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sentence data base

Dear colleagues

A few years ago a student in my lab used some sentences that he got from a paper somewhere (psych or psycholinguistics journal I think). The student is long gone and I'd like to figure out where he got them from. Google did not help but I wondered if any of you by chance might recognize them. They are a bit odd, but well-structured gramatically etc. Does anyone know where they might have come from? Here are a few of the more distinctive ones (there were several dozen in the original study). Any clues would be welcome!

o   On the church tower there was a cross that looked golden
o   The little girl had a cute collection of dolls
o   The hallway leads to a door at the end
o   The lawyer should know what a fair deal would be
o   That’s more teeth than I thought a mouth could have
o   These black squares belong to a line that runs vertically
o   The tired gladiators were entitled to a rest that day
o   The minister told us that the tax low had changed

Thanks in advance


Robert Zatorre, PhD
Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University
3801 University St
Montreal, QC Canada H3A2B4