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European SMRT bug and workaround

Hi All,

Thanks to Quentin Mesnildrey, we have identified and come up with a work around for a bug in using the SMRT (Spectral-temporally Modulated Ripple Test) on some European computers.  Basically, if a computer uses a comma and not a period to indicate a decimal, the Visual Basic 6 Runtime DLL used by the program gets confused and produces either really weird numbers or errors.  While I haven’t yet found a fix, we have found that changing a PC’s configuration to use a period solves the problem. 

We have provided a simple guide on how to fix the problem here:

The SMRT is available for a free download at http://www.ear-lab.org/smrt.html  More information about the test is also available there.

I apologize for emailing this information to everyone at the auditory list.  However, we do not have a mailing list of users of the SMRT so we were unsure how else to inform SMRT users of the bug and workaround.


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