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Re: Beethoven Project


Many moons ago I did an informal project on supposed traces of Beethoven's ever worsening tinnitus through his piano sonatas. I don't have a lot of time these days but I could send you the list of movements in which I thought he may have written down what he heard.

-Pierre Divenyi

PS: FYI I was a pianist in my first life and played about the half of the 32 Beethoven sonatas in various recitals.

On 3/23/16 9:19 PM, George Marie wrote:
Dear List:

I've started a new website that is intended to be an educational portal for the life of Beethoven, contain resources for people who want to learn and master the great piano sonata repertoire, and more. Of particular, I am interested in guest contributors who might want to discuss Beethoven's deafness. Feel free to respond to me with any questions.


George Marie, PhD