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Re: [EXTERNAL] David Wessel --- gone too soon

David was a wonderful friend and mentor to me when I was a grad student at Berkeley. His enthusiasm for sound exploration drew me to Berkeley and although I decided I needed to study psychoacoustics I still took all of David’s classes. He served on my qualifying exam and dissertation committees and always added such great insights to all the work I shared with him. I am still in shock at his passing.


Anyone who will be at ASA in Indianapolis should contact me offline and we will find a time (or three) to raise a glass to David. Going forward, I’d love to help organize a joint P&P and Musical Acoustics session in tribute to this amazing scientist and human being.



Frederick (Erick) Gallun, PhD
Research Investigator, National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research

Portland VA Medical Center

Associate Professor, Dept. of Otolaryngology and Neuroscience Graduate Program

Oregon Health & Science University



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Very distressed to hear about the sudden passing of David Wessel - brilliant, charismatic, inspiring innovator and educator. 

His seminal work on timbre influenced how we think about it as a perceptual attribute and how it's used as a structural component in music.

Wondering what we can do as a tribute to him ...