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Speech + Audio Research Internship @ Sonos, Santa Barbara, CA

Sonos is recruiting MSc/PhD candidates for an internship on the Smart Audio and Voice Team.  As the Speech + Audio Research Intern, you’ll help us pioneer the way we think about smart audio and voice control. Use your knowledge of statistical signal processing and machine learning to re-imagine how we listen to and control our music experiences.

The team is currently involved in developing the first Sonos distant speech recognition system working in the following R&D areas:
Speech enhancement (microphone arrays, noise reduction, linear and nonlinear echo cancellation)
Speech classification (speech recognition, speaker identification, keyword spotting)
Classification of acoustic scenes and events

About You
Our band is large. And while there’s plenty of room for all kinds of personalities and skill sets to succeed, there are certain qualities that will help you thrive here. Like a never-accept-less work ethic. A relentless craving to push past your limits and try new things by learning from those around you. The humble confidence to hear honest feedback, and the tenacity to respond to it quickly as you improve every day. And a tendency to totally geek out on music. 

What You’ll Do
Develop and refine audio and speech-centric algorithms 
Implement automatic test infrastructures to evaluate the algorithms you develop
Meet with the team to present findings and update progress

Skills You’ll Need
MSc candidate minimum, PhD candidate preferred
Proficiency in advanced digital signal processing techniques for audio and speech enhancement and recognition
Proficiency with Matlab required
Familiarity with C/C++, Python, and ASR toolkits (e.g., Kaldi) preferred

How to Audition
Apply online in the University Student section of careers.sonos.com 
If there's a good match, we'll be in touch shortly with next steps!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daniele Giacobello at daniele.giacobello@xxxxxxxxx