assistive devices. CHAIR:Thibault Vicente (Imperial)
  • Improving hearing and listening through training and therapeutics. CHAIR: Debi Vickers (UCambridge)
  • Cognitive aspects of hearing. CHAIR: Antje Heinrich (UManchester)
  • Effects of noise exposure on hearing. CHAIR: Chris Plack (UManchester)
  • Electrophysiology and neuroimaging - or objective measures (EEG, fNIRS, fMRI etc.). CHAIR: Chris Sumner (Nottingham Trent)
  • The science of remote hearing assistance - evidence for/against new pathways. CHAIR: Bill Whitmer (UNottingham)
  • Multimodal hearing assistive technologies. CHAIR: Amir Hussain (Edinburgh Napier)

Depending on the number and topics of the submitted abstracts, we'll select 8 sessions (or merge some of the above together) which will actually run during the conference.


A few additional points which might be relevant to many: there will not be published proceedings for the meeting (the abstracts will be shared on the meeting website and among the participants), and the fees for attending are set to £30 for students and £50 for non-students. 

Unfortunately the number of available places in the venue is 100, which is therefore the maximum number of attendees at the meeting. We are implementing a first-come first-served system, giving priority to attendees who will present something, whether oral or poster.

If you want to submit an abstract, please first book a ticket (and pay the fee) using this link:

Then submit the abstract using this form (please note that you will be allowed to make minor modifications to the abstract before the meeting, if required):

Please note that at this stage, only those who submit an abstract (i.e. the main presenters) should book their ticket. If you submit an abstract without booking the ticket, your submission will not be considered, and you will not be invited to attend the meeting. If you book a ticket without submitting an abstract, you will not be invited to attend the meeting and you will receive a refund.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 5pm on the 18th of June 2023 - after that deadline, we will send around another email to allow non-presenting attendees to book the remaining available tickets (if any are left).

Finally, we'd like to thank the UK Acoustics Network (UKAN - https://acoustics.ac.uk/) for supporting this event - through UKAN, we hope to be able to give financial support for travel and accommodation to PhD students and Early Career Researchers (we don't though know our budget for that yet).



BAS2023 organising committee:
Lorenzo Picinali 
Andrei Kozlov 
Aidan Hogg 
Thibault Vicente 

Lorenzo Picinali
Reader in Audio Experience Design
Dyson School of Design Engineering
Imperial College London
Dyson Building
Imperial College Road
South Kensington, SW7 2DB, London
E: l.picinali@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx