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FW: PhD Scholarship in Cognitive Audio Systems at DTU Denmark

Dear colleagues                                                                       

Please forward this email to relevant candidates.

I am searching a qualified candidate for a PhD scholarship in Cognitive Audio Systems at the Cognitive Systems Section, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark.

PhD students are formal employees at the university during a three-year period, and the monthly salary (before tax) is around 3,600 EUR (pension plan included). The actual salary is regulated by an agreement between DTU and the relevant professional union.

Qualified candidates should have obtained, or is about to finish, a Masters’ degree in relevant areas such as computer science and electrical engineering with specialization in machine learning, signal processing, audio processing, or similar.

Send an email by October 24, 2014 to janla@xxxxxx using subject field “PhD Scholarship in Cognitive Audio Systems” and include the following documents:

·       Short CV including telephone number and/or Skype name, description of relevant courses, projects, and potential publications;

·       Potential relevant references from university professors or private sector managers;

·       English language proficiency documentation (if not Danish);

·       Copy of MSc and BSc diplomas (if MSc diploma has not been issued then send grade list);

·       Weighted average grade of MSc and BSc studies according to step 6 at the general call web page http://www.dtu.dk/english/career/job?id=89c92a0e-1811-4be6-99c0-604edab1da2a. Use the excel sheet http://www.dtu.dk/english/Education/phd/Applicant/Pre_acceptance(1)

As the funds are very limited I expect that weighted average grade above 10.5 is necessary to enter the short list of candidates, which could be granted a scholarship by the study board. If this criterion is not fulfilled, please do not send an application.

Based on qualifications I will promote one candidate.

The candidate and I will collaborate on preparing the final application to be send by the deadline November 3, 2014 (according to the general call web page mentioned above). The study board is then going to grant a limited number of scholarships.


The PhD will be associated with ongoing activities in audio including:


·       The strategic research project CoSound (www.cosound.dk) with 10+ partners. The aim of CoSound is integration of audio and other modalities with interactive user data to improve music experience/navigation and search & retrieval in large audio archives. The project has developed a modular computational platform, which enables large-scale analysis and conduction of experiments.

·       The Danish Sound Innovation Network (http://www.danishsound.org). A university/industry network that facilitates knowledge dissemination and cross-sector collaboration.

Research themes can include:

·       Multimodal integration of audio content, context, and interactive user information with the purpose of providing novel music navigation interfaces and/or semi-automated enrichment and navigation in large sound and media archives.

·       Interactive user information models for efficient elicitation of cognitive aspects such as affection, perception, intention, goal in order to adapt and align sound processing systems to users’ needs.


Best regards, Jan Larsen



Jan Larsen
Director of Danish Sound Innovation Network
Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Danish Sound Innovation Network
Section for Cognitive Systems
Department Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Richard Petersens Plads, Building 324
Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Office: Room 015, Building 321
Direct: (+45) 45 25 39 23
Mobile: (+45) 22 43 00 25
Danish Sound Technology Secretariat: (+45) 45 25 34 11
Fax: (+45) 45 88 26 73
Skype: janflynut
Personal web:
Sound Technology web: www.danishsound.org

Social networks:

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