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ERC PhD Studentship on Emotion Processing in Amusia and Autism

Dear list,

I'd really appreciate it if you could forward the following PhD studentship to interested students. I have changed the start date to October 2017, as the previous start date (January 2017) was too early for most candidates! Thank you so much for your help!



Fang Liu, Ph.D.
Room 158, Harry Pitt Building
School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
University of Reading
Earley Gate, Reading RG6 6AL

Phone: +44 (0)118 378 8122
E-mail: f.liu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  
Web: http://www.personal.reading.ac.uk/~jk913059/

ERC PhD Studentship on Emotion Processing in Amusia and Autism
School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
University of Reading, UK

Applications are invited for a three-year fully funded
PhD studentship on an ERC Starting Grant (Cracking the pitch code in music and language: Insights from congenital amusia and autism spectrum disorders; PI: Dr Fang Liuf.liu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; www.personal.reading.ac.uk/~jk913059/examining the underlying mechanisms of pitch processing in language and music through comparative studies of two neurodevelopmental disorders: CA – congenital amusia, and ASD – autism spectrum disorders. 

The successful candidate will join a thriving postgraduate research community of more than 80 PhD students who benefit from excellent support and resources from the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences (https://www.reading.ac.uk/pcls/) and membership of the University Graduate School (http://www.reading.ac.uk/graduateschool/).
Candidates should have a first or strong 2.1 degree in psychology or neuroscience and a distinction or high Merit in a relevant Masters qualification would be advantageous. The candidate should have a demonstrable interest in the topic and strong written and oral communication skills. In addition, advanced knowledge about statistical analysis and/or experience with EEG techniques would be advantageous.
Funding Details:   
·       Start date October 2017
·       The award is for 3 years
·       UK Tuition fees plus stipend around £14,296 pa for eligible candidates
How to apply:   
To apply for this studentship please submit an application for a PhD in Psychology/Clinical Language Sciences at http://www.reading.ac.uk/graduateschool/prospectivestudents/gs-how-to-apply.aspx. 
*Important note* Please quote the reference ‘GS16-163’ in the ‘Scholarships applied for’ box which appears within the Funding Section of your on-line application, and submit a writing sample rather than a research proposal in the application.
Application Deadline:  1 February 2017