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PhD stipend at National Acoustic Laboratories / Macquarie University, Australia

International / national 3-year PhD scholarship (including top-up funding) available at the National Acoustic Laboratories / Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.


The PhD project is concerned with “adding realism to laboratory-based listening tests” and combines research in loudspeaker-based virtual sound environments with the development of more realistic speech comprehension measures.


The ideal candidate will either be an Audio/Electrical Engineer with an interest in speech perception or someone with a background in a hearing or speech related field who is interested in applying advanced technologies.


Australian and international students can apply, and applications must be submitted by 31st October 2014.


Details can be found under “Human Sciences” at http://www.hdr.mq.edu.au/information_about/Scholarships/schol-opportunities/hdr_scholarships_domestic_and_international


Please contact Dr. Jorg Buchholz (jorg.buchholz@xxxxxxxxxx) for further questions.


Best regards


Jorg Buchholz