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Re: Studies on post-lingual deafness and speech-reading

Hi Michel,

I think the work of Diane Lazard and Anne-Lise Giraud might be close to what you want. Diane presented this at the last ARO meeting:

"Lip reading may prevent visual reorganization of auditory phonological areas in post-lingual deaf adults"

I don't know if it's been published in the meantime (couldn't find it), but definitely worth asking.


On 22/09/2014 16:08, Michel Hoen wrote:

Dear colleagues,


I’m interested in speechreading abilities of post-lingual deaf individuals.

I was wondering if someone knew of or had somewhere data showing how the abilities of speech/lip-reading evolves over time in post-lingual deafness ?

Does anyone of you know if these data exist somewhere ?  Ever heard of such a longitudinal study being ran somewhere ?


Thanks very much,


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