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[AUDITORY] SoundProofBoothAdvisor.com

Many thanks to all of you who have emailed me with suggestions for sound-proof booths. I have summarised the responses below, listed by manufacturer and with (unattributed) comments and web/email addresses where available.


All the best




Eckel 1 2 3



“I am happy with my Eckel booth (I use the C-26 model)”

“I have some Eckel single-walled booths - they are pretty good. I’m pretty sure they make more serious booths too”.



We have some of the Esmono booths that are available through studiospares. They are reasonable in service although we have added treatment inside. Had I been involved in their initial procurement I would have tried to decouple them from the floor.


SCR Electronique (France)
http://www.scr-electroniques.com/#!cabines/c1yf2 [ www.scr-electroniques.com/#!cabines/c1yf2 ]
“The guy from SCR (Philippe Castro p-castro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) was helpful and responsive at the time. The attenuation values were fairly comparable to IAC, maybe price was a bit mor”e


ETS Lindgren or subsidiary “Acoustics Systems”



“I just had a new booth installed. I was fore-warned that IAC was having difficulties so went with a company called Acoustics Systems which is a subsidiary of ETS-LINDGREN. It looks very similar to the IAC booth, although it is heavier. The third-party local installers said, in their opinion, the construction details were superior to IAC. I have not actually used the booth yet but am pleased with it so far (also includes shielding)”.




“For audiometry we use booths from Acoustair). Ours are single-walled booths but they can also do double walled as far as I know”


AGS Noise control

Phil Deft [phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

“use a modular Swedish system”.



“Dougie Muir [dmuir@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] used to work at Allaway as their audiology booths man, but is now working for Innovent.  He has said that they will be taking on this sort of work”.





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