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Open PhD position in hearing aid research

Dear list,

I'm happy to announce the opening of a PhD position in my group, please
pass on to people ho might be interested in applying.

Thank you and best regards,



PhD position at Universität Oldenburg, Medical Physics Section, Auditory
Signal Processing Group & Cluster of Excellence “Hearing4all”, Germany

The Auditory Signal Processing Group at Universität Oldenburg, Germany,
seeks a motivated

PhD student (50% of full time TV-L 13 position, 3 years)

in the field of development and evaluation of novel space-aware
hearing-aid algorithms

Current hearing aids are technologically advanced and support acoustic
communication in adverse conditions characterized by noise and
reverberation. However, they do not allow a full rehabilitation of
hearing impairment. Hearing-impaired listeners still experience great
difficulty with listening in noise, especially in complex listening
conditions. This project will therefore investigate “space-aware” audio
signal processing approaches to improving hearing loss rehabilitation.
In particular, auditory model-based algorithms to analyze the spatial
distribution of sound sources are combined with body sensors to detect
the relative position and movements of the listener in order to control
and steer spatial multichannel noise reduction schemes. Algorithms will
be evaluated in virtual acoustic environments simulating daily-life
complex and dynamic listening conditions. The PhD student also
contributes to developing novel evaluation procedures in virtual complex
environments that aim at detecting individual listening strategies and
their improvement by “space-aware” audio signal processing.

The project is a collaboration between the Auditory Signal Processing
Group (Prof. Dr. V. Hohmann, Dr. G. Grimm), other researchers from the
Medical Physics section (Dr. T. Neher, Dr. S. Ernst) and the Signal
Processing Section (Prof. Dr. S. Doclo). For information about the group see

Hearing research is the figurehead of the University of Oldenburg. In
June 2012 “Hearing4all” (Oldenburg/Hannover, see www.hearing4all.de)
became a “cluster of excellence” and will receive funding of up to 34M €
until 2017. Principal researchers include Professors B. Kollmeier
(chair), V. Hohmann, S. van de Par, S. Doclo, C. Thiel, C. Köppl, G.
Klump, C. Herrmann, and S. Debener. A close collaboration exists with
hearing research groups in Hannover (T. Lenarz (deputy chair), A. Kral,
A. Büchner et al.). The Medical Physics Section (heads: Prof. Dr. Dr. B.
Kollmeier, Prof. Dr. V. Hohmann)is part of the cluster and offers an
international scientific environment as well as access to world-class
research facilities.

Applicants for the position hold an academic university degree (master
or equivalent) in physics, engineering, hearing technology & audiology
or a related discipline. Furthermore, a solid background in at least two
of the following fields is required: Audiology, hearing aid technology,
signal processing and acoustics. A strong interest in interdisciplinary
application-oriented work, programming experience with Matlab, good
spoken and written English language skills, and at least some basic
German language skills (after an initial period of 6 months) are
expected. Conversation language in the project is English. The
university offers German classes for international students and staff.

A contribution to teaching activities in the study courses Physics
and/or Engineering Physics is expected, teaching can be done in English.

Applications including a CV, a motivation letter, copies of the most
important certificates and the name and contact details of at least one
person who is willing to give a reference should be sent until October
31st 2014 to volker.hohmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with a cc to
karin.klink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or to

Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann
Medizinische Physik
and Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all
Universität Oldenburg
D - 26111 Oldenburg
Tel. (+49) 441 798 5468

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann.

The University of Oldenburg is dedicated to increasing the percentage of
women in science. Therefore, equally qualified female candidates will be
given preference. Applicants with disabilities will be preferentially
considered in case of equal qualification.


Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann
Medizinische Physik and Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all
Universität Oldenburg
D-26111 Oldenburg

Tel. +49 441 798 5468
FAX  +49 441 798 3902
Email volker.hohmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Public Key and Key Fingerprint
C75A 8A8D 9408 28EE FCFD 20CA 1D9F 23CC BAD2 B967